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  The Terminal Angel Disease - 2D Indie RPG (Greenlight and Trailer)  (Read 41762 times)
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Offline captainsoft
« Posted 2014-05-07 22:34:03 »

Hello fellow Java Indie-Devs! Smiley

After a long time (=years) of development, my hobby game "The Terminal Angel Disease" is approaching the release deadline Smiley
It is a typical 2D RPG with elements of hack'n'slay, story-driven, item looting, and a sack of self irony.

I developed this game initially starting from 1998 in an obscure language called "Visual Basic" and released it in 2005 in Germany only. I was finishing university at that time, and after spending years with the game I lost interest in pushing it further once it was released. I continued working as a full time pro web developer, architect and team leader for customers. Missing the pure coding in those positions, I re-wrote the game in Java as a hobby project. 95% of the stuff is untouched: graphics (I introduced new tree graphics), gameplay, design. It was then and now a lot of work and I decided too re-release it again!
The game is inspired by mid-90 games. Today, games tend to be short and accessible, and my game is nothing like that Wink Fights are frequent and hard - most people complain about that. But puzzles are fair, and NPCs are friendly Smiley

In an former RPG city (used a long time ago for real RPG games), everybody is unempoyed, since their graphics went out of style. All monsters have been beaten, all heroes became lazy and fat. Suddenly, new monsters roam the city, and our party are the only ones who can move around (because they're controlled by you, the player). It seems the guardian angels - the so-called "scripts" - have been been kidnapped! And so we drink up our cappucino and start the adventure...
Technique (this we can discuss here in detail Wink
  * The game runs on Java, obviousley, without any support from a 3rd party framework. Everything is programmed using Java2d/Swing, and a custom game framework using BufferedImages. Why? Because it is foremost a fun, coding project, and creating frameworks is a lot of fun Smiley
  * The map structure is a 99x99 array of tiles. Tiles have a 40x40 pixel ground iamge, and optional an item and overlay image.
  * There are 20 maps in the game, with half of them have unique graphics.
  * Events, like puzzles, talks, shops, and fights are also placed on the tiles. I hade a really nice editor for evreything abck then!
  * When fighting baddies, the fight screen appears with a semi-real-time fight modus.
What's next?
I'm working on a demo! I already bought chocolate to handle the critics, and then I'll see how much of the input I can incorporate into the game. The final release is scheduled after summer (i want to spend *some* of the summer time outside!) After that - depending on if at least some people like it - a complete remake is planned Smiley

Video  Pointing
So enough talk, let's watch a video. This is raw, compiled footage of representive scenes of the game and shows the basic things to do: walking, fighting, looting!

If you like theprojects pleeeease support it via the usual suspects:

I love to hear comments and questions! Smiley


Offline 04hockey

Senior Devvie

Medals: 6
Projects: 3
Exp: 6 years

Founder of Fanger Games.

« Reply #1 - Posted 2014-05-07 23:47:09 »

Lovely concept. Can't wait to see where this goes Smiley
Offline Rayvolution

« JGO Spiffy Duke »

Medals: 379
Projects: 2
Exp: 2 years

Resident Crazyman

« Reply #2 - Posted 2014-05-08 01:31:52 »

Interesting concept.. although I have to admit I'm not digging the graphics. Everything seems out of place. Sad

- Raymond "Rayvolution" Doerr.
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Offline Cero
« Reply #3 - Posted 2014-05-08 03:25:25 »

not digging the graphics

Offline EgonOlsen
« Reply #4 - Posted 2014-05-08 10:12:11 »

... I'm not digging the graphics. Everything seems out of place. Sad
I still prefer the graphics over the common pixel art/retro look.

A demo would be great.

Offline scanevaro
« Reply #5 - Posted 2014-05-08 13:05:23 »

seems quite interesting.
i think it would be much interesting with some music in the background, at least Guile's Theme (:
Offline captainsoft
« Reply #6 - Posted 2014-05-08 15:22:00 »

Thanks for the replies Smiley

The graphics... the thing is, I did everything by myself... and thats just the way they look... i know it is not fashionable. Music is planned, I also play the guitar .)

Offline Drenius
« Reply #7 - Posted 2014-05-08 17:01:15 »

Well, it is optically actually kinda ugly, but still a very interesting funny concept!
Offline ags1

JGO Kernel

Medals: 367
Projects: 7

Make code not war!

« Reply #8 - Posted 2014-05-08 17:36:46 »

Graphics look fine!

Offline captainsoft
« Reply #9 - Posted 2014-05-08 17:41:10 »

Graphics look fine!

Thanks, man! Smiley

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Offline Drenius
« Reply #10 - Posted 2014-05-08 17:44:00 »

optically actually kinda ugly
Graphics look fine!
Yea. Ugly but fine.
Offline CodeHead

JGO Knight

Medals: 52

From rags to rags.

« Reply #11 - Posted 2014-05-08 19:13:36 »

The graphics remind me of And Yet It Moves. Looks like an interesting game in the video. Smiley

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Ash: Nope. Just me baby...Just me.
Offline captainsoft
« Reply #12 - Posted 2014-06-04 19:45:18 »

I played a bit with IrfanView filters:

Better or worse? Smiley

Offline ags1

JGO Kernel

Medals: 367
Projects: 7

Make code not war!

« Reply #13 - Posted 2014-06-04 21:17:44 »

It feels a bit cubist. Which is not a bad thing, you could develop it into a style.

Offline saucymeatman
« Reply #14 - Posted 2014-06-04 21:37:48 »

I like most of the art, when considered individualy, but none of it fits together. The chair is isometric, but the character is not. Also, the varying levels of detail in thr images make it look un-unified (If thats a word?).
Offline captainsoft
« Reply #15 - Posted 2014-06-16 09:40:34 »

Demo Version 0.2 Smiley

Yes, I worked on a demo version of the game! The first 5 maps are included - and even the intro! Smiley
There is no manual yet, so please check the help screen via "F1". Most of the controls can be found out I hope. And pleeeease save early, save often Wink  Pointing

Everybody have a lot of fun, and tell me what you think about it Smiley


Offline captainsoft
« Reply #16 - Posted 2014-07-29 18:07:26 »

Puhh... i now refurbished all the graphics to the new style... seems that people (esp. girls) like it:

(and that brings me a big leap closer to the release-date)  Pointing

More screenshots here:

Offline EgonOlsen
« Reply #17 - Posted 2014-07-29 19:51:49 »

I played the demo for maybe an hour. I think it's quite charming in it's very own, somewhat strange style. I like it. However, i do have some issues, mainly with the controls:

  • Keyboard movement seems to rely on key pressed events, which leads to jerky movement if one hasn't tuned the system's key repeat delay. It would be better to use key up/down events and just set some flags accordingly instead.
  • The usage of the right mouse button to collect things and to move them around in the inventory is counterintuitive to me. If you want to keep that for whatever reason, please add at least the option to use the left mouse button to read the item descriptions (in game and in the inventory). The way it is now, the left mouse button has no function on items, but i'm still forced to use the right one instead.
  • If you hit a wall or another obstacle, the character plays some animation and i have to wait for it to finish before i can move again. That, combined with the jerky movement, is quite annoying.
  • I'm missing a "take all" button when opening chests and stuff.
  • I'm missing a quest log. I remember that i'm supposed to visit the wise guys, but i can't remember where to find them.

Offline captainsoft
« Reply #18 - Posted 2014-07-29 20:06:13 »

Thanks for the feedback, man! Pointing

I will work on it for sure... and for the wise guys... yeah nobody seems to find them, but the manual will include a map of the city Wink

Offline EgonOlsen
« Reply #19 - Posted 2014-07-29 20:06:57 »

I will work on it for sure... and for the wise guys... yeah nobody seems to find them, but the manual will include a map of the city Wink
At least i managed to cross the bridge now... Wink

Offline captainsoft
« Reply #20 - Posted 2014-07-29 20:08:06 »

Ah yeah, they sit in the north west corner.. try their coffee machine Wink

Offline EgonOlsen
« Reply #21 - Posted 2014-07-29 20:29:18 »

Ah yeah, they sit in the north west corner.. try their coffee machine Wink
I did! Now i'm supposed to find some guy called RingRing or similar. But again, i've no idea where to find him. I'm not asking for quest makers, but a little quest log and some additional description like "you'll find him east of the town hall" or whatever would be helpful. One very minor issue that i noticed: The combat window has a close icon, but it doesn't seem to do anything.

Offline captainsoft
« Reply #22 - Posted 2014-07-29 20:35:32 »

Ah ja, Dipl.-Ing Ringring, you'll meet him while exploring the city Wink
I currently thinking of some kind of travel-diary-book with all the information.

You can _right_ click on the "x", that will quit the game in case mosnters are too hard!

Offline basil_

« JGO Bitwise Duke »

Medals: 418
Exp: 13 years

« Reply #23 - Posted 2014-07-29 22:07:12 »

graphics are not super good but still good. you catch a mood there.

more important - you seem to have a solid system going on, what is more important in the beginning. you can redo/replace graphics later anyway - with time or help Smiley

keep it up! Smiley
Offline captainsoft
« Reply #24 - Posted 2014-09-11 21:34:00 »

Hello again!
Summer is over, I am still working on this project Smiley I included most of the suggestions by EgonOlsen, especially the key movement thingy works now even better also for myself, thanks Wink
And here a screenshot to get an idea of the new Quest Log. Whenever you get a new quest (mainly while talking to NPCs), the golden Quest Chicken on the top quacks. If you solve a quest, it sparkles and you get some coins. A new Demo is coming soon Smiley

Offline ags1

JGO Kernel

Medals: 367
Projects: 7

Make code not war!

« Reply #25 - Posted 2014-09-11 22:09:43 »

A quest chicken makes me want to play this game :-)

Offline captainsoft
« Reply #26 - Posted 2014-09-21 14:48:42 »

...and here it is: Demo Version V3!  Smiley

It includes the announced Quest Chicken, and also the controls have greatly improved. Thanks again EgonOlson for your input!  Pointing

Download here and have a great Sunday:



Offline Riven

« JGO Overlord »

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Projects: 4
Exp: 16 years

Hand over your head.

« Reply #27 - Posted 2015-04-05 09:46:35 »

Unlocked rusty lock due to foretold activity.

Hi, appreciate more people! Σ ♥ = ¾
Learn how to award medals... and work your way up the social rankings!
Offline captainsoft
« Reply #28 - Posted 2015-04-05 09:56:27 »

Thanks Riven!  Pointing

Ja, it's true, the last post was a really long time ago... but I'm still working on finetuning and bugs - and the Outro - a sign that the game is almost finished, no!? Smiley

I'm targeting the release to take place in the midth/end of May (this year). I want to finish it finally before going totally crazy  (and have also tons of ideas for a sequel) btw... i'm currently checking distribution options via Steam, GOG, etc.

So to the screenshot: What happend? Why are Owsed and Nowsed still hungry at the end of the game? Find out soon!

And I made an exclusive extra for the Java-Gaming Community: an animated gif (I changed the animations a bit - still everything is pure Swing, I'm also planning to release the source code after publishing).

Stay tuned!
Mathias Smiley

Offline captainsoft
« Reply #29 - Posted 2015-05-08 16:43:57 »

Yeaah Fighting.  Evil
Today I'd like to present the combat system. Maybe in previous screenshots, you noticed the pink steam clouds. These indicate that there is trouble around. Once the party gets near them, the combat screens appears. Each of the four party members can attack the monsters, causing an "out of puff" state. The duration depends on the fitness and the type of attack. There are special attacks, for instance the Detective can try to "arrest", causing the monster to disappear immediately. You can always use items out of your "power-belt", like sweets, bombs, or magic. Tipp: if the monsters are "attacked", they can not fight back for a short time.

And because it's the java gaming board, here is a preview how it is implemented:

First release the game, then release the source code Wink
Stay tuned, Mathias Smiley

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