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 on: 2019-02-19 00:42:29 
Started by Zemlaynin - Last post by Zemlaynin
I think the minimum system requirements should be GPU ~ GTX-660 2gb
About the demo... I can't say about the nearest time, there is still a lot to be done.

 on: 2019-02-18 20:18:26 
Started by Zemlaynin - Last post by VaTTeRGeR
Oh ok, so the minimum requirements will be something around 2nd/3rd generation Intel CPUs integrated graphics:

Are you planning on releasing a demo sometime in the near future?

 on: 2019-02-18 19:30:20 
Started by Apo - Last post by Apo
Thanks for your reply.

Now every image in the imagesheet is 26px x 26px and repeats the last pixels and everythings looks good.
Like I said big thank you.

Now the game looks better in html and at android devices.

 on: 2019-02-18 17:54:32 
Started by Apo - Last post by KaiHH
The problem is likely nearest neighbor filtering sometimes taking false/wrong neighbor texels from another tile when sampling, because the corners/edges of your tiles use texture coordinates at the very corners/edges of the respective texture tile texels within the texture atlas. The solution is to offset and scale your texture coordinates, such that at the corners/edges of your tile, you do not use e.g. (0,0) or (1,1) as texture coordinates - which would be situated at the corners/edges of the texture - but use texture coordinates that lie exactly at the center of a texel.
The following image should visualize this:

The black raster should denote your texels. So at the center we have four texels. The red square should denote your tile and the texture coordinates it was given for its corners. (for this example, just suppose that the texture coordinates are from (0,0) to (1,1) for a single tile).
So, the whole thing is a tile mapped to a 2x2 texels texture part within the texture atlas.
The green part is the texture part of the tile we're interested in.
The blue arrows then tell, that for the pixel at this very location (on the red edge), the nearest neighbor could be to the left of that edge sometimes, or to the right of that edge.
The smaller green square is the correctly down-scaled texture coordinates. This should still apply to the outer red/black square, but uses texture coordinates that map to the respective centers of the texels, so that no nearest neighbor filtering will ever choose a false neighbor outside of the tile's texture space within the texture atlas.

 on: 2019-02-18 16:33:26 
Started by Apo - Last post by Apo

I made a game with the resolution 960px x 960px. Everythings works fine, but when I try the web or the android version, there are some unsightly strokes as you can see here
I use one image sheet for all images. My pixel size for a tile is 24x24 and after 24 pixel the next sprite is in the image.
The problem: You can see, sometimes one pixel of the next or previous sprite is shown. In my opinion it is a problem with the scaling because the html version and the android version has to be scaled to fit to the screen.

Now my question ... what can I do? One sprite = one image? But then I have MANY images ...

 on: 2019-02-18 10:31:49 
Started by Zemlaynin - Last post by Zemlaynin
In fact, this scale in the game will not. With this removal of the camera, the map will switch to strategic 2D mode.

Therefore, there is no sense in Instancing and Imposters.

The standard view will be something similar:

And it's now on my working GT710 - 31FPS
GT710 is not a gaming graphics card Smiley

 on: 2019-02-18 10:19:18 
Started by Zemlaynin - Last post by VaTTeRGeR
Love to see this evolve, the art gets better and better with every update Smiley

Do you always get 10 - 30 fps on a GTX660 when zoomed out? Are single tiles/subtiles a draw-call each or do pack them together in large buffers? Are you using instancing yet?

 on: 2019-02-18 07:24:16 
Started by Zemlaynin - Last post by Zemlaynin
development Diary №34

Hello dears!
It's been more than a month since the last diary. Frankly, it was a hard month for me in terms of development.

Most of the time was devoted to the construction of the structure of society, the interaction of the population, the transition from one stratum to another. It took a lot of time to build economic ties.

At one point, I decided to throw some scheme of our project, which allowed a little systematize all my thoughts and see the degree of implementation of certain tasks. Who is interested to assess the scale, you can see the resulting scheme:

In between work on the gameplay part of the thing with the mountains, and returned them again to the ice caps:

Alexey made new optimized palm trees-270-350 triangles on one subtile

Great result with such a landfill!

I also managed to experiment with the user interface and made this sketch:

And more or less brought him to mind:

I prefer this interface concept. Before the interface was very heavy and it looked as if looking into the tube. But now clearly lacks any curls Smiley

Then I experimented with transparent objects, we had an idea to implement such fields initially:

But, in the end, we decided to focus on such an option:

In a long box I had the task of building walls around our settlements. Alexey made models, already as half a year ago, but his hands did not reach them. I had to dust them off.:

The problem was not trivial, it was necessary to carry out a lot of calculations to determine the need for a wall with an entrance, here is an example of such a case:

And here is masterpiece deciduous trees on 800 triangles on subtil:

Then I broke everything.:

There came a ten-day period of optimization and rethinking of everything that was done on the render.
And all this is due to the fact that I came up with one idea, how else to optimize our render. Unfortunately, I was not able to implement all my ideas, so to speak, theoretical calculations went against the practical results.

But the result was still impressive. The first thing I want to mention — we now have 16 subtiles on the tile, and was 9. Before mesh subflow was 3x3, 4x4 now. 484 tops against 1089 now. The number of vertices per tile has increased 2.25 times, and the performance has remained at the same level and the map generation is now faster, as the most time-consuming process of normals calculation is now faster. This happened due to the fact that I removed from the calculations all the numbers with a period after the decimal point, such as 1\3 and 2\3. Now all calculations on both CPU side so GPU are faster.

This is especially noticeable on large and huge worlds:

The increase in the number of vertices and subflow allowed to implement more realistic mountains:

Now our render takes out 32 million polygons !!! True to my GTX660 IS only 10FPS

Alteration of the whole world on the structure of 4x4 sub-tails resulted in alteration of generation of mountains, hills, rivers, scaling of all models. Which together took those 10 days.

 - Also, the following points have been implemented about which I would like to briefly tell:
 - Normalmaps for the whole of terrane.
 - An error with the calculation of normalmap.
 - Corrected an interface error on the containers voznikayuschaya when the MouseEntered MouseExited events.
 - Go to / from full screen mode by pressing F11.

A lot of time I took one bug:

5 hours I killed on his the search Smiley

Thank you for your attention!

 on: 2019-02-18 00:11:57 
Started by SolitudeGaming - Last post by SolitudeGaming
Just wanted to give a little update as it's been quite a while.

World of Warcraft 2D is still under-development. Most of the source is being re-written and I'm trying to make it as clean as possible. I've created a new repository for this project as the previous one was very messy and hard to read and understand. I'm trying hard to remain goal-oriented with this project by performing weekly tasks for the project as opposed to jumping around to different areas every other day.

Also, this is absolutely not necessary, by any means. But, motivation can dwindle from time to time while working full-time and attending uni and as such, it can be easy to lose focus. I've decided to open up the option to donate if anyone would like as they would be very much appreciated. A link to the Paypal can be found on the GitHub under the Support section.

World of Warcraft 2D Github

 on: 2019-02-15 20:22:09 
Started by FabulousFellini - Last post by FabulousFellini
Ok thanks man, I'll give it a try.

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