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  Synthclipse - GLSL demo development environment based on Eclipse IDE.  (Read 77843 times)
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Offline Roquen

JGO Kernel

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« Reply #30 - Posted 2014-08-05 06:56:25 »

Some food for thought.  Since you're distributing eclipse now you might want to think about including a JVM and setting up to use the embedded version.  Thinking is that some people are going to be unwilling to use because of all the hype about java security issues.

In other news this looks likely it might be interesting:
Offline revers
« Reply #31 - Posted 2014-08-05 10:18:05 »

Thanks for the suggestion, I'll definetely cosider distributing Synthclipse/Eclipse with embeded JVM.

As of - it looks very promising. It could be an inspiration for Synthclipse 2.0 features.
Offline relminator
« Reply #32 - Posted 2014-08-05 11:06:49 »

That looks really awesome!
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Offline revers
« Reply #33 - Posted 2014-08-05 16:14:38 »

Thanks Smiley
Offline revers
« Reply #34 - Posted 2014-08-11 06:06:06 »

Another bugfix release (with one small addition): Synthclipse 0.9.2.

- Added ComboBox Uniform Control. It is available in Fragx shaders, as well as in JSX scripts. (see screenshot)
- Changing Multisampling mode in the Preferences now doesn't require Eclipse restart
- Fixed "Restart group", "Restart all" buttons in the Uniform Controls View
- Fixed missing log messages with levels below INFO (TRACE, DEBUG)
- Fixed double Uniform Controls View when Viewport View was hidden
- Added links to shader errors in the Console View, for shaders created in JSX scripts using ProgramFactory

Offline Roquen

JGO Kernel

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« Reply #35 - Posted 2014-08-11 06:53:22 »

Making a samples repo would probably make alot of sense.  For instance in the 'combo-box' example widget picture is showing selection between some BRDFs.  A physically based BRDF playground example would probably make a fair number of people try it out
Offline revers
« Reply #36 - Posted 2014-08-11 07:42:49 »

That sounds like really good idea. Especially with build-in git support in the Eclipse. I will create repo with additional examples today or tomorrow. Thanks for the advice!

If anyone of you have created some interesting example/demo and would like to share it with others, please let me know, I will put it on the repository.
Offline revers
« Reply #37 - Posted 2014-08-15 09:37:27 »

New release: Synthclipse 0.9.3

- Code Preview is now available for GLSL programs created in JSX script (by ProgramFactory or Synthclipse.loadFragx()) - useful when using "#include" directive in GLSL shaders.
- Fixed handling texture Uniform Controls in programs created in JSX scripts
- Synchronized UCs are now printed in the Console View afer program/shader is loaded
- Fixed spherical camera bug: When in scripts one set spherical camera and showed the Camera View, Free camera was always selected

Although with little delay, I've created synthclipse-demos repository as suggested by Roquen.
For now there is only one example but in future, certainly, there will be more.
Offline Roquen

JGO Kernel

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« Reply #38 - Posted 2014-08-27 19:51:26 »

Synthclipse 0.9.4 released. Downloads.

- Added Frame Stepper buttons in the Rendering View (see screen below).
- "Preferences -> General -> Workspace -> Save automatically before build" now works as expected (no more "Do you want to save?" dialog before launching).
- Added synth_CameraPosition uniform (same as "Eye" uniform - it is just alias).
- Fixed refreshing texture issue when loading presets
- Checkbox Uniform Controls are now toggled when clicking anywhere within control space (not only by clicking on a checkbox)
- Fixed Shadertoy import of textures tex14.png, tex15.png (they use different filter and wrap mode than default)

Here are screenshots of a new Frame Stepper:

To the buttons "Previous animation frame" and "Next animation frame" a key shortcuts can be bound (via "Window -> Preferences -> General -> Keys").
Offline revers
« Reply #39 - Posted 2014-08-27 22:02:29 »

Thanks for posting the release info, Roquen!  Smiley

I've also added a new demo: Parallax Mapping, and I've added a new troubleshooting question to the Synthclipse FAQ: Why there is no Synthclipse perspective after first Eclipse startup?
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Legends of Yore - The Casual Retro Roguelike
Offline revers
« Reply #40 - Posted 2014-09-03 16:46:17 »

Synthclipse 0.9.5 released. Downloads.

- Round brackets are now optional in direction and rotation Uniform Controls
- Added "Pause" after build mode in the Rendering View
- If "Repeat" Checkbox is selected in the Rendering View, frame stepping loops to the beginning or to the end, depending on stepping direction
- Added "Refresh" button to the Viewport View
- Added "Auto load default preset" button to the Uniform Controls View
- Added "Keep parameters between builds" to the Uniform Controls View
- Fixed Shadertoy exporter

Offline revers
« Reply #41 - Posted 2014-09-10 06:11:34 »

Synthclipse 0.9.6 released. Downloads.

- Added Spout sharing functionality on Windows (see screenshot below)
- Fixed rendering with custom Viewport size in JSX scripts
- Fixed block comments parsing inside a code
- Fixed GLSL Sandbox importer

Offline revers
« Reply #42 - Posted 2014-09-21 08:41:19 »

Synthclipse 0.9.7 released. Downloads.

- Added buffer size presets and autoscaling (to chosen ration of the Viewport) in the Rendering View
- Now buffer size can be changed without the need of rebuilding a shader or script
- Added Rotation 2D Uniform Control (for float and mat2 uniforms)
- Fixed bug in Color Uniform Control parser

Offline revers
« Reply #43 - Posted 2014-10-23 06:20:28 »

Synthclipse 0.9.8 released. Downloads.

- Fixed issues with WebGL JSX scripts on NVidia hardware (see the next point)
- Added "OpenGL profile" preferences options: "Compatibility" (default, since WebGL relies on this) or "Core"
- Added audio input recording capability (Windows only)
- Fixed audio playlist bug with refreshing the list after adding invalid track
- JSX API changes:
   - New class: JSTimer
   - New function: Synthclipse.createTimer()
   - New function: Synthlcipse.addAnimationListener(listener)
   - New functions: Synthclipse.isAnimationPlaying()/isAnimationPaused()/isAnimationStopped()

Offline ags1

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Make code not war!

« Reply #44 - Posted 2014-10-23 10:12:29 »


Offline Ashedragon

JGO Coder

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Exp: 4 years

The best person you could possibly be is yourself.

« Reply #45 - Posted 2014-10-25 16:51:52 »

Oh wow, this is quite the impressive tool you've created here.  I don't know if I personally have any use for it, but I can imagine a lot of people who would, so kudos to you for creating this!

Offline revers
« Reply #46 - Posted 2014-10-25 19:23:02 »

Thanks guys, I'm doing my best :]
Offline revers
« Reply #47 - Posted 2014-11-04 07:03:34 »

I've finally build native binaries for the Linux. Now one can play a music or capture an audio input on the Linux as well. I've tested x86_64 binaries on Mint 17 Linux distribution. 32-bit version haven't been tested by me yet. Hope it also works.

The new files:


can be found in Synthclipse 0.9.8 directory.

Linux native libraries are only changes between 0.9.8 and versions, so I haven't build version for Windows or Mac OS.
Offline revers
« Reply #48 - Posted 2014-11-30 08:44:24 »

Synthclipse 0.9.9 released. Downloads.

    - Fixed random long load time for shaders in animation mode
    - Fixed UTF-8 encoding problem in shader code. Now even shaders with special characters can be loaded
    - Fixed float scientific notation parsing error in presets
    - Added tooltips with key bindings for Animation and Audio control buttons (Play/Pause, Stop, Next, Previous)

Offline revers
« Reply #49 - Posted 2014-12-24 07:20:39 »

Synthclipse 0.9.10 released. Downloads.

    - Added image preview to Texture Uniform Controls
    - Added "2x Viewport" option to "Buffer size" combo in the Rendering View
    - Camera's zoom factor is now remembered between builds of the same shader
    - Fixed Intel GLSL message parser
    - Fixed file permission error while recording

Offline revers
« Reply #50 - Posted 2015-01-11 12:48:49 »

Synthclipse 0.9.11 released. Downloads.

    - Added "Insert Color" feature. Now one can insert a color using Color Chooser directly to a code
      (Using shortcut Ctrl + Shift + 1 or selecting dedicated popup menu element in the shader editor).
     Moreover holding Ctrl key and pressing LMB on any triple or quadruple positive float numbers in the shader editor will show Color Chooser dialog.
    - Fixed shadertoy exporter (direction 3D was incorrectly exported as vec2 instead of as vec3)
    - Fixed inputting numbers problem in Camera View's text fields.
    - Improved Direction 3D Tool and Rotation 3D Tool. Now should be a little easier to point them in a right direction.
    - Improved Color Chooser. Window is now moveable and resizeable. Also added input type options: Decimal (0.0..1.0) and Integral (0..255)
    - Added additional info (e.g. size, type) to texture preview in the Texture Uniform Control

Offline cylab

JGO Kernel

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« Reply #51 - Posted 2015-01-17 10:57:35 »

Small annoyance: Starting the packaged eclipse with java 1.7 does not load the synthclipse plugin without any hint what went wrong, so you end up with a vanilla eclipse and think WTF!

You should set the eclipse.ini parameter
, so you get an error-message if your java on the path is not 1.8.

Also add to your starting guide, that you can set the jvm of eclipse by adding:

to the eclipse.ini

Mathias - I Know What [you] Did Last Summer!
Offline Roquen

JGO Kernel

Medals: 518

« Reply #52 - Posted 2015-01-17 11:44:55 »

Let me repeat that I'd be a good idea to package a JVM with the program.  Kills the previous issue and opens the program up to a much wider audience.  I'll leave to others to suggest the easiest route to do this.
Offline revers
« Reply #53 - Posted 2015-01-22 19:46:37 »

Thanks for the tip. I will definitely add "-Dosgi.requiredJavaVersion=1.8" to eclipse.ini. As of how to set JVM used by Eclipse, it is already in my guide, or more precisely in the FAQ.

Maybe you are right. I'll take a look at this solution. I don't know if I will do this in Synthclipse 0.9.12 (which I'm plannig to release this weekend), but 0.9.13 is viable target.
Offline revers
« Reply #54 - Posted 2015-01-25 20:33:07 »

Synthclipse 0.9.12 released. Downloads.

    - Added mouse wheel support to slider components. Now one can use mouse roll to change value of any slider.
    - Fixed mouse release behaviour in Shadertoy shaders
    - Fixed iChannelResolution uniform variable handling
    - Fixed Fragmentarium importer (there was no new lines after texture uniforms)
    - Added support for HDR texture format (experimental)   
    - Added parsing of GLSL program log messages (apart from shader log messages) - useful with NVidia video cards
    - Made Audio Player View more compact
    - Added new functions to JSX API:
        - Synthclipse.refreshControls()
        - Synthclipse.removeControls()
        - Synthclipse.removeAllControls()
Offline revers
« Reply #55 - Posted 2015-03-08 08:41:59 »

Synthclipse 0.9.13 released. Downloads.

   - Redesigned Uniform Controls View. Now it uses "accordion panel" which saves more space. Also its state
      (which sections are opened and the scroll position) is remembered between successive builds of the same shader.
   - Added "Take screenshot" action to the Synthclipse main menu and to the Viewport View's toolbar.
      The action can be also triggered by a key shortcut.
   - Improved CheckBox Uniform Control Widget
   - Changed frame time units from seconds to milliseconds in the Rendering View
   - Fixed Shadertoy importer
   - Fixed "GLSL Sandbox" importer

As of including JVM with Synthclipse I've abandoned this idea. I'm targeting software developers so it shouldn't be to difficult for them to install Java 8 environment. Especially with flag "-Dosgi.requiredJavaVersion=1.8" which shows an error while trying to open the Eclipse with older version of Java.
Offline revers
« Reply #56 - Posted 2015-03-21 08:44:20 »

Synthclipse 0.9.14 released. Downloads.

   - Added "Rebuild upon save" feature - quick rebuild without reinitializing Uniform Controls View, triggered after save
   - Added "Reset group" buttons to the Uniform Controls View and redesigned group headers
   - Added "Go to file" menu in the Uniform Controls View
   - Fixed and improved Fragmentarium importer (now all included files are automatically imported).
   - Fixed java.lang.StackOverflowError while recording
   - Fixed run configuration bug: now if shader file is deleted, its run configuration is deleted as well.
   - Removed some error message duplication
   - Improved shader error message printing in JSX scripts
   - JSX API: Added new class - Arrays - for converting JavaScript arrays to Java arrays and buffers.
      The class also contains some useful methods for creating and printing Java arrays
   - JSX API: Added new functions:
      - gl.deleteBuffer()
      - gl.deleteTexture()
      - gl.deleteFramebuffer()
      - gl.deleteVertexArray()
      - gl.deleteRenderbuffer()


Offline revers
« Reply #57 - Posted 2015-05-07 05:59:00 »

Synthclipse 0.9.15 released. Downloads.

   - Added key frame animation support with a Timeline
   - Added "Synth-Anim" perspective. Useful when working with the Timeline
   - Added option for storing presets in a separate file ('<preset file="name.preset" />' command). Enabled by default
   - Added support for Shadertoy audio shaders. (Audio shaders have ".sau" file extension)
   - Improved Shadertoy importer (Solved problems with keywords "smooth", "filter", "char" and functions named "texture". Also missing channels are now added.)
   - Fixed recording cancellation error


To test Shadertoy audio try importing this great shader: Music Toolbox - by nimitz. Audio support works on Windows and Linux. Sorry Mac folks.

The Timeline is based on a timeline included in Ultra Fractal (though there are small differences), so people familiar with UF shouldn't have problems creating animations with it. For those who are not I will write an animation tutorial on the Synthclipse official page. But don't expect it before 2-3 weeks. I need to finish something first and then I will update whole site.
Nonetheless creating animations is pretty intuitive so don't waste time waiting for the official guide Wink


Synthclipse 0.9.16 released. Downloads.

It is a small release, mostly focused on improving animation recording.

   - Added "Use timeline settings" (FPS and duration) option to the Recording View. Enabled by default.
   - Added "Start from current time" option
     to the Rendering View. When enabled recording starts with time selected in the Rendering or Timeline View.
     Disabled by default (Previously it was implicitly enabled).
   - Added ".sau" template for the New Synthclipse File wizard
   - Changed display format for time in the Rendering View (Now it is of form "time / duration", eg. "00:00.000 / 01:23.000")
   - Changed duration units from seconds to milliseconds in the Recording View
   - Changed default template for ".stoy" files to match Shadertoy format


Synthclipse 0.9.17 released. Downloads.

   - Added "Record current state" functionality to the Timeline
   - Added automatic check for updates
   - Added "Go to destination directory" button in the Recording View
   - Fixed subtle bug when recording key frame animations (some frames ware blurred)
   - Fixed time formatting error when displaying less than 100 ms
   - Timeline: fixed bug with mixed presets (with key frames and without key frames). Now key frames are only showed for presets which they belongs to.
   - Timeline: fixed bug with wrong slider values after entering edit mode of a key frame
   - Timeline: fixed "show only recorded items" behaviour after reloading a shader
   - Timeline: changed next/previous key frame order from vertical to horizontal


I've also improved a little description and behavior of old key frames recording:

If no changes ware made, a warning dialog will appear:

Offline jack_the_ripper

Innocent Bystander

« Reply #58 - Posted 2015-05-20 19:29:53 »

Nice app. Too bad it doesn't support audio playback on mac.
Offline revers
« Reply #59 - Posted 2015-05-21 05:35:29 »

Synthclipse has enough features, is stable and mature enough, and it is the right time (today is  my birthday :]).
Here is Synthclipse 1.0.0, ladies and gentlemen Wink . Downloads.

It's been almost 2 years since I started development of Synthclipse (all has begun around September 2013). It's been fun creating
such tool but now I need to get rest a little from the project. I need to write more shaders, less shader tools Smiley
Of course I will fix Synthclipse bugs and release from time to time a new version but I will be less eager to add a new feature.
At least for some time.

   - Added "Repeat Mode" for key frames in the Timeline
   - Added "Synchronize animation time with audio" toolbar item to the Audio Player View
   - Added "Estimated end time" label to the Recording dialog
   - Added system task bar progress indicator while recording animations
   - Added "Synth-Edit" perspective (Just because two perspective is not enough)
   - Timeline Settings: fixed bug with invalid key frame scaling when changing FPS with "Lock duration" mode
I've also updated whole Synthclipse Home Page. Especially I added few section to the User Guide (like Animations).


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