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  Flipping < Blitting? ... or where is the error  (Read 2131 times)
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Offline DD.Jarod

Senior Newbie

Sry for my bad english :-)

« Posted 2003-12-25 16:23:26 »

I started to write a 2D engine for Games/Appz a few days before.
First I did was to create a window, get the GraficsConfiguration and build some Bufferstrategy.
I read some books about 3D grafics in C for an basic understanding of technics to be used for fast and smooth moving pics, so I decided to build the BufferStrat with PageFlipping.
To do that I set the window I used to exklusiv fullscreenmode.
After that I wrote a simple FPS counter and start the application.

Code of the method which draws (and sry for german comments, but I think all of u will understand the code without them *g*):

     public void run()
           long             lTime             = System.currentTimeMillis();
           int             nOldFPS       = 0;
           int             nFPS             = 0;
           Color             ClrBack       = GrfxScreen.getColor();

                       GrfxScreen.fillRect(0,0,nWidth, nHeight);
                 }// if(...) -> Falls die Bufferstrategier nicht selbst den Backbuffer saeubert machen wir das
                 // ----  Draw here  ----
                 GrfxScreen.drawString("Pageflipping: " + this.getBufferStrategy().getCapabilities().isPageFlipping(),0,40);
                 GrfxScreen.drawString("Fullscreen: " + this.bFullscreen,0,60);
                 GrfxScreen.drawString("VRAM: " + this.getGraphicsConfiguration().getDevice().getAvailableAcceleratedMemory(),0,80);
                 GrfxScreen.drawString("FlipContent: " + Backbuffer.getCapabilities().getFlipContents(),0,100);
                 GrfxScreen.drawString("Bounds: " + this.nWidth + " x " + this.nHeight,0,120);
                 GrfxScreen.drawString("F Fullscreen <-> Window",0,140);
                 GrfxScreen.drawString("P PageFlipping oder -Blitting",0,160);
                 GrfxScreen.drawString("Esc Ende",0,180);
                 // ---- End Drawing ----
                 // Anzahl Frames der letzten Sekunde anzeigen
                 GrfxScreen.drawString("FPS: "+nOldFPS, 0,20);
                 if(lTime+1000 <= System.currentTimeMillis())
                       lTime = System.currentTimeMillis();
                       nOldFPS = nFPS;
                       nFPS = 0;
                 }// if(...) -> Jede Sekunde Anzahl FPS der letzten Sek updaten
           }// while(bRunning)
     }// public void run()

Then I wonder: it ran, but really slow (60FPS).
So I tried a few things (using a frame and not a window and such things) and finally I changed the BufferStrat from PageFlipping to PageBlitting (first the flipping, then the blitting strat):

           if(bFlipping && bFullscreen)
                 BufferCaps = new BufferCapabilities(new ImageCapabilities(true),
                                                                       new ImageCapabilities(true),
           }// if(...) -> Soll mit PageFlipping laufen?
                 bFlipping = false;
                 BufferCaps = new BufferCapabilities(new ImageCapabilities(true),
                                                                        new ImageCapabilities(true),
           }// else -> PageBlitting ... ist aus irgend einem Grund schneller als PageFlipping

And after that change the frames per minute increased to 220.

So is that normal? I thought PageFlipping is the fastest way, cause the graficcard just needs to change the pointer to a nother place in VRAM.

So finally, have i made a mistake (the full prog lists 240 lines, so I wouldn't post it completely, but here is the link, or ist PageFlipping in Java really slower then Blitting?

I use a Pentium M 1.7GHz 512MB RAM with Radeon 7500M on Windows XP SP1 with jre 1.4.2_02.

Don't try to run the code under Linux, you will run into problems with your mice and keyboard.

P.S.: I'm a first poster, but doesn't find something about that topic somewhere else in the forum, so hope it is placed correct here :-)

P.P.S.: oh, and happy Xmas
Offline oNyx

JGO Coder

Medals: 2

pixels! :x

« Reply #1 - Posted 2003-12-25 17:52:54 »

Welcome Smiley

> So is that normal?


>I thought PageFlipping is the fastest way, cause the
>graficcard just needs to change the pointer to a nother
>place in VRAM.

Yes, it's the fastest way... however it's vsych-ed therefore your framerate is <=hz (60hz in your case).

Use windowed for developing. This way you can see how much slower it gets if you add more stuff (or if you had done something stupid) - the speed difference will be obvious then.

Once you are done you can use fullscreen again (60fps is enough for a 2d game) Wink

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Offline Jeff

JGO Coder

Got any cats?

« Reply #2 - Posted 2003-12-25 19:30:15 »

On some graphics cards you can disable scan-synchronization.  Check your control panel for the graphics adapter.

But remember, if you aren't scan synchronized then you are likely to see some tearing artifacts.

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Offline DD.Jarod

Senior Newbie

Sry for my bad english :-)

« Reply #3 - Posted 2003-12-25 19:55:53 »

it was the scan-synchronization, if I disable it I got twice the frames with PageFlipping then I got with PageFlipping, thx guys
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