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  Mercury: The Simple 2D Game Library | >> BETA coming soon <<  (Read 148656 times)
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Offline kpars
« Reply #150 - Posted 2014-05-05 22:54:31 »

About what @JonJava said... It's the internet, you can interpret text in just about any way.

However, I do feel that he should've read the first post of this thread though. It explains the purpose of this library, which is mainly to create something useful and simple with the LWJGL.

- Jev
Offline HeroesGraveDev

JGO Kernel

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┬─┬ノ(ಠ_ಠノ)(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

« Reply #151 - Posted 2014-05-06 04:25:00 »

The issue is that this thread just feels like the three of you (wessles, opiop65, kpars) in a circlejerk with the occasional outsider throwing in a comment to push you into working on something. (And then Swordsminer doing whatever)

If you don't believe me, just read through all your posts in this thread, and then split each sentence into useful stuff, and not useful stuff (that includes textthatgoeslikethis because it's unreadable).

The signal to noise ratio on this project is just too low to be taken seriously. Keep that stuff on your IRC channel (*shudders*).

Offline Opiop
« Reply #152 - Posted 2014-05-06 06:12:36 »

I'm honestly offended right now. We have been posting updates about the project when we can, but whatever. Doesn't matter anymore. 9 months of life wasted because no one has said a single time that hey, this project is kind of cool, keep it up or hey, I've noticed how hard you have three have been working, its ok if you occasionally joke around and have fun.

Is it forbidden to have fun on here?

Go ahead, feed me to the chitchat monster. I'm done with this site.
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Legends of Yore - The Casual Retro Roguelike
Offline Jimmt
« League of Dukes »

JGO Kernel

Medals: 167
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« Reply #153 - Posted 2014-05-06 06:51:00 »

HeroesGraveDev is right though. There's basically only 3 people posting, and 2 others that occasionally pop in (remember gouessej? or was that too long ago). Obviously the problem is that you could just have these discussions on irc or somewhere else, no need to have everything public. Not that you shouldn't post updates, but there's a lot of small posts that are pretty much unneeded. Also, you can't blame forum members for not posting on this thread. You don't get to decide what other people do. No one's restricting joking around, but realize you have 9 pages of pretty the same kind of back-and-forth.
Online jonjava
« Reply #154 - Posted 2014-05-06 07:23:19 »

*snip* 9 months of life wasted *snip*

I don't think so. You've probably learned a whole bunch including how to work in teams with other people.

If you weren't being surly, then I can only draw from this that you want a mission statement of some sort?

My intention was to discourage reinventing the wheel unnecessarily.

We are mostly working on this for the experience, and to hopefully help out a newbie into the world of game programming, should s/he desire to use it.

This is absolutely fine. I've reinvented the wheel multiple (too many) times to figure or try something out. I would suggest, however, that instead you would take a look at some of the Open Source game libraries that already exist out there for a few simple reasons:

1. They're done by absolute experts and have (usually) highly informative documentation. This means they are a great way to learn how to do things well and efficient for real.
2. There's a lot of help, documentation and a large community already. You can get help and advice easily.
3. You can learn from their highly professional code and code structure and even help contribute to the project and be part of the developers of the library.

Offline Gibbo3771

JGO Kernel

Medals: 128
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Exp: 1 year

Currently inactive on forums :(

« Reply #155 - Posted 2014-05-06 07:28:31 »

This is about the 3rd time I have came in here to see the new posts to only see another argument break out.

I have been checking here for updates, I do not use the library but it is inspiring seeing small time developers take on such a challenge just because they can.

The last useful post was letting us know that you documented everything, before that was the nice logo change.

Anything else is just spam, i'll probably block this thread from appearing on my posts because really it seems pointless shifting through a dozen comments to find something constructive.

"This code works flawlessly first time and exactly how I wanted it"
Said no programmer ever
Offline kpars
« Reply #156 - Posted 2014-05-06 11:42:03 »

Asking 'Why are you making this library?' when there are tons of others out there is just like asking 'Why do we make games?' when there are many other AAA titles out there to play.

We do it for fun. The same reason why everybody here does what they do.

For Opi: Stop overreacting.

- Jev
Offline saucymeatman
« Reply #157 - Posted 2014-05-06 11:45:47 »

Although I don't think people should have to defend a threads existence (it ruins the thread), I come to check out this topic very often. Not sure how much I would come to this site really if it wasn't for this thread. Its interesting to me to watch this library develop. Why would it matter if others have already created better libraries? Better programmers than myself have made games of every genre before me, and it would be outrageous if I hoped to be more successful than them. And yet, we all still program games. And if anyone posted something discouraging the creation of a game because someone before them has done it better, people would be very upset. I don't see why its necessary to discourage creativity when people are going to make a tool for game development, its a very sad thing.

Dammit Kpars, you posted the same thing right before me XD
Offline atombrot
« Reply #158 - Posted 2014-05-06 15:08:07 »

Don't want to spill more oil in the fire, but I have some thoughts that I'd like to leave here.

I often just go to the "Recent posts since epoch" page and check out most of the updated threads. Because of this I have also followed your thread a bit.

It's nice that you have found something to do and that you find the motivation to keep working on it. That is something many people fail at (I have started enough projects myself, that I have abbondened after a while).

But I have to agree with HeroesGraveDev.

The signal to noise ratio on this project is just too low to be taken seriously. Keep that stuff on your IRC channel (*shudders*).

People might be interested in your project, but the amount of noise in this thread is quite high. You use this thread as a chat (or at least it seems to me to be like that). If I'm interested in this project, I have to go through 8 pages of spam to find some relevant bits.
If you want to appeal to people and provoke more (positive) reactions, maybe you should act a bit more professional. Update your opening post and add more information to it, so a potential user does not have to go through 9 pages to find out what all is about. write some more about where you are coming from (why do you do this) and where you want to go (what you want to achieve). Also most importantly, what can you already do? I look at the opening post and I cannot really say, were this project stands. what features are planned and what features are already there. put a changelog in there, so users see when new releases of your project are ready (at some point a homepage or wiki for this stuff might be a good place).

then also, you make a game library and currently the only image in the opening post is your logo. nobody cares about your logo at this stage. it's nice that you have one, but please, show some screenshots of your product in action Wink

What would also help enormously would be to keep the development and offtopic chatter out of this thread. Have a forum, setup an irc channel, use an issue tracker, make new threads if you have a technical problem, but don't spam this thread. Others might not be interested in theese things. Keep the thread for posting new updates or for answering questions (like the one from jonjava). I tend to remember noisy posts and don't really look all too often into them, when I see there is an update.
And don't be easily offended on the internet Wink Even if jonjava did not have any bad intentions with asking his question (I don't think he had), there are other people on the internet who just want to watch the world burn Wink if you go on a public forum with your project, you're gonna be critizized. learn to deal with it. his question would have been a nice queue to drop some words about your motivation and wessles has given a nice answer to it, but the other responses were quite immature (and this reflects on your project).

So I for my part would like the see you take off with your library, make good progress and play some nice games made with it, but if you don't change your posting behavior here, I don't think I will be seeing it between all the noise Wink

I hope no offense is taken, as this are just my thoughts about the visibility of this project. I don't want to discourage you, but I hope this helps you to reflect and improve.
Offline SHC
« Reply #159 - Posted 2014-05-06 15:44:49 »


What you said is absolutely right, I appreciate you. But if I'm in your place, I would have sent them a personal message rather than posting it here. I think that will make great difference - nobody likes these helping notices given to them to be visible to the public, isn't it? Just a word of my thought and not as an offence.

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Legends of Yore - The Casual Retro Roguelike
Offline atombrot
« Reply #160 - Posted 2014-05-06 17:25:49 »

@SHC: No offense taken. You might be right with your concern, but given the latest discussion in this thread, I felt the need to post this here. Then again, I think some other users might also benefit of my thoughts and reflect a bit on their visibility, and so now there is at least a chance those users might see my post (in contrast to a PM).

My suggestion would be anyways to abandon the ship (not the project, but make a new clean thread, ask riven to remove most of the replies or make a good homepage/wiki for the project). With this my nasty post would also dissappear *har har har* Wink
Offline Agro
« Reply #161 - Posted 2014-05-06 20:57:02 »

I'm honestly offended right now. We have been posting updates about the project when we can, but whatever. Doesn't matter anymore. 9 months of life wasted because no one has said a single time that hey, this project is kind of cool, keep it up or hey, I've noticed how hard you have three have been working, its ok if you occasionally joke around and have fun.

Is it forbidden to have fun on here?

Go ahead, feed me to the chitchat monster. I'm done with this site.

not really a good thing if you get offended so ezpzily. you cant make everyone like something so fast(lol 9 months), especially when you guys treat it like a meme (imo anyway). the project looks neat, its just the way you guys treat it that depreciates its significance.

point is that the joking around and having fun part is way more occasional than occasional, so ya kthx

Offline ctomni231

JGO Wizard

Medals: 99
Projects: 1
Exp: 7 years

Not a glitch. Just have a lil' pixelexia...

« Reply #162 - Posted 2014-05-07 07:46:42 »

Honestly, it is kind of hard for me to blame anyone.

 It is obvious that this team is a group of young folks looking to write a game engine. Noise aside, there is an innocent energy that this project has that a lot of projects lack. It is fun, new, and exciting while trying to be competitive. Regardless of how much I shudder at the lack of organization, I would hate for this project to turn into another "business like usual" library. You guys may actually be onto something with such a relaxed structure.

Yeah, you can have a front page and try to organize it a little bit. But, making a library seem like a fun activity is no easy task, and I am feeling that vibe from this group. Try not to lose that flavor as you move on. It is very refreshing to see young teams get things done just by their whims alone. Keep it up! Wink

Offline Riven

« JGO Overlord »

Medals: 1340
Projects: 4
Exp: 16 years

Hand over your head.

« Reply #163 - Posted 2014-05-07 07:58:45 »

This meta discussion has got to stop at some point, so why not right now?

Hi, appreciate more people! Σ ♥ = ¾
Learn how to award medals... and work your way up the social rankings!
Offline Drenius
« Reply #164 - Posted 2014-06-08 18:59:14 »

On a side note, the website is pretty close to completion; Jev has estimated about 3 days.
We will see Wink (sorry Jev)

Nice too see that you can still keep your motivation on this. The only way to create a good library is to keep refactoring it.
Offline ags1

JGO Kernel

Medals: 367
Projects: 7

Make code not war!

« Reply #165 - Posted 2014-06-12 10:23:57 »

Do you have a link to the main source file for this intersection checking in (presumably) Git?

Offline Danny02
« Reply #166 - Posted 2014-06-12 20:45:24 »

how about:

int v = 0;
while( v < vertices.length)
    Vec2 l1v1 = vertices[v], l1v2 = vertices[++v % vertices.length];
Offline ags1

JGO Kernel

Medals: 367
Projects: 7

Make code not war!

« Reply #167 - Posted 2014-06-12 21:36:00 »

You do handle triangle-circle collisions, or rectangle-circle?

Offline Danny02
« Reply #168 - Posted 2014-06-13 06:52:59 »

If you are using maven, which is a great choice. You shoul get rid of any project folders from any IDE, configurate everything in maven.
If you need help with a proper .gitignore file, go to:
Offline BurntPizza

« JGO Bitwise Duke »

Medals: 485
Exp: 7 years

« Reply #169 - Posted 2014-06-16 23:42:19 »

I may be flat wrong on this, but aren't most things limited by fillrate rather than vertices? Also, stating what hardware you accomplish those numbers on would be a good idea I think.

Otherwise, cool stuff going on here.  Smiley
Offline kingroka123
« Reply #170 - Posted 2014-06-17 02:00:03 »

Wow, I envy  that nvdia 660  Pointing. You have a really good machine. Right now I have about the same power in everything but the video card. I have a radeon 7750, it gets the job done but I need to upgrade for next gen titles and the 660 is what I've set my sights on.

Now about that stress test: Really nice. Do you plan on android and ios versions being released because that would be very nice. Also, since your machine is so good, try testing on a slower device like a laptop just to be sure of the. Performance. Really good job with this  Grin  keep up the good work!
Offline Longarmx
« Reply #171 - Posted 2014-06-17 04:55:42 »

That card is unlocked correct? I think I have the same one.  Smiley

Offline ClaasJG

JGO Coder

Medals: 42

« Reply #172 - Posted 2014-06-19 11:28:14 »

The link in the front post is down.

But I read the wiki, nice work.

My english has to be tweaked. Please show me my mistakes.
Offline kpars
« Reply #173 - Posted 2014-06-19 19:47:26 »

The link in the front post is down.

Don't worry. The new site should be up soon.

- Jev
Offline kingroka123
« Reply #174 - Posted 2014-06-19 20:44:26 »

Ok so I'm using this code in order to rotate a texture. I feel like I shouldn't have to reload the image each time I want to rotate it so is there any other way of doing this?
sprite = Texture.loadTexture(Loader.streamFromClasspath(path),(int)deg,GL11.GL_NEAREST);

[Edit] Also this keeps popping up everytime i rotate the image in this way:
WARNING: The provided Texture is NPoT (non power of two). Non-pot Textures cannot use GL_REPEAT. 

My texture is 64x64 pixels and I'm not using GL_REPEAT so shouldn't this not be happening?
Offline kingroka123
« Reply #175 - Posted 2014-06-19 21:06:51 »

I am also loading a 16x16 texture but I am not rotating that one
Offline trollwarrior1
« Reply #176 - Posted 2014-06-20 09:47:20 »

I was looking at your stress test. Does your stress test mean that I could render 100k moving quads at 60 fps?

From what I can see, you have static geometry, and your quads are really small.
Offline matheus23

JGO Kernel

Medals: 138
Projects: 3

You think about my Avatar right now!

« Reply #177 - Posted 2014-07-04 09:45:48 »

Make the checkboxes' texture change, when you mouse-over. That makes the UI look much better and make it much more usable Smiley

See my:
    My development Blog:     | Or look at my RPG | Or simply my coding
http://matheusdev.tumblr.comRuins of Revenge  |      On Github
Offline kpars
« Reply #178 - Posted 2014-07-04 13:07:32 »

We're going to be including a default Look & Feel in the future, don't worry... Those buttons are just for testing really. Tongue

It should be really fun to make... For me. It'll most likely suck for Wesley.
I don't have an issue with that. Smiley

- Jev
Offline NegativeZero

JGO Kernel

Medals: 329
Exp: 1 month or less

Zero but not.

« Reply #179 - Posted 2014-07-05 06:31:28 »

For the last three options, they are a state rather than parameters, meaning that it is more intuitive to use radio buttons rather than checkboxes.

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