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 on: 2015-08-04 20:46:52 
Started by kingroka123 - Last post by gouessej

In my humble opinion, it looks like an unfinished and very buggy operating system like the previous versions. When I resize the file explorer, there is still a black area at the top right corner, this bug was already in Vista and even XP. The performance of WebGL is still noticeably worse with Edge than with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, it's a bit less catastrophic than with Internet Explorer. Some design choices are completely counter-intuitive to me, I don't understand why some build-in "apps" have a colorized bar at the top and others just have a white bar. When you have to mimic the behaviour of this OS in a Java software, you might spend some time in looking for the expected "natural" appearance to provide a comfortable integration. The very thin border around the windows is almost invisible, is it really useful? Now the resize cursor appears only when you move the cursor close to the border inside of the window, not outside, I find it just weird. Microsoft's transparency seems to be less bad than Google's one but some sentences of the 23 pages in the privacy statement are enough to confirm that this operating system will never get installed on my computers at home. "Freedom only wears out when it is not used". The secure boot is a nightmare when you want to switch to GNU Linux.

I'm still under Mageia Linux  Grin Ghostery and uBlock are enabled  Wink

 on: 2015-08-04 18:47:24 
Started by kingroka123 - Last post by Neoptolemus
I too like Edge a lot, but there's a problem. Video playback, such as Youtube or even ads, is completely messed up. The sound is corrupted and the video kind of lurches and skips forwards and backwards. I don't have this issue in Chrome.

I've updated my audio and video drivers to the latest Windows 10 specific ones, no improvement. Any suggestions?

Other than that, I'm liking Windows 10. I'm particularly impressed by how fast a cold boot is. I used to never shut down my laptop and just put it to sleep instead with Windows 7, but now a proper shutdown is almost as fast.

 on: 2015-08-04 18:38:48 
Started by erana - Last post by jonjava
Sorry to disturb you.

Apology accepted.

Sorry to contradict you but using copyrighted content without the consent of the copyright owner(s) even though you aren't selling anything is illegal.

Not a contradiction. A technical fact. A weak one at that, almost embarrassingly so, considering the context. Fair use doctrine and all that. But I forgive you and accept your apology.

Edit.: I agree with SHC. Moreover, it's good to accept to start a project by the beginning, even with crappy artworks. When you start making a cake, do you expect that the ingredients will magically appear in front of you? Making a game can require months or years of "work". If you want to get a nice result immediately lazily, maybe game programming isn't for you

There's a saying in my country, something about how nobody is born a smith. Granted it doesn't translate well - but what I'm trying to say, bearing no judgement of course, is that perhaps walking through life with a baguette up one's bum bum may not be the most graceful of parades.

 on: 2015-08-04 18:35:40 
Started by Void_Massive - Last post by KevinWorkman
Yes, of course it was written to be efficient. That's the whole point.

But in my humble opinion, you're asking the wrong question.

Box2D was written to be efficient at performing a specific task. That task is calculating rigid body physics and collision in an arbitrary world space.

So the question is not: "is Box2D efficient?", it's: "is Box2D the right tool for my job?"

You're talking about tile-based collision, which doesn't seem to jive with Box2D. Mario doesn't need to use Box2D. If you're comparing Box2D's "efficiency" against a tile-based collision detector, then that's a completely different question. You can't really talk about efficiency without defining exactly what you mean by "efficient". Otherwise you're comparing apples and oranges. You're also talking about an MMORPG (which is an entirely separate issue, but I'll digress on that one for now), which doesn't seem to jive with Box2D either. What portion of collision calculations are you doing on the server? What are you doing on the client? These are questions that you should answer now instead of later, and they should come before you start asking about the "efficiency" of Box2D.

 on: 2015-08-04 18:29:11 
Started by Void_Massive - Last post by Void_Massive
Thanks for the replies!

I imagine setting up a test would be hard at the moment as I have not worked on network connectivity for the game at all. It would just simple be single player as we speak. I was thinking more in longer term before I burn a lot of time making the physics engine.

It sounds like I'm going to have to dig a little into Box2D source code to see how they are determining their collisions. My main question is whether or not Box2d is efficient. It's easy for us to all implement an engine, but I just want to know if Box2D was written with high efficiency in mind. I'll be staring at their repo link:

 on: 2015-08-04 18:21:26 
Started by israelg99 - Last post by gouessej

Sorry, I have probably missed something obvious but where is the download link? I haven't found it on your main website.

 on: 2015-08-04 18:08:55 
Started by Void_Massive - Last post by jonjava
If you want box2d level physics then you're better off sticking with it. Just be sure to make your game deterministic and probably opt for some kind of lockstep model for syncing the clients.

 on: 2015-08-04 17:41:58 
Started by Void_Massive - Last post by leSpace
Well if you think about it clearly.

You have a tiled map. Your player might be on two different tile at the same time and you apparently check for collisions in the directions he's moving. So given that you would actually check for 2 up to 4 tiles collision, we can think of 6 or even 8 or 10 if your player moves really quickly. Which leads for a hundred of players to at maximum 1000 collisions which is ridiculously not enough to worry about performance. You can start to worry when you reach the 10^5 not so optimized collisions ( well on my  engine i can run 10^6 collisions in less than 10 ms so it depends on the level of optimization of your collision method).

Now if you have other collisions to does you might as well calcul√Ętes the number of collision check that might occur and see about that number.

 on: 2015-08-04 17:00:29 
Started by theagentd - Last post by Riven
One 'problem' with that approach seems to me, that for the launcher to update itself, it has to be launched twice. If the launcher is broken (which is the reason you want it to update itself) this might be a no-op and the player would be stuck. (short of redownloading the installer, which contains the new launcher)

For me it was all about getting 'stage 1' to only download one file, no GUI, no threading, lean and mean - to reduce the chance that it ever needed an update. Once that works reliably you can modify the 'stage 2' updater as often as you want, without any fear that your latest updater will include a bug that will 'brick' the game and breaks the sync, forcing a redownload of a new installer by the player.

Anyway, I feel like I'm pushing it a bit too much, even when I'm 'just' explaining how we did it Pointing

 on: 2015-08-04 16:57:41 
Started by Void_Massive - Last post by trollwarrior1
It depends on what you need. I guess for 2D you can go and write your own physics engine, as long as it doesn't include rotations. It also depends on how you want the objects to interact. Though I doubt that you will run into performance problems on modern PCs with Box2D when only having few hundred objects. You should just try to setup a test and see how well it runs.

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