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 on: 2015-11-27 22:05:21 
Started by SuperMario - Last post by SuperMario
Hhhm I would need to find a way to convert the occluder sprites to polygons

 on: 2015-11-27 18:41:51 
Started by BurntPizza - Last post by theagentd

I live by the sea. I wake up everyday, and I can see the ocean. I frequently sail. I love the sea.
But every time I play a game set near an ocean, I get frustrated that whomever developed said ocean seems to live in a totally landlocked country because its always just some big blue slightly-transparent wobbly thing, not a large nautical mass.

Ant then there's your screenshots.
Well.. damn son.

Next time I wake up and see the sun hitting the waves, I'm going to be thinking of your game Smiley
Wow, thank you so much! I'm really happy with the preliminary results too! Grin Hopefully I can make this run well even on toasters with the same quality while also adding better sky reflections, and that'll hopefully improve it even more. =3

 on: 2015-11-27 18:39:26 
Started by Stranger - Last post by theagentd
While I can agree that trying to understand what he's doing more by playing with him could be a good idea, that may not be easy when it comes to Dota. Games like Dota, LoL and HoN all have relatively steep learning curves and rather toxic communities (in the sense that people often flame each other). There's a reason why MOBAs are said to destroy lots of friendships. xd That being said, they can still be wonderful if played with the right people. I have some very fond memories of playing with friends, both IRL and those that I've met online, and I even met my girlfriend through people I have gotten to know through LoL.

What I want to say is that it's a difficult situation. A compromise could be looking up some streams/commentators on various DotA tournament games and possibly asking your brother to watch them with you. That way you may be able to understand the game more and reconnect with him without having to spend half your life getting to his DotA playing level. If your brother is into watching those games then that could be a better way to start.

 on: 2015-11-27 18:28:54 
Started by SuperMario - Last post by theagentd
A simple improvement is to render the shadow map at a reduced resolution and then blur it. That'll have higher quality while also being faster as you'll get a higher blur radius for the same blur kernel. If however you have no experience with shaders or framebuffer objects, this will probably be a bit tricky to implement. Still, a blurring shader is quite easy to write, especially a fullscreen one.

Hmm, it might be easier for you to just try to follow this tutorial instead: I think they have the effect you're looking for:

Click to Play

The trick here is to only have convex polygon objects and extruding the faces facing away from the light, which leaves the occluder lit while occluding everything behind it.

 on: 2015-11-27 18:23:37 
Started by Stranger - Last post by gouessej
he definitely has the problem as gaming (especially Dota) addicted.
Some state that gamers sometimes use video games to either escape from an uncomfortable environment or alleviate their already existing mental issues - both possibly important aspects on determining the psychological impact of gaming.
It's so easy to reject any responsibility.

 on: 2015-11-27 16:58:08 
Started by BurntPizza - Last post by kingroka123
Surprisingly, I updated my Android Game.

Change log:
- Changed name to Tap Tap! (from Tura)
- Even larger Dots!
- New much better icon
- Points are now granted based on number on dot. ex. A dot with 3 will give 3 points on first tap, 2 points on second tap and 1 point on last tap.
- Combos! Ten in a row is Double! 40 in a row is Quadruple!
- No longer lose a point on dot miss but will still lose time
- Various bug fixes and improvements

New icon:

Please try it out!

 on: 2015-11-27 16:44:50 
Started by Stranger - Last post by Drenius
there's a crystal silence in the room.  it lasts half an hour, hour, suddenly:
C-r-r-rap!!! Wadda hell?!! You, son of a bitch, what you're doing?!!! Where you're going now??!!! Stupid bastard!! Get f*ck you out of here!! Bitch!!!

Well... that may so far be something disturbing you, but doesn't really show any problem at all because... well, he is obviously playing the game, and you being surpised comes more from the fact that you are not watching what is happening there...

Are you sure you can call it an addiction already? How long has he been playing the game that excessively?
If it hasn't been long yet, it might just as well (as pointed out before) fade at some point, being just a little obsession.

Try to make sure to understand well what you are talking about, not only from your, but also from his position, before you do anything about it.

In any way, cutting the connection is not what you want to do, it would probably only make him want it more.

 on: 2015-11-27 16:37:08 
Started by Stranger - Last post by Gornova
maybe I'll say play together.

I'm not a game addicted, at least not at this level (I'm 34 years old, btw). In the past I was into the Starcraft 2 loop, at least 2 hours at day, then watching matches on twitch. Then I stopped because, for me, was a waste of time, then right now I'm on game developing, because is more difficult and I get more satisfaction (but I have a work, so I'm forced to go outside!)

I'm not sure that could be right solution, but play together, into same room, help to understand that other people exists. And make breaks, drink a beer together, eat a pizza. If this work, go to a DOTA championship, with many people. I'm not sure you understand how big is the community around this kind of games (I mean, seems amazing for me!)

If your brother is at college and he's not a genius, he need time to study, then play DOTA. I'm asking you: how good are his grades ? In Italy is not possible to continue forever college without good grades, I think same everywhere, mainly because parents cuts money Cheesy

So? So for me your brother is not crazy. He is inside a loop, but without his will, there is no hope. He must understand what he's right for him.
It's hard for me to write it, and for you to read it, I know.
It's same for every addiction. You, as brother, can be a good support for him to understand how much he is throwing into this passion.

For me, life is an hard way into find an equilibrium between the world, me, other people. In my opinion your brother's life is out of this equilibrium, because as human we are not able to live without friends, love and passions, or better, it's really hard.

Bonus Cheesy

A sister of my ex girlfriend 21 years, is in a similar situation.
It's all started when she finished the college. Few friends, no really "big" relationship with anyone. Then her parents don't force her to find a job.
So for the last three years, she wasted her incredible 18,19,20 and 21 years. I mean, it's incredible years for anyone.. but she don't do .. NOTHING.
She wake up every morning, watch tv, read a lot of books about vampires, eat, play video games (she was forced to use only one hour of internet connection for week, at local library), read, eat, watch tv, go to bad.
She's depressed, it's clear. After first year, her parents force her to go to a psychologist in order to understand why she don't want to find a job, a man, friends (like everyone else, one could say). This path go to nothing, in my opinion because her psychologist is not able to help here.
With my ex-girlfriend we tried first to propose here to go outside, but she don't like our friend too much and in particular she don't like to talk first. Then I've tried to help here with role-playing games.. but she didn't talk too much. Then she find her way in a local live role playing group (Vampire the masquerade one, btw).
It's a difficult path, but for what I know requires a lot of time.

Personally, my father told me in order to understand what is life, you have to earn it (a bit of background. My father was born in 1938 and live after WW2 in Italy, with no father and 7 brothers.. so I think it's bit different for everyone)

So, using my father words..
1) let your brother play with DOTA for next six months. Work on relationship with him, be brother, together, even with little things (eat together, try to go outside, at mall, with common friends, make a small trip outside, ask his help with no pressure, invite women at home etc..)
2) if after six months it's not working, talk to him, try to understand why DOTA is soo much important to him. Don't put preconception. Just listen. Don't talk. Listen. It's soooooooooooo much important for anyone, even if you think your brother is crazy
3) ask for help. With parents, with common friends. Don't ask on forum. People around you can help you. Seems strange no? Trust me, people from your house, city, country can understand you and your brother better than me
4) If I'm your father for last resort, I will cut money. Without money, there is no internet connection, no food, no DOTA. Wake up brother, life is hard. But for last solution!

wall of text, right ?

 on: 2015-11-27 16:16:11 
Started by Stranger - Last post by DarkCart
My uncle was addicted to a game similar to Dota, around 2004. He was holed up in his bedroom most of the day (keep in mind this isn't some 17 year old, but a 30something year old man with a wife and 3 kids). He eventually did quit, but it was on his own will, not by the urging of family or friends. He hasn't touched the game since ~2005. Your brother is the same way sort of. Nothing other than his own mental strength will make him quit. If he has the willpower to quit, good for him. If he doesn't, he'll eventually come to his senses in a few years, like my uncle.

Epilog: My cousin (uncle's kid) is now interested in a game similar to the one his father was hooked on. History repeats itself.

 on: 2015-11-27 15:58:19 
Started by Stranger - Last post by Stranger
In short: stay close to your brother, try to understand his world and game, not find a way to disable DOTA

I'm trying to understand him all the time: Partial success.
What about the game ... I ain't gonna really block it. I just want to stop the gaming madness in the critical situation.

In long. I think your last message point that you have a problem with your brother, not he with DOTA. Frankly I'm not sure you try to understand (from your messages) his passions with game. Game are rewarding but also demands time. A lot!

I definitely have the problem with my brother as well as he definitely has the problem as gaming (especially Dota) addicted.
there's a crystal silence in the room.  it lasts half an hour, hour, suddenly:
C-r-r-rap!!! Wadda hell?!! You, son of a bitch, what you're doing?!!! Where you're going now??!!! Stupid bastard!! Get f*ck you out of here!! Bitch!!!

and so on ... Even now when I'm writing, this the similar happen again ... "his passions"... it should rather think about his mental health ...

How old is your brother?

18 years old.

He's at school? University?

He's in college.

Where the money and food come from?

From parents.

Does he have a girlfriend?

AFAIK, not. Anyways, he is at home all the time.

Does he have friends? How much real-world friends and how much in DOTA?
A friend of mine stay in WOW loop for three years before he leaves and even now talks about Wow, not the game, but about virtual friends from all over the world.
He has. One real-world friend is from the college. A few friends are from the school. The rest are the DOTA-friends.

It's hard to understand but virtual relations could be powerful and meaningful in many ways.

And we are talking right now, "wasting time" on an online forum on line game. Maybe your brother cannot understand why you ask help or wasting time here, instead to go with him and play DOTA together Cheesy

A lot of questions, I know

Well, Excuse my familiarity but It seems to me that I speaking with a preacher ... "play DOTA together" ... Do you repeat this after all I posted here?

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