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  Pokémon Walking - The Trigger Update  (Read 10315 times)
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Offline tom_mai78101
« Reply #30 - Posted 2014-05-21 07:40:04 »

It's the same, unfortunately. I looked at the gifs you put up as tutorials, which show an editing area with a grey background. Unless I'm mistaken, I should be getting that too, correct? Also, inputting a value into the new box does nothing, and I still get that exception.

Nope, there should be a pop-up asking you how wide and tall your new map is going to be.

The recording software I used somehow skipped the popup AND paused recording until I refocused on the editor. It's a mistake on my part but I really don't know how to work around that. Sad

The pop-up should look like this:


That error is now going to haunt me.  Cry So, the pop-up appeared, and you input a value. After that, you pressed OK, and then it crashed? I really don't know how that works, especially when the log out suggested that the values received are 0, and 0 respectively. It's even more confusing when the fact that the editor crashed when it's creating the BufferStrategy, so that is indeed something weird.
Offline Coldstream24
« Reply #31 - Posted 2014-05-21 07:42:06 »

My mistake: the error still occurs at launch. Creating a new map does not change anything, it doesn't cause an exception. If that dialog is meant to show when you open it, I get nothing. Still the same for me and I made sure I opened the 3a version of the jar.

Yes, I am that same incredibly famous Internet musician.
Offline tom_mai78101
« Reply #32 - Posted 2014-05-21 07:47:04 »


I'll PM you shortly.
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Offline tom_mai78101
« Reply #33 - Posted 2014-05-29 11:13:47 »

Small update r17:

Added Saving feature. Now it is possible to save your progress.

Once I have saving/loading fleshed out, I could then start working on game related stuffs.

Download link:
Offline tom_mai78101
« Reply #34 - Posted 2014-06-07 03:08:20 »

LOADING COMPLETE, role call, can't do much. Bye

I was in a hurry, and rushed to upload the latest release. Hence the cryptic sentence.

Updated to v18:

* Saving/Loading has finally been implemented.

To save, go to Menu, select Save. The loading is done automatically when you start the game, and does it by reading the "data.sav" that was generated by the game when saving.

Quick download link:
Offline Coldstream24
« Reply #35 - Posted 2014-06-07 07:48:13 »

Nice. What's next in store for this project?

Yes, I am that same incredibly famous Internet musician.
Offline tom_mai78101
« Reply #36 - Posted 2014-06-07 07:52:36 »

Nice. What's next in store for this project?

I'm still testing custom map saving/loading. If that works, I'll probably start working on new tiles, and then slowly build up new story plots to the already existing ones.

I'm really inching (like, really wanting to) towards making NPCs and entities. But, I am hesitant to work on those. I don't know, my feelings are complex right now.
Offline tom_mai78101
« Reply #37 - Posted 2014-06-12 16:13:57 »

Editor Updates:

Editor: Added new Category Selection.
Editor: Modified all HashMaps into ArrayList
Editor: Fix potential panning/drawing conflicts.
Editor: Made all tools updated accordingly. (ARGB editing, Tile Selection, and Category Selection)
Editor: Minor bugfixes.
Editor: Made the whole editor larger.
Editor: Fixed dragging your mouse not drawing.

Download link:
Offline tom_mai78101
« Reply #38 - Posted 2014-06-20 12:27:08 »

The Trigger Update - Update v19, Editor v5:


  • Game: Fixed minor potential bugs.
  • Game: Fixed game stalling if dialogues are not being shown, yet the player is seen interacting with entities.
  • Game: Fixed area color not being shown correctly; House roof colors not being represented by its actual colors.
  • Game: Fixed items not being placed in the inventory after picking it up.
  • Game: Fixed items not appearing in the inventory after saving and then reloading the game.
  • Game: Fixed input lag not balanced or set correctly when riding/getting off the bicycle.
  • Editor: Fixed animated tiles not being animated while drawing tilesets.
  • Editor: Fixed not being able to set tile biomes while drawing tilesets.
  • Editor: Fixed hidden bug causing unpredictable loading sequences.
  • Editor: Fixed mouse positions being jumpy.
  • Editor: Fixed issues with mouse positions being calculated incorrectly.
  • Editor: Fixed possible fatal crash; will notify users of this problem if certain conditions have been met.


  • Game: Added Triggers.
  • Game: Now uses new map format to incorporate triggers. Old existing maps will now need to be redrawn
  • Game: Loading uses new map format
  • Game: Added FPS counter at the top
  • Editor: Added Triggers and Tileset layers
  • Editor: GUI has been modified.
  • Editor: Saving maps with triggers now possible.
  • Editor: It is now possible to see a tile's data values just by hovering the mouse cursor over it.
  • Editor: It is now possible to see a trigger's data values just by hovering the mouse cursor over it
  • Editor: Now remembers the directory file in which you have last saved/opened your custom maps
  • Both: Added new House tiles

Converting old maps to new maps:

  • Grab Paint.NET or GIMP, one of these graphics editors.
  • Open the old map using the graphics editor of your preferred choice.
  • Copy all of the pixels. (Ctrl+A, then Ctrl+C) This is in case you accidentally erased something.
  • Set Canvas size to (1 + original map height).
  • Move the entire map down 1 pixel. (Or Ctrl+A, Delete, Ctrl+V, and then move it down by 1 pixel)
  • Save.

Now your old map is converted to the new format. If you want to know why, you can go check out the code here.

Quick Download: (Contains the game and editor.)

Future Plan:

Add custom triggers and dialogues for players to play around with their custom maps. After that, NPCs. Also, I should start investigating why people are not commenting anything in this thread.  I felt so lonely...
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