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 on: 2016-12-06 07:37:29 
Started by bornander - Last post by Stampler
Awesome! The buttons look a lot better, sometimes color changes have a lot of impact.

Thank you, I feel really honored to be mentioned in your game. Smiley I should show it to my kids (if I had any)

Edit: P.S. I guess I am not clever enough to solve the last level in the last world Cry

 on: 2016-12-06 07:21:59 
Started by BurntPizza - Last post by NegativeZero
Been working on AI for my game, came across this paper on the bots in Quake 3 today:

If anyone is interested in that sort of thing, you can check it out.

 on: 2016-12-06 06:08:15 
Started by BurntPizza - Last post by ShadedVertex
Kinda What I did yesterday in normal sense, but technically what I did today since I did it after the date change in the midnight:

I've got SSL on my website!!! It's now
Thank you CloudFlare for offering free SSL.

For some reason, Norton thinks your website is a serious threat, not entirely sure why. It says your website is known to be dangerous.

 on: 2016-12-06 05:29:46 
Started by BurntPizza - Last post by jonjava
Wrote a long post on the Puppyblog.
Give me your filthy cash!!! If I could blag a buck a month out of everyone on JGO...

Cas Smiley
A little personal question. If titan attacks sold as much as steam spy claims, i guess you wouldn't have so much funding troubles. So my suspicions of steamspy accuracy are correct? they are often way off.

Incidentally there is really interesting math with sphere and grids and hexes. It comes to one simple fact. You *cannot* evenly space more than 20 points on the surface of a sphere. Maths.. Who knew.

A respectable number for sure, but Steam takes a minimum of 30%, take away taxes, various costs of running a company, salaries, development time, rent/cost of living, marketing, subcontractors, risk, debt -- frankly I'd be surprised if they broke even.

Plus a funding campaign isn't just about the funding. It's also about marketing and market research bundled into one. You can get a sense of the interest of the game and also spread the word out at the same time among other things.

 on: 2016-12-06 04:03:18 
Started by BurntPizza - Last post by SHC
Kinda What I did yesterday in normal sense, but technically what I did today since I did it after the date change in the midnight:

I've got SSL on my website!!! It's now
Thank you CloudFlare for offering free SSL.

 on: 2016-12-06 01:05:42 
Started by CommanderKeith - Last post by CommanderKeith
I was reading about the interesting survivorship bias recently:

Survivorship bias is where we draw conclusions from the evidence that we see, ignoring the cases that we don't see because they failed and we never heard about them. This leads us to base our conclusions on the exceptions.

It's very kind of Catharsis to share his experiences so we're not mis-guided by the kickstarter success stories where the entrepreneur was probably just lucky. As they say, shit happens, so don't blame yourself for failures, and 'fortune favours the bold', so keep on trying.

I'm surprised that a company would make its "business model" one of repeatedly going back to KickStarter. Don't most people think of KickStart as a place to get a leg up when you are just starting out? I think veteran companies would have a harder time, because of this, and their "customers/supporters" would be increasingly demanding and value conscious rather than altruistic and generous.
Yes I was surprised by this too! If there were any bugs or annoying elements in the original kickstarter game that I bought from that company that they didn't fix, and then I learned that they are embarking on a new game, then I would be a little upset. Perhaps their games are all rock-solid excellent so this doesn't happen.

 on: 2016-12-06 00:30:04 
Started by ChrisM - Last post by MrPork
Iv'e been here nearly 2 years and I'm still a nub.

 on: 2016-12-06 00:24:10 
Started by MrPork - Last post by MrPork
Well I have tried using itemList.clear() but it gives me the same error. In my map changing code I have the below, and it succeeds in adding them to the list but as soon as they start updating it crashes and gives me a concurrent modification error.

Update : I checked to see if the itemList was of the correct size and it is. It's only after adding the objects that it completely boots itself.

   public static void loadMapItems(TiledMap tiledMap, TiledMapRenderer renderer) {
      isLoading = true;
      currentRenderer = renderer;

      if (tiledMap != null) {
         MapLayer collisionObjectLayer = tiledMap.getLayers().get("Objetos");
         MapObjects objects = collisionObjectLayer.getObjects();

         for (MapObject Object : objects.getByType(MapObject.class)) {
            float posX = Object.getProperties().get("x", float.class);
            float posY = Object.getProperties().get("y", float.class);

            if (Object.getProperties().get("item") != null) {

               if (Object.getProperties().get("item").equals("moneda")) {
                  ItemManager.itemList.add(new ItemMoneda(posX, posY));
                  System.out.println("Item :Moneda: created");

               if (Object.getProperties().get("item").equals("mina")) {
                  ItemManager.itemList.add(new ItemMina(posX, posY));
                  System.out.println("Item :Mina: Created");

               if (Object.getProperties().get("item").equals("Santi")) {
                  ItemManager.itemList.add(new ItemSanti(posX, posY));
                  System.out.println("Item :Santi: Created");


            if (Object.getProperties().get("enemy") != null) {

               if (Object.getProperties().get("enemy").equals("malo")) {
                  ItemManager.itemList.add(new ItemMalo(posX, posY));
                  System.out.println("Item :Malo: Created");


      isLoading = false;


 on: 2016-12-06 00:13:48 
Started by bmanmcfly - Last post by VoidBuffer
I'm having a hard time understanding exactly what you would be using tweens for, especially when you mention that you want to apply tween to movement. My understanding of tweens is the manipulation of sprites and effects such as your example of a sprite flashing, not necessarily physics. If you need something to handle physics and angles, you could try and look into Box2D physics which could make your life easier, or maybe even just apply your own collision. As far as tweens go, I feel you can get away with using Actors or Shaders in order to apply effects to your character. All in all I feel it just depends on your approach to how you want to make things like cut scenes. For cut scenes in games, I've seen developers directly manipulate the velocity/position of their models. For example a warcraft cut scene where your character is being controlled, or even in the classic mario brother games when you win a level and he jumps on the flag at the end. Alternatively the larger studio games actually have amazing cinematic scenes that overlap the real game screen, like world of craft and many others... It just depends on how you want to do it.

Just to answer you question, yes an Actor will use a Stage which can be used on a Screen. If you are using Sprites with Spritebatch, then you'll be familiar with having to use spritebatch.begin()/end(). Actors and their Stage object are just like a Sprite/batch with their batch object, but they just offer more features. Check out this post:

Here is my personal example of my main game Screen, which is by no means a definitive go-to guide. I just feel it's helpful to show a different approach to different problems:

Actors - I use them for my in-game UI, because I like applying effects/actions to certain UI buttons. It's as easy to make Actors and have them part of a Stage, because all you need to do is just put that stage into your render() method, and run it. Going deeper, I add my Actors to a Table, which helps me organize my UI so that it's easy to align on my screen. It also helps with resolution scaling because I'm making a desktop game, and my Table will automatically re-scale the properties of all my UI depending on the resolution.

Sprites - I use these for my player/enemy entities. Since I'm making a 2D game, I can get away with simply rotating my sprites when I'm changing direction, and you can swap textures of those sprites with other textures if you want to emulate some sort of complex animation(Or just use 2D Particle Editor).

Shaders - You can use shaders for different types of transition/color effects. This is applied to mostly my sprites, but I already try and make my own solutions before I may use shaders.

 on: 2016-12-05 23:18:12 
Started by mike_bike_kite - Last post by bmanmcfly
@bmanmcfly - 1 - I suspect it's a little late to rewrite the games using a games library, I'm not sure I'd enjoy writing the games that way either though that's a personal preference. 2- Is there no way of transferring the Graphic thing into an image and then resizing that. I'll admit it doesn't sound to performant but as long as I can get ~30 FPS I'd be happy. 3- Regards darkening the screen, would you know how to grab the graphics object into an image that I can then play with? 4- Regards images, I'm quite happy drawing but my problem is I can't work out what to draw that might fit into the game - it's set on a frozen world with cartoon style graphics, ice mountains in the background, snow falling and bubbles to shoot that float through the mist. The bombs I have currently look good and tell you that it's not a good thing running into them. The problem is that spherical bombs with fuses are unlikely to be found in space games.

@darkening - thanks for the example code but can I ask what video is?

I wish I could offer better knowledge on this...

1 - I understand that feeling, especially when it comes to the realization that you'd have to rewrite a significant amount of code, etc...  There was a point when I felt the same way (I was writing c++ for directX, and realized that android / ios games was more realistic and achievable for me), I just went for the engine because then I wouldn't be starting over from scratch... that said, I do understand your desire to make a system for yourself, where you know how everything works with everything else.

2 - I wouldn't know a good way how to accomplish that, a strategy I might try might be something to the effect of, when the program starts, do a detection of the screen size and resolution, and then have a variety of the sprite sheets to handle some of the more common resolutions and then use that data to determine which assets to load...  others probably will have better suggestions.

3- I'm not sure myself, I do know with the "sprite" class that libgdx offers, you can get the image and directly manipulate the alpha and other aspects of the image.... might be useful to check out the source they use to accomplish that.  Otherwise, I'm afraid I'm little help here too.

4- Just throwing this out there, have you considered changing from the old school cartoon bomb to something like the ww2 era sea mines (they look like a sphere with a bunch of needles sticking out)??
I mean, that might still be unlikely in a space game, but it might be a bit less of an inconsistency.... 

alternatively, if you change it to something that looks more like a missile, or bomb dropped from a plane, maybe with a blinking light to signify 'danger'? 

There's no real right or wrong here.

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