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 on: 2015-10-04 19:39:39 
Started by BurntPizza - Last post by orange451
Tried making HBAO Smiley

 on: 2015-10-04 19:34:57 
Started by BurntPizza - Last post by ra4king
What's with the "ágg" in the background of your logo?

 on: 2015-10-04 19:08:13 
Started by fdg - Last post by fdg
Thanks for the feedback.

I've added the snakes speed into the setup-relevant JSON files to be customized and reduced the default speed a tick.
You can multiply it by any float within the game-setup of your choice. E.g. deploy-dir/Snakes360deg/Setups/1/KeepItSmall.json property

or directly within the deploy-dir/Snakes360deg/server.json to overwrite the value of the setup. E.g. wildcard-property

(This is not possible within a release yet, so you have to gradle deploy by yourself. It'll get deployed into build/jar/. Needs Internet connection thought.)

Damn. just noticed inconsistency of those JSON files property names... Will probably change with next release  Grin

Also keep in mind that changing the speed is not 100% gameplay-consistent. A faster snake has more compressed tail, but since all snakes have the same speed it's fair anyways.

The network support is definitely WIP with high priority. Basic structure already exists, but since I didn't keep it up to date with the core Game structure it doesn't work anymore. Thus it's temporarily unavailable and needs major updates.

 on: 2015-10-04 18:59:12 
Started by chaseingalls - Last post by VaTTeRGeR
This time it worked, tried it 5 times until one dl finished successfully.
The game runs smooth but is way too fast and the asteroids are sometimes too dense.
Do you limit the framerate, it seems like the game is going to fast?

 on: 2015-10-04 18:13:39 
Started by fdg - Last post by JscottyBieshaar
I like the game-play.

But the snakes are moving a little bit to fast....

And it would be awesome to make add some networking to this project! that would be awesome! :p

 on: 2015-10-04 18:13:04 
Started by Jens_S - Last post by Jens_S

<a href=";hl=en_US&amp;start=" target="_blank">;hl=en_US&amp;start=</a>

Hi everyone!

My new game "You. Me. Heaven." is finished, and released for PC, Mac, Linux, Android and iPhone/iPad (thanks to the great libGDX and RoboVM!)

The game is an independent follow up on my last game "You. Me. Hell.", but it doesn't really require you to have played the first game. It's a surreal and comedic point-and-click-adventure with pitch-black humor, and two main protagonists. And yes, it’s totally free.

You play the game as the former bully Tova, and the bullying victim called ”The new girl”. Tova used to be a real bully back in school, many years ago. One day a strange shadow knocks her door and brings back a slice of her dirty past.

It's based on a slightly modified version of same engine I wrote for the last game, so there is really not very much new Java in there code actually.  Roll Eyes


Download for PC, Mac and Linux on:

Download for Android on:

Download for iOS on:

If you get stuck, check the walkthrough at:

Happy playing!  Smiley

 on: 2015-10-04 18:06:39 
Started by Archive - Last post by Archive


VSim Public Release Build 5

Things added:
-Longitudinal slip
-Better / more realistic physics
-Time of day Smiley
-Bouncy collision
-A new loading screen with a settings window that uses non-AWT primitive rasterization, as opposed to the previous settings window which used the AWT rasterization methods. (Color scheme for these have also been modified to something that I believe looks nicer)
-New, better map.
-Terrain collision (driving over bumps)
-More appealing color scheme of the car :p

VSim (c) Envel Games 2015


 on: 2015-10-04 17:28:18 
Started by mooman219 - Last post by Roquen
No you're computing the y-component of two rotations.

EDIT: I'd expect the 2-fold symmetry to be obvious here.


 on: 2015-10-04 16:37:14 
Started by chaseingalls - Last post by SHC
The download isn't working for me, and says "Size: 0 KB" at the bottom of the page.  Undecided

It isn't working for me either.
I recommend you this hoster:

It said 0 KB for me too, but the download is working. The downloaded JAR is 1.84 MB for me.

 on: 2015-10-04 16:26:17 
Started by mooman219 - Last post by theagentd
sin(t+x) = cos(x)sin(t)+cos(t)sin(x)
sin(t+y) = cos(y)sin(t)+cos(t)sin(y)

per sim step is cos(t) & sin(t) which is really one trig op...not that it would matter.

{....cos(x),sin(x),cos(y),sin(y)...} packed array.  Speculate loading and skips the trig table lookup.  More accurate, but that probably doesn't matter either.  So 2x (2 look-up, 2 mul, 1 add) per entry.
Uhm, I simply use sin() to get a wavey motion. Each grass patch has a spring system, and the wind force calculation is based on a sinus function. There is no rotation here.

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