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 on: 2017-08-21 20:51:17 
Started by philfrei - Last post by FabulousFellini
Yeah I'm not too good with SQL.  Most use it to grab info, not insert it!

 on: 2017-08-21 20:45:40 
Started by philfrei - Last post by Riven
INSERT jokeAboutTheEclipse INTO Programmer_jokes WHERE date IS NOW();

Conditional inserts? This joke has too many layers Pointing

 on: 2017-08-21 19:08:48 
Started by BurntPizza - Last post by J0
Needed a default string for an app but couldn't go with
static final String S_TO_SET = "'74_ao16/*%LQ^&*(jw))(*&^%'anvo";

I reckon no one is gonna enter that, right? Roll Eyes

 on: 2017-08-21 18:11:59 
Started by philfrei - Last post by FabulousFellini
INSERT jokeAboutTheEclipse INTO Programmer_jokes WHERE date IS NOW();

 on: 2017-08-21 16:00:55 
Started by unenergizer - Last post by pavul
ok man, I think I don't understood your question, first, can u tell us what do you want to achieve, I think also, your problems comes from the design, for example what do you want to achieve with that mongo db conecction, you may know that opening and closing connections to db is to much process consuming, you should think a better way to accomplish what you want, in this case how the game you have has to communicate with mongo,  and are you sure mongo is the better option, what about others DBMS?

 on: 2017-08-21 15:26:13 
Started by pavul - Last post by pavul
Now write a function to do vertical testing, almost the same way, except for the Y-axis Smiley

If you have that up and running, you might want to improve your checking by making the vertical function check not on the sprite's-xAxis-center, but on both the left and right foot.. but don't worry about that too much for now, just try get this up and running!

oh and in case you need some live example, here's one of my opensource projects:

now my example is working I had to create another function that is checking if the sprite is in the air and if is, I will process gravity again.

 on: 2017-08-21 13:35:01 
Started by unenergizer - Last post by unenergizer
NOTE: I know this is not a "Bukkit" or Minecraft related website, but I believe the awesome people here will have more knowledge of database design with Mongo than the kids do on the Minecraft forums. Thank you for your time and your assistance!

I am needing advice on how to solve a Mongo database design issue. As such, I have multiple plugins that need to read/write to Mongo. Each plugin uses a "main" or core plugin to communicate with MongoDB. Each plugin holds data related to that particular plugin. Questions and code references provided below.

Plugin Setup Example:

Core Plugin:

 - MongoDB Access.
 - Utility Classes.
 - Shared classes among all plugins.
 - This plugin is used on all servers.

Minigame Plugin:

 - Contains a variety of games.
 - Each game within the plugin needs to save game specific statistics
   (kills, times played, etc).
 - Will continue to be expanded to have more games and more data to save.
 - This plugin is *not* used on all servers.

Some future plugin:

 - Will need to save data that is currently unknown but will be designed
   in the future.

Some questions regarding the design for this specific setup:

 1. Should all data for each current plugin and future plugins and
    features use one specific Mongo database document?
 2. Should each plugin have it's own document?
 3. As features expand and new data needs to be saved and retrived, how
    do I prevent NullPointerExceptions due to old profiles not
    containing new data (for instance a new minigame release)?

My original thoughts were to pack everything into one single profile document. However not all data in the document would be needed for ever server. So my next idea was to refactor the current setup and separate my database design into multiple documents based on each plugin. However this seems clunky and my lack of experience shows.  I am looking for an intelligent design based around my current circumstances. Multiple plugins with constantly evolving sets of data.

My code for reference:

My current profile read/write code:
My profile data class:

 on: 2017-08-21 12:49:16 
Started by BurntPizza - Last post by LiquidNitrogen
My weather experiments are turning out interesting. The mountains and forests alter the wind flow, and the weather patterns change over the seasons. Now it needs to do something with heat and moisture so it can create rain and snow in the right places.

 on: 2017-08-21 02:09:00 
Started by lifemakers - Last post by lifemakers
Version 3 of Battle of the Pucks is now on! What's new:

- OBSTACLES! Barriers, borders, walls, pegs... think pinball. The new Level 8 (ten new boards!) introduces a new element into the game: see if you can hit the exact walls at exact angles to sweep away the enemy pucks. Insanely challenging and insanely addictive!

- New colors and new sounds!

- Fixed an immersive-mode bug on Android 7.1.

New video (for Level 8 with obstacles):

 on: 2017-08-21 02:03:28 
Started by otoomey - Last post by theagentd
Am I insane? -> yes. But is it really crazier then drawing 2D stuff in OpenGL?
Yeah, it is. OpenGL is used for 2D stuff all the time. GPUs can really only draw 2D stuff in the first place; you project your 3D triangles to 2D triangles, so it makes a lot of sense to use the GPU for accelerating 2D stuff as well.

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