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  The hunt for the lost rainbow jewels  (Read 20346 times)
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Offline ags1

JGO Kernel

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Make code not war!

« Reply #30 - Posted 2015-10-20 21:57:47 »

There's a lot about this game that is looking good. Don't get disheartened!

Offline purenickery
« Reply #31 - Posted 2015-10-20 22:51:17 »

I've always thought this game looked pretty great  Grin Definitely don't give up, take it from me, it feels much worse getting half-way done with a bunch of random projects than it does to complete an entire game, even if it's not everything you hoped.

I can't find where a jar of the game is downloadable, and I'm not in a position where I can compile it at the moment. But once I can I'll play around with it and see if I have any suggestions!

Working on Questica!
Twitter: @purenickery
Offline ShadedVertex
« Reply #32 - Posted 2015-10-21 11:43:30 »

I'm pretty worried that you might end up deciding to give up on this project, so here are some words of encouragement, 'cause you definitely need some.

You see, I've been programming for about 5 years. The first 3 years, I just read up a lot about computers and did very simple programming. When I turned 11, I decided to start for real. I first wanted to be a web developer. Then I found Python and I realised that there was much more to learn. I took inspiration from Mojang, the makers of Minecraft. They're the reason for which I decided to settle with Java. I've always really wanted to make a game, but every game I started I gave up on just mere months later.

That's not how it works. The feeling that your game idea isn't up to scratch is nothing more than an illusion; it's simply that you thought of another idea which you think is better than the previous one and suddenly the previous game idea seems much less appealing. I've experienced that very same feeling on several accounts and it's a tricky sort of feeling. Ignore it. It won't help you; there are always better ideas out there.

I've been watching this thread for quite some time now and I'm convinced that this game has the potential to be a true success. Maybe nowadays there's no market for 2D games, but the moment people hear "RPG" they get excited. Focus on the uniqueness of the game, because that's what I find most important, especially in an RPG game. And don't worry about your graphics first. Look at Minecraft; many people say it's graphics are lackluster and terrible. Honestly, I think the graphics in Minecraft are beautiful because of its simplicity, and your game is the same. I love the trees and buildings. They look flawless in my eyes, except for maybe the water. Remember, game development is an art and when dealing with art, you (yes, YOU) are your worst enemy.

On that happy note, I wish you good luck.
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Offline Varkas
« Reply #33 - Posted 2015-10-22 11:23:58 »

Thanks all, for the encouraging words. I'm dabbling in game creation since about 20 years, there have been ups and downs. In between I had become ill, so that there have been years, when I could not work at the computer, and this was the end of all the former projects. It's better again, but I've no more the stability and power that I once had in the past.

I'm somwhat prone to the the "I've got a better idea and start newly" syndrome, but "better idea" seldom is a better game idea, but means to either simplify the program, if the former solution was too hard to use or maintain (e.g. a former RPG attempt had detailed creature body structures, modelling all limbs, which turned out not to be really useful but just a huge overhead and cause of errors), or the other way round, to make something more flexible, becuase the former solution was too limited.

So far I'm pretty sure though, that this time it's a good compromise between "simple enough, so that it's easy to work with" and still powerful enough to let my ideas come true. The only big question left is weather to add multiplayer support, and if yes, how exactly. At the moment the decision is to stay with single player.

I've uploaded a new snapshot, because two things felt so unfinished in the last release. There was the pyramid, but you couldn't enter it. And there was the experimental item graphics overlay feature for the PC, which had a shield overlay, but no weapon. Now there is also a weapon overlay, that is shown if the PC is actually wielding a weapon, and there is a new map generator for the pyramid. It only produces a group of empty rooms though, but well, at least you can actually enter the pyramid.

All changes since r020:

- Added pond and waypoint graphics.
- All item defense values were multiplied by 10, to make a +5% mod more meaningful.
- Added new blacksmith graphics.
- Added stronghold graphics, not used in game yet.
- Fix: Monster lairs should no longer overlap.
- Added pyramid dungeon.
- Added PC graphics sword overlay.
- Added UI spell icons.

if (error) throw new Brick(); // Blog (german):
Offline Varkas
« Reply #34 - Posted 2015-10-29 12:11:28 »

I finished the basic code for a new game mechanic: Items with gem sockets, and the option to place gems in those sockets:

Calculations of the effects of gems in sockets are missing currently. It's only the data structures and the UI to add gems to items that's done. Calculating the effects will be the next step to implement.

if (error) throw new Brick(); // Blog (german):
Offline ShadedVertex
« Reply #35 - Posted 2015-10-29 13:14:26 »

That's amazing Cheesy Keep it up
Offline raL0r

Senior Newbie

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« Reply #36 - Posted 2015-11-03 13:33:18 »

keep it up, i like it Smiley !
Offline Varkas
« Reply #37 - Posted 2015-11-04 13:50:28 »

Thanks Smiley It's going slower these days, but I'm working on a UI and some code to transmute items, much like the horadric cube in Diablo II did - the basic idea is to have a magic device that takes a group of items, and transmutes that group into a new item. I liked that game mechanic in D2 a lot.

if (error) throw new Brick(); // Blog (german):
Offline Varkas
« Reply #38 - Posted 2016-04-07 13:58:52 »

Tried it out again. The delay with the movement still exists. In fact, it took a while for attacking enemies too. Whenever I clicked it didn't immediately respond.

I finally found the reason for this. I'm still puzzled why the problem did not show up on Windows, but I have a theory ...

The problem was, that the code only handled one mouse event per frame. So if you moved the mouse to a spot to click it, most often there were a lot of mouse move events in the queue, and it took a while till all had been handled, and the click was processed. It's fixed now, but I didn't want to publish a new release just because of this fix. Still I thought I should post an explanation what's been the problem, since a while garbage collection was suspected to be the culprit, or the old java/lwjgl versions, but it was the event handling.

My explanation why this showed on Linux but not on Windows is, that Linux reports more mouse move events than Windows does. So on Windows the number of events to handle after moving the mouse is generally lower and the 60 FPS often were enough to keep the queue rather short, while on Linux many more mouse move events were queued.

But it shows again, that I'm not a game designer, but a programmer ... I still have problems to create quests and events in the game world, and not purely make it a technology or graphics demo. This was a problem in my former projects, too, and probaly it will be a problem here as well, even if I return to the project now and then to add new things.

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