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  G581g  (Read 31612 times)
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Offline kpars
« Reply #30 - Posted 2013-09-17 18:43:50 »

Welp, I re-built the engine from scratch. Time for the Gameplay! Emo

I've started taking the project to a whole new level. Though I don't want people to get the impression that this is supposed to be a huge deal, because if you've seen the screenshots, which I'm sure you have, this isn't gonna be some gigantic indie project.

Here's a screenshot of the new title screen. (Click for full resolution (1680x1050)):

Here's the new level editor. (Click for full-res):

And that's it so far. The in-game environment looks the same but with a minimal HUD.

The game will now have 3 different game modes.
  • Story Mode
  • Adventure/Sandbox Mode
  • Level Editor Mode

Story Mode is where the big action is, as that's the core gameplay itself.
Adventure/Sandbox Mode is where you play maps made by you or other people.
Level Editor Mode is what I just shown you. Still many improvements to be done to it!

Also, the project's now on IndieDB!

- Jev.
Offline wessles
« Reply #31 - Posted 2013-09-17 23:02:53 »

Did you lose the source code AGAIN?!
Offline kpars
« Reply #32 - Posted 2013-09-17 23:16:54 »

Nope, but after seeing so much crappy code and unused classes, I just said screw it and re-wrote the game.
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Offline kpars
« Reply #33 - Posted 2013-11-21 00:37:00 »

Hello All, I would like to make a post to say that this game is not dead.

I took a long pause of development just to relax and think about the future of the project.

So after my long break, I rewrote the engine again because god-damn-it-i-need-good-code-syndrome got me again, which I'm sure you've seen from my last post.

Me and the writer are finally doing some gameplay stuff, and it's becoming much more fun to develop now that the meta-stuff behind the project (Version Control, Web Stuff, etc) has become less important. We decided to leave that stuff for when the game is nearly done.

Here's a progress screenshot of what we have so far with the new engine (HUD isn't complete yet):

So right now we're trying to figure out what to do about levels, and how they should be designed. We're thinking about having a Portal-esque system where you have a puzzle-like objective to complete in each level, but keeping the story together with it.

Any ideas?

- Jev
Offline wessles
« Reply #34 - Posted 2013-11-21 00:58:51 »

Well, you did have the console idea. Maybe that could be a puzzle part?
You could go with what System Shock 2 did! In that game, a lot of it is reading the journals of dead crew members (story), and finding codes, and keys (puzzle)!
That game was amazing, especially this part:
<a href=";hl=en_US&amp;start=" target="_blank">;hl=en_US&amp;start=</a>

That will deliver story well...
Offline kpars
« Reply #35 - Posted 2013-11-21 01:39:12 »

Seems like a good idea, as it would work well with how the characters are written out (Which is a bunch of info I'm not giving yet  Cool)

- Jev
Offline saucymeatman
« Reply #36 - Posted 2013-11-22 03:19:05 »

Wow, you re-wrote this game THREE times!? Thats dedication!
I like the developer console, and love the art style.

You should nail down more aspects of the game, its hard to get an idea of your vision for it.
The menu looks great, is there a demo?
Offline kpars
« Reply #37 - Posted 2013-11-22 06:45:57 »

I have a really odd vision of the game, and it's not just my vision either. The lead writer is coming up with many of the complex stories behind the planet, and the stories behind the characters. I have no idea what he's thinking.

I've also redesigned the menu again, to make it more efficient not code wise, but UI/UX wise.

Here's what it looks like (Click for full resolution):

Basically, instead of having a ton of separate menus for everything, information will all be displayed in the right side of the screen. So for example, if I click on "About", it will display information about the game to the right.

I don't have a good playable demo yet. I occasionally give friends of mine progress updates, but I try to not release too much.

Right now I'm working on the project in every moment I have, and I'm usually coding all night long while listening to Knife Party or something to keep me up. It's kind of special to me, in a way. Nothing too dramatic though. It's just one of those projects you can't let go of.

The game will be locked at 1280x800 (for fullscreen modes), and will be limited to 130FPS (hopefully). I'm thinking of adding better fullscreen support again, but I feel like to do that I need to figure out how to do some filtering in Java2D so the pixels don't look all uneven.

Thanks Cheesy
- Jev
Offline unenergizer

Junior Devvie

Medals: 5
Exp: 5 years

Trying to figure it all out

« Reply #38 - Posted 2013-11-22 06:58:22 »

I want to play your game Cheesy

JGO is Awesome!
Steam: unenergizer
Offline Opiop
« Reply #39 - Posted 2013-11-22 10:35:42 »

That's a really random resolution and 130 FPS just seems silly...
Games published by our own members! Check 'em out!
Legends of Yore - The Casual Retro Roguelike
Offline Cero
« Reply #40 - Posted 2013-11-22 17:35:02 »

its very simple: every fps more than 60 does nothing for the user of a 60 hertz screen, but heat up the gpu
super mario on 1000fps gpu -> gpu fan flys off D:

stop it already. vsync.

Offline kpars
« Reply #41 - Posted 2013-11-22 18:41:56 »

The resolution works, I see nothing wrong with it.

Anyway, I changed parts of my game-loop, so now the game is capped at 60FPS. I feel like people have misinterpreted what I said earlier about the game being limited to 130 FPS. That's just the "hard limit" for the framerate. By default it's already capped to 60.

I'm also trying to figure out things to do with texture filtering in Graphics2D, that way I can have the game run in fullscreen without it looking awkward. So any information on that would be great.

- Jev
Offline Cero
« Reply #42 - Posted 2013-11-22 19:53:38 »

you're probably talking about texture filtering, because AA doesnt really exist in 2D games, since there are no edges to smooth its all drawn on the textures

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