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 on: 2016-02-09 19:46:48 
Started by DarkCart - Last post by ags1
Didn't anyone tell Amazon to write Games not game engines? What a waste Smiley

 on: 2016-02-09 19:39:47 
Started by DarkCart - Last post by ags1
CommanderKeith, that is the kind of graphical direction I want to take Vangard in, not including the oriental feel which is very pretty by the way. I'm planning on representing people as simple animated silhouettes, adding lowpoly branches to the trees and so on. I'm just permanently bogged down in the AI...

My dream game is Vangard, a whole world deep simulation. And I'm writing it!

 on: 2016-02-09 19:35:51 
Started by DarkCart - Last post by bobjob
I wanted a Java based gaming console!

It should be called "The Kettle" as it would use an OS dedicated to optimising the virtual machine to run Java (Coffee).

I was thinking games could be sold on flash disks rather than modern optical disks. Also if you download a game free/purchased you can get it to download onto a blank flash disk (with a serial to prevent multiple instances of the app on other consoles). It's sort of a compromise between cartridge gaming (which I miss the feeling of) and modern performance requirements. This way kids can trade games with each other like the good ol'days. The console wouldn't need a moving internal hard drive for excessive storage requirements only an SSD for OS and basic updates. Games can update/save onto their own flash disk with no write permissions to the internal HD.

The add for the console could have a kid on his skate board with a neckless of cool looking flash disks (making the sound of flash disks hitting each other). He enters the house of a friend. He goes straight to the lounge room where his friend is, sticks in a flash disk turns on the console and grabs a controller with his mate, and then... a boiling kettle sound is made with steam coming out of the console with the TV Monitor lighting up.

It could also have a "make your own game" tutorial package that comes with an IDE on a flash disk and a kid friendly text book of how to make your own games. Though really the book would be an intro to java and lastly how to utilise an already made game library.

 on: 2016-02-09 19:12:11 
Started by DarkCart - Last post by Cero
Lots of games I would kill for to be involved with, like a possible Bloodborne 2

In general writing and possibly directing a game that is played by a LOT of people which explores the human nature, science and philosophy, touches people emotionally, makes them think and feel.

Basically doing what Ken Levine and Hideo Kojima have been done with some exceptions.

 on: 2016-02-09 19:05:34 
Started by DarkCart - Last post by DarkCart

Amazon released Lumberyard today. It seems to be Amazon's stab at making a game engine like Unity or Unreal Engine. It has AWS and Twitch integration, which makes it seem initially very attractive for people who want streaming or cloud integration in their games.

But there's a catch, in the form of a clause in their license.

57.4 Operating Restrictions. Without our prior written consent, (a) the Lumberyard Materials (including any permitted modifications and derivatives) may only be run on computer equipment owned and operated by you or your End Users, or on AWS Services, and may not be run on any Alternate Web Service and (b) your Lumberyard Project may not read data from or write data to any Alternate Web Service. “Alternate Web Service” means any non-AWS web service that is similar to or can act as a replacement for the services listed at .

TL;DR: You can't use anything that would replace something amazon offers. i.e. if I wanted to use Hitbox integration instead of Twitch integration (which Amazon provides), they would revoke my ability to use Lumberyard.

 on: 2016-02-09 18:55:21 
Started by BurntPizza - Last post by Roquen
I think I've been drugged.  I'm reading that amazon has a game engine.

 on: 2016-02-09 18:23:52 
Started by theagentd - Last post by KaiHH
This is a rather useful function. Added to JOML here:
You could convert that to GLSL.
Note that this is just bilinear interpolation with barycentric coordinates, since you only have the values of 'F' available at the vertices. A true dFdx/dFdy would need to be given a true function to differentiate.

 on: 2016-02-09 17:32:58 
Started by theagentd - Last post by Riven
You'd have to split the triangle in two, along the X-axis (' scanline') of the point that is between the other two points (when projected on the Y axis). Then use the typical scanline approach on the two triangles.

Basically just what the GPU does (unless it changed in the last 10 years).

Also, don't you need to take depth (in screenspace) into consideration? Or don't you need perspective when sampling? It affects dfdx and dfdy significantly.

Calculating dfdx and dfdy without the split seems quite complex.

 on: 2016-02-09 17:13:23 
Started by theagentd - Last post by theagentd

I have this problem where I want to calculate the gradient of the texture coordinates of a 2D triangle. I have:
 - three 2D positions XY for each vertex of the triangle, in screen pixels.
 - three 2D texture coordinates ST for each vertex of the triangle, in the range [0-1].

I want to calculate the gradient along X and Y for the texture coordinates, but I can't remember how to do that from my linear algebra classes, and my Google-fu is failing me. In other words, what's the change in the texture coordinates when I go one pixel to the right (dFdx) or one pixel up (dFdy)?

The ultimate goal is to derive a function F(XY) = ST, so that I can calculate the texture coordinates of any pixel on the screen quickly (even points outside the triangle). It will have the form F(XY) = X*dFdx + Y*dFdy + offset, with the 2D offset being possible to calculate once I have dFdx and dFdy.

 on: 2016-02-09 15:46:39 
Started by DarkCart - Last post by matt_p
My dream game isn't limited by technical problems, more so by time problems.

I want to make a top down open world survival game that's mostly centered around Harvest Moon style game play but with Diablo-style dungeon crawling. The world would be full of randomly generated content, and to gather things for your home/farm you have to delve into nearby dungeons and abandoned buildings.

The problem is, while I can code something like that, the sheer volume of content I'd need would prevent me from ever finishing the project. Wink

I can rely to that, time is also my main issue - but the idea sounds awesome. Have you considered working in a team?

So yeah, I also struggle with the time so my dream is actually getting more time to finish (if thats even possible) my current project and that it gets some attention Smiley

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