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  Design feedback, 2D RPG Manager type game  (Read 699 times)
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Offline firepowerjohan

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« Posted 2020-01-26 21:52:12 »

Hi All!  Smiley
I am programming a 2D Hero Manager style game during my spare time every now and then. I wan to get some feedback, it is early Alpha (game maybe 10% complete) so graphics are kind of placeholder. The background to it is I do love MOBA games and RTS but sometimes I would like to play a more strategic game around these concepts that is easy to play but REALLY HARD to beat on the highest difficulty levels.

Anyhow, som facts about the technologies and design choices

- Intellij
- JFormDesigner
- Swing
- Isometric Tile map

Gameplay Concepts:
Scenario Map - you play a scenario on a Tile map. You have a Home Base (Keep) and Heroes. You use your Heroes to conquer the scenario map, defeating the Boss Dungeons. On the scenario map there is terrain, Adventures, Bosses etc and the map is tougher the further away from your Home Base you are.

Campaign Map - you have a campaign map you return to after each played scenario. The goal is to complete the campaign by winning all scenarios. You click on campaign map on locations, choosing which scenario to play next. If you win a map you conquer it on the Campaign map. The idea is that the better and faster you win a map scenario the more reward will you get for the Campaign. The game modes can also be tied to each Campaign so a campaign could either be rogue-like OR "replay map until you win it" OR Gold/Silver/Bronce reward after each won map and replay them to improve that.

Moving, Fighting etc:
When you play a scenario, you have a Home Keep (tile in center of screenshot) where you can do a number of stuff, recruiting Heroes, send them out to explore and grind, upgrade Keep, resurrect Heroes, upgrade city walls (from invading Hoardes), etc TBD. The Heroes out in the Wilderness will move in realtime, they randomly encounter enemies (Ambushed) like shown in the screenshot, they can do quests (question marks in screenshot), enter and help Villages to gain rewards (fame for example) and conquer randomly placed Dungeons and a finite number of Boss Dungeons. Conquer all Boss Dungeons on a map wins it. There is some decision making in that when a Hero is near an Adventure Tile (Quest, Dungeon, Village etc) you decide when a Hero takes a Quest, enter a Village or attacks a Dungeon.

The Heroes are mostly auto-controlled, they use spells and even retreat by their own choice. You can team the Heroes together forming a Party where one will be the leader=Hero, the other ones will be helping out. These party members will also select which role (TANK, SUPPORT, GANKER, CARRY) with different bonuses for its Hero. For example a Ganker will be able to attack an enemy behind the front row unlike the rest that will always attack the nearest enemy. Tanks will absorb more of the dmg that the Hero would otherwise take.

Heroes can also be resurrected similar to in MOBA respawn but it always cost GOLD and it increases age!
Hero attributes ranging from Strength (hp), Resilience (armour), Agility (dmg), Intelligence (mana regain), Charisma (fame bonuses when helping Villages), Wilderness (movement, smartness on map, questing chance). The Wilderness attribute is the "street smart" thing, a hig value means the Hero will move on map way smarter, better in taking decisions when to retreat back to Keep to heal, while a low Wilderness stupid Hero will be worse at that strategic planning and more often die.
Of course, the Heroes gain xp and gold from battles and quests and they level up and gain more spells (1 active spell, 1 passive, 1 ultimate, 1 travel spell)

Another thing that is in game is the aging, your Heroes will actually get older so they get worse at learning (xp gain lower) and if you resurrect them they also age a bit extra (in addition to cost gold). You can assign a Hero for being non controlled Party Member for another Hero with a role (support, tank, ganker, carry) with different bonuses depending on role, so you can actually form a party.

Heroes will of course belong to one of many Professions including, Viking, Warrior, Scout, Pyromancer, Bard, Ranger etc...
Each profession has its own unique abilities and has one primary attribute. When you level up you increase an attribute by +1 permanently, and most often the prmary attribute is increased than the others.

Anyone who has feedback on what can make this kind of game fun, please let me know  Smiley

Example playing a Medium Sized Map (Gold Win in 40 minutes, Silver in 50 Minutes, Bronze in 60 Minutes, 60 Minutes time runs out = Lose):

Early Game Minute 1-10 minutes.
Limitted gold at start, purchase 1-2 Heroes, try to gain the first crucial level ups without dying and losing time, explore find and perform quests to quickly gain extra needed xp. At lvl 4-5 try to go for conquering some easy Dungeon to get more gold for your Keep. Try to get fame to your Keep by helping Villages.

Upgrade City Walls and recruit more Heroes to get more income bringers. Expect that some of the starting Heroes will die a few times especially when first Hoard waves come in (they attack your Keep, your Heroes defend and you can choose which ones that tank in the battle. Sacrifice the less needed...)

Your first few Heroes will struggle because they will not have higher level heroes to help them (old high level heroes are very useful as Party Member for upcoming Heroes)

Mid Game, Minute 11-30
After your fame gone up, you Keep attracts higher talented Heroes, i.e. at lvl 1 they appear the same, but their high primary attribute will mean they will carry the game better.
Try to kick start "2nd Generation of Heroes" by pick quests and Dungeons (give plenty extra xp) that you left on map on purpose for them.
Your 2nd generation will probably almost reach max levels, what they really miss is good support Heroes, since the 1st generation was less good and some died, your lvl 12 Hero might only have lvl 5-10 supports.

Late Game, Minute 31-60
Now when you have more high level Heroes try start some Hero(s) from scratch with the benefit of having great party members i.e. support Heroes with them early on (after maybe lvl 3-4 you get your first support slot for your Hero, and can for example assign Lvl ~10-12 Tank). It takes a lot of dmg for you, you gain less XP but since you can attack nastier foes without dying that still means you will progress faster.

Third Generation Hero will likely reach max level (around 15-18 somewhere) which means they get to max level Ultimate spell which is a great deal. The 3rd generation is the fight against the clock, being able to exterminate all those Boss Dungeons. You could gamble and attack too soon also, just because you want to get say a Gold Medal winning in 40 minutes, or Silver winning in 50 minutes. But winning the scenario even if Bronze (60 minutes) is better than nothing because it will give you a reward for the Campaign Map.

Former game developer (Firepower Entertainment) for titles
Commander Europe at War, Commander Napoleon at War and World Empires Live
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