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 on: 2016-08-24 20:12:03 
Started by KudoDEV - Last post by KudoDEV
Assuming quatf to be a quaternion in floats, how will you add a vector to it? I think quaternions are only used for rotations and not translations or scalings.

Typically in physics engines you have a vec3 for angular velocity. This gets scaled by the step delta and added to the rotation quatf.

 on: 2016-08-24 19:05:56 
Started by BurntPizza - Last post by SHC
Got a 3D low-poly character with an armature! Built it in 20 minutes initially, but it took 3 days for the weights to be properly applied.

 on: 2016-08-24 19:04:36 
Started by philjord - Last post by Icecore
Gigantic Work.
I want help a little with optimization..

But why only I, We all can ^^,
Find what lagging the most, separate it from engine - and create thread here
we all try hard to find solution how improve it Wink

(“separate it from engine” - I think full engine source code not ready be revealed for public)

P.s optimization - Except external libraries like Jbullet and Java3D Tongue
PP.S Sorry I Over excited about all this
(because my Pc can’t run fallout 4 and you run it on Adroid XD)
this optimization on practice can be no so easy as it looks for me now.
At least we can try)

Do you use this?
It scares me)
void main()
    vec3 ct,cf;
    vec4 texel;
  //  float intensity;
  //  intensity = max(dot(lightDir,normalize(normal)),0.0);
   // cf = intensity * (gl_FrontMaterial.diffuse).rgb +
   //               gl_FrontMaterial.ambient.rgb;  
   cf = (gl_FrontMaterial.diffuse.rgb +
    texel = texture2D(tex,gl_TexCoord[0].st);
    ct = texel.rgb;
    //alpha is material only
    gl_FragColor = vec4(ct * cf, gl_Color.a);

as i understand diffuse and ambient can be pre mixed together with texture and save to file
no need do it in shader directly
- if it used really for all lands this shader can easily split FPS for half or even more

even if ambient dynamically changed in game
- it can be baked on every change in real time to texture and use that texture without mixin in shader directly

gl_FragColor = vec4(ct * cf, gl_Color.a)

external gl_Color.a Why? for debug? i don't remeber game mechanics with custom walls transperancy Wink

 on: 2016-08-24 19:02:21 
Started by Archive - Last post by Archive
(c1 & 0xfefeff) + (c2 & 0xfefeff) + (c3 & 0xfefeff) + (c4 & 0xfefeff);

While working on fast bilinear filtering, I found that this adds up 4 colors without checking for overflow. It works perfectly with bilinear texture filtering because overflow shouldn't occur anyways.

(there's error in the blue, i'll edit this once i figure it out)


fixed version:
int sum = (c1 & 0xfefeff) + (c2 & 0xfefeff) + (c3 & 0xfefeff) + (c4 & 0xfefeff);
return sum | (-(sum & 0x100) >>> 24)

If you can simplify this more, please share haha

 on: 2016-08-24 18:59:49 
Started by Archive - Last post by Archive
Why is memory such a constraint?
Just for memory locality. I'd rather have the texture mapper point to one area in memory rather than a bunch of different areas haha.
By the way, I implemented your thing (without dithering) with a 256*64 color table Smiley. I ended up using a master palette and the results are surprisingly not that bad.

Up next is to do gamma correction Smiley Thank you so much Riven!

 on: 2016-08-24 18:43:46 
Started by Archive - Last post by Riven
Why is memory such a constraint?

 on: 2016-08-24 17:16:02 
Started by philjord - Last post by EgonOlsen
Nice work so far. The VM on Android has come a long way. I think it's actually quite good nowadays, even more because Dalvik is a thing of the past since Android 5. The current runtime is ART and it uses AOT compilation on Android 5 and 6 and a mix between JIT and AOT on Android 7.

 on: 2016-08-24 16:17:22 
Started by leSpace - Last post by thedanisaur
Hopefully I didn't miss something but, for what it's worth, assuming solid geometry, each point must have exactly two line segments that are edges. Once you've found a single edge you can find all other edges.

 on: 2016-08-24 16:15:00 
Started by philjord - Last post by philjord
Thanks for the support.

Legally the OpenMW guys have been given the go ahead from Matt Grandstaff at Bethesda, just so long as their engine is cross platform.
Mine's pure java and you don't get any more cross platform than Java.

I would add that Android's Dalvik JVM is unbelievable slow, it run comparably to Oracle's Hotspot with the JIT turned off.

 on: 2016-08-24 14:51:30 
Started by philjord - Last post by Ecumene
OP, you're a damn genius.

For anyone worried about legal stuff, I was too.
Call of Morrowind is a game engine written completely from scratch by a single developer, it is a cross platform game engine designed to work with the game assets of Morrowind by Bethesda Game Studios (2002).

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