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  Analysis Paralisis - how do you cope?  (Read 10170 times)
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Offline ahristov

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« Posted 2004-06-25 14:27:04 »

Hi there...

I'd like to know your oppinion on this topic.  (forgive me this core dump :-)

Programming games has always attracted me, but destiny ( = loosing three times an almost completed platform game in the CGA era, written in Turbo Pascal 3.0, together with the backup copies  Angry )  has made me work in a different sector of IT.

So now that it seems that I have more time I'd like to develop a game I've been thinking for many years now, but I find that there's so much info out there and so many ways of doing things that I keep falling into the classical "analysis paralisis" antipattern  Huh

In the "good old times" when you wanted paralax scrolling in the EGA there was basically one way of doing it quickly (for those who remember duke nukem - the non 3D version :-), and there was one fast flood-fill algo and there was one way of dealing with com ports; if you wanted wolfenstein, you did ray casting, if you wanted quake, you did BSPs.

But now I find myself spending more and more time reading and reading than coding or designing. And the problem is that usually there are pros and cons to every aspect of coding, so in the end I usually end with much more information, but finally with no objective clue as to which way to go :-)  "UDP vs TCP", "Java3D vs JOAL vs ... ", "DirectX vs OpenGL", etc.. endless discussions come to mind. And finally I take a decision based on "gut feeling" which is probably the very same thing I could have done at the beginning without reading so much. I mean, an "informed gut-feeling decision" doesn't look better to me than a  "plain-old-style gut-feeling decision".  

Does anyone have similar feelings? How do you cope with them? Where do you place your threshold for stopping reading and start coding?

Planetalia S.L. Cursos de Java
Offline blahblahblahh

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« Reply #1 - Posted 2004-06-25 14:33:45 »

It sounds to me like you've hit the point where you can no longer work on games as an individual coder. Different people have different thresholds (I've met some exceptionally hard-working people who are still able - as individuals - to know enough and keep current on all topics to be able to write modern games to modern standards all on their own; but comments like "no matter how successful this game is, I'm now so sick of games I'll never write another" give some insight into what sacrifice is going on Wink).

So, my top suggestion is to assemble a small team. There's a post somewhere in the competition category with my thoughts on small teams for java games dev, which may or may not prove helpful.

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Offline princec

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« Reply #2 - Posted 2004-06-25 17:35:01 »

Perhaps you are analysing before you know what you want to achieve. Consider writing down everything you actually want to do in the game before you even think about analysing the code. Then try chucking out everything that sounds a bit too fancy or ambitious.

And the way I cope with indecision... is to decide.

Cas Smiley

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