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  Looking for some guys to make a 2D RPG  (Read 9757 times)
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Offline Dongep

Junior Newbie

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« Posted 2015-03-20 16:52:20 »

[Would love some feedback on this post; just drop me a message]

Hello everyone!

I am a 20 year old java programmer and I'm currently looking for 2 guys who are interested in gathering some experience in actually making a game with a team; maybe to have something to put on a resume or just to get a feeling of how hard it is to actually collectively develop something without the actual stress of having a deadline. (fun is going to be our top priority Wink)

Besides from '2D RPG' everything is undetermined and totally open for discussion; we will still have to decide on the perspective, on the features and on the story.

About sources:

Now I have already developed a 2D engine that we could use. It would allow us drop every worry about game loops, how to implement animation, collision and similar stuff and just focus on the game itself. I think compared to other open source engines the advantage would be that I know the code 100% and can actually rebuilt any single part if need be.

I would be deploying the entire source code to you, and explain how you can do what you need to do, as well as make changes when you feel like something is lacking.

However I don't want to force it on you. If you think that we should use something else we can do that.

About coordination:

I was thinking of Google hangout (If you know something else that is free and supports screen sharing we can also use that) to discuss things that we want/need to implement next, how to do it and how feature development is going;
I also would like it if we could install some kind of instant messenger which we at least check regularly; I know it might sound intrusive but I think quick communication is an important thing here Smiley

In the beginning I would be the 'coordinator' of the whole thing and effectively have last say.

However, because I don't want to pretend that I'm the only person who can do that effectively, we can change change the holder of this position as soon as you think it fits/is necessary.
(some quick rules to prevent chaos: §1. a vote determines the successor. §2. A 2/3 majority is needed to initialize the vote. §3. The coordinator can only change once a week.)

Whether I or one of you ends up doing this job, the goal should be to encourage discussion and find a solution that is okay with everyone.

Concerning prerequisites:

You don't have to know java extremely well to be a part of this. After all, learning is our top priority;
just try to know the basics and I am very willing to explain what you don't quite get yet.

However there are two things I really need from you:

1. Not to be flaky.

I think some willingness to face struggles is necessary (because let's face it, something new is never all sunshine and rainbows), but IF you feel like you REALLY can't do this anymore, then just say so; it's okay. I don't expect you to pour in hard work if you don't have fun.

But please, don't just disappear into the abyss once we hit a hard point. Because that's just incredibly frustrating; ever never got a reply from a girl you asked out? That's how one feels in that situation.

and 2. To be a team player.

By that I don't mean that you can't speak your mind; quite the opposite! I want you to speak it as often as you can.
Just try to bring forth your arguments as friendly as possible and with respect to the person you adress.

ANYHOW; this is what you have to expect. I hope some of you are willing to try this.

If you are interested or have a question just drop a reply or a message and we will make it work!
Offline Rayvolution

« JGO Spiffy Duke »

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Resident Crazyman

« Reply #1 - Posted 2015-03-20 19:33:01 »

We need proof you yourself have all the required skills to do this entire job on your own, with proven examples of completed (or impressive) games or other projects that will get our attention.

If you don't do that, you're just going to look like another guy in the tens of thousands who want to make a "kewl game" that do not have what it takes, or are too lazy to do the work themselves. You have to wow us. There's tons of these team requests, so you need to do more than just ask people to work with you. You could start with showing us what your engine can do, maybe some screenshots/videos of it in action.

- Raymond "Rayvolution" Doerr.
Retro-Pixel Castles - Now on Steam!
Offline CopyableCougar4
« Reply #2 - Posted 2015-03-20 19:34:40 »

Yeah a few screenshots or past projects would really set you apart, because then people know that you can actually finish a project and they know that your engine isn't all just talk.

I am also glad that you didn't restrict your requirements by anything other than motivation, however be careful not to get too excited over people interested until they prove their motivation.

Either wandering the forum or programming. Most likely the latter Smiley

Games published by our own members! Check 'em out!
Legends of Yore - The Casual Retro Roguelike
Offline lcass
« Reply #3 - Posted 2015-03-21 00:06:51 »

If you havent programmed before do not ask others to , if you haven't got decent experience with developing games then do that first , if you have never worked in a partnership or team before go and do that first. Building this will be a challenge. I have not seen you mentioning payment , very few people will work in a project they don't have control of without getting paid to do it , especially if you have very little planning and the amount of programming or graphics or whatever is going into it. 

Please if you haven't done any of the above atleast do two or more , they are fairly easy to do , even if it is just building pong in LibGDX or a dungeon crawler in Opengl it shows you can complete a project on your own and have some decent abilities . Most of these threads die because the person who posted them has never worked with either of these things in their entire life and instead is intent on developing through Java2d.

If you have created your own game please share it , we love to see what forum members have created and we can always provide constructive and relevant feedback towards the development of your skills and of the ideas towards your games. It shows you can program , create some graphics , can implement and load external resources and that you don't depend on others for assistance in order to solve a problem.

I hope that didn't sound mean I am only trying to say what we always say on these threads however you appear to be willing to help and are open to criticism with little to no arrogance in your post (unlike most of the other topics similar to this).

Offline Dongep

Junior Newbie

Medals: 1

« Reply #4 - Posted 2015-03-21 17:20:02 »

Okay first of all, thank you all for your feedback. It's very much appreciated  Smiley

I didn't actually expect that everyone is taking things so 'seriously', for lack of a better word.

I come from a community where people didn't really worry about who they were doing stuff with, as long as they were trying something.
I realize that the rules might be a bit stricter here and on the one hand I can totally understand that. Many games in my old community didn't really come far and a significant amount were abandoned quickly.

However when a game didn't fail and actually went somewhere, it was pretty good actually!

Because I really liked that uncomplicated way to make a game, but still realize that this system is not without mistake, I am trying to give it some structure, which kind of is what I described in my first post.

I was really not trying to, you know, find some horses to pull my wagon, and I am sorry if it came about that way.

I get that many might see me as a guy who is going to make unreasonable demands for nothing in return and brush every serious piece of work off to everyone else while swelling in lofty thoughts.

But that's not my intention in the slightest. As I already said, I don't care about what the result is going to be, or even how it's going to be accomplished.
It's not my goal to force a direction, I have no reservations whatsoever to give the control away and I am more than ready to put hard work into this.

I really imagined this whole concept as a few guys collectively trying to come up with something nice and fun, while gathering some experience along the way.
I guess I made a different impression and I'm sorry about that.

I hope I made my intention a bit clearer and that someone here might be interested now? I will also start working on a showcase in the mean time so I can convince you that you're not wasting your time.
Offline parohy

Senior Newbie

Medals: 2

« Reply #5 - Posted 2015-04-01 16:46:41 »

Hi there. Few weeks ago i decided to give a go and i teamed up with Dongep.
We started working on a small project, a 2D puzzle game with a bit adventure feeling.

Story line:
-in progress-

-player needs to solve decrypt 1-3 word sentences which point him the right direction on the current level. The words are written by symbols which the player at the start cant read. Player needs to play short minigames in each level to get more than the half of the tablets with symbols translation. These tablets stay with him to the next level as the difficulty rises.
How ever, player can complete the level randomly opening doors, chests, activating levers... if he is lucky he can do it without solving riddles and minigames. But he can also die by a trap or get teleported back few levels, even teleported forward.

The 2D engine which Dongep developed was quite solid and working. We builded togather few new layers on it. Results are so far so good. We implemented use of slick2d libraries as well. We do the art by our selves. We comunicate and discuss the project on daily basis. We both have past game development experience, will send or show if needed.

We are looking for a 3rd programmer to board our ship of adventures. The project is non paid and we do not plan to publish the game for money. Current project is dedicated for team building and team organization (as this is our first team project ever).

If you are interested to join us considere:
-we do not pay
-have some past game development experience, atleast one or two games which you can show us. We do not care about graphics, only the song which the code sings. (slick2d or lwjgl experience optional)
-to have mature behavior
-be able to listen to people and contribute not just verbaly, but imagination as well.
-have skype & working microphone

How do we communicate:
-git for sharing code
-skype is our main communication tool
-google docs to log progress and changes, controls and features discriptions.
-trello for objectives and overal progress overview (experimental)
-slack to put all the things above in one package

What do we expect from you:
-as said earlier, communication and contribution.
-motivation to learn and improve, motivation to learn drawing atleast basic graphics

Leave me or Dongep a message if you have any questions or send us your skype.
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