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Topics started by gouessej (102)

WIP games, tools & toy projects
TUER: Truly Unusual Experience of Revolution, FPS using JOGL 2007-02-26
General Discussions
I no longer use Google Play and I block ads 2014-12-22
Web based IDEs 2014-12-04
What would you modify in Swing if you had to rewrite it? 2013-07-25
Is Java Web Start supported in Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 with Metro style? 2012-07-23
Does JDIC-packager still work? 2012-07-09
Ouya: a $99 Android game console 2012-07-04
Chrome fails to reopen a JNLP file 2012-07-01
MD2 import and export under GNU Linux 2012-05-21
Very strange behavior of Java (bug?) 2011-09-28
Are performances still important in game programming? 2011-07-26
What is the most reliable solution to embed Lua scripts in a Java application? 2011-06-30
Raspberry Pi ultra-low-cost ARM based computer (about the size of an USB key) 2011-05-10
Lots of doors are being closed for Java 2011-02-07
Is it possible to submit a GPL'ed application on the App Store? 2011-01-10
The moderators should not unlock any topic when its creator locked it 2010-09-19
Bad piece of news: fullscreen mode broken in KDE 4.3/4.4 2010-03-13
Titanium 1.0: a unified solution to develop mobile and desktop apps 2010-03-11
Is it possible to use Java to program ADSL box? 2010-02-02
Why are there only a few first person shooters written in Java? 2009-11-14
BBCode to insert applets on a forum 2009-07-16
Do not move a game to the WIP section without the approval of the author 2009-07-15
Helicopter simulator written in Java 2009-06-04
Is the use of J2SE becoming no more free of charge? 2009-06-04
Tuning simulator written in Java 2009-05-27
Linux gaming websites that refuse Java games: please protest!!! 2009-05-22
Zeebo: a new "cheap" console without JVM 2009-04-14
Is there an equivalent of Shiva 3D development tool in Java? 2009-04-09
What is your favorite discontinued project of Java game? 2009-04-06
HTC T-Mobile G1 OpenGL Demo 2009-04-01
Wakfu: commercial tactical MMORPG written in Java by Ankama Games 2009-01-08
Major bug in JME when using JOGL and AWT input system 2008-11-29
FGF players' portal: the paradise of Java open source games 2008-09-14
Offline installation with Java Webstart without any web server 2008-08-18
Java Game Tome 2008-07-18
JSR 242 (J2ME on TV set) + JSR 239 (JOGL-ES) used together? 2008-07-06
Is there an equivalent of "FPS Creator" in order to create FPS with Java? 2008-05-12
Create a space to submit and to launch Java webstartable games 2008-04-01
Jobs and Resumes
Paid short mission: JMonkeyEngine 2.0 / JOGL / AWT for the FGF 2009-03-02
Miscellaneous Topics
Alternative to WebGL to render 3D in a plain HTML5 canvas? 2017-10-12
Cheerpj: convert any Java application and library to a browser-based Web app 2017-07-26
What are the viable alternatives to Sourceforge? 2015-10-27
Need some help to find a word 2012-07-27
Ultimate LWJGL / JOGL showdown 2012-01-13
How to create a PAD file under Linux? 2009-06-16
The HADOPI law has been rejected :D 2009-04-09
Newbie & Debugging Questions
Cannot run a program by clicking on its icon whereas it works in command line 2015-10-29
How to disable the loading of installed extensions? 2014-03-17
[SOLVED] Conversion of Ardor3D binary files into WaveFront OBJ files not working 2013-11-11
Java Web Start: ZipException 2012-12-24
Where does an introspector look for properties into a Java Bean? 2011-12-07
How can I get the keyboard layout? 2010-12-13
How can I get the path of the desktop directory? 2010-12-05
How to read a single file efficiently using NIO and multiple threads? 2010-10-08
Looking for a simple tutorial to start using Netbeans RCP 2010-06-21
ANT targets do nothing - not even show output in console in Eclipse 2010-03-13
XMLEncoder ignores the transient flag of a bean info of a collection 2009-11-26
How to differenciate mouse events from the user and those from java.awt.Robot? 2009-11-09
How to convert OBJ, MD2 and 3DS models into COLLADA format? 2009-09-15
Where can I find a decent documentation of the markup "shortcut" of JNLP? 2009-06-02
Game Play & Game Design
Is it useful to display more than 10 enemies in the field of view in a FPS? 2009-06-30
Artificial Intelligence
AI APIs? 2010-09-03
Networking & Multiplayer
What is the best fitted networking tool in Java for a multiplayer FPS? 2008-05-08
Performance Tuning
On disk NIO buffer 2012-08-30
Direct buffers are no longer page aligned by default on Java 1.7 2012-07-22
a general approach for nio buffer pooling 2012-01-16
Smart thread safe implementation of the singleton pattern 2012-01-16
Does GLDirect affect the frame rate under Windows? 2010-03-04
Is there any open source engine allowing to perform portal culling? 2009-04-16
Why people here suggest very often only low level optimizations? 2008-09-13
Using FIleChannel to read floats 2007-12-12
20 FPS only to draw 600 textured quad??? 2007-08-29
Engines, Libraries and Tools
Java Bytecode Editor 2018-02-20
Lack of responsiveness with the build-in mouse look in Ardor3D under Windows 2013-05-12
Problems with key-framed (MD2) animations 2013-04-22
Jinput webstart demo wont run on linux 64bit 2010-12-14
Some newbies questions about JME... 2008-11-12
Java 2D
Graphics2D.drawLine() wrongly draws the first (or the last) point 2014-07-30
OpenGL Development
Is it possible to support skeletal animations without shaders? 2013-10-18
Someone is usurpating my identity on your IRC channel 2011-04-26
shader-based engines and transformations 2010-12-18
tiny mistake in an example using LWJGL on 2010-09-25
LWJGL example doesn't work under Linux with ATI Radeon 9250 Pro 2009-01-25
JOGL Development
[Announcement] JMonkeyEngine 3.0 fully supports JOGL 2.0 2012-10-27
N.B: "old" JOGL 1.1.1 JARs are unsigned since September 17th 2011 2011-09-20
A JOGL application has been seen on TV 2010-09-17
Memory leak in TextRenderer 2010-02-09
use FSAA: get sample count 2009-12-09
JOGL 2 + Android??? 2009-07-03
IzPack and JOGL: any example? 2009-06-09
caching GL objects 2008-09-26
problem with Animator 2008-09-09
Custom mouselook with JOGL 2008-04-10
JOGL crash under Linux 2008-02-15
How can I get the post-rendering data of a call of the method "gluCylinder"? 2008-01-29
Problem with coplanar surfaces 2008-01-04
Deploying JOGL applications 2007-08-03
Java Sound & OpenAL
How to deploy OpenALSoft with Java Web Start? 2011-06-20
No sound under Linux + JRE 1.6 update 16 2010-07-19
Is it recommended to close a Clip before leaving the application? 2009-07-15
crash when LineUnavailableException is thrown 2008-09-26
JOALMixer problem 2008-08-09
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Java Gaming Resources
by philfrei
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Java Gaming Resources
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Java Gaming Resources
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Java Gaming Resources
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List of Learning Resources
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List of Learning Resources
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SF/X Libraries
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SF/X Libraries
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