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 on: 2014-09-02 09:28:01 
Started by Springrbua - Last post by Springrbua
Hi JGO-Community, 
i have been following this forum since almost a year now and i really like the way you help each other, so i thought why shouldn't i join you? 
Since some time i am thinking about creating a little 2D platform shooter with libgdx and box2d, but for some reason i did never start, but continue thinking about different mechanics. 
I allready have some experience with libgdx (the 0.9.9) but until now i had some problems with the code organization. The main problem was, that i wanted to see fast progress to keep myself motivated, but the result was a dirty mixture of texture loading, drawing and logic in the same classes. 
Cause of this now i am trying to find a way to create clean and working code. 

After reading the libgdx changelog i saw, that libgdx now has a ECS (Ashley), which really seems interesting. However i have now experience with this systems and so i am not sure if this is what i want to use for my little game. So i hope you can tell me if and how i can/should use ECS in my game. 

To the game:
As i said, the game should become a 2D platform shooter, where the player can move it's character with the keyboard (they keys should be changeable in the settings) and aim with the mouse. 
He should be able to hold 5 different weapons, where ofc only one at a time can be active. 

There should be a few different weapon types: 

Ranged weapons, which shoot bullets. Those bullets can be affected by gravity or not (box2d offers the method "setGravityScale"). Also they can be explosive, so damage all entities in a radius or "normal" and damage only the entity they hit. 
Melee weapons, which only hit enemies in front of you, at almost the same heigth and in range.
Thrown weapons, which again "shoot bullets" (actually you throw granates, logically it should be the same). They are affected by gravity and are explosive. They can explode after some time or on contact (with wall, bullets or player/npcs). 
Mines, which places a mine in front of you. They are affected by gravity (if there is no block under them they will fall) and are explosive. They can explode after some time, on contact or remote controlled.

Also there should be enemies, controlled by an AI. 
The AI can have different states, so i want to use a "Finite State Machine".
Also a NPC should be able to hold different weapons, again only one at a time can be active.
The "States" should be more or less the same for all enemies, however different enemies should have different AIs for the states. A "Melee-Enemie" for example tryes to get near to you, while a "Sniper-Enemie" tryes to hit you from far away. 

In this case (for this game) is it better to use ECS or easiere and maybe even cleaner without using an ECS? 
If i should use ECS, how would the system look like? Which componente and which entities should be there? 

For me it seems like a weapon is a component (hold by the player and npc entities) as well as an entity, having the bullet-properties as components.

It would be great if you can help me with this an just share your thoughts  Smiley

Thanks a lot!

 on: 2014-09-02 09:10:23 
Started by nsigma - Last post by nsigma
Aha! cool, yep the examples work now that I open them as projects. The video input and blob examples were cool, they grabbed the video from my laptop camera just fine. How did you do that? What java lib can get access to the video camera so easily?

That's GStreamer with the GStreamer-Java bindings.  There's an old thread on here somewhere with code to use GStreamer with LWJGL (GstLwjgl) - you appear to have appreciated it at the time!  Wink

I couldn't figure out how to edit the code in the 'live coding project', there wasn't any button next to the properties of the code element.

Ah, that's a change in this alpha release - to edit code now you need to right-click on the component (header) in the graph window and choose Edit code from the popup menu.  You can edit shader code the same way.  The code will open in a separate editor tab - every time you save the code file it will be re-compiled.  Quite a few of the components in the new examples can have code edited in that way - eventually it will be possible to edit the code of most of the built-in components.

You can also double-click components to open properties in a separate window, if you haven't found that yet - useful to keep them accessible while editing code.

The GLSL example just showed a blank window, but I couldn't turn on the openGL pipeline since only the 'Software Renderer' was available in Tools/Options/Video.

Another change in v2.  There should be a message showing at the bottom of that option window.  Renderer setting has been moved into the 'root' settings for the video patch.  Open that project, click build (you can't change renderer while it's running), open the video.pxr file in the graph, click the button next to play in the editor toolbar to open the 'root' properties, and change the renderer there.

New Custom and Smoky 3D were good. Would be nice to see a demo with an animation of flashing lights or something which is sync'ed with the bass of a song.

Yes, I'll put something together  - in fact, the logo and splash screen are stills from a project that does pretty much that.  The audio sequencer example is doing animation based on audio levels too, though it's only drawing shapes.

This video is quite fun - done by a VJ from Australia.  It's using an external FFT program to control a shader in Praxis LIVE via MIDI.  At some point I'll get around to adding in an FFT component.

You may also want to check out the Praxis LIVE video playlist -  - they're a bit old now, though - I'll get some more up-to-date videos done soon.

 on: 2014-09-02 09:09:55 
Started by Nickropheliac - Last post by basil_
i think that's a hard topic. successive depends on so many things. learning for instance - everybody has a different perception of things. imo, if somebody "doesn't get" something, there's probably something wrong with the translation. the way a teacher teaches, the type of book you read, etc etc.

.. so general, proven or "mostly correct" approaches .. or hints or tips .. are very little if you do not bias it into your personal space. for this attitudes like "self-reflective" empathic and patient help. (hot-headed, hyped, impatient, .. do not help). (doh')

anyway, i think it's great when you do something different, not code. if you draw, paint or do any art that's great! alone from that you can gain programing skill. especially if you code games.

 on: 2014-09-02 09:03:29 
Started by Rayvolution - Last post by Roquen
Regardless of occupation the majority of people I know that "worked for the man" and then decided to go solo end up failing.  They don't have or develop the skills.  To focus on the really important and not get (overly) distracted, keep the nose to the grindstone on their own (the boring stuff's gotta get done) and (very important) the self-awareness to set reasonable, to their skill sets, goals and ones that can be achieved in a smallish amount of time.  Heck "the man" will love you too if you develop these skills.  When you work for yourself never forget that you're the man and he should hold you accountable for your time.

Oh and I'm talking about "pros" because if experienced people blow it you can't really expect hobbyist to do better.

 on: 2014-09-02 08:42:30 
Started by Rayvolution - Last post by basil_
.. or even worse when you extend this and take "hobbyist who does not want to sell anyway" into count.

 on: 2014-09-02 08:30:55 
Started by Rayvolution - Last post by aldacron
As I see it, there's a fine line between "indie developer" and "not-quite-yet indie developer" (or, perhaps more accurately, "hobbyists who want to sell a game"). The former group includes individuals and teams who have actually released a game. If you just focus on them,  I suspect the numbers will look different.

 on: 2014-09-02 07:58:01 
Started by Zarkonnen - Last post by Zarkonnen
Air-to-air paratroopers sounds awesome. Also adds to the mechanic that you have to get above the enemy to be able to board them, unless you get jet pack upgrades or something.

Yes, definitely! I'm thinking the grappling hooks could be an upgrade which lets you do more horizontal boarding.

And then there might be Air Dragoons... Cheesy

 on: 2014-09-02 07:14:12 
Started by JulienBe - Last post by JulienBe
That's the name of the game I was looking for ! Cheesy Thanks a lot ! I hope I can pick up some ideas from this game ^^

And thanks for the feedback Smiley

 on: 2014-09-02 06:08:26 
Started by lxknvlk - Last post by lxknvlk
I like the idea to tap anywhere to start! Its a little more ergonomic and i have less buttons to draw!  Grin

 on: 2014-09-02 05:12:07 
Started by PandaMoniumHUN - Last post by Roquen
Unrelated.  interned strings are off-heap and aren't subject to GC.   If fact interned string or at least the language requirement of string identity of strings found in a class file hurt the JVM and should be eliminated.

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