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  Multiplayer top-down view shooter  (Read 49560 times)
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Offline Eli Delventhal

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« Reply #30 - Posted 2010-05-14 17:04:53 »

No I've given up on this project for now.

I did make a version of JBox2D that worked with my network code but it was pretty messy and caused big GC pauses so I ditched it.

Basically the problem is that it's too hard to save the state of objects (in other libraries) in a fast, low garbage way.
Bummer. I just played it again against bots and had fun. Of course, once I figured out how they work I schooled them. I don't like the controls being relative to the aimer too much - is there a way to move relative to the camera instead?

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Offline kappa
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« Reply #31 - Posted 2010-05-14 18:35:16 »

oh nice, works well, with some better graphics this could turn out really nice.

I don't like the controls being relative to the aimer too much

agreed, controls are disorienting because the keys keep changing, better if the up button just moved you up and down moved you down, etc, instead of changing based on the direction you are facing.
Offline CommanderKeith
« Reply #32 - Posted 2010-05-15 01:55:29 »

Ha ha, thanks guys. Yeah the controls are pretty hard the way they're relative to the mouse. Non-gamers/programmers have big trouble trying to play! The way you can't slide along walls sux too.

I plan to make a new (non-networked) one with better graphics soon. Thanks for the encouragement!

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Offline GreenLantern101
« Reply #33 - Posted 2014-12-27 16:56:55 »

Really sorry for reviving this, but I have managed to extend it, featuring the familiar WASD movement system relative to the mouse, among other changes: (just the few I could think up the top of my head)

Enhanced rocket, sniping rifle (faster, larger, damage)
Flamethrower now ignite area of ground on fire for some time
Added Q/E switch weapon key support
Changed to regular up/down/left/right movement system, and bots override it themselves
public chat messages for kills and killStreak(restarts when you die) and means of death
Enhanced regular canvas graphics
Fully implemented "assists" in kills
Player names now highlighted in chat system
Enhanced healthbar
Small reformatting of Performance Options menu, including show stats option
Flamethrower napalm sticks to walls
Rockets explode into shrapnel
Powerup added: GodlyArmor, which grants invincibility for 15 seconds (can't use more than one powerup at once)
Tranquilizer stop people from firing for a short time, rebalanced Tranquilizer gun
Limits on zoom in/ zoom out
Tranquilized bots now can resume firing later
Bots are now able to use godly armor and invisibility
Bots have secondary armament (pistol), better rocket launcher AI
Bots have basic chat
SpeedShoes item added
implemented personal messages/alerts
Removed item labels, so must run into them to find out what they are!
Updated Help Menu
Networking now works on local LAN, but slight lag for all client players on laptops, but not on desktops
Update code to use Apache Mina 2.0.9 instead of 1.1.5;
Organized imports, removing unnecessary references
Added cheats
Bullet trail on pistol, machinegun, rocket
Players can slide along walls & banks of water now
Can now aim the range of flamethrower and rocket launcher based on mouse
Added homing missile gun
implemented translucent Arc heads-up-display of ammo in clip
better console output for debugging, tracing
Reorganized files
Added Nailgun

Again, I started from SydneyEngine v. 0.2 which is a great framework in its own right.

So, here's a link to the new topic I started:
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