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  StoryMode - A Game About Crafting  (Read 7392 times)
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Offline nhydock
« Posted 2015-10-27 17:56:41 »

StoryMode is a satirical homage to the Rogue genre, while being an easily accessible and ironic experience. Within minutes you can already be collecting tons of loot, exploring your hard drive, taking on quests, and dying.  That said, there's still plenty to sink tons of time into, as it's a lightweight experience that's great for playing during a coffeebreak.

StoryMode has been around for well over a year now (first on display at TooManyGames 2014 as a conceptual 7DRL), having been shown at a handful of conventions, and previously available on Desura.  It's been a long journey, and now the game is available on Steam* and, featuring many new design changes and optimizations.

The game is in early access on Steam.  All sales go towards supporting continued development of the game and adding new features.  Community feedback and bug reports are highly valued and welcome.  For more details, go to the Steam store page

  • Randomly generated dungeons based on your files
  • Randomly generated items and monsters
  • Randomly generated quests
  • Randomly generated crafting recipes?
  • Being able to play with one hand with a beer in the other
  • A not try-hard personality
  • Character Customization

StoryMode is built using LibGDX, a modified FOV system from SquidLib, and a Java adapted multi-threaded modification of RoguelikeLib's dungeon generation.  Also the dungeon seeds are generated using the actual UUID of a file's bytes (if the user has access rights to the file of course).

All graphics in the game are hand drawn just for the game.  Music and sound effects are creative commons, fair use, or made for this game.  Credits are available on the official website.

Please note that the shareware version of StoryMode does not always have the latest features and bugfixes incorporated, nor are screenshots always reflective of the latest state of the game.  The Steam Version of StoryMode is, and always will be, the most up-to-date version of the game, receiving patches and updates before other distribution sites.  This is due to licensing agreements, but primarily due to lack of automation.
Offline Kami

Senior Devvie

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I am not a vampire

« Reply #1 - Posted 2015-10-27 20:40:37 »

  • Being able to play with one hand with a beer in the other

How can I not appreciate this post?

Seriously though neat looking game! I'll give it a try as soon I have the time.

"If I can't be the best I sure as hell can be the worst"
Offline nhydock
« Reply #2 - Posted 2016-01-08 16:14:27 »

It's been awhile since I posted this topic, so I'd like to talk about some of the changes I've made within the past few months.

Starting in November I made a move to start providing a more pacifist approach to playing the game and expanding on gameplay in general.  
  • Now you're able to harvest resources instead of having to kill enemies to get items.
    • This is performed by bumping into the resources tile and playing a minigame
  • You may trade with monsters
    • required items to trade is based on level difference and level of the monster
    • if the level difference is too great the monster might not want to trade with you
    • trading with a monster results in the monster leaving their drop (sometimes multiple)
  • You can now build up a party to adventure with
    • Party consists of monsters you've befriended through trading
    • You only control one member at a time

Additional details can be read about through the Steam News posts.  I'm also currently working on adding the Demo/Shareware version to Steam as well, so people don't have to rely on a different platform just to try the game out.
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Offline nhydock
« Reply #3 - Posted 2016-07-28 02:34:02 »

I don't keep this topic up to date it seems.  Just posting to say a few things.

1) Quite a lot has changed with the game in the past 6 months, so I definitely urge people to try it again and tell me what they like and don't like about it
2) I now keep a dev blog which I try to post in once a week with ideas about where I want to take the game.
3) There's a free and paid version of the game now (has been for awhile).  You can get either version on itch or steam.  If you buy on itch you also get a steam key.
4) You can read about the game in greater detail on it's roguebasin entry (which I have been maintaining)
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