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  Intruder's Thunder - A 2D Stealth Game  (Read 4962 times)
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Offline jmiller9
« Posted 2012-04-03 02:59:36 »

Intruder's Thunder is a 2D, Tile-Based game in which the player must navigate various levels while avoiding enemy guards.   If the player is spotted, he will be fired upon by the guard that spotted the player.   The guard will then pursue the player relentlessly, until the guard dies or the player dies.  It features a story, 7 levels, 3 boss fights, 4 different weapons, and a fitting soundtrack.

Updated 7/1/12:
You can download the game here:

This is the first big game I have ever made. It's not perfect, but it is fun. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
« Reply #1 - Posted 2012-04-03 04:54:01 »

My god I got rinsed! The guards owned me. I actually loved the gfx. It'd be useful to be able to shoot the wrist watch from prone. Also I got a pistol with 0/24 ammo, but couldn't figure out how to load it.
Offline jmiller9
« Reply #2 - Posted 2012-04-03 05:37:36 »

I had the pistol start with 0 bullets on purpose (I thought the game was too easy; I'm probably biased since I made it  Smiley ). There is an ammo pack for it in a room if you head east from the entrance. If you get fed up with a level, you can always skip it. The guards all move on predetermined paths until you get spotted, so you should be able to slip past them unnoticed in most places. I'm glad you like my sprites! Thank you for trying my game. I hope it's entertaining.
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Offline gimbal

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« Reply #3 - Posted 2012-04-04 12:46:46 »

If you get fed up with a level, you can always skip it.

YOU sir, understand how to make games accessible. Don't dumb the game down, if you're not good enough offer the ability to skip and pretend the level didn't exist!
Offline jmiller9
« Reply #4 - Posted 2012-04-05 00:04:12 »

It was somewhat unintentional that the level-skipping was put in. Originally, I planned on having a save game option but decided that it wasn't worth the hassle. So I decided to have a level selector. Well, I was too lazy to put that in my game, so I decided to just allow players to skip levels Smiley .

What do you guys think of a potential sequel to this game with a scrolling background, different weapons, and a level editor?
Offline ReBirth
« Reply #5 - Posted 2012-04-06 03:55:01 »

This is fun. Huge map but seems you store them at code. It's not really difficult though, since we can pass guards easily.

Offline jmiller9
« Reply #6 - Posted 2012-04-06 19:11:22 »

Thanks! I made the development mistake of not making a level editor, so making each sub-level was a pain. I actually construct each sub-level using for() loops to place sets of tiles on the map (I don't recommend this approach to anyone). It was a pain to test, and took me longer to make the levels than it should have.

The levels generally get more difficult as you progress. If anyone ever reaches the final boss, the fight should prove to be at least somewhat challenging. Perhaps in a future version I'll triple the width of the guard's vision, and maybe extend the length by a tile or two.
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