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  Upgrading Games  (Read 3666 times)
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Psych'd about Java Games

« Posted 2004-04-13 20:38:49 »

[more or less moved from Tools Discussion -> UML editors: 2004 roundup]

Here's the discussion so far:

FYI for those who know how I sit with JWS games: apps are an entirely different situation. Most apps you *never* want an upgrade unless you the user choose it. This is mainly because apps are nearly always editors of documents, and you want your document-editing to remain constant from session to session. Games have no document, and are just a complete package. There's lots of knock-on effects from this, if you think about it in detail (if anyone wants to discuss, start a thread in off-topic, I'll remove it from this thread ). I'm not arguing for or against (shrug; I'm undecided) but it's a neat feature that Argo offers.

I watched last year a presentation from a Microsoft guy that came to our university and he talked about the challenge of keeping software up-to-date for the non-technical user (security issues as his main concern, of course :p), and he described how they're approaching the problem. It seems to me that having apps using webstart (kind of turning the 'internet' as a huge hard-drive) seems to very promising in constantly updating products without the user even realising it. I don't think there are many bad effects if you consider that everyone will be accessing the same webstart version of the application, and if you assume updates are backward-compatible and let you import/export stuff.  

But maybe, you'll want to give the user the option of sticking the previous version (or preferably just keeping the UI of the previous version while updating internal logic, and gradually changing/introducing new features to the UI so he doesn't get shocked very time he starts his app).

I think Sun has always some really cool technology, and webstart could innovate how companies provide desktop applications. (There're problems such as download time of huge applications, but it's true that in company networks, terminal PCs share application via a common server, so why not extend it to the level of the internet?)

Am I talking nonsense?

No you are not talking nonsense Smiley
Personally, I like the idea of updating the internal logic (though if it has no effect on the UI, I don't see how it would help except if it was some speed-enhancement upgrade). Also, I hate automatic updates in general if they modify the whole GUI/UI significantly, especially if it's a game. I've never updated any one of my games, and luckily, they haven't been silently modifying themselves...

And finally, blahblahblahh:
Guys, seriously, start another thread.

It's probably worth it - there could be a lot of interesting debate on this webstart issue. And I think it's particularly interesting how well-suited games are for JWS compared to other apps.

     - D.t.O
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