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 on: 2014-07-31 22:04:52 
Started by Yemto - Last post by orange451
@orange451: If you share code, you have some responsibility over it, as people may actually use it. Your code is broken in so many ways I'd simply strongly suggest to remove the link to it, as it can only do more harm than good. Emo I'm sorry if that comes across a tad harsh persecutioncomplex
It works perfectly fine for me, and I've used it in a number of projects too o:
It's been tested across the world; all data sent across is sent in the correct order, and also received in the correct order. It's sent quickly, and does not force the client nor the server to hang while waiting for data.

Apart from being "hacky", what is broken about it?

 on: 2014-07-31 22:03:56 
Started by orange451 - Last post by orange451
Hello all! Smiley

In my game, I am currently using the Soundsystem written by Paulscode. Seeing as he is no longer an active member of these forums, I was hoping someone else would be able to help with this issue. I want to package a lot of my resource files so that they're not in a tree of folders outside of the Jar. I have made it so models and textures could be loaded from these packaged files by using their bytebuffer data. However, I am not quite sure how to use the sound system in the same way.

 on: 2014-07-31 21:51:09 
Started by Orangy Tang - Last post by Catharsis
You're thinking about it the traditional way.. ;P
Yeap.  And so are the majority of game industry leads & technical directors.  It's significantly less work, complexity and is significantly faster (for the statistically significant..otherwise who cares).

You are basing your arguments on conjecture at best. There are several high profile AAA game studios that are using CA techniques. There is no basis to the "significantly less work, complexity, and speed" comment. The CA approach is crossing the chasm in most new engine development with a reasonable percentage of game studios.

I think you may be complaining that historically the "best practices / design pattern"
No. I'm complaining that CS has a whole has stepped way from problem solving and into reusable massively complex systems and generations of programmer understand very little about programming in the pure sense. As an example around 2000ish I asked new grads from highly reputable universities questions like:  "Visitor and command patterns are the same.  What's the mechanism?"  I think one 1% could give an answer.

Your anecdotal evidence or point has no connection to CA or the original discussion and attempting to connect it to "best practices / design pattern" related thinking.

I can tell you this much though since I was finishing my CS degree around that time at a reasonably reputable university. Design patterns weren't taught in the CS curriculum outside of perhaps a few professors making references here and there. Only those who had the motivation to learn outside the curriculum had a solid clue. There was no course dedicated to design patterns though I do agree that more or less undergrad programs at universities are not exactly graduating highly competent developers.

More or less I had to cut short our discussion because your replies are divergent from the original topics at hand.

 on: 2014-07-31 21:43:30 
Started by philfrei - Last post by BurntPizza
I don't know about Avian, but I do know that RoboVM isn't a VM, but is a tool for compiling java bytecode into iOS natives (via xcode). It's what libGDX uses to target iOS.
Yes, you have to write your graphics using the frameworks's paradigm. For libGDX that's often lots of Sprites, shaders if you need them, etc.

 on: 2014-07-31 21:40:09 
Started by Norakomi - Last post by Norakomi

 on: 2014-07-31 21:02:06 
Started by philfrei - Last post by philfrei
 Clueless  Huh  Clueless  Huh  Clueless
Ok, I understand that using LibGDX requires the use of graphics commands that are unique to LibGDX, that are built upon OpenGL. Correct? Now, if you have already written graphics via Java2D in a "core-Java" game, the rewriting for the graphics is kind of a big deal, due to the fact that OpenGL is not exactly object-oriented. There are structural differences. Correct?

If you use Avian as an embedded VM, does anyone know how graphics are done? Avian does not include Java2D. I'm sorry if this is a totally noob question, but I am new to the concept of embedding VMs.

Similarly, several have mentioned RoboVM. Is that also a VM? I got confused and thought that I could use it to crank out code that I could then deliver to an Obj-C programmer. Is it actually a VM that runs Java? The mention there is a Java-to-ObjC bridge, so does that mean one will be required to rewrite the graphics to make use of the graphics commands provided by that bridge? If so, how does that compare to rewriting to LibGDX/OpenGL?

My immediate concern is simple 2D stuff, no 3D.

 on: 2014-07-31 20:50:37 
Started by Rayvolution - Last post by CogWheelz
This seems to have gone a long way. It's amazing and the pixel art is great. Can't wait to see it's future!

 on: 2014-07-31 20:42:57 
Started by BoroDev - Last post by BoroDev

This is my first game Smiley

It's a demanding multiple choice quiz collection with over 180 questions from many fields of knowledge (Sports, Arts, History, Geography, Traditional arts, Anime, Manga, Facts, Martial arts).

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

 on: 2014-07-31 20:20:34 
Started by gmoralis - Last post by erikd
That conversion stuff is interesting BTW.
A guy named Julien Frelat has done something similar in a project called 'JAPE' ( I think he's more into .net these days, but it might be worth it to hook up with him to exchange ideas on the subject. Very nice guy (I've worked with him on 'CottAge').

 on: 2014-07-31 20:05:29 
Started by gmoralis - Last post by erikd
I'll see what I can do about sound. The sound code in JEmu2 should be quite easily integrated in arcadeflex, I think (it has been reused before).

It was a bit tricky to add JavaSound support in JEmu2; not so much because JavaSound is that hard to use, but to make it work well (and across platforms).
My problem was to keep latency as low as possible and avoid buffer under-runs, since JavaSound doesn't provide any (reliable) way to measure how many bytes are in the queue. So I ended up timing everything and keep adjusting whenever there is a buffer under-run.
IIRC I had to rely on System.currentTimeMillis, so I suppose going to nanoTime will help there.

Anyway, if you have a use for the JEmu2 sources, just PM me; you can use it however you like as long its my own parts of the code (most of it is, but some parts were written by collaborators, for example the Out Run driver and the M68000 CPU emulator, so I can't be sure about those parts).
But I have to warn you, emulators were sort of my Java 'Hello World' getting out of hand, so things can get a bit messy in places Wink

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