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 on: 2014-09-17 13:47:05 
Started by shadowstryker - Last post by junkdog
If your simulation doesn't need to be very exact and you have lots of objects, you might be able to get away with grid partitioning and calculating the gravitational forces acting on each cell (excluding the most adjacent cells); so when you calculate the pull for each object, you apply the cached pull and only check the most immediate cells. You can also split the gravity calculations over 2 frames to shave off some extra cycles.

I did this in a pet/play project and it worked quite well.

edit: Damocles beat me to it.

 on: 2014-09-17 13:39:12 
Started by shadowstryker - Last post by Damocles
If you NEED all object, no matter what distance to each other, to have a gravimetric pull to each other,
then considder lumping object, wich are further way into a "area gravity" number.

For example, have a grid, add the mass of all objects within it to that grid-part.

If objects are too far (number of gridpoints) away, only considder the mass of the combines grid to calculate the pull.

Newton considdered the earth (and the apple) also just like a single mass point in his calculations.
Not each atom.


if you happen to create a nice simulation of a galaxy, post some pictures. Wink

 on: 2014-09-17 13:38:14 
Started by kabbotta - Last post by atombrot
Make following change:
-HeadBox = new SelectBox(skin, "equipment");
+HeadBox = new SelectBox<String>(skin, "equipment");

The select box is generic since gdx 1.0 I think and also requires a type parameter. If you supply an array of strings, then you need to set the type of the select box also to string.

 on: 2014-09-17 13:26:54 
Started by shadowstryker - Last post by basil_
that's what i had on mind.

 on: 2014-09-17 13:22:35 
Started by 20thCenturyBoy - Last post by Damocles
I think charging money for the alpha versions was a smart move.

When people actually pay for something, they have a bigger attachment to the product, and follow it more
during development. "Its mine"

Something that comes for free can be aquired any time, and then risks beeing forgotten.

Also, if you own a software, you are more likely to invest time into making is run (install an new JRE, fix drivers)
whereas a free game - that does not work instantly and painlessly - wont get the same effort. "Skip to the next"

 on: 2014-09-17 13:12:33 
Started by shadowstryker - Last post by KevinWorkman
Like Cas hinted at, you're contradicting yourself a bit here: should every object impact every other object? Or should they only impact objects within a certain range?

If every object should impact every other object, then by definition you're pretty much stuck with looping through every object. Even that is an oversimplification. Recommended reading:

However, if each object should only impact neighbors within a certain range, then you could use a quadtree: (or some similar data structure that partitions your space)

You could also just use your 2D array as the partition: for each object, only consider other objects within a certain range of cells?

 on: 2014-09-17 12:55:14 
Started by 20thCenturyBoy - Last post by PaulReeves
He was on a trajectory to success. Doesn't his left4k dead game just about predate Minecraft and that gained some traction in press and got a lot of plays. This probably help build his profile and gather more followers on twitter.  This in turn would have helped minecraft get an initial uptick. Obviously helped by it being a fun game with potential if you are into that type of game.

So yep luck that his success was so big but he probably would have had some success at some point.

 on: 2014-09-17 12:50:07 
Started by BurntPizza - Last post by Riven
Brought back JGO, among other things...

 on: 2014-09-17 12:48:07 
Started by BurntPizza - Last post by SHC
Having some progress with my beginner targeted C++ IDE:

P.S: Anyone to help me test this? PM me if you are interested.

 on: 2014-09-17 12:46:18 
Started by Andre Lopes - Last post by Andre Lopes

Please, can Anyone  can explain this to me?

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