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 on: 2017-06-29 13:12:07 
Started by nsigma - Last post by Spasi
I was there last year. It's unlike any other (un)conference you may have been to and definitely worth the trip.

The mornings are tightly packed with 5-6 sessions going on at once. Lots of diversity and many interesting topics to choose from (or host yourself). Then you get to visit some of the most beautiful locations in Greece and have amazing food. The most interesting discussions happen in small groups, while driving to a destination, or relaxed on a beach. I was actually having useful discussions up to 2' before boarding my return flight.

No matter what, don't miss the trip to Balos!

 on: 2017-06-29 12:01:56 
Started by nsigma - Last post by SteveSmith
Seen as hardly anyone goes by their real name on here!  Grin  Anyone else going to be at JCrete this year?

I've never heard of this before.  If someone's paying for the flights, I'd go in a shot.  Although I'd prefer JCyprus!

 on: 2017-06-29 11:10:47 
Started by philfrei - Last post by nsigma
It's also tough to say there is much of a / any market for Java based audio / engine software that is interfaced via an OOP / Java API.

Considering how many of those already exist (including a pretty powerful one in the JRE), I have to concur!  There are some niche use cases for Java based audio, such as requiring more flexibility than integration with a native tool like SuperCollider can give you, but I doubt you'll ever be able to make any money from it.  It's one of those things where if you make it as free as possible, people might use it, but if you seek to charge for it people will just look elsewhere.

Incidentally, speaking of SuperCollider and license, it's interesting that Processing's new sound library is based on Methcla - that's a potentially more lightweight and better licensed option for games. 

 on: 2017-06-29 10:43:43 
Started by nsigma - Last post by nsigma
Seen as hardly anyone goes by their real name on here!  Grin  Anyone else going to be at JCrete this year?

 on: 2017-06-29 08:42:43 
Started by MattWorks - Last post by princec
While @KevinWorkman's advice is sound I suspect from the very nature of this post you are at the very very beginning of your computing career, and things like algorithms and data structures are very high-brow science to the beginner. With that in mind, take these two pieces of advice dearly to heart (should be written on a stone tablet or something):

Make it work, then make it fast


Premature optimisation is the root of all evil

Which in your case here means... just get it working without problems using brute force coding, no matter how slow it is, so you can understand the nature of the problem you've got fully. Then, if and only if it's too slow for your purposes, start thinking about how to make it faster, which will be a whole other thread and get quite exciting as everyone comes up with genius optimisations and complex data structures, and then at the end of it you'll tell us there were only ever going to be 20 blobs anyway and everyone will slink off feeling stupid.

Cas Smiley

 on: 2017-06-29 08:22:44 
Started by girthquake - Last post by girthquake

I made a liquid goo simulator.

Phone: touch the screen / back button - reset
PC: click the screen / ESC - reset / SPACE - debug renderer

Put it on your phone:

Runnable jar:

 on: 2017-06-29 08:18:41 
Started by MattWorks - Last post by SteveSmith
If they're circles, I'd just check the radii rather than convert to rectangles.

 on: 2017-06-29 05:37:43 
Started by philfrei - Last post by philfrei
Ok. I have it all posted, using BSD. All the links seem to work.
Will sleep on it, and post on the audio thread tomorrow.
There was a shit-ton of documentation and proofing.
Probably all sorts of dubious choices made.
It is going to go up anyway.

 on: 2017-06-29 02:28:50 
Started by MattWorks - Last post by KevinWorkman
So should I create a LinkedList to hold the other blobs or how would I go about doing that?

Sure, you could store your circles in some kind of data structure and loop over all of them to check for collisions.

But note that this is going to be very slow for large numbers of circles. You might want to look into circle packing algorithms instead.

 on: 2017-06-29 01:40:20 
Started by orange451 - Last post by orange451
It's been nearly a year since I last released First Recon. Although this game has the same name, it is much different. I wanted to restart the game because the older premise I felt did not stand out enough from other titles; It turned into a more generic COD styled shooter.
First Recon is an attacker/defender style FPS where the defender's room is randomly generated. It is quite basic at the moment, but I plan to add more content as time goes on!

Download: WEBSITE

WSAD - Movement
Left click - Shoot
Right click - Aim
Space - Jump
G - Drop Item
E - Pick Up Item
M - Map

The Defenders (Terrorists) control a randomly generated room. The room has 2 entrances that the Attackers (Counter-Terrorists) must use them to eliminate their target. The Attackers start off in an arsenal where they can pick their weapons and grenades. The Defenders start with pistols, but have to explore their map to see if there are any short-range guns laying around.

Screen Shots:

I plan to rewrite the generation system to allow for much more complex maps. This is mostly a proof-of-concept at the moment. There will be more guns, and eventually game-modes. The first game-mode I plan to create is a bomb-defusal where the terrorists can plant the bomb anywhere inside their building.

Closing information:
You need a graphics card capable of OpenGL 3.2 and you need Java 8. You should have a decently strong CPU 2.6 Ghz and above seems to work nicely. I've tested this on both Windows and Mac (not linux) and runs reasonably well. Windows has better performance (with the same hardware).

The game has a few crash bugs that I am working on fixing. Though, it never seems to crash for me; always other people. They'll get tracked down eventually!

Also, I am aware of the jittering physics. I am not sure how to fix it at this time though!

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