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 on: 2016-02-08 23:43:25 
Started by BurntPizza - Last post by princec
Today I put left, right, and first line indents into my text formatting renderer, and before- and after-paragraph spacing controls as well. How very mundane!

I'm doing a lot of text heavy UI work in Battledroid at the moment. There are a lot of windows of information about all the different systems in the battledroids and all the other resources in the game.

Cas Smiley

 on: 2016-02-08 22:33:03 
Started by ags1 - Last post by ags1
I'm surprised the topic hasn't come up on the forum yet:

It's interesting that even the best Go players can't explain exactly why a certain move is good, and now we have built a Go-playing computer, and we can't say precisely (or even vaguely) how it chooses the moves it chooses Smiley

Who knows if Deep Mind has not decided the most efficient way of winning at Go is to subjugate humankind!

I've ben trying to find out what kind of hardware Google need to run this program, but the info just doesn't seem to be online. I wonder how many Watts it sucks down competing with a 20 Watt human brain?

 on: 2016-02-08 20:40:02 
Started by TomahawkJoe - Last post by ivostojanov
Looks pretty nice dude, keep up the good work, I wish you good luck I am sure you will make it until 24th of February :3

I'll be waiting for the download link to try it out  Grin

 on: 2016-02-08 20:17:22 
Started by BurntPizza - Last post by Coldstream24
Coldstream24 it's actually starting to look pretty sweet. Are you writing it in Java?
Yeah, 100% Java.

 on: 2016-02-08 19:20:30 
Started by ivostojanov - Last post by ivostojanov

-AI improved
-All in all the gameplay is balanced
-Paddle reverse hit available if you hit the ball back from where it came from
-Ball speed depends on reverse hits
-"Boost" added, you can use it while holding your paddle steady and holding down the button B
-When you use boost the ball goes straight at a "current speed" and then it bounces in an random trajectory.
-3 reverse hits = +1 boost, each player has 3 boost when the game starts
-args1 took the advice for the round look on the paddles, you were right it looks better and feels better, thanks :3
-I made the pause on one button only, because some people were confused(P to pause and then P to unpause.).
-When the game starts it automatically starts with a boost, and when you continue playing(play again) the ball chooses a trajectory randomly.

All in all the whole game is running around the reverse(perfect) hits right now.

<--------NEW CONTROLS--------->
-W/S for movement
-P to Pause and Unpause
-B for Boost(while holding the paddle steady)
-ENTER to Play Again!

!-And finally to download this version press here.

And once again thanks to everyone who took the time to comment and give advice, it gave me lots of ideas, inspiration and motivation!

 on: 2016-02-08 17:49:37 
Started by FrozenShade - Last post by FrozenShade
I never heard anything wrong about, I'm using it for a long time... Maybe try to install adblock?

Few more screens (on postimage, because I uploaded them earlier).

 on: 2016-02-08 17:31:48 
Started by EgonOlsen - Last post by EgonOlsen
Was this a solo endeavor or did you have a small team to help you?
I did the coding, the game design, the world and map building and the writing (quests and dialogs and such). But I used a lot of assets from either free or cheap sources, some models were build by members of the jPCT-community and I had a native english speaker, who did the proofreading of the english version. So it was no team effort, but it wasn't me alone either.

 on: 2016-02-08 17:21:39 
Started by SolarLune - Last post by SolarLune

I wanted to just pop in here and let you guys know about an open-source cross-platform 3D game engine that I've been contributing to called BDX.

What Is This?

BDX is a 3D Java-based game engine integrated with Blender and powered by LibGDX. Being that it's integrated with Blender, it runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux. As it runs on LibGDX, it should export to Windows, Mac, Linux, HTML5, Android, and iOS.

Hahaha, OK, But Really, What Is This?

Overall, BDX is a fairly light "engine" that's kind of a bridge between Blender and LibGDX. It provides advanced functionality that's not there under vanilla LibGDX (like per-pixel lighting, components, and input maps), and exports data from Blender to use in the engine. So it kind of turns Blender into a full game engine.

It's just easier to call BDX as a whole an "engine" than explain it all completely, haha.

But Why, Though?

The biggest reason to use BDX is that it's Blender-integrated, which means that you don't need to import or export anything. You push P in Blender's 3D window, and the entire Blender scene gets exported to run. This means that in addition to there being no importing and exporting, Blender can directly serve as your world editor. You place things where you want, and they'll be there when you play the game.

The second is that in this integration is supported lots of built-in features that are available from Blender's GUI itself, like the materials, physics settings, object properties, parenting, and other things. For most of this stuff, we use the settings available under Blender's Game render mode (at the top of the 3D view), though BDX comes with a Blender add-on to add a couple of game-related panels (and perform the heavy stuff behind the scenes).

Another reason is that we have a clean, game-focused API, which makes things like moving, rotating, coloring, tinting, swapping materials or models for, or checking for collisions between GameObjects simple and pain-free. To make things easy, you can either code in Blender's text editor, or set up an IDE to code with (which I'd recommend). BDX can use either one.

And How???

We've got documentation over at the Github homepage. The General Overview page lists some of the features alongside some example code for you to see how the various aspects of BDX work. The creator of the engine has video tutorials up (which, by now, might be a bit outdated), and I've started on a set of written tutorials, though they're kinda... Well, they could be improved upon, haha. They just don't really go into making a full game, but rather explain the game development process from the beginning, more-so.

What's It Look Like?

Most of what you'd be looking at is just standard Blender and an IDE. However, here's some old shots of what it looks like, and an old finished game in the last pic.


Thanks! Please feel free to check it out!

 on: 2016-02-08 17:12:23 
Started by Neoptolemus - Last post by KaiHH
Just noticed that today is JOML's first birthday! Smiley

Celebrating this anniversary with a new 1.7.0 release and the first steps of expanding JOML into the realms of geometric intersection algorithms, some of which are already being used by @theagentd in WSW.
They can be interesting for people wanting to do their own physics, which does not require a full physics engine like jBullet, or just for checking whether things intersect each other.

 on: 2016-02-08 15:28:14 
Started by Archive - Last post by Archive
A video showing weather particles, mining, and equipment wearing. Smiley

<a href=";hl=en_US&amp;start=" target="_blank">;hl=en_US&amp;start=</a>

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