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 on: 2015-04-27 02:04:13 
Started by boxsmith - Last post by jonjava ?

 on: 2015-04-27 00:58:40 
Started by Olo - Last post by Lucasmontec
You can reverse engineer face detection algorithms to generate face-like images. This narrows your data set and solves the '''''searching''''' problem. I'm curious by the way, why face generation like this? Why not just background faces that have certain assets at certain places? Or morphing? Anything would be easier. lol

 on: 2015-04-27 00:55:51 
Started by Olo - Last post by Olo

@Lucasmontec thats what i expected tbh xd Also, i saw that video some time ago. It's nothing special, just a way to encode and decode a b&w bitmap image. I don't see whats all the fuzz about in the internet. But i must admit, it was fun to write a encoder. I then encoded a *funny* image, copied the number to my phone, then wrote it in my friend's notebook  Grin Cool  (next level d*ck drawing)

@BurntPizza I will try to figure it out on a rainy evening. I've never dealt with decision trees before  persecutioncomplex

 on: 2015-04-27 00:52:43 
Started by boxsmith - Last post by boxsmith
Hey folks. I've got an RGB32F texture, and I have to cram two vec3s into it. All vector values are in the [0, 1] range. Does anyone know how? If so, please share your method.

 on: 2015-04-27 00:21:34 
Started by DavidBVal - Last post by DavidBVal
    What a helpful and detailed playtesting! I can't thank you enough. I hope it indeed was somewhat fun, to make up for all the work.

    I won't comment on topics that I could clearly identify as a bug. Already working on the fixes. About the rest:

I got two crashes. You should have got the bug reports already via Android's default means. One was a null pointer when I tried to speak to some guy in Kings...(?) and one happened in the prison when I entered the room with the cultist leader. I could restart the app and continue from there though.[/li][/list]

The first one yeah, got it fixed. But the cultist leader, do you remember how it happened, exactly? when you enter the room, the view is supposed to scroll to him, then he says a line, and finally combat starts. Probably you don't remember, but if you do... do you remember if he managed to say his line at all?

The size of the UI elements like buttons are just a little too small on the Nexus 4's display for my taste. They are still usable, but i would like to have them a little bit larger.

The hard choice here is, larger UI elements leave less screen. But things such as that will certainly be adjusted before release.

When walking to the left, the player's weapon switches hands. Up, down and right the player is right handed, but walking to the left, he/she suddenly becomes left handed... Wink

okay,  Grin you caught me red handed. It is a compromise... by doing that, I save a LOT of memory from sprites. The fun thing here is, evident as it is, out of 15+ testers, you're the first person to notice. Good eye. Now don't tell anyone!  Cool

...however, you can't escape the enemies. At least I couldn't. Once you ran into a pack of enemies or a white wolf or similar, you are basically screwed. It should be possible to run away IMHO. The only option seems to be to try to leave the sector, which is basically abusing a technical limitation as an element of the game play...which I actually don't like.

Looking into the logs, I see you didn't take the Kick skill. It slows down enemies. Still, you're probably right, monsters should at some point give up the chase.

I really really really want to be able to save the game without walking back to a town/inn. The way it is now, gameplay involves a lot of back tracking and the fact that enemies respawn after some time, makes it almost impossible to clear a dungeon from all enemies. Yes, you can buy potions but they are pretty expensive and not very powerful.
As mentioned, there's a lot of back tracking. Not enough to make me dislike the game but enough to enter "ahh, not again..."-mode.

Death penalty and recovery... this is an almost philosophical debate. Definitely, before release, I'll make things somewhat easier. There will be options to (at a cost) save the game at small shrines closer to dungeons or something like that. But I believe, the fact of not being able to have many different saves, and try out different conversation options, adds to the immersion. And yes, I intentionally made it a game of resource management... HPs are limited, there is no regeneration nor will be, so the better you manage them, the deeper you'll get into a dungeon and better rewards you'll find. But of course, it is very hard for me the developer to gauge if I'm being too harsh and ruining player's fun, I'll take into account your experience and come up with something that works.

Incidentally, I think you didn't take almost any points in Class skills, just in the General skills. Whirlwind and Resilience make the game easier, I think. Kick helps with the "not dying" part.

The flow isn't quite right yet. The generic quests are a little too vague for me to be able to complete them except by accident, so I ended up grinding more than I would like to to level up.
Enemies and items completely respawn after some time. I actually don't like that, because it makes killing enemies pointless except for the player's benefit. I think it would be ok if some of the enemies would respawn, but not all of them.
I don't like the day-night cycle. I know that every RPG is supposed to have one, but it just annoys me. Nothing is different at night time. All the NPCs and enemies are still there, it's just darker. I want to walk around in full sunlight! Just ask yourself: Have you ever played and RPG with a day-night cycle where you actually liked night time? I didn't and I've never met anybody who did!

All of it is too true, and here is where the fact the game is incomplete shows the most. Generated quests and encounters are sketchy, and dungeons are very static yet, but you'll be able to change them into different "stages". You'll be able to ultimately "defeat" the goblins and reopen the mines, for instance. And sometimes you'll find a town besieged, and things like that. But that's still... months away. Tongue

Regarding day-night cycles, my idea is that night will be different, the undead will be stronger, and some NPCs and encounters will only happen at day or at night. But I am considering scrapping the whole thing for some time already, so we'll see.

 on: 2015-04-27 00:11:26 
Started by Olo - Last post by BurntPizza
Instead of asking "is this a face or not" and iterating over all possible images, figure out some way of determining "how much does this look like a face" and then you can make it an optimization problem, which allows for methods of search pruning.

 on: 2015-04-27 00:03:24 
Started by Olo - Last post by Lucasmontec
Just for the fun of it I took liberty to calculate how many years would take to generate all those images at a 1 img/ms.
The number is too big to paste here so:

What you could do is limit that image generation using a cellular automata
Also also, there is a video about the formula you want to play with:

<a href=";hl=en_US&amp;start=" target="_blank">;hl=en_US&amp;start=</a>

 on: 2015-04-26 23:42:54 
Started by oasix - Last post by Lucasmontec
Your game looks nice. Sounds nice. You just need to polish it a bit more before releasing it. You can jump so high in the first level you can see behind the background. Some times the movement glitches and enemies hit you when you are not near. The end level check is delaying a lot (maybe an enemy got stuck?). Well, just some tips. Polish a bit more and get your own art before publishing it to the google play store.

 on: 2015-04-26 23:31:46 
Started by Olo - Last post by jonjava
32^(100x100) is a bit more than just "a lot". Given that there are an estimated only 10^80 something particles in the observable universe.

 on: 2015-04-26 22:52:47 
Started by Olo - Last post by Olo
I tought of something awesome today, and i want to bring it to life.
Basically, a program that generates all possible 100x100 pixel images (for performance's sake lets say 32 shades of grey), and only saves the ones that it detected a face/object in.
I wonder what it would spit out... Probably junk, but maybe there would be some gems?
Actually, it would show every possible thing in the universe, in 32 shades of grey, on a 100 x 100 image... right?
What are your thoughts on this, guys?

PS: Im sure there is something similar/identical on the web, but i can't seem to find it.
PSS: The number of possible combinations would be 32^(100x100).... which is A LOT.

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