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 on: 2015-01-25 09:40:45 
Started by minigame - Last post by minigame
A few things have been changed. The client was tweaked a bit so it could be built with java1.6 since most MC users have that version.. Player usernames render above heads, and now each player's last chat message will render above their head for up to 2200ms.
It's not much, but these little (daily?) updates can to add up fast  Tongue

Next update is going to be refined multi-player rendering, meaning any inaccuracies will be debugged and solved. Maybe soon I will record a thorough multi-player session and upload an up-to-date video to YouTube seeing as the only clip of this game is from the initial offline build

 on: 2015-01-25 06:17:29 
Started by Robo11 - Last post by Robo11
Hello, This a bit of a silly problem, But i really am stuck.

So, Ive been implementing greedy meshing into my game. I have come up with some code that takes a 2D array of voxel heights for terrain, And makes a quad going from that height (The side of the terrain), To the ground (Or to the height of the voxel height to the back of the quad). This code works great! The only problem, Is that the code is only written to iterate through the array of heights one way, So it only adds quads for one side of the terrain.

Ive considered rotating the array, And then some how rotating the result back (The method returns the top left corner of the quad, And the bottom right).

Any ideas on this? If you are interested, Here is my code:


 on: 2015-01-25 05:52:25 
Started by Rayvolution - Last post by Rayvolution
InDev 12 is finally completed! InDev 12 introduces tons and tons of new features, including a fully functional save system, settings menu, a profile system, a completely rewritten resource system, dozens of AI tweaks, game play balances, and tons of rendering optimizing! This might be one of the largest updates yet!

You can report bugs over at the official website's Support and Bugs Forum, or on the Steam Discussion Board. Smiley

InDev 12 Change Log
- New save system! You can now save your game!
- The game now "ends" when all your villagers are dead.
- Added a new profile system, now you have five profile slots to use to have 5 completely independent games with their owns saves and settings configurations.
- Added a new settings menu, you can now configure many settings, including key bindings and volume.
- You can now toggle between "Retro" and the new "Smooth" particle mode, found in the new settings menu.
- Added a new map, "Hunted".
- Added a new map "Bottleneck".
- Updated Angstrom Zaio to V1.3
- Added "Dragonisser's Map V3.1" by Dragonisser to Developer's Choice.
- Added map "Iberia" by Json The Candyman to Developer's Choice.
- Moved all non-functional, work in progress and experimental maps to "InDev and Test Maps"
- New hotkeys added, including brush up and down, tab pop out toggles, hide topography and many more. Check the new Settings menu for the full list.
- Days are now 2.5 minutes per cycle, 15 minutes per day.
- Tweaked memory usage for windows machines.
- Fixed "jumpy" transitioning between states under high loads.
- Map editor loads in "Midday" instead of "Dawn" now.
- Saved map's map preview now use .BMP instead of .PNG.
- New map writer, you can now save a full sized image of your entire map with a single button click in the Map Editor. The output will be in /screenShots/
- Full sized minimaps are no longer generated on save, but instead saved with the map writer alongside the full sized map.
- New file format for almost all the saves. Old data will still load, and will be converted to he new format next save.
- Branch new item resource system, now resources are all their own proper objects. They are much more flexible, and you'll see some great things down the pipeline come from the new system.
- Resources now have multiple variation images.
- Added new song, "Pixel Village".
- Added new song, "Try Again!".
- Villagers are much more likely to breed now.
- Villagers now pick up the resources closest to them, rather than the old First In Last Out system.
- Builders can now only harvest resources they actively need to build with.
- Harvesting is now random, there is no priority system. Villagers will attempt to harvest selected resources near them, if nothing is near them they will pick a random spot to harvest from.
- Builders now "loop" through building and dismantling tasks, as soon as they complete the task they reattempt to build or dismantle again on the same building.
- Farmers can now work in all farms at once, but prioritize working in their own.
- Monsters will now attack more often if they are in town.
- Villagers now have a much greater chance to flee overall, and and even higher chance when not within their town.
- Children now almost always flee.
- Villagers can now only build, deliver and dismantle on the range map. Exception being a dismantle task that is not in range.
- Path finding calculations speed increased.
- Fixed "Unreachable resources" lag when you selected resources on the map that were not blocked, but the villagers still couldn't access.
- Added harvested crystal artwork.
- Added melodies for births, leveling up and death.
- Villager XP is now 150*Level per level for adults, and 100*Level per level for children. (was 50*level for both)
- Increased mob rendering speeds.
- Added render culling to floating text and icons.
- Greatly improved zoom speed, it is now instant on most machines.
- Particles and Mobs can now render on the main menu.
- The main menu cycles between maps "Hunted" and "The Quiet Forest"
- Towers now have a chance to stun monsters.
- Getting stunned on hit is now random chance, based on how hard you were hit.
- Fixed a bug that would cause the flee AI to cancel if a mob's position overlapped the mob it was fleeing from.
- Fixed a bug that when the it was midnight (Real time) the main menu would be solid black.
- New game mode: Peaceful. Minimal monster spawns, and you start with 32 villagers.
Increased maximum map description length to 240 characters.
- Added Hitbox link to the main menu and disclaimer.
- Added a splash image when the .exe is loading. (Windows only)
- Fixed a slowdown when resources existed to be picked up, and buildings existed to be worked on, but the resources were already assigned to other workers.
- Fixed a bug where pack members were not being removed from the pack on death.
- Fixed a bug that was not removing mates from their spouses when they died.
- Starting villagers is now random between 20 and 28.
- Play mode now saved on exit, even if you close the window.
- Monster spawn system changed, it is no longer based on how much open void there is. The rate stays consistent on all maps.
- Mate now fades out when going to the other mate's home.
- Lighting is overall brighter.
- Essence collector recharge rate increased to once every 100 ticks, from once every 150.
- Farm wood requirement changed from 64 to 32.
- Small farm requirement changed from 16 to 24.
- Loading all 3 cloud types now, for some reason we were only loading one.
- Added a "You lose" screen, although it does not delete the map yet. Just saves and exits.
- Fixed a very rare crash when if two villagers were in route to a house to mate, and one of them starved to death before they arrived, the game would crash.
- Reduced the amount of blood overall. No more insanely huge pools anymore, but still pretty gory.
- Increased Firebolt Tower range to from 8 to 12.
- Added render culling for the mob's health bars and collision box.
- Particle emitter update logic speed optimized.
- Greatly increased the rendering speed of the map.
- Fixed the tile map texture bleeding issues on the main menu, and rarely in-game.
- Added a new map writer, can now write 1:1 copies of the map to the screen shots folder.
- Made the construction outline opaque
- Now the game detects if you have a 32bit or 64bit copy of windows, and executes the correct bundled JRE accordingly.

 on: 2015-01-25 01:27:15 
Started by Archive - Last post by Archive
So I was in Vegas for a bit and it inspired me to do this

nothing big

 on: 2015-01-25 00:34:45 
Started by CopyableCougar4 - Last post by basil_

 on: 2015-01-25 00:33:37 
Started by hansielneff - Last post by Jeasonfire
Just make a few simple games with plain Java, and when you feel like it, learn a high level library (like LibGDX, which is more like an engine), and if you feel like you want to get more into the low-level stuff, consider something like LWJGL.

But remember, make games, not "engines" or "libraries", that just slows you down. Have fun making games, it's much more enjoyable, and you'll make faster progress that way. Smiley

 on: 2015-01-25 00:26:58 
Started by CopyableCougar4 - Last post by CopyableCougar4
Nevermind. I am a complete derp. I forgot that I call the method applying tints in my text rendering (separately) and that one uses white as the tint.

 on: 2015-01-25 00:22:49 
Started by divxdede - Last post by basil_
with AA :

#version 120

varying vec2 v_boundingBoxPosition;

void main() {
    float d  = dot( v_boundingBoxPosition , v_boundingBoxPosition ) * 0.5;
    float edge = fwidth(d);
    // float alpha = step(0.5, d);
    float alpha = smoothstep(0.5 - edge, 0.5 + edge , d);
    gl_FragColor = vec4(1.0,1.0,0.0, alpha);


 on: 2015-01-25 00:17:05 
Started by hansielneff - Last post by Cero
Not only do you wanna use a pre made engine like libgdx (engine is a loose term)
you also probably NEVER want to write your own engine EVER. Unless that is specifically something you want to dedicate many years of your life to and imply that you can do better or as good as existing solutions.

 on: 2015-01-25 00:14:00 
Started by orange451 - Last post by Cero

Now, that's a name I've not heard in a long time.
That's a shame, I guess you dont deal with retro games a lot.
Recently watched Once Upon Atari which had a segment explaining all of the 3DO history actually.

I read something today that made me think of this game. It would be brilliant if you could combine this game with the Microsoft Hololens (I know, even the Dev Kit is not out yet). Then the army men could do their thing in your actual living room.,news-20346.html

Great thing is... MS have integrated hololens with Minecraft, so there is definitely some kind of Java interface for it. Thanks Notch!

Peter Molyneux warns Microsoft against "over-promising" with Windows Holographic
Dont be a fool.
People in the VR business like Carmack and Abrash said augmented reality is way way way more complicated and farther away than VR.
It's not coming anywhere soon. And once it does Microsoft will not pioneer it... The company that still has bluescreens and every product the release is buggy and unfinished to meet deadlines ? nah.
If anything google glasses will come along in the next 20 years

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