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 on: 2014-09-02 16:42:43 
Started by Nickropheliac - Last post by Rayvolution
Now look at Haskell Tongue

I still think Haskell's syntax is just a huge, sadistic joke that's being played on all of us. Tongue

 on: 2014-09-02 16:16:21 
Started by kingroka123 - Last post by PandaMoniumHUN
Your PC's specs are fairly average I would say.
Possibly the most obvious solution would be to start monitoring your CPU, GPU and RAM usage during gaming. You'll clearly see what's the bottleneck that way.

 on: 2014-09-02 16:05:24 
Started by kingroka123 - Last post by kingroka123
As detailed as I can get:
Graphics Card: Radeon HD 7750 2Gb DDR3
Memory: 4gb RAM
Motherboard: Gigabyte Brand (not sure what model)
CPU: AMD FX-4100 Quad-Core Processor 3.6ghz
Hard Drive: 500gb max only about 90gb left
OS: Windows 8.1 x64 (dual-booted Xubuntu: 23GB partition*)
*gaming stats in OP taken before dual boot (if it matters)

 on: 2014-09-02 15:48:21 
Started by Rayvolution - Last post by pjt33
As I see it, there's a fine line between "indie developer" and "not-quite-yet indie developer" (or, perhaps more accurately, "hobbyists who want to sell a game"). The former group includes individuals and teams who have actually released a game. If you just focus on them,  I suspect the numbers will look different.

I doubt it. Second project syndrome. For the first project, you keep it simple. But for the second project you think you can be more ambitious, because you have experience now. My first job was for an indie company like that. The first project was in beta when I joined, and the second project had a 250-page rulebook to be converted into a proper spec and implemented. I'm not sure exactly what the current status is, but I think that 30 to 60 man-years went into it and nothing was ever published.

 on: 2014-09-02 15:42:26 
Started by Springrbua - Last post by 65K
1. without ECS
2. before the described game, start with something simpler and finish it
3. one task per class

 on: 2014-09-02 15:39:14 
Started by Magn - Last post by Magn
Hello people!

I'm making a 2d tilebased game that i have just ported to lwjgl. I'm now trying to implement a map & minimap into the game.

How i did it before i ported(pure java software rendering):
Each tile had an assigned rgb value which was then stored in an array and rendered out pixel by pixel(when the map or minimap was showing).

My question is:
How do i achieve an effect like this in lwjgl(+slickutil)?
I thought of rendering every single rgb value of the map as a coloured rectangle, but I imagine that would not be very effective.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

 on: 2014-09-02 15:38:43 
Started by kingroka123 - Last post by PandaMoniumHUN
Saying that you have a 3.6GHz processor honestly doesn't mean sh*t.
It's like saying that you have an 8 megapixel camera. You just simply can't compare two processors based only on the frequency (or on the number of cores, for that matter).
For example an AMD FX-4300 has 4 cores and a 3.8GHz default frequency, where's my Intel Core i5 3570K has 4 cores too but only 3.4GHz default clock speed.
So does that mean that the FX-4300 is better? No. In fact, the 3570K is about 2x faster.

4GBs of RAM for gaming is not really sufficient. Of course this depends on the game and the OS too, but AAA monsters like Battlefield or Witcher have a tendency of eating up RAM like crazy. If your OS runs out of RAM it has to use the swap partition on your HDD which is obviously going to be very slow, so for gaming 8GBs of RAM I would say is the golden standard.

For most gaming systems the actual bottleneck however is the graphics card. If you want to game on fullHD it is recommended to have at least something like a GTX750 Ti/AMD R7 260X or better with 2GBs of VRAM. For fullHD 2GBs of VRAM is plenty, but if you have something like a WQHD display or you play games that require a lot of VRAM (like Skyrim with all those fancy 2K and 4K texture packs) you're better of getting something with 3 or 4GBs of VRAM.

A good gaming PC is expensive (mine is around $1100 but there are still parts that I'm not quite satisfied with), but you can get away with something like a $750 build that can play most of the games on fullHD mid/high at 60fps. However, if you want to play those beasts (Witcher, Crysis, Battlefield, Far Cry, etc.) on fullHD ultra you will have to spend around $1000 at least.

However, I'm not suggesting you to instantly go out buy new parts and spend a lot of money. If you could tell us about your PC's specs in a bit more detail we could help more easily.

 on: 2014-09-02 15:27:01 
Started by kingroka123 - Last post by Springrbua
Just a guess, i know this from my notebook: 

To save energy, nVidia Optimus or AMD Enduro use the GPU of the processor, if they think it is fast enough. 
Sometimes this system fials and the wrong GPU is used. In this case you need to start the programm with the right GPU manually. 
On my notebook (with a nVidia GPU and a Intel processor) i can do this by right-clicking the programm an click "execute with graphicsproecessor->nVidia processor". I am not sure how it is with AMD, but there should be something similar.

 on: 2014-09-02 15:21:07 
Started by pw - Last post by pw
Hello guys,

I want to showcase my game "2DRacer". Its a OnlineMultiplayer 2D Racing game like for example Mario Kart.

Features: - play online vs friends
              - add AI-Cars to fill up the contestants
              - use Items to your advantage
              - hunt for trackrecords
              - global ELO-Rating is the website, at the moment its in german so for all non-german-speaker here is the direct download link (the game itself is in english)

Controls are very simple: arrow up = accelerate   arrow down = break   arrow left = turn left    arrow right = turn right     space = use Item 
To switch Fullscrenn on and off press ESC

Right now its a desktop application because i dont own a extremely expensive certificate to use it in a java-applet.
I used slick2d and kryonet to code it.


 on: 2014-09-02 15:09:54 
Started by orange451 - Last post by Springrbua
I think this idea of some kind of pre WIP section wuld be great, but IMHO it shouldn't be there for games which have allready been started, but more for ideas, which are in planning (no code yet). 
The advantages would be: 
- The community can give suggestions for code organnization and libraries which may help 
- The community can add some ideas 
- "Bad" ideas can be sorted out before wasting time by implementing them

This section would primarily help newbies (like me) to get a good start. Because if you start wrong, the project won't succeed. 
Also suggestions about libraries, architectures, systems and whatever can be applied to the project without causing any problems and without the need to refactoring all the code.

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