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  BrickBroken - Break brick game by SLDT  (Read 12396 times)
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Offline Yuri6037_1

Junior Member

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« Reply #120 - Posted 2014-03-04 06:14:37 »

Thank you for your answer.
Why do you need the code of the client to help code level editor ? There is no need of the client.
The only thing that connect level edit to the client and the server is the format package ( fr.brickbroken.format ).

Offline Yuri6037_1

Junior Member

Projects: 1

« Reply #121 - Posted 2014-03-04 17:15:16 »

Anyone is interrested in helping LevelEditor ?

If you need the LevelPack file format reader class, i can give you but not now (not finished)...
About the Sound download thred, well, i'm sure at 100% that this idea can work in all systems. I'm sure i can succeed where Mojang has failed... I'm sure ; it can't be impossible.
The key for this to work is a good download process (who is generating the less byte download failure. I already made one : when the launcher was download the complete music zip ; i never noticed any skipped bytes. So my download function is, i think ok for the thread. After you need a good sound management too, i think i can do one with the paulscode sound system library.
I need at least to verify that my hoster is enough efficient to not become extremely buggy whil the download thread works.

Offline RobinB

JGO Ninja

Medals: 44
Projects: 1
Exp: 3 years

Spacegame in progress

« Reply #122 - Posted 2014-03-04 19:05:57 »

Dont worry you have none to verry little chance someone is interested in your level editor.

We keep trying to tell you to focus on your game and make something nice.
First you need to get the attention of users, and when they are listening, only then you could try influencing them to do stuff.

Your updates so far only show stuff noone cares about:
- Github stuffs
- First codes for container and inventory management
- First codes about gui container system
- More stable game
- Library upgrade : no longer slick-util, no longer ibxm, upgraded LWJGL v2.9.1 to LWJGL v2.9.2
- Performence improvement !
- First realease of the new chat management (new features, better display, color formating) !

Please fix your game, add some nice backgrounds / gameplay / powerups / particle effects and such.
Then make a screenshot or small screen capture with a download link (best to do this in a new wip).
I guarantee you will get some more comments then, this thread is kinda dead at the moment.
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Legends of Yore - The Casual Retro Roguelike
Offline Yuri6037_1

Junior Member

Projects: 1

« Reply #123 - Posted 2014-03-04 20:38:10 »

I already said that to add more levels, i need LevelEditor, witch is not working !
And why are you saying that nobody cares about the inventories and containers ? They all wanted this feature implemented... So why they are not care about something they want ?

About backgrounds : I said so many times that i've never never found someone enough good to make them ! They all want money, witch i will never give. If they want to help, they are only expecting their names wrote in the game.
I've asked about 100 times that i need some people to help designing, and all the time nobody wants.

Bout creating a new thread : this has been written on the rules of the forum : you can't post multiple threads for your game.

Your post does not make any sence for me...
- You said nobody cares about game performence. Well if so, i will give a game without any optimization and they will get a 5 - 10 FPS game !
- Nobody cares about stable realeases ? So, i will give something who crash allways 30 seconds with a null pointer exception for example...
- Library upgrades are related to performence and stable things.
- They don't care about gui container system ? Ok so i will not realease that, and they will be never any container or inventories witch they want...
- Github stuffs : i don't understand ! They want me to make a github and post level editor, and now you say the complete contrary ?
- They don't care about new chat management ? They want more support for the multiplayer like containers, switch, no need of registered account ; you say now they no longer care about the multiplayer ?

So if i resume all you said :
- They don't want multiplayer
- They don't want good performences
- They don't want more gameplay stuffs
- They don't want to help the project
So, what they want ? I'm lost now with your post.

And please read all the posts here, because the gamepley has completely changed from the version that is shown in the main post.
Particle effects :
- already implemented
- already destroyed brick particle
- already particles on NormalButton's
So what do i need to add about particles ?

I don't understand... Maybe they finally want the game dead... I don't understand anything of your post !
Offline Yuri6037_1

Junior Member

Projects: 1

« Reply #124 - Posted 2014-03-04 20:44:35 »

And to finish, if that's true, if they want nothing. I will make something that will end all, something that can not be undone : DELETING ALL BRICKBROKEN CODES.
If they want that, i will by the end, when i will have no choice and this time is here as you said.

If nobody answer this topic tomorrow, then tomorrow evening, I will begin the deletion by the github repository.

EDIT : It's un nessessary ! I will take the door good bye all...

Processing github deletion...
If you still want the game you have 30 seconds to post something before GitHub repo is deleted.
Offline Drenius
« Reply #125 - Posted 2014-03-04 21:09:31 »

Well, RobinB's first sentence sounded a little bit offensive again which is not good,
but please, do not feel offended by everyone when somebody gives you some critism like the rest of the post, we had that topic before, not worth to mention again.
It is nice that you show that your game progresses, but maybe you could focus your posts on really perceptible stuff since they are a little bit long and hard to read.
What were your latest perceptible changes?

EDIT: But if you feel as working on this project is not fun for you anymore, you should really leave it. Not because of anybody else but because it would have no sense for you.
Offline Yuri6037_1

Junior Member

Projects: 1

« Reply #126 - Posted 2014-03-04 21:18:53 »

Well, at the time ! You canceled the computer hard disk formatting ! Just at the time ! But GitHub has unfortunately deleted... But the game source local host is still alive !

So you want last modifications :
- Fixed annoying file encryption error code 003 (UNHAUTORIZED character)
- Done about chat and text field improvements
- Enough ! The download thread has completely been planed ! No let's write it as code lines
- another unsuccessfull try on the level editor !
- added new particle on NormalButton's mouse over
And the last, main window effect strings display completely remade ! All bugs fixed !

Offline Drenius
« Reply #127 - Posted 2014-03-04 21:36:35 »

This is at least a good format for an update post...
Offline RobinB

JGO Ninja

Medals: 44
Projects: 1
Exp: 3 years

Spacegame in progress

« Reply #128 - Posted 2014-03-04 22:27:31 »

Im sorry to make you angry, it was not ment as offensive as it may have sounded.
Indeed nobody want to build your game or create graphics, but you could find some free texures and such to use.
The only thing your potential users want is to be enthertained.

What i ment when i said nobody cares about performance, was that as long the cpu / gpu fans are blazing as hell and the game is not lagging, performance does not matter for the end user.
Same with stability, if noone has crashes or glitches, its ok.

I was trying to say, i only see fixes and features not directly affecting gameplay. That makes me lose interest, and i bet many others.
Im sorry if i came over harsh, i cant express myself very well in english (second languane).
Destroying your game would only harm yourself and your work, so please dont do that because of me. Just keep doing what you like to do.

I have to be honest, i never played your game, i cant even start it up sadly enough (launcher gets stuck).
Offline Gef
« Reply #129 - Posted 2014-03-04 22:47:34 »

One suggestion, but perhaps not a good one...
You could post more screenshots about new features, graphics, menus... With them you will keep more interest of readers and probably obtain more suggestions for improvements.
I also say that because I can't see all the screenshots on first post, but they were surely stored on GitHub  Wink.

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Legends of Yore - The Casual Retro Roguelike
Offline ctomni231

JGO Wizard

Medals: 99
Projects: 1
Exp: 7 years

Not a glitch. Just have a lil' pixelexia...

« Reply #130 - Posted 2014-03-05 01:23:04 »

Yuri, since you were such a great inspiration for my own project.

I think it is only right that I am a bit honest with yours. It is obvious to me that you are a very talented programmer, and that you have very high goals in terms of beating Mojang's download sequence and security. I can definitely see your passion for doing something that no one here has ever attempted before.

Honestly, Yuri, you are a technical programmer. By focusing specifically on your code, you have shown to me that you value maintained code higher than anything. You want a game that has code that is reusable, has high security, and has flexible design. From a technical standpoint, these features are highly appreciated when designing huge applications like a bank application, an MMORPG, or a chat service.

However, in your case, you have to realize that you are designing a brick breaker.

This game does not demand the heavy background, networking, and a full Github account to create a good game. A simple game needs to have a very small footprint on memory. Making a more bulky version, regardless of the features, is going to turn people away. From a technical standpoint, you have to think about why someone would download a simple game for 50MB when they can get the same experience for 3MB.

This is the challenge of game making Yuri, it requires a different mindset.

Games need to do as much as they can to keep users happy. In other words, the more time spent on features that'll make people happy, the better. Let me give you some advice on what I would do to help improve Brick Broken.

1) Get rid of the backgrounds, or use a gradient background.

The background picture is causing a problem, I would just remove it. Having a solid white or black background might be plain, but people can't say that it looks bad. If your game had a solid theme, just find a background that matches the theme. People don't like backgrounds that have conflicting colors. Try to get a background that doesn't clash with the ball color.

2) Make it easier to download

The download service, though it is great for updates, in its current state it is "Broken". I would stop worrying about my own code and give my game out in a simple runnable jar. There are so many clones of BreakOut that any programmer here can make it in a heartbeat. Normal users will play yours if the features are better. The amount of effort taken to keep your code safe is destroying your fan base.

3) Know your priorities

You have to decide between making a better experience for the users, or making a better program for yourself. Users love flashy animations and easy to pick up game play elements. With the high amount of people saying that the in-game features are lacking, I would absolutely look into what features I can add to make the game more fun. If the main game isn't something people are willing to get into, then even if I make a great network and level editor, no one will come. I would focus all my energy on minimizing the complaints. The happier my users are, the more chances they'll come back to play the game.

Please don't quit on it...

All of us here are developers, the same as you are. If anything makes me happy as a developer, it is seeing another one succeed. Quitting your project isn't going to help you, or harm your users. Instead, you'll just add to a statistic of another project that wasn't finished. Since you are this passionate about adding so many features, I would say you wouldn't want to see it fail either. Don't let the people on here destroy your passion.

Anyway, I hope that you listen to the advice. But by all means, don't give up on your project. I wouldn't be trying to give it a bit of publicity if I didn't feel you had something great to offer. Prove me right and finish this game Smiley.

Offline Yuri6037_1

Junior Member

Projects: 1

« Reply #131 - Posted 2014-03-05 07:27:50 »

I understand what you want.

About the multiplayer ; we'll I simply can't delete a base game part.
About the launcher, it is normally back. I have not tested the new version of it but normally it's ok. If not, please take a screenshot of the crash, bug,... ! Like I already said I need full stacktrace. To get the error, go in your %appdata%\.brickbroken\ ; turn on command invite, and type java -jar and pick the launcher.jar in your command invite. This will start the launcher in debug mode. A mode that will show all errors or download stucks.

I already tried a mono jar file, but it seams to be impossible, the game needs all his resources (images, lwjgl jars, system natives). In plus the launcher has been designed like StoneLine was. This means that the launcher can not fail at download ! It can't fail at download state otherwise the download links witch are in the jar are out of use...

Maybe I should test the version of the launcher I provided, to be sure there is no bugs.
When the download is finished you see normally something like "no current download", if so just click the "Play" button. Normally you will get the whole game in only a few seconds. The game is not as much big as you say.
Let me start my server computer, I will give you all download Infos.

Now, the game has no longer musics in direct download so you only download directly before launching, the package (all game jars), system_yoursystem (the system natives), (all game images). That's all.

EDIT : Computer online. I will begin testing where you're stuck.
EDIT 2 : In effect it seams to rest stuck at Downloading ''.
EDIT 3 : It's not the hoster, it seams to be a more serious issue. You have nothing to do on your way all is on my way now. But don't worrie, he will take quickly some fists this stupid launcher !
EDIT 4 : Done ! I've made a correction for the launcher ; it's already uploaded. I'm sorry for the incoveniance that occured. I will try to test completely each time the launcher upgrades.
Offline Yuri6037_1

Junior Member

Projects: 1

« Reply #132 - Posted 2014-03-05 16:33:35 »

Hey guys !
I'm coming to notify that i finally arrived to correct the bug of LevelEditor. THat means, there will be some other little things (file generation, png file reader, script use) and i will be ready to publish a version for my level designer ! He will enough be able to make as much levels as he wants !

And i would like to say you something... Well i wanna try if adding burning ball would crash my render engine ! I think adding a new brick that will cause ball to burn when colding ; this will consume the ball at each millisecond (tick)...
I wanna see what mess the render engine will make !

Let's try...
Offline wessles

JGO Wizard

Medals: 66
Projects: 4
Exp: 3 years

Profile picture isn't relevant.

« Reply #133 - Posted 2014-03-05 22:09:03 »

Yuri, a 'tick' is not always a millisecond. That all depends on your FPS.

Offline Yuri6037_1

Junior Member

Projects: 1

« Reply #134 - Posted 2014-03-06 07:36:47 »

I know that... I just meant that in my game a tick corresponds at 1 millisecond !

So, I tried the burning ball and I got something interesting : the fire is consuming the stick and the ball together !
Offline Yuri6037_1

Junior Member

Projects: 1

« Reply #135 - Posted 2014-03-09 10:08:46 »

Hey ! I've done the burning ball ! And, due to complete Ball management change, Servers will now be able to edit the ball ID itself !

And i got a very very good new ! You all wanted that... You're bored with s**** graphics ? Want better backgrounds ? Better Textures ? I found a new designer !
It rest to contact him by skype ! I have to wait until he connects !
Offline Gibbo3771
« Reply #136 - Posted 2014-03-09 10:34:53 »

Until you remove that dog background, it is unplayable.

"This code works flawlessly first time and exactly how I wanted it"
Said no programmer ever
Offline JVallius
« Reply #137 - Posted 2014-03-09 11:59:14 »

Until you remove that dog background, it is unplayable.

No, we need doges

Offline Yuri6037_1

Junior Member

Projects: 1

« Reply #138 - Posted 2014-03-10 13:34:49 »

Ok, so i got some news about game developpement !

New features of the next version (Alpha 1.5.0) are much more stable than i expected...

So, because the code of the next version after the Alpha 1.5.0 are working more than i expected, I think that you will got addon system, .lvlpack, graphics change, for the next version ; And so you will be able to cal the next update Alpha 2.0.0 instead of Alpha 1.5.0 ! The problem is that i never never prevented this update now. So i can't provide you any info or help at Level pack creation and/or Addon creation. Yes this time, addon system is working at 100% !!
I will post you a video soon ! I will show you my little TestAddon and the new stuff of the game.

About the music download thread, i need more time to upload all musics and sounds to my hoster !

This means too that the game can have some bugs and/or issues possible. So when i will have uploaded this new version, i encourage you to bring me all bugs and/or issues.
Offline Yuri6037_1

Junior Member

Projects: 1

« Reply #139 - Posted 2014-03-11 07:23:07 »

So to resume the situation I will provide you at least the new change log updated for this version :

--This change log has been disbanned--

Here you got the new change log ; yes it's much more long to do than the previous one, but like I said I've not expected ending the new addon system in only 1 hour and working at his best just after created... That's the first time it happens ! Making a new feature in 1 hour... I never done that in the past... In the past I never had the obligation of adding new features for change logs in all cases I needed to remove some...

Offline Yuri6037_1

Junior Member

Projects: 1

« Reply #140 - Posted 2014-03-15 08:34:39 »

I'm posting in the case of you are still interested in BrickBroken...

I've a few updates for you :
- New designer is here ! I engaged him for a test period in witch he will remake dogs backgrounds.
- The multiplayer is advancing as much as maybe it will return soon...
- LevelEditor is finished ! It needs the last Class : LevelPackGenerator.class ! After i finish this last class, you will be able to say goodbye backgrounds, goodbye first levels ! Welcome new levels ! Welcome to much more slots available to make much more differents levels with different backgrounds each !

This future update will be the most hugly one never realesed in story of BrickBroken !

For those who can't wait and want the advancement in graphic remake... Well, i made some test comile (or developpement versions) for this update, these version are working well.
But for people who has already used the old save format, if you try to start these dev versions, you will automaticaly crash ! So if some people in this thread has already got an older version of the game, all you have to do is deleting the ".brickbroken" folder from your %appdata% to prepare come of this huge update...
I can't provide you a dev version, because dev versions are as much buggy as you will rage quit ! Sometimes the new save file format encoding is crashing at read time... So i realy can't give you this type of update. But no worries i will do my best to solve these issues !
Offline Yuri6037_1

Junior Member

Projects: 1

« Reply #141 - Posted 2014-03-18 21:59:23 »

I know that it was a long time.
Well, maybe you suppose that the game is finished, that the project has ended ? It's just totally false ; I never disbanned my own game. So why is the next version's change log stucks ? What's the secret ?

There's simply no secret, that "one" can be resumed in one word only : fearing... Yes, perhaps you never thought that of me, but that's really the case : I'm Indead feared to break my game by compiling the new file format so I'm retarding the moment...
As you can understand to move my current file format for levels, I need to change the whole level management, there will be no return possible.
I'm not sure about my codes, I would like to believe that this will not fail. But If this new file format is a complete failure...

Offline opiop65

JGO Kernel

Medals: 154
Projects: 7
Exp: 3 years

JumpButton Studios

« Reply #142 - Posted 2014-03-18 22:01:20 »

Damn Yuri, you make it sound as if you are going to die or the world is going to end if your new format doesn't work out Pointing

Offline Yuri6037_1

Junior Member

Projects: 1

« Reply #143 - Posted 2014-03-20 17:21:11 »

So, the end of this week is coming... Normaly my new designer will give me his first work wbout new backgrounds.

But in my side, it's not very happy... I don't know if i will be able to finish the new format. I think i will let the LevelEditor at the state of unfinished, because i can't finish it at the time. Another time, always the same thing is causing problems : LevelEditor this stupid programm makes me loose many many times.
Offline Yuri6037_1

Junior Member

Projects: 1

« Reply #144 - Posted 2014-03-20 19:57:28 »

Hey !

I got a very good new : The Level Pack File Format is not a failure ! Actually the game is able to load a level pack, and can play levels of this level pack in order ! Only one problem : it seams that the cache purging function is not working (some files are not deleted).
Offline Yuri6037_1

Junior Member

Projects: 1

« Reply #145 - Posted 2014-03-21 15:34:11 »

Nobody interested ?

Another time i got some good news ! I think you all don't care about the new format ? You're entirely false !
This format will allow disning of levels with many customizations, a custom music for each level pack and maybe backgrounds for some levels !

To explain you that, i got this time some screenshots to help you understand the new format !

--This file format has been disbanned--

If you want some screenshots of the game in developpement, well, if you post some answers, i will show you how it renders !

Offline Drenius
« Reply #146 - Posted 2014-03-21 16:07:05 »

Sooo... you are really trying to create your own scripting language, just for this little Breakout game?
Not sure whether I want to laugh or admire your endurance...
Offline Yuri6037_1

Junior Member

Projects: 1

« Reply #147 - Posted 2014-03-21 16:57:48 »

I have not many choice about the script. And maybe you don't know that, but this script file has already been used in another game (3D FPS) witch has been disbanned due to player problem !
So you realy don't want to see how it renders ! You asked me many many times for a background color, animations, and render effects, i just gave you what you wanted and i got realy nothing !

Do you just realize how much time coding the linker for this script to the break brick game took for me ? I just took over 2 monthes to make that .lvlpack format and i took over 1 year to make this script language ! And all i get is nothing ! Seriously... Am i realy improving the game for just nothing ?

Is BrickBroken condamned to be never played ? No this time i'm lassed of all that !

To resume, last posts you asked me to add many things. I added all of that and each time i told you here you reject it... So now, it's finished !

The next will be very simple...

I want excuse for having rejected what you asked me to make !
You know what, until you will not present excuse, i will simply forgot to correct errors ! So you will need to ask me again and again for removing errors ! So if you don't want that, just present me excuse for all the time you rejected what you wanted me to add to the game !

EDIT : Better, i will just stop coding until i got excuses ! That's so many times that you rejects the stuff you wanted me to add (witch i added) !
Offline Drenius
« Reply #148 - Posted 2014-03-21 17:05:12 »

Just wanted to say that you are inventing the wheel (to fork a popular metaphor on JGO) just to get a chair and a table over to your neighbour, not having to go twice.
You are really spending a lot of time with this and we all see that. But nobody can understand how you can spend so much effort on -and do not get me wrong, it is not bad- a game that is that simple like this.
Offline Yuri6037_1

Junior Member

Projects: 1

« Reply #149 - Posted 2014-03-21 17:18:31 »

I'm still too lassed to get back the code.

You asked me and i've done it ! I just told that news here and what i get is a reject, so now it's finished ! I don't want to code something fo nothing.

I will maintain what i said ! Until i'm not getting excuses of all people who asked me things that i've done and then they reject when i tell it, i will not take back the code.
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