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  The Golden Age  (Read 2985 times)
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Offline FabulousFellini
« Posted 2019-04-07 15:51:39 »

<a href=";hl=en_US&amp;start=" target="_blank">;hl=en_US&amp;start=</a>

Here is a prototype of my game, "The Golden Age."  You play as three different pirates, trying to stay alive.  Most of the graphics are place holders at this point, as I wanted to focus on game mechanics before anything else.  There's a lot more I want to implement, but here's what I have done so far:

The layout of the game world is built, which is tile based and for this game, pretty big.  It's actually the same world as Dodger Dog, which takes place on Fig Island, which is modeled off Port St Joe/Cape San Blas Florida and the surrounding areas.  The water tiles animate to make the water appear like it's flowing.  The players also animate, but it's kind of hard to see.  The world has 7 towns, each with a "king" that is currently represented as a teepee (later the player will be able to go into the teepee and talk to the king).  Each teepee has a corresponding fire.  I tried to implement my own particle effect generator but half way failed so I just used a few animated sprites for that instead for now.

Players can jump and swim and collide with trees and other game objects.

Players can collect weapons and switch between them and use them to attack, and there is a little inventory system going.

There are two missions player can play and complete, one of which involves collected weapons.  

There is a weather system, which is basically a day and night cycle, as well as rain/storm cycle with lightening.  For lightening, I used    Thanks @Cero and @Phased for making that, it looks pretty dang good.  

The player/party movement looks pretty good too!  It's very smooth.  Thanks @SkyAphid with the help on that.

There's a makeshift GUI.  It doesn't display anything really but at least its there.

PlayStation, XBox, and Logitech controllers work, as well as keyboard and mouse controls.  (The controllers don't actually do anything yet except print out "A button hit" and stuff, but they're mapped and ready to go.

Player can use a torch which currently uses the same animation as the regular fire.

Things I still need to do/work on:
Make all my images be on the same sprite sheet.
Do art for most of the game.
Implement more weapons and missions.
Make collision detection better.
Make cut scenes for various parts of the game.
Figure out how to dump this to various OSs.  Right now I can't figure out how to get Android to work.
Implement controls for touch screen.
See you guys in 4 years.  lol.

Offline SkyAphid
« Reply #1 - Posted 2019-04-11 04:27:39 »

Keep up the good work!!

it just werks
Offline Mykayla

Junior Newbie

« Reply #2 - Posted 2019-04-11 07:31:01 »

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Legends of Yore - The Casual Retro Roguelike
Offline SHC
« Reply #3 - Posted 2019-04-11 13:58:11 »

It seems to me that @Mykayla is a marketer. Anybody saw his posts? Seems like all of them are pointing to his websites. A little marketing is fine, please use the signature field for that. However, hijacking other threads is not.

If those games are yours, why not post under projects boards, either showcase or wip?

Offline VaTTeRGeR
« Reply #4 - Posted 2019-04-11 14:41:47 »

Mykayla is a marketer
I would go one step further and say he's a bot. He posted a similar reply in three other threads each with a different website.
Offline FabulousFellini
« Reply #5 - Posted 2019-06-19 14:13:00 »

I have been making really good progress on this project.  I now have makeshift designs and animations for the players and enemies.  As of now, there are 7 towns, and each town has an enemy spawner.  The enemies are spawned until they hit a max amount allowed, and their AI makes them follow the player and attack you.  If you have a sword, you can kill them.  When one enemy dies, another spawns.

There is now a working inventory system where you can actually select the weapon you want.  You can also switch to the map (map is still very much a WIP, but at least its there and functioning).

All controllers are implemented and actually do stuff to affect game play rather than System.out.println("A Button Pressed");

The last few days I've been working on audio, mostly things like fade in ocean sounds if player comes within bounds of the ocean.  Same with fire. 

I also made a cutscene intro in anticipation for the demo I'm going to make, which I hope to have made within the next month, where at least game play will work.  Graphics might be a bit iffy, as I am no artist.

I just need to figure out how to properly package everything together.

I'll try to put up a video demo this weekend.


Offline FabulousFellini
« Reply #6 - Posted 2019-08-14 18:26:19 »

The last thing I need to do before I make another video demo and and actual demo, is program how the map works and where it shows the player.   I wanted to have a white square (or some sort of marker) to show where the player is on the map.  Since my map is huge (64 x 64 chunks) and I suck at math, I think I'll just do a quick check of what chunk the player is in, and just have the marker kind of be in the middle of whatever chunk the player is in.  So it wont be exact, but close enough to know where you are in regards to the world.

Another thing I need to figure out is how to get the game to not slow to half when I do the nighttime cycle.  Right now, I'm putting a dark transparent tile over all the tiles, which slows the game down to a crawl.  I might just end up saying f**k the night time.   Maybe we'll be in a world that never gets dark lol, but thats not really what I wanted.  However, it might have to be that way if I can't get this to run better.

I also put in a health/heart system, where the hearts are displayed around the edge of the screen (so if you get enough hearts, the whole screen's border will be covered with them.  The hearts disappear fast if you get hit, but there's a lot collect to re-up, so I think it looks kind of cool and I don't think I've ever seen that done in a game before.

I plan on making two videos to upload very soon, one showing just the game and features and things, and one really zoomed out so you can see how I'm rendering everything to see if this is how you guys do it.

Have a good day people.

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