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  Titanis (Desktop)  (Read 4735 times)
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Just a guy making some indie games :D

« Posted 2015-03-05 18:24:09 »

Titanis is a recently completed 2D Action RPG set in the desert wasteland of the far future. The story follows the mercenary team Bash and Slash as they try to scratch out a living through whatever means necessary. Along the way they make new allies as well as bump into old enemies.

Titanis was developed using a home-made game engine developed from scratch over several years in addition to the JOGL wrapper around OpenGL and the Phys2D physics engine.  A lot of hard work has gone into the project and we'd be delighted if you took a look and gave us your thoughts.  Screenshots, a trailer, and more information can be found by following the links below.

Information about the project and a purchase link can be found here.

This is a link to the Steam Greenlight page for the project.

The community was invaluable to the early successes of the project during its' inception.  We hope that you like what you see - Thanks for checking us out!  A few screenshots for your viewing pleasure (It seems like the layout of the forum doesn't like the long images, would appreciate any assistance.  If we just need to take smaller screenshots, that's fine):

Silver Goblet Games' first released product:
Offline Tanginion

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« Reply #1 - Posted 2015-03-31 03:20:04 »

Incredible! First of all, after watching the video on your website, I think you may want to advertise this game in the Bullet Hell category.

You have said that this game is completed so I will not critique or recommend anything. I will say that this looks like a fully fleshed out game, one that I would be willing to pay $10-$20 to play. Your upgrade system is very appealing and I am sure you will expand it over further development. Unfortunately I only have Apple Macs so I cannot play it, however, I would love to hear further details about this game.

- How many levels are there?
- Are there bosses and if so how many?
- How extensive is the upgrade system?
- How long does it take to complete?
- Are you planning on porting on compiling to Mac?

I'm a bit opposed to external libraries but I will check out Phys2D. Overall I hope for the best for your team!
Offline msiggy

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« Reply #2 - Posted 2015-04-15 19:34:33 »

Hey! Thanks for the kind words, we worked very hard on this game so its nice to hear some feedback. Sorry about the mac support, we will tackle that some day.

As for your questions:

- there are 16 levels

- there is a boss at the end of each of the three zones, there are also some mini-bosses along the way

- As for the upgrade system, you have 16 different skills you can choose from, but you can only have 4 skills equipped at once. There is also a talent system with 20 different talents that you can put points into. Overall we feel that there is a good amount of build diversity. In our play testing we were able to come up with some pretty crazy builds.

-we started working on the game in October of 2010. You can actually find some of our old posts on this forum while we were trying to figure out how to render things in opengl. We worked on it pretty consistently over the years, including me working on it full time for about 8 months. That having been said, if we were to start the project over right now we could probably do it in about 2 years. None of us had ever developed a game before so we had lots of missteps and wasted effort along the way.

-i do plan on making a mac port, im not sure when I will get around to it.

As for Phys2D, I wouldn't recommend it. Its an old library that is no longer supported. If you are looking for java2d physics I would recommend Jbox2d or Fizzy.

Having programmed our game from scratch I would say my biggest take away from this project is the following. If you want to learn about game programming than go ahead and program everything from scratch. However, If your goal is to develop and market a game for profit, use a professional engine, I would recommend unity. The time spent during the development of Titanis was probably about 85% programming, and 15% game/level design. We were also plagued by countless low level bugs/problems that you would never have problems with in a professional engine.

Thanks for the interest in our game!
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