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  [Colliding Kingdoms] *closed*  (Read 5538 times)
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Offline GabrielBailey74
« Posted 2012-03-18 01:09:09 »

Hello JGO:
Just a small project of mine, over this past week or so i've actually been sitting down just fixing things with it, (rendering, clipping, simple collision).

Now i'm actually to the point where i'm deciding to add stuff into it, so I thought I would bring it to the showcase as a W.I.P, so feel free to drop a comment of what you thought, or rate the game 0/10.
(First game where the files actually got pretty large)

Latest Image/Update:
(Temp Tower/Enemy to Player lines, Fire Emitter to Enemy lines)

3 spells, (1 fully coded: animation, damage, description, esc).
Basic Tiled Map, Player HUD.
Player Entitys: mp, hp, gold, xp, level, atk, str, def.
Every Tile has its own Entity in a way.
On Mouse over a tile it renders its activity description + a Rectangle so you know what's selected.
After a Spell is placed a Circle is rendered around its position (Basically any enemy inside receives damage if it's a Emitter).
Spell timers changed, damage changed.
Spells now have Collision Detection added (So you can place + run / hide from a Enemy / boost defenses).
Starting Screen, Paused Screen (still need to configure), Game Over Screen.
If a Enemy dies while being trapped by a spell, or dies from the radius of the collision of the spell, the spell is Destroyed.
Each time a Enemy dies they're respawned at the top Tile of the map (Y), and their (X) value is randomly generated within the Tiles limits of the Map.
New things being shown at Game Over screen: Total kills, Total XP earned, Total level time, Damage dealt.
Temporary Tower added.
Rendering lines from Player spells (If requires a radius limit) also Changing to red if being damaged.
Rendering lines from Enemy's to the Player/Changing to red if being damaged.
Secondary Enemy created.

Still TODO:
Create various enemy's.
If a enemy gets stuck (Y wise vice versa for directions) on a spell, a random movement will occur to try and get unstuck (Not always following you as told).
2 More spells to be added (Eco Tornado / Tactical Strike).
Possibly a textured HUD, interactive Upgrades.
Spell Upgrades/deployable limit++.

Enemy collision with a Spell needs to be redone (If you spawn a spell with collision active i.e: can't go through the spells corners), ON the enemy, he just slides right through..

Questions of mine/Things needed:
Should the Player be able to troll all over/in the spells if their solids to the enemy's?, basically should collision be added to spells for the player.
A nice Texture for the gray tempHUD.

(The picture at the top will always be the latest).

Early Stage:

Temporary Tower/Look?

Placing a Spell with Distance Radius Oval:

Placed Spell/Updated Descriptions:

Classes thus far:

Updated Pictures:
(Spell length timers + Simple player + enemy)

I don't know, this is kind of random, I just wanted to post the method used for detecting if a Enemy/Player is colliding with a spell.
(Every time i'm configuring a Dimension / Collision I have to draw it out on paper lol)
   private static void handleSpellCollision() {
      int spellX = Player.fireSpellX;
      int spellY = Player.fireSpellY;
      int eastWall = spellX + 40;
      int westWall = spellX;
      int southWall = spellY + 40;
      int northWall = spellY;
      int x = absX;
      int y = absY;
      int knockBack = 3;
      if ((x + width >= westWall && x + width <= westWall) &&
      (y + height >= northWall && y + height <= southWall + height)) {
         absX = westWall - knockBack - width;
      } // left wall
      if ((y + height >= northWall && y + height <= southWall + height) &&
      (x >= eastWall && x <= eastWall)) {
         absX = eastWall + knockBack;
      } // right wall
      if ((x + width >= westWall && x + width <= eastWall + width) &&
      (y + height >= northWall && y + height <= northWall)) {
         absY = northWall - knockBack - width;
      } // top wall
      if ((y <= southWall && y >= southWall) &&
      (x + width >= westWall && x + width <= eastWall + width)) {
         absY = southWall + knockBack;
      } // bottom wall

Please, Once again I would appreciate some feedback, what should be added, can't ask for any help on things being fixed due to no demo yet.

Offline kucira

Senior Newbie

Projects: 2

« Reply #1 - Posted 2012-03-18 08:00:58 »

it's look likes a tower defense games.  Smiley
Offline GabrielBailey74
« Reply #2 - Posted 2012-03-18 19:28:52 »

Kind of what I was aiming for yea, now I can picture it  Shocked.

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Offline _Al3x

Senior Devvie

Medals: 7

Indie Games FTW!

« Reply #3 - Posted 2012-03-18 19:33:35 »

How's the gameplay? Is it like warcraft? Is it realtime or turn based?

I'll suggest having the core engine done before adding content (like spells and units). Make everything you have so far work the best you can, so then you'll be aviable to add races, units, spells, maps, art, sound, anything more easily and faster! Cheesy

I really hope to see more updates soon, please keep it up! Smiley

Offline GabrielBailey74
« Reply #4 - Posted 2012-03-18 19:36:25 »

Thanks mate, at the moment as you said i'm just getting everything to work, so of course those temp Player/Enemy rectangles will be removed and replaced with animated sprites.

For some reason I just picture enemy's raining down from the top, and for the turning I picture 'Strafing', for left and right, than just your basic up & down movement?, I don't know that's why i'm bringing it here.
I'll try and get a demo up if you guys are interested.

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