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  The Bunker ( LD22 )  (Read 5095 times)
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Offline namrog84

JGO Ninja

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Keep programming!

« Posted 2011-12-23 19:57:15 »

The Bunker

Little explore/puzzle/navigate game
meta game: find all the notes
easter egg:  find the kitty!

The link:

Random thoughts:
Its not even remotely close to what I had imagined. Heck, I didnt even get a chance to implement moving back and forth spikes.  Its quite limited but whatever.
I had imagined this story telling adventure with a spin of Hal9000 combined with Lost/desmond ("The hatch" from the tv show lost) and Portal.  But due to the realization of my limited skills, this is what I managed to put together

Overall, I feel like it wasn't even what was 10% of what I wanted, but I am very happy I at least was able to finish something and submit it.  First goal of completion done. Next goal, make something much better

Things that are notable wrong and fairly easy to fix:
Hitbox is slightly off centered and not accurate
I thought I had found all the screen transition issues, but apparently there is 1-2 still left that I can't find. You can freeze the game if you load into spikes. perma/infinite loop

"Experience is what you get when you did not get what you wanted"
Offline philfrei
« Reply #1 - Posted 2011-12-24 00:17:03 »

I think you have a sadistic streak. (Not that this is necessarily a bad thing in a game programmer. Smiley)
Enjoying leading people on down long passages that go no where, propensity for gore, etc.

I like the HAL (I can't let you do that...) references, with the glowing eye. Can it execute the opening message a little more quickly? Or is this part of your sadistic streak, to eek out the letters one-by-one? (Maybe I'm just too impatient.)

By 'hitbox' -- I guess you are referring to where the collisions are registered? It was driving me a bit crazy trying to figure out what my tolerances were. It does seem like the aren't the same on all sides. Also, after turning, sometimes the little guy would move over or adjust one way or another, maybe just a pixel, but it was a little disconcerting, especially where it is so important to get the position just right.

Annoyingly hard to get through some of those doorways. I eventually came up with a way of using the diagonals so as not to spend half an hour tapping my keyboard as lightly as possible back and forth trying to get to line up just right. I find it hard to move avatar slight amounts. I guess having a shift-arrow for smaller movements would defeat the threat of the spinners.

Nice animation on the avatar, by the way.

Nice splashy gore and sudden noise => jumped in my seat a couple of times.

I wonder about the point at which you switch rooms. I can have only one pixel visible (and the rest in the next room) and there is no cross-over. Maybe you could cross over a little sooner so one could see where one is going? (Kind of important when across the way there might be spinners!) More important to see where you are heading than where you have been.

I didn't get if there was any special significance about clocks and time (from messages in first room). I didn't like having the game clock obscure valuable information. I think it is the x:1, y:1 block in particular, looking to go downward on the left side--can't tell if one is walking into a spinner or not because of the clock. Maybe the elapsed time clock can be somewhere else (have a dual location) depending upon where ones little guy is, so it doesn't cover anything adjacent to the avatar.

Stuff about key combinations and the kitty--it popped up no trouble for me when I found the message. I can't recall what I did exactly. When I got the message near the end about going back and looking again for it, I thought maybe I didn't really finish the process correctly, and I went back and killed myself a dozen times, trying things like positioning the kitty over the message or over the edge into the "void" area and committing hari kari.

Maybe if you HAVE found the kitty correctly, the message about going back can be different than if you missed it?

The very first message confused me, but maybe I am just too easy to confuse. It came up saying "hit X to read a message" and I did so and the message disappeared. I recall going back to it and trying again, and thinking, well, I guess this one doesn't have a message. I didn't realize that the instruction message itself was the message! Duh.

Thank you for an entertaining game!

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Offline namrog84

JGO Ninja

Medals: 46
Projects: 4

Keep programming!

« Reply #2 - Posted 2011-12-24 00:46:30 »

Philfrei, thank you for all the feedback.

I personally enjoy challenges, and so my games tend to be a bit hard. But in this case it wasnt so much intentional as it was being rushed. I meant to have more "build up" and more tutorials section. Originally It was supposed to start with simple push block puzzles and stand on button. I just never got to implement those easier parts.  However, given some hard areas and "1 impossible to pass area" Most of them you could find alternate routes. I even gave a hint to avoid the impossible hint. although vague.

The hitbox is slightly offcentered. I just need to make it smaller but didn't want to change it after I submitted.

You are right about movement, I should have added like a "shift move" for like 1/3rd movement speed so that you can handle more precise things. The tilesize was chosen arbitrary and thus made it either really hard or too easy :/

I was trying to go for more a top down look, because if you REALLY think about most 2d games, the perspective is really really messed up/wrong. Its like you are looking at everyhting from either top down or completely on its side in this weird thing.  It hit me in a weird way the moment I started doing art and was some reason thinking it all looked wrong unless it was all 100% straight down in a weird way.

GUI was last minute before submission. I should have had level border end prior to it, you are right. or move accordingly away form the user.

oh haha, once hte kitty appears, thats the end of it, you are right. I should have had a "You found the kitty" message! good compliment!

The funny thing about hit x to read a message thing I thought was clear to me, but I heard several people say the same thing. you arent reading it starting off, but the moment you move 1 pixel, it reads it. In future games I will try to better emphasis the little bit of instruction like that. I can understand that its a bit unclear.

Thanks for playing it though!
I know it can bounce between boring, tedious, and challengingly hard.  But i think its the real first official game Ive completed(ish) and my 3rd attempt at starting a legit game of any kind.  Only going to get better from here!

"Experience is what you get when you did not get what you wanted"
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Offline philfrei
« Reply #3 - Posted 2011-12-25 08:59:14 »

You are quite welcome, and congratulations on your game, and on completing it. I appreciate that "completing" is a significant feat! I'm pleased if some of my observations are helpful.

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