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  The most difficult games on wild  (Read 1423 times)
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Offline Raghar

Junior Devvie

Ue ni taete 'ru hitomi ni kono mi wa dou utsuru

« Posted 2004-11-27 14:54:18 »

I have won

I have won in the dungeon crawl non patched version. It was game just from December the 3rd, so it was rather quick.

So lets look at the ending character.
Dungeon Crawl version 4.0.0 beta 26 character file.
Raghar the Demigod of Death (Demigod)(Level 27 Necromancer)
Play time: 2 days, 14:04:22       Number of turns: 405706
Experience : 27/3245711
Strength 24     Dexterity 19     Intelligence 23/24
Hit Points : 234          Magic Points : 50
AC : 23          Evasion : 27          Shield : 0
GP : 10294
You escaped.
You are encumbered.
You are full.
Inventory:Hand weapons
d - a +9,+9 demon blade of slicing (weapon) (12651 gold)

Found in Gehema by chaos kninght and enchanted nearly completely from scratch. It costs more than the rune.

h - the cursed +4,+4 Staff of Dispater (1200 gold)      This legendary item can unleash the fury of Hell.    It has a curse placed upon it.


C - a +4,+0 dagger of distortion (169 gold)Armour
g - the +0 pair of boots of Responsibility (worn) (160 gold)      
It protects you from fire.
p - a +2 spiked helmet (worn) (162 gold)
v - a +7 steam dragon armour (worn) (1957 gold)

Actually I seen also pretty enchanted crystal armour. It was too heavy to retrieve.

z - the +3 pair of gloves "Gujugomid Juh" (410 gold)      It protects you from poison.
V - the +2 cloak of the Clam (worn) (205 gold)      It makes you more stealthy.
Magical devices
a - a wand of hasting (24) (261 gold)
F - a wand of teleportation (17) (132 gold)Comestiblesx - 3 meat
rations (120 gold)
c - the amulet of Grottiness (490 gold)      This amulet enables its wearer to attempt to enter a state of berserk rage,    and increases their chance of successfully doing so.  It also partially protects the user from passing out when coming out of that rage.    
It protects you from fire.    It insulates you from electricity.
j - a ring of teleport control (294 gold)
k - a +4 ring of evasion (left hand) (350 gold)
n - an amulet of resist mutation (around neck) (210 gold)
o - the ring "Olud Ji" (686 gold)      This ring increases its
wearer's reserves of magical power.    It greatly protects you from fire.    It lets you turn invisible.    It lets you levitate.
t - an amulet of the gourmand (245 gold)
U - the ring of Glory (right hand) (371 gold)      This ring
provides energy to its wearer, so that they need eat less often.
It affects your strength (+3).
q - a potion of cure mutation (150 gold)
I - 2 potions of mutation (100 gold)
b - a book of Demonology (1150 gold)
e - a book of the Sky (650 gold)
f - a book of Changes (250 gold)
l - a book of Power (450 gold)
s - a book of Tukima (950 gold)
u - a Necronomicon (1150 gold)
Seen three.

y - a book of Enchantments (500 gold)
A - a book of Unlife (650 gold)B - a tome of Destruction (1650 gold)

found in dis
E - a book of Ice (650 gold)
G - a book of Transfigurations (550 gold)
H - a book of Death (700 gold)
K - a book of Necromancy (300 gold)
M - a book of Summonings (1050 gold)
N - a book of Wizardry (300 gold)
P - a book of the Earth (650 gold)
Magical staves
w - a staff of death (250 gold)
D - a rod of destruction (250 gold)
Yes it's the one.

R - a rod of summoning (250 gold)
very nice thing too late however.

Orbs of Power
O - the Orb of Zot (250000 gold)
i - an obsidian rune of Zot (10000 gold)
m - a deck of wonders (500 gold)
r - 15 demonic runes of Zot (150000 gold)
isn't it nice, just 10 more and it would be the most walued pocession.

Q - a golden rune of Zot (10000 gold)
S - a silver rune of Zot (10000 gold)
T - an iron rune of Zot (10000 gold)
W - a serpentine rune of Zot (10000 gold)
X - a decaying rune of Zot (10000 gold)
Y - a glowing rune of Zot (10000 gold)
Z - an icy rune of Zot (10000 gold)
You have 181 experience left.  
+ Level 23 Fighting
+ Level 6 Short Blades
- Level 26 Long Blades
+ Level 3 Maces & Flails
+ Level 5 Staves
+ Level 1 Bows
+ Level 3 Darts
+ Level 2 Throwing
+ Level 7 Armour
- Level 26 Dodging
Would you believe that I didn't trained this one at around last ten levels?
From around 13 level of Dodging.

+ Level 13 Stealth
+ Level 12 Stabbing
Ever seen stabbed green death?

- Level 6 Shields
- Level 7 Traps & Doors
+ Level 26 Unarmed Combat
+ Level 25 Spellcasting
- Level 15 Conjurations
- Level 11 Enchantments
+ Level 14 Summonings
* Level 27 Necromancy

+ Level 7 Translocations
+ Level 18 Transmigration

Neccesary for Dragon form.

- Level 9 Divinations
+ Level 12 Fire Magic
+ Level 8 Ice Magic
- Level 8 Earth Magic
+ Level 1 Poison Magic
+ Level 6 Evocations
You have 4 spell levels left.
You know the following spells:
Your Spells                      Type                Success  Level
a - Pain                         Necromancy          Perfect    1
b - Bolt of Cold                 Ice/Conjuration     Excellent  5
c - Vampiric Draining            Necromacy           Perfect    3
d - Animate Dead                 Necromancy          Perfect    4
e - Magic Dart                   Conjuration         Perfect    1
f - Dispel Undead                Necromancy          Perfect    4
g - Summon Demon                 Summoning           Excellent  5
h - Detect Items                 Divination          Excellent  2
i - Bolt of Fire                 Fire/Conjuration    Excellent  5
j - Bolt of Draining          Conjuration/Necromancy  Excellent   6
k - Regeneration              Enchantment/Necromancy  Perfect     3
l - Necromutation         Transmigration/NecromancyGreat      8
m - Detect Creatures          Divination              Excellent   2
n - Detect Secret Doors       Divination              Excellent   1
o - Selective Amnesia         Enchantment             Excellent   3
p - Blade Hands               Transmigration          Excellent   5
q - Blink                     Translocation           Excellent   2
r - Dragon Form               Fire/Transmigration     Good        8
s - Summon Elemental          Summoning           Excellent   4          
Mutations & Other Weirdness
Your muscles are strong (Str +1).
You are partially covered in thick black scales (AC + 3, dex - 1).
Your system is immune to poisons.
You are resistant to magic.You can teleport at will.
You can translocate small distances instantaneously.
Your muscles are flexible (Dex +1), but weak (Str -1).
Your vision is a little blurry.
You are frail (-10 percent hp).
You are partially covered in yellow scales (AC + 2)

Offline Raghar

Junior Devvie

Ue ni taete 'ru hitomi ni kono mi wa dou utsuru

« Reply #1 - Posted 2004-11-27 15:45:36 »

And now some post.
This thread was intended, partially as a bragging thread, partially about discusion about game developing.

Dungeon Crawl is probably the most difficult game today. Perhaps it would be better to say deadly. Chance to winning is so low so some players didn't win even after one year of playing. One of reasons is dungeon crawl would delete your save after you'd die. The second reason is that game isn't fair. (my game isn't fair as well but it's different topic) Even if you abuse the game mechanic heavily, you still have a very little chance to win. OOD monsters and other "features" would get you killed rather quickly. Some players say "it's nice, it's extremely difficult at the beggining, you'd lose just a little time". However diffuculty is rather insane.
Dungeon Crawl spoiled me. After that I think majority of games is extremely easy. (and finished that last game from warhammer in 3 days with no difficulty, and without saving.)

So what do you think is a reasonable difficulty level for hardcore players?

When we are in the bragging, I also finished Caravel DROD in 3 weeks. Level 9 was a nice relaxing level after tedious level 8. In fact it's one of most, or the most difficult logical games of today.
Hints: this is timer, and use paper. (without them it would be 2 daysmore. or two minutes?)
Yes I agree with author that level is rather difficult for that early play.

So now is your turn.
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