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  Airships: Conquer the Skies  (Read 103387 times)
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Offline Zarkonnen
« Reply #60 - Posted 2015-08-17 15:00:40 »

Airships 7.1 is out, bringing various fixes and some enhancements.

The spider symbol for your coat of arms was deemed rather weak, so I've enhanced it. Apart from getting a spider legs module, you now also get Arachnid Soldiers, a type of light infantry equipped with grappling hooks.

The other improvement of note is that there's now a quick search in the ship editor, so you can hit enter and start filtering modules. While in this mode, you can also use the up/down arrows to select from the search results.

There will probably be an Airships 7.2, concentrating on improving crew pathing performance and visuals, and then it's on to version 8!


  • Arachnid Soldiers
  • Module/Armour/Decal/Paint filtering in the editor
  • Land-to-land intercepts
  • The AI is now able to use the reserve.
  • System cursor and window border settings


  • Moving landships in a city without a garrison no longer crashes.
  • Ladder positions for landship modules are now correct.
  • Landships no longer tend to float as much.
  • Various other crashes and display errors.
Offline Zarkonnen
« Reply #61 - Posted 2015-09-18 07:59:46 »

Now that the weather here in Zurich is no longer boiling-hot, I've started streaming game development again. In the first stream, I worked on info overlays for the ship editor.

This is an idea that popped into my head a little while ago, actually while watching a video about Star Drive 2's ship editor. Basically, it would be useful to have "heat map" style overlays for evaluating your ship designs.

I ended up with five overlays in the game. If you have suggestions for additional useful ones, do let me know.

Hit Points

This overlay lets you see which parts of your ship are fragile and may need reinforcement. Module hit points depend on adjacency - the more completely surrounded by other modules it is, the more robust. This means it can be useful to reinforce parts of your ship with struts.

In this example, you can see that most of the weapons are pretty fragile, but we can't do that much about that - the turrets need a clear fire arc, so we can't reinforce them. It might however be a good idea to armour them more heavily! The other weak point is the suspendium chamber at the top left, which we could reinforce with some struts.


This overlay shows how long it takes for a crew member to carry water from the nearest fire point to a given module. In this design, everything is nice and green, as there's lots of fire points all over the ship.

Repair Tools

The number of seconds to the nearest source of repair tools. Note that while there's lots of tools, they're all in the front and bottom of the ship, so it might be a good idea to swap out the corridor underneath the Suspendium chamber on the top left with another repair bay.


This overlay only highlights weapons that need ammunition, and shows the distance to the nearest ammo store. In this design, the weapons and ammo are very close to each other.


Finally, in this overlay the modules that require coal are coloured based on their distance to the nearest source of coal. And here you can see a pretty bad flaw in this design! The lower two engines and targeting computer are highlighted in red. Why? Well, if you carefully look at how the ship is connected up, the only way to get from the upper half of the ship, where the coal is, to the lower half, is by going nearly all the way to the front. So to get coal to the lower two engines, the crew has to tour most of the ship!

At least the Suspendium chambers aren't affected by this, but it's definitely something that needs fixing by the inclusion of a set of ladders at the rear of the ship.

So that's overlays. Pretty useful, I think, and coming to a v7.2 near you soon! Right now, I have 8 to-do items left on the list for 7.2, and then I can get crackin' on v8 and monsters:

Doom to those mariners who cross the path of the Aerial Kraken.
Offline Zarkonnen
« Reply #62 - Posted 2015-09-22 14:57:18 »


Features and Enhancements

Ship multiselect by dragging, double-clicking and shift-clicking.

Repair button for ships in strategic mode that rebuilds ships to their original form.

Ship editor overlays showing HP and water, repair tools, ammo and coal accessibility.

Nicer explosions. (Including slight screen shake that can be turned off in the options.)

Burning wreckage chunks.

Ship naming dialog.

More crew animations: weapons at ready, flinch, death.

New layouts for coats of arms: charge on bend, charge on cross, dimidiated arms.

  • Decals with coats of arms and roundels now use the lighting engine.
  • Option to let the strategic AI use player-created ships.
  • Additional COA layouts for AI opponents only: saltire, barry, paly.
  • Can drag and drop modules in editor.
  • Unarmed ships still able to move now count as "in-combat and dangerous", which means you can build eg otherwise unarmed ramming and boarding ships.
  • Gunners now lead shots at moving targets.
  • Three tactical AI difficulty levels.
  • Three strategic mode difficulty levels.


  • Rebalanced troop strengths.
  • Flak cannon damage reduced by 15%.


  • You can now host multiple LAN multiplayer games without having to restart the game.
  • An air fleet that intercepts a land fleet and captures a landship no longer gets permanently stuck with nowhere to go.
  • Lighting of gun barrels was flipped under certain conditions.

As usual, you can get the newest version via Steam, or through the downloads page if you bought the game from a non-Steam source.

Don't have the game yet? Remedy this by getting it from, your friendly, easy, DRM-free games store. You get a Steam key with your purchase, and I get a bigger share of the money, too.
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