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  BrickBroken - Break brick game by SLDT  (Read 12372 times)
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Radirius Software Lead Developer

« Reply #60 - Posted 2013-12-14 20:42:21 »

BrickBroken is the first 2D game that i developp (before i developped 3D with OpenGL). In plus before you say that i'm not listening at you "future users", That's COMPLETELY FALSE !

First off, why are you making 3d games before 2d games!?

That is NOT the way to learn things. Stay simple, and learn MECHANICS before TECH! This is a common pitfall. I fell into it too. I made tons of broken FPS's, and tried to get teams working with me on making a call-of-duty-killer. It took me a long time (1.5 years) to realize I have neither the time, skill, reputation, nor resources to do any of that.

So don't do that! Keep simple! I cannot name a SINGLE programmer in HISTORY that has given the advice to start complex, and then try the simple. There are other things included in games (i.e. NO DRM, actual mechanics, innovation, EFFORT, listening to users, keeping a good reputation), not just the tech; in the end, the user does not give a crap about the code, but the GAME ITSELF.

My advice to you, is to ditch 3D games, until you can make a few 2D games that actually make at least 1 person say little over 'this is good.' Keep making more games, and more of them, until you can get near everyone to say that what you have made is a good game (BUT EVEN THEN you have to take criticism). Then, you can go on to 3D games, and you will have at least SOME experience with games. But even then, you will have a TON of stuff to learn.

Second, tell me more about how it is 'COMPLETELY FALSE !' that you are not listening.

Name one thing that has made your game better in our eyes, that came from your 'users,' or us. It seems that you are more focused on DRM, and making sure it can't be cracked, than the actual game, and LEARNING SOMETHING! You seem to have learnt nothing from this whole thread, except that:
A - People take 'I WILL STOP THIS GAME RIGHT NOW' as a threat (FALSE)
B - People are willing to play your game, even if they need to go through several layers of security (FALSE)
C - People want to steal your source code (FALSE)
D - Your game is going to be better than Minecraft if you keep adding content, and more secure DRM (FALSE)

I am sorry to put all of this to you bluntly, but if you have not learned anything, take this: for the one millionth time in this thread: you need to listen to the development community, and the gaming community!

And a message to anyone else posting here:
I think that everything has been said. If he is not learning anything (I am sure he is capable of changing), I think this is a waste of time.


I'm a ninja!
I just jumped up and down on my bed, doing the worm, and then stubbed my toe. I now walk with a limp. Thanks JGO!

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┬─┬ノ(ಠ_ಠノ)(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

« Reply #61 - Posted 2013-12-14 20:46:22 »

We don't hate this game because of what it doesn't have, we hate it for what it does have: DRM, Long Download, Have to register etc..

It's just a Breakout clone. We don't mind playing it IF we can do so without having to deal with all the crap I mentioned above.

If you make a 3D MMORPG the same way, perhaps it makes all these measures acceptable, but they aren't acceptable in a breakout clone.

Offline Yuri6037_1

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« Reply #62 - Posted 2013-12-14 22:41:57 »

For the long download what can I do : nothing ! I had no other file hoster ! I can only do something : removing all game musics and sounds.
About the DRM, I think all of you has make a big mistake :
- First, my DRM is only don't decompile the game.
- Second, you can mod the game by creating addons.
- Third, there is no DRM about the multiplayer, multiplayer only require to be registered into SLDT's login servers. You can play all single player features by using demo.

I hope now, you understand better.
About Minecraft : I was only saying that pay for a game who is crashing, with no content (need Minecraft Forge), that's heavy for me !
So stop comparate Minecraft to BrickBroken because I never made a comparasion between these games.

I think you're not understanding me completely. Because you made many mistakes on what I was saying !

Now I'm on creating two interfaces in my game :
Plus some classes :
Maybe an EntityDeathRayon(will be more interesting in multiplayer to kill other people !)
Maybe (not sure at all) an EntityMonster
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Offline Longor1996
« Reply #63 - Posted 2013-12-14 23:43:40 »

About the DRM, I think all of you has make a big mistake :
- First, my DRM is only don't decompile the game.
- Second, you can mod the game by creating addons.
- Third, there is no DRM about the multiplayer, multiplayer only require to be registered into SLDT's login servers. You can play all single player features by using demo.

Only 3 Words:   Remove the DRM.
Seriosly, do it.

Its not necessary. And it will never be.

Also, the possibility to mod a game like this is not appealing to any coder, at all.

Because every coder, no matter how bad, can code such a game within a week, or less.

You got to register for multiplayer? Bad Idea in this case.
Your game is an arcade game. There is no need for registration stuff.

Because your game is just an arcade game, and nothing more.
Remove the online registration stuff completely.
Make multiplayer free to play locally/globally without registration.

Minecraft crashes often and has lots of bugs?
What the hell do you expect from a game that is a couple of thousand times more complex than any arcade game, and also more complex than ANY ego-shooter out there? Minecraft only crashes if you go crazy with TNT, Geometry, or Mods. If it still crashes then, either your computer is bad, or the developers accidentally forgot to fix one hell of a big bug. And such bugs are rare, because they actually DO test their game before pushing a new version out.

Thats what I am asking myself nearly every time you write something.
Everyone that replies in this thread is hitting the nail on the head with perfect 64-Bit precision all the time.

Have a nice day anyway.

- Longor1996

No one cares about how the classes you will implement next are going to be named.
Talk in features, not in code, if you want to announce new things.

Sorry for my bad English! That's because i am from Germany.
Offline Drenius
« Reply #64 - Posted 2013-12-15 01:58:42 »

Maybe it is the time to let him just answer to one beacause everything important is already said.
Edit: Why are people still giving him advice? It's useless.

Although it is mostly the truth, there is no good reason to add even one more of this posts.
Online Jimmt
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JGO Kernel

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« Reply #65 - Posted 2013-12-15 04:08:36 »

Opinions are opinions, but in the end it's his game and his choice. Repetitive bashing is excessive and immature.
Offline Yuri6037_1

Junior Member

Projects: 1

« Reply #66 - Posted 2013-12-15 09:17:24 »

So ok, I will remove the DRM, but that will make no change in the fact that I will never publish the source code !

Ok so now there is no longer DRM.

About Addons,
I know that for the moment, addons are useless. This feature has been added too early !
Normally it's for server owners who want to make their server exclusive.

About register,
It's totally impossible to make non-register server ! Otherwise you need to set your username to a non used one in the server.
In effect the server is using not ids for players but usernames.
I can make something to override the login code.
At first this login system has been added because of indev features. In effect some future features are cashed like multiplayer and for people who really want to test these, he has to register.
But some future servers will be in online mod so you will need a valid account.
It will looks like as Minecraft :
-Some servers will have no need for an account (will use my override for non login)
-Some other will be in online mod (will need all players to be registered)
But there is a problem : op players (or player who can kick, ban or manage the game) are saved in a file by their username ! So all players will be able to destroy the server. Here, it's possible to do something : create a server addon that connect to client engage connection process and block the player for asking himself for his password !
But that's not for the moment because the server require a very good bandwidth to handle players and that's a problem for me !

Now I will re explain the future features :
-Add a particle system
-Add a new particle when player destroy brick
-Add an entity system
-Add a shield who will protect from ball fell out of the screen (but when the ball touch the shield it will damage it)
-Maybe add a monster to make the game more complicated !
-And in multiplayer add a death rayon that will kill a player on the game ! You can choose witch username to kill
And yes the last thing make a call to player health ! Yes there will be an health bar ! That will decrease when you lost all your balls, when a monster will attack you and will be equal to -1 when a death rayon will beat you !!

Offline ags1

JGO Ninja

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Make code not war!

« Reply #67 - Posted 2013-12-15 13:31:08 »

Good move getting rid of the DRM. You should look at Puppy Games, some of the most successful game devs on here - their code is not obfuscated... Think how awesome your game could be if you put your energy into the game and not the DRM stuff, which is pretty futile for Java anyway.

Offline Drenius
« Reply #68 - Posted 2013-12-15 14:54:37 »

Finally a really senseful post from you!
Offline Yuri6037_1

Junior Member

Projects: 1

« Reply #69 - Posted 2013-12-15 16:26:07 »

Thank you !

Informations about next update :
Sorry the fix update (Alpha 1.3.1) will not be published due to the particle generating algorythme who is working extremely well ! That means that we are going in a huge update : The Display Update !!!
So Here is a list of changes for Alpha 1.4.0 (the next version) :
- Add a particle system (Finished 100%)
- Add a brick destroyed particle (Finished 100%)
- Optimizating code (In dev 70 %)
- Upgrade the file encoder and file extention .bbd on client (Finished 100%)
- Make addons impossible to instanciate two game (for not crash your PC) (Not Working at all)
- Try to incrase the download speed (Impossible : This is not a programming issue, it's 1and1 my website provider)
- Launcher need to take my hand, because of showing 'null' instead of 'There is no current download' (Not began for the moment)
- Complete remake of the MainWindow (game main menu) (In dev : 50%)
I will post soon for new infos on the update !
I so want to make you a video on BrickBroken to show you how the particles renders so beatifull, but it's completely impossible ! My computer is shutting down with the temperature problem. In plus now Garry's Mod + Google Chrome + Skype = Shut down due to temperature exceed 90 °C !

I think my laptop is going to his death... But no worries normaly, at Christmas i will have the ability of mounting my new PC (desktop this time).

I have found an idea, but i don't know if you will like :
In server, when you arrive on the waiting window (you wait for the next game to start), you can hear a music if the server has directed a file in the config. This file will be played by the client like a streaming radio station ! But it requiere many time to implement : I will need to kill in first the use of the JavaSoundAPI and use instead the OpenAL binding of LWJGL but i have never never never touched any functions of OpenAL (No ones in C++ and in Java). So i will need before to learn some functions or maybe i can use the Paulscode like Mojang has done in Minecraft. For the moment i'm not sure, i currently developp the Display Update !

EDIT : Forgot update points !
-Add an entity system (run in problems)
-Add a new shield entity who will protect from ball fell out of screen (requiere entity system to work)

For the run into problems :
-on main window I get a strange rendering effect. In effect I'm trying to add an effect text (like Minecraft splash text), but I got a render bug on the screen centering algorithm... I know why it's happening it's because I'm making divisions but with numbers that can't be devided by two ! That's why the display is having some bugs (only in main window), but this bug is making a style too !!! So another I should ask you do I need to publish the version with that style ?
-Entity system problem, the game timer is ticking every milliseconds, the problem, if you see, is that entities will be updated very quickly, so they will speed hack !!!!
I need your feedback too : do you want the monster entity with player health bar ?

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Offline Yuri6037_1

Junior Member

Projects: 1

« Reply #70 - Posted 2013-12-16 14:35:48 »

I'm replying here now because i have some good news and bad news...
First the bad news :
- I have not found any free web hosting that can host the game files...

Second the good news :
- A new option screen is currently in developpement,
- The addons system has completely been recoded : Removed unused function, added update system to addons, added future event manager,
- Graphics has chenged : screen backgrounds remade, buttons texture modified, a part of the textures are now in PNG no longer in JPG,
- Effect text bug removed,
- Effect text color changed from green to blue,
- FPS incrased a little bit...

Now i will beat my so stupid launcher !!!

Offline Yuri6037_1

Junior Member

Projects: 1

« Reply #71 - Posted 2013-12-17 15:00:26 »

Developpement advencement :
- Finished the display settings !
- Finished Gui system
- Finished the options screen
- New display option : use vsync
- New display option : use game cursor
- New display option : show fps
- New display option : show particles when destroy a brick
All options are set to Off by default. To change them go in Options into the game main menu and click on Display Options.
In the future their will be some keys to direct your stick and for choosing items in the inventory switch.

In plus there is a modification apported to class ItemStack. Now this class can handle stacks with more than 16 items. It will also be possible to create a class that will use slots...
That significates some exclusive functions like a chest brick !!!! I can assure you that it's possible to create a chest brick, but that will be extremely hard to handle in server, but possible...
And the last thing done is : Launcher now displays (enough !) 'There is no current download' instead of 'null' ! I think review and last test, and after i will be ready to publish the Alpha 1.4.0 : The Major Display Update !
Offline Yuri6037_1

Junior Member

Projects: 1

« Reply #72 - Posted 2013-12-17 20:25:26 »

I run into many fatal errors on the launcher !
- The launcher is crashing because of wanting to extract a txt like a zip... WTF !? Yes the launcher is very stupid to try to extract some txt ! I got another problem too, it seams like the downloading system of the launcher is shuttering and sometimes returns a connection timed out connect... I think it's me because nobody has this problem it only touch me or my computer because strangely another computer at my home with the same connection is not returning any error... I hope my computer will not die before I copy the project to my new one (that I need to mount).
I have already corrected all problems in the launcher it only rest the extract problem...

Nota : When the new version will come, I have to prevent you that there is a known bug : the game mouse cursor (my own cursor) is sometimes buggy. But you have always the option for deactivate this cursor (and return to your system default) by changing your game settings.
Hope it will be not so long to wait for you. I will do all my possible.
Offline Yuri6037_1

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« Reply #73 - Posted 2013-12-18 22:02:27 »

Nobody has something to say ? Nobody want to answer the questions (should I create death rayon and monster) ? And for the chest brick anyone want that ?
Why are you not answering ?
Have you got some ideas, some quests for me, you can ask what you want now, there is no longer obfuscated variables or DRM.
I assure you can ask me for what you want...
But please don't ask me the source code...

Really, I need your ideas and feedback, because for the moment I have no returns about the new update. Yes the new update should work.

Note that if you have any problem like game not starting, missing tex on whole game, you will need to delete your .brickbroken folder. But normally it's working.

About the multiplayer, it will be mor complicated to get addons working on and the possibility for offline mod servers will be very hard to implement, but possible...

Please tell me what you want in the game, I will code it !
You wanted display effects (OpenGL effects) done ! Particles are here, GUI, effect strings, and better graphics (first part) are here !

For the long download I spend from 5 hours on finding a way to accelerate, but my downloading system is already workin at his best ! I know what I need but it's too expensive : S3 AWS (Amazon aws) like mojang.

Another thing someone has told on this topic that I was using mojang codes,
That's completely false, the Util class on the launcher, has the same name as an old Minecraft launcher, but this class has been created by me a long time ago (I copied it from my old StoneLine project). Also any codes of the launcher, the server, the client, the level editor, the inventory editor, and the executor had all been wrote by only me alone at my desk behing my laptop sitting on my chair !!! Nobody has any time helped, nobody !
I have developed think and created all alone... With only some library's : LWJGL, Slick Util (will be killed, I have not the time to code a PNG decoder...), LUAJ. I'm not using anything else. By the next I will maybe add the paulscode code library...
EDIT : it's png not ping ! Thanks iPad...
EDIT1 : I would like to add a last thing because I know that you will never answer that topic :
It makes in minus the 20 project that will end like all others... With BrickBroken, that will do 21 projects ended...
I think I will stop programming... By letting this project end, you will break my passion I had in developpement.

Offline ags1

JGO Ninja

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Make code not war!

« Reply #74 - Posted 2013-12-18 22:47:54 »

Don't let a lack of response get you down. The thread has a bit of a bad vibe which is a little off-putting. But keep programming if you enjoy the logic and the puzzles! And don't choose what to do with your time based on what some strangers on a forum say or don't say :-)

Offline Yuri6037_1

Junior Member

Projects: 1

« Reply #75 - Posted 2013-12-18 23:04:35 »

Thank you.
So you are saying that BrickBroken's destiny is to die...
Ok thank you so i can accept that it is a dead project...
You can't change what I had past in my life... I never arrive to anything... I was thinking that programming would be a good thing for me but at the contrary. Why I had this idea to developp applications.

So I think this topic can be locked and closed to be never opened again...

Offline HeroesGraveDev

JGO Kernel

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┬─┬ノ(ಠ_ಠノ)(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

« Reply #76 - Posted 2013-12-19 01:02:19 »

Nobody has something to say ? Nobody want to answer the questions (should I create death rayon and monster) ? And for the chest brick anyone want that ?
Why are you not answering ?

And if we did would you listen? Or would you just ignore us like you have this whole thread.

Offline ctomni231

JGO Wizard

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Not a glitch. Just have a lil' pixelexia...

« Reply #77 - Posted 2013-12-19 01:33:12 »

There is no such thing as a dead project... as long as there is someone willing to work on it. (Your attitude has changed a lot for the better, but the demo still doesn't work after those two updates.)

Just make a simple .jar with the game in it and abandon the launcher. Scrap multi-player if necessary. If I can't play it; I can only imagine the amount of people who can't.

Offline Yuri6037_1

Junior Member

Projects: 1

« Reply #78 - Posted 2013-12-19 07:58:39 »

Thank you for answer...

What doesn't work ? The launcher is not downloading ?
Like I said it's not possible to make a single jar. In effect I have many game resources like sounds, musics, hd textures (in this new version textures have changed), I have lwjgl too, so it's because there is a launcher it's only to install the game more easly.

So I will take that in care, I can do something for you, but you will need to know how to go to roaming.

You will simply download the packages and extract all of that in roaming\appdata...

But I so want the launcher to work because it's more easy...

So please tell me what is not working... If the game not starts after download you will need to delete the .brickbroken in appdata.
Is the launcher displaying 'there is no current download' after intallation ? If not, I will never say change your computer, because my dad's computer with extremely good config, it's same, the launcher zip extractor not finish the extraction and make the launcher game updated thread to crash, so it will not update download state... So don't worrie, I will find a solution for you.

Can you (that can help to debug launcher) please leave in this thread a post with the content of the version.txt file this file is situated here : appdata\roaming\.brickbroken\dlCache\version.txt, this can help me a lot ?
Normally the launcher is working by update only but this game version has modified texture, so it's possible that the extractor can't extract due to conflicting names.
Sorry for previous, like someone has said I'm completely parano with security...

If there is no dlCache or .brickbroken, this is the download system who has nothing downloaded...

If I were you, I will delete the whole .brickbroken folder to let launcher retrieve all...
If the download is too long, like I said I need but it require a credit card, I have one credit card, but I don't want s3 to retrieve all my money...

EDIT : In plus i don't know how to put all in a single jar... But i can make something like that. I will put in download a zip containing all the .brickbroken ! You will need to take the folder in the zip and extract it to your roaming and replace old files if nessessary...

Offline Yuri6037_1

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« Reply #79 - Posted 2013-12-19 10:07:54 »

WTF !? What is that speedy !
I have uploaded all my game download to amazon aws !!!! The result is that the launcher is downloading extremely quickly the game ! In plus now the download server is in US so it will be normaly very quick for you to download !

So now, GO ! GO download the game ! You will see it's quick !!

Seriously try it ! S3 AWS is a download bomb !!!!
In france :
- Update download time 30 seconds !
- Complete game download time 1 minute 50 seconds !
In your contry it will be more quick because the server is not very long from your place ! It's situated in US !

So now it's no longer 10 minutes for download but only 1 minute with 50 seconds !!!!

So realy try it now !
Only the launcher download (the launcher updater) is a little bit long... Because upload it to s3 is very long i need up to one hour to upload the game from my computer to s3 aws ! It's normal because with minus than 1 mb/s in upload...
Offline Yuri6037_1

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« Reply #80 - Posted 2013-12-19 14:36:24 »

I have done a crach generator !!!!!!
When i was trying to let players place bricks while the game is running (without level editor), like garry's mod prop system, what i have done is a good InvalidIndexException generator witch generates when you place a brick !!
I will try to do better... It's realy funny ! You press you right mouse button when holding a brick in inventory and pup, CRASH !

EDIT : Fixed crash... Removed a security on rendering used to block the rendering of bricks that are not in the level file !
Offline Yuri6037_1

Junior Member

Projects: 1

« Reply #81 - Posted 2013-12-20 08:45:27 »

I'm sorry for the previous posts, like i said i know that i'm paranoiac in security !
Please excuse me for that...

I would like all of you to come back, please... Now i have bought AWS ( exclusively for you to let you download without taking 10 or more minutes...
In plus got so many ideas to change your display...

Here is a list of my ideas :
- Make the bricks placable by a player while the game is running
- Finish lvlpack and implement many new levels with new sounds, new textures
- Make animated bricks
- Make inventory rendering as some textures files
- Make a player inventory to make more space : With that thing you will be able to stock all your items and with a gui transfer your items to the switch, all while the game is running)
- Make a crafting system (not a minecraft copy, but this thing will let you make your items !!!!)
- Make shield entity (ball will not fall out of the screen but will damage your shield, if damage = 100 %, the shield will desapear)
- Make a wheapon item witch will connect to stick and let you shoot some bricks !
- Make more rendering (OpenGL) effects, binded to main menu, ingame...
- Kill the use of JavaSoundAPI, replace this by LWJGL - OpenAL using paulscode SoundSystem
- Add some more effects sounds
- Try to implement all of that in the server (i think i can but it will be very very long)

If i implement the inventory on the server now you will say me that it's completely broken and shitting... In effect all that you will get is lags many many many lags on the server, the client will recieve the packets aproximatively 1 minute after it send... Because packets are too heavy ! Why ? Because all packets containing an info to get the right player on the server but this info is not a byte or int type but a String type... So you can see strings are more heavy for sending to bandwidth, and with many many other packets to handle all this new features, the bandwidth will be completely full !
I need to make like Minecraft, using PlayerID instead of username, but another time, i need to create an algorythn to generate random integers that can not be the same as another one (all ids need to be unique) !

Hope you will come back...

Offline RobinB

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Spacegame in progress

« Reply #82 - Posted 2013-12-20 10:56:02 »

You seem really exited, very good.
However others are never as exited as you so you need to trigger them.
You have done well by removing limitations scaring them away, but now you need to trigger them to try your game.

- Update your topic start
Add new images (as you say its much better).
Also show some more in game action and why its so great.
At last add an direct link to your download, whether its an client or the game itself! very important Smiley

Before you have people playing your game, YOU need to PERSUADE OTHERS to play it, so be as clear as possible.
Show what your game is and how awesome it would be to play it.

Listing new features twice a day will not work Smiley.
Work on something playable and take screenshots of the new functionality.
Offline Yuri6037_1

Junior Member

Projects: 1

« Reply #83 - Posted 2013-12-20 11:11:01 »

Thank you, but it will be very complicated to make screens while playing...

I will try to do that but it's possible that the computer shut down with the temperature problem...

However i will try to update the first post and add up to date screens, but only one thing some effects will not be seen because it's video effects (it's updating every timer tick)...

Offline RobinB

JGO Ninja

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Exp: 3 years

Spacegame in progress

« Reply #84 - Posted 2013-12-20 11:18:21 »

If you think people should see it, you could always record it using fraps or similar programs and upload it to youtube.
Offline Yuri6037_1

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« Reply #85 - Posted 2013-12-20 11:22:36 »

Yes, but like i said make record = computer extremely laggy + shutdown due to temparature...
Offline Yuri6037_1

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Projects: 1

« Reply #86 - Posted 2013-12-21 10:56:29 »

I forgott :
I'm not sure about the slot system (inventory, chests...). In effect, i simply don't know how to do that... I thunk i could get rid of that by a logic function to calculate slot colision with mouse cursor, but it's infinitely more complicated to do, the game itself is not coded to make that.

I'm enough experimented in Java-OpenGL to make this slot system, but with all that problems exposed precedently, i will need to remake and make a lot of code lines... It will take, i think 1 month ore more...

So i need your feedback to know if i'm going on that now (and you need to play with the current version for 1 month or plus), or i'm not going on that huge modification now...

Please tell me what you want... Now i realy need your feedback, because like i said it's infinitle more complicated to make a slot system than to make the simple switch (known as inventory for you)... But don't say that i can't make a slot system, i can do it but it will be extremel long due to massive number of classes to remake... I will need to change the client main class itself for implementing the slot system !!

I hope, you will send me your feedback... So when you think that you want the slot system tell me, ok ?

Offline Yuri6037_1

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« Reply #87 - Posted 2014-02-08 08:24:12 »

So, I'm coming here to say you new features, in the improbable case of you will take the time to see this post...

I'm working so hard on the network protocol, and got a super good new !
Servers can now have a null session, protocol no longer needs username to run, now client with null session will not crash the protocol : I've don it, algorithm for generating player ids !
New config option on the server : authenticiatePlayer, this is a Boolean, if set to true you need a SL account, if set to false, all players can join.

Chat system removed :
I needed to remove it, the old chat system was very buggy...

New chat system added :
This new one allows users to scroll up and down with mouse wheel !

Currently I've not changed the chat text field.

Now the game is ready to implement containers and inventories, and maybe a craft system (not copyed from Minecraft).

And to finish, I would come back with the too long download with the launcher :
I found a super idea : client only require library's and textures to run, but it can run without musics, so I have an idea ! The launcher will no longer download musics ! The client itself will download in a secondary thread. So you will be able to play the game in demo, and until the download thread has finished, you will not have any musics.

Yuri6037, in the hope that someone will take the time to see my topic.
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Plus one! Level up for wessles.

I like the concept, but as every one else says no one wants to even go through any user account info for such a simple game, let me tell you, I have an unposted Java2D Painting game 100% done, it has tons of features and multiplayer, but it would take a thread to explain it. I spent way too much time and in the long run it made it harder. Thats all :3

Also. Your sarcasm and simple intolerance and lack of confidence you have for your game is very discouraging. If you want to keep an audience you need to take criticism, suggestions, and everyone in general more seriously I think.

If I made you laugh, helped you at all, or did something cool, I only ask that you smash that appreciate button with your nose.
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@SwordsMiner: It sounds like you want to argue again. Please do not do it, give him a chance to improve everything, there is definitely good progress.
@Yuri: Nice to see that you are still working and that you focus on fixing old problems instead of hurrying through new features. But: Please, do not think everybody in here is against you. Work on your stuff and update this thread and you will get only constructive critism.
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