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 on: 2016-12-01 17:28:35 
Started by TomCoenen - Last post by TomCoenen
Thanks for going through the documentation, Economy2.png shouldn't contain a large empty space, I've corrected that now.

I've already taken a quick look at JNDT, for now I should be able to get it working by copying the dependencies and calling ant from gradle.

And I'll test my game with OpenJDK. As you said, there probably aren't any differences with Oracle Java, but I'd like to be sure.

 on: 2016-12-01 17:25:36 
Started by VoidBuffer - Last post by bmanmcfly
Thanks for that article and the explanation, it hits the bullet on the head for me. I feel there needs to be a balance that is found, and it's on a case to case basis depending on your project. Google searches will show that MVC is not a preferable way to design a game, and can actually lead to inefficiencies. Instead of following a strict pattern, you can attempt to follow the basis of a pattern like MVC as per my previous post.

I actually went through something of the same process, while I was still coding in c++ for directx.  I tried to keep everything to the patterns I learned were ideal for windows type programs...

It was surprisingly quick before I started running into issues where objects could not effectively trade data, and other sources of grief, that's when I built an entity type system for myself because then at least the problems surrounding what objects need to communicate with what and how would be more easily tackled.

Just a quick update for anyone that might see this in the future.  Entities having a boolean flag on whether or not a particle effect should be used was a bad idea. You'll have graphical issues while you're waiting for your effect to complete, because only then can you reset the boolean flags on the entities.

Setting off the pooled particle effects during collision detection is the easiest way to fix my issue, which is when you'll have direct access to the entities that need particle effects.

Ya, that makes sense.  I would think there's a way you could use the flags like that, but at least it's good to hear you worked through the problem...

How did you get the collision to get the effect to follow the player? I would have thought that would be better for example, landing from a jump and seeing the puff of dust push away from the feet, I could see getting the effect to follow after to be a bit trickier...

 on: 2016-12-01 16:55:13 
Started by lifemakers - Last post by lifemakers
Version 3 of Batonic is now on! What's new:

- By popular demand, we completely redesigned the complexity of all Batonic levels, so as to make the game more accessible and engaging for players of all ages and skills. No more of the boring, too-easy-too-long levels — but also no more so-difficult-as-to-be-almost-impassable monstrosities! (Well... maybe except the final Day 10!) Overall, the game of Batonic is much more dynamic and fun in this version.

- A number of visual tweaks make the Batonic creatures even more funny and weird!

- Several bug fixes.

 on: 2016-12-01 15:40:24 
Started by Spasi - Last post by h.pernpeintner
THANK YOU for mentioning JavaBlend - how is it possible that I already wasted hours of time searching for blender-java-interoperation and did not find anything.

 on: 2016-12-01 12:42:14 
Started by Spasi - Last post by gouessej
Possibly the best use of it is just loading stuff and converting it to whatever proprietary format is best for your game engine. Ie. as a tool, not a deployable part of a game.
Ok but then the performance would be less important than if it was deployed inside the game, wouldn't it?

.. and there is alot native code in jassimp
basil_, you make a confusion between another library with the same name and elect's jassimp. He talked about Kotlin, he really uses it as you can see in his source code:

theagentd, you can use JavaBlend for Blender files and FBX is proprietary so you get what is expected from this kind of format.

By the way, there are already some Java APIs providing some importers and exporters, Unlicense supports the .x format and I was a bit wrong as it partially supports .lwo (Modo), jReality, JMonkeyEngine and JogAmp's Ardor3D Continuation have some importers and exporters too. If elect succeeds, I'll see his project more as a source of code to implement importers and exporters in various engines rather than something I'll put into my projects as is. I spent about 10 days in writing an importer for the .ply format, I know that it's time consuming.

 on: 2016-12-01 10:15:15 
Started by HenBagel - Last post by bornander
The demo video on youtube for this is hilarious.
Well done.

 on: 2016-12-01 10:01:02 
Started by amartinenco - Last post by bornander
Well done on completing you first game, good job!

I found it a bit too hard and I think it would be better if the difficulty increased as you play.
On my first attempt I got hit by a fast asteroid within a second of starting the application, that didn't seem fair Smiley

 on: 2016-12-01 06:59:33 
Started by rokyslash - Last post by SteveSmith
This is the absolute basic-est client-server socket code:-

On the server:-
ServerSocket sckListener = new ServerSocket(port, backlog);
Socket s = sckListener.accept(); // Loop this line for multiple connections

On the client:-
Socket s = new Socket(server, port);

Both the client and the server will then have a socket object.  You can then use Socket.getInput/OutputStream() to get the IO streams to read/write data.  As I said, this is very basic and you'll need to put stuff in threads and design your own protocol among other things.  The above should get you on your way, though feel free to ask any questions.

 on: 2016-12-01 03:40:46 
Started by rokyslash - Last post by DarkCart
Yeah, but I dont know where to learn them from. There are hardly any textbooks for java multiplayer game programming. Could you just help with basic connection in my game. Just get two players to move, just two clients is enough, which would give me an idea.

Your problem is that your search is too narrow. You need to look for network programming tutorials, not java multiplayer game programming tutorials. Your job then as the programmer is to apply the concepts learned in the network programming tutorials to your purpose of making a game multiplayer.

 on: 2016-12-01 02:32:06 
Started by Ecumene - Last post by Ecumene
Heya everyone! The Jam is about an hour from over at my time zone... But since I started late I'm gonna keep working on it persecutioncomplex

Here's a teaser screenshot:

To the left is the Buyables tab, you choose your next constructions there.
To the right is the alerts, it's mainly for notable events you haven't seen yet.
To the top is the adviser window, there's currently 3 advisers: legal, business, and tech (They're like the long-term tutorial. Certain messages can be silenced in the future... )
And the very top is the game-bar. It has our current company debt / money (In silicoin), company name, and timer (5 business days in the week).

The reason it took me around 3 weeks to do all that was because it's FULLY SAVE-ABLE FOLKS! ( And unfortunately easy to hack Wink )

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