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  Need Advice for continuing projects.  (Read 3193 times)
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Offline Unkn0wn0ne

Senior Newbie

Medals: 2
Exp: 3 years

« Posted 2014-01-21 17:19:43 »

I've been working on a game since October and have made progress even do to the severe time constraints school creates for me. I've found that as I've progresses further into this project that it becomes less enjoyable to get the more advanced things done. This has led me to greatly slow down development because most of the time I really don't feel like coding in those things.

What would be the best approach? Should I force myself to complete the tasks, or should I move onto other tasks putting them off further?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.  Smiley

Offline trollwarrior1
« Reply #1 - Posted 2014-01-21 18:01:32 »

Everyone encounters that problem, not just you..
You need some kind of inspiration. This is where I get my inspiration:
When I'm lazy to work or anything, I just watch this video for a while and I want to get back to work again for some reason Cheesy

I don't know what I'm talking about, but every person might find other source of inspiration and mine might not work for you Cheesy
Offline Zeke

Junior Devvie

Medals: 1

« Reply #2 - Posted 2014-01-21 20:44:09 »


You must have some amazing patience if you can actually watch that... that would be the least inspiring thing for me... but troll does have a point about the inspiration.

For me, ill just hit up a different task for a couple days so I can clear my head and go back and solve the problem. Usually gives me time to think about the issue as well. Your brain works in the background even though your not actually thinking about it. How many times have you been in the shower and gone eureka! Maybe it's just me, but it literally happens daily to me...

Meditation can also reduce stress and help you solve problems better.

Just a couple quick tips, hope it helps.

Just remember, if you quit... then was not everything else a waste of time?

Oh ya, here are some quotes. Tongue

"Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever." - Lance Armstrong

"Quitting is the easiest thing to do." - Robert Kiyosaki

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Offline trollwarrior1
« Reply #3 - Posted 2014-01-21 21:01:50 »

Lol its not the actual video I like. That KEYBOARD SOUND!
Offline ctomni231

JGO Wizard

Medals: 99
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Exp: 7 years

Not a glitch. Just have a lil' pixelexia...

« Reply #4 - Posted 2014-01-22 03:53:19 »

What would be the best approach? Should I force myself to complete the tasks, or should I move onto other tasks putting them off further?

I actually wrote a post that kinda tackles this subject...

Procrastination Issues

For any work that has a deadline, I suggest that you get rid of all distractions and try to work on the problem the best you can. Take small breaks doing an activity you really like, but spend most of the time trying to solve the issue. In times of pressure, I usually write down a lot of possible solutions and cross out the ones that don't work. Sometimes I figure it out, other times I still get stuck. Not completely giving up is the key.

For work that doesn't have a deadline, it is okay to give yourself a break. Trust me, the human body is amazing but it is also one that likes to do more than sit down in front of a computer screen for hours on end looking at the same problem. As long as you are not falling into the procrastination trap, you can be productive while still taking healthy breaks.

My suggestion, always move on to other tasks when programming bores you. 99% of the time, your brain needs that break...  Undecided

Offline BrendynT

Junior Devvie

Medals: 3
Projects: 1
Exp: 7-9 months

"Fryd ec drec?"

« Reply #5 - Posted 2014-01-22 04:57:49 »

I know the feeling man. Honestly I'm stuck in the biggest rut I've been in for quite some time and its got me rather depressed. Not sure where it came from but I can be ready to work one minute and then decide I'm not good enough to continue the next.

"No man may know wisdom till many a winter
    Has been his portion." - The Wanderer
Offline Grunnt

JGO Kernel

Medals: 143
Projects: 8
Exp: 5 years

Complex != complicated

« Reply #6 - Posted 2014-01-22 07:55:04 »

Actually finishing a game is really hard work, which is also why its so awesome if you manage to do so. In fact, I have learned over the years that playing games sometimes makes me avoid doing hard work towards a distant goal (i.e. finishing a game). The problem here is that playing games gives me instant gratification: the sense of having achieved something such as acquiring a virtual new sword with +1 to awesomeness or a pile of virtual clay to bake into virtual bricks, without doing really much. Usually in a well-designed game I get a constant stream of small experiences of gratification (new items or resources, points, etc) for each small thing I do.

Developing a game is not like that at all. Maybe a little at the beginning when you just toy around a bit. But working towards completing a polished game is more like long periods of struggling in frustration with that One Nasty Bug, picking up the work even though I feel I would rather have some instant gratification. Its hard and its not always pleasant.

But in the end the game development activities are endlessly more rewarding and fulfilling for me. Everyone can get an utterly meaningless sword of awesomeness by repeatedly clicking a button for a gazillion times, but few people actually manage to bring a creative effort such as developing a game to fruition. So on the long term I'm definitely happier if I do manage to complete my projects. One thing that helps me a bit is doing at least 5 minutes of game development every single day, and putting a big green marker on a calender for each of the days in which I did that as a reward. This helps me get a bit more of instant gratification and challenges me to get longer streaks of marks by working for multiple days on a row on the project.

In the end, though, nobody is forcing you to complete anything. This is about what YOU want to do. Just think carefully about whether what you are doing is a matter of always giving in to instant gratification, an whether you would feel better in the long term by working on your project.

Offline kpars
« Reply #7 - Posted 2014-01-22 18:59:26 »

He's using a Unicomp keyboard. Unicomp is the company that manufactures somewhat 'modern' versions of the old IBM Model M keyboards. They use the same mechanical switch type, Buckling Springs!


You know, everytime a post like this comes into the forum, I start to think about my past projects and how I've only actually completed 2 games but have started over 30 projects.

It seems like this weekend I'll be having my own mini-ludum-dare. Smiley

- Jev.
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