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  to JET or not to JET...  (Read 7559 times)
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Offline AndersDahlberg

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« Reply #30 - Posted 2003-09-09 14:31:21 »

Maybe because java is bigger than just Sun (I'm not implying that sun hasn't made some great stuff too though...)?

1.4 was a great step forward for gaming on "pure Java" (which IMHO was one of the biggest marketing failures ever) and even more so for gaming on *java* (i.e. ~cross-platform but not "pure" in the stupid "pure java" marketing ploy)

1.5 will be even better, probably a high-res timer (no need longer to use non-standard timers, even though that shouldn't be a big issue) and even better java2d graphics performance (at least on linux - opengl).

I would say though that you today can write high performance (hi Cas Wink games on java (1.4.2)! And it will only become easier and better Smiley
Offline princec

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« Reply #31 - Posted 2003-09-09 15:04:32 »

We're working to make LWJGL the best choice for games development despite JOGL, JOAL, and JInput, by virtue of being very, very, focused on the task at hand. Without the baggage of AWT to worry about we are able to do all sorts of things in a wonderfully simple way. The new Sun libraries are an excellent choice for a very full-featured platform; but we're concentrating on crossplatform games and games alone, and we've made a very deliberate decision to make our API super-easy to get onto a console...

Right now all that LWJGL lacks is MacOS support.

The reason I use Java was never because of the standard libraries, it was because of the easy syntax and extreme friendliness of the JVM. Loads of the stuff in the standard libraries makes life incredibly easy for a game developer as it is; serialization, RMI, etc. etc. just make some things which are a huge chore in C++ entirely trivial in Java. The only thing missing was proper game API support: we've got that now.

I'm looking forward to generics because they'll allow me to write more correct code first time and with less typing. Net result: cheaper.

I'm also rather fond of the fact that Java is free Cheesy

Cas Smiley

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