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1  Java Game APIs & Engines / JOGL Development / Re: advantages of Jogl on: 2004-06-21 11:49:33
Its not that i don't know what SGs are and how they work.
Its not the point that i have to learn about java3D or Jogl.
I just tried to find some competent argues for the one or the other from other users.
The thing is that there are still a lot of people who don't see why there is any reason to drop a well-build api like Java3D, cause in some cases surely there are advantages. I know as well that its actually not worth to talk about Java3D anymore if you want to go deeper into graphicsprogramming under Java. But in a theoretical work you can't argue with: "its dead , f**k it, get to something else".
And i can't compare in general, i was specifically asked to relate to Java3D. Otherwise i would switch to some other apis that implement SG.
Thats why i asked for some hints i could argue with, not present myself as someone who does not know anything and asking for the basics. Maybe i did not made my statement clear enough to some of you.

Thanx anyway,
2  Java Game APIs & Engines / JOGL Development / Re: advantages of Jogl on: 2004-06-20 17:06:09
Thank you very much for your replies!

From what you mentioned, i recon that there should actually no comparing Java3D to JOGL, cause they both suit different needs on different levels.
So far, i hope you don't mind if i ask some questions:

1. Are there definetly no possibilities to use modern extensions in Java3D? (I guess there is not, cause Java3D development is not driven further)

2. What opengl standard is supported by the Java3D-API
(is it only 1.1?)

3. If Java3D is built on opengl and has its own binding, why do they differ in performance needs? Does anyone know of examples that proof differences in certain scenarios?

4. If there are more differences to point out between Java3D and JOGL, what are they? (I know that sounds like tell me tell me, but i just try to collect enough arguments to work with. Anyway i am very thankful for the points you mentioned)

5. So far, Java3D is (and i guess it will, cause it is not supported any longerr by sun, or is it again?) only supported on Windows and Solaris. But JOGL is supported on much more platforms. That seems to me like a very big advantage.

Thank you all,

3  Java Game APIs & Engines / JOGL Development / advantages of Jogl on: 2004-06-19 15:05:01
Hello everyone,

i know that this may sound strange to the community of jogl-users, but what are the advantages of jogl compared to java3D?

I don't ask this reason for defending java3D or jogl either.

I myself use jogl and i love it.

The thing is that i am developing a character-animation-tool based on Java and the OpenGl-Bindings for Java, JOGL.

But for some good reason i am searching for arguments to defend the use of jogl against java3D.

It would just be great if some of you could make some statements for the possible advantages of jogl.

My personal opinion is that jogl is closer to the OpenGl Spec and supported on more platforms.

But if any of you have arguments for jogl in such cases where Java3D won't help, that would be great.

I must admit that i don't want to say: Java3D is s... and jogl is great. I know there are also arguments for Java3D but i hope that some of you who are experienced users could give some statements about this.

Thank you very much,
4  Java Game APIs & Engines / Xith3D Forums / no lights or Reflection from loaded Object on: 2004-05-06 12:03:50

i used the xith3D ASE loader to load some Files. The problem is that if i use lights in my scene, they do not have any effect.
The surfaces are just flat with no shadows or different illumination. It seems that the adding of a light does not have  any effect on my objects. I know that for simple objects genereated in my Branchgroup i have to set a material to make them affected by light. Because i have large models with up to a few Megs i don't want to parse them afterwards to add materials. Does anyone has experience with loading models (or exporting from 3DStudio) to make them work with light in the scene?

Thanks in advance,
5  Java Game APIs & Engines / JOGL Development / Re: Using PBuffers for Offscreen Rendering on: 2004-05-06 11:18:49
I did not recognize that one :-)
6  Java Game APIs & Engines / JOGL Development / Using PBuffers for Offscreen Rendering on: 2004-05-05 07:14:23

I played around to create offscreen-Images for a server-client app using the common glreadpixels with the standard canvas (Thanks to the Forum). The problem is that first of all, when i try to create an offscreen-image, the render-process depends on the canvas and its container and is sometimes not rendered probably.

Anyway, i read that there is another way to create offscreen-images using the pbuffer.
I found a code-snippet in the forum describing pbuffers on macos, but it does't ring a bell so far.

So what i'd like to know is:
1. How do i establish the pbuffers correctly to make them work (How to establish the display() for the pbuffer correctly)
2. How to use glreadpixels with the pbuffer to create a bufferedImage from the pbuffer.

I hope that anyone can help. I searched the web a lot, but  it seems there is no much reference or documentation on jogl. So i hope again, i'll find some help in this great forum.

Thanks in advance,

7  Java Game APIs & Engines / JOGL Development / Re: [Solved]Saving GLCanvas into a BufferedImage on: 2004-04-25 20:36:50
Hello everyone,
I am dealing with the same problem, but somehow i can't manage to get the code running right. When i create a picture from the BufferedImage, i only get a screen cotaining
the backgroundcolor from the glcanvas. It looks like the buffer is not read properly. I tried to copy the image several times while moving the object on the canvas. When the objects move outside the visible screen, somthing is showing up inside the bufferedimage, but it's only a square containing colors of the original image. Are there any parameters in the code i possibly have to adjust?

Thank you very much in advance,
8  Java Game APIs & Engines / JOGL Development / Re: Creating image/imageicon from canvas on: 2004-04-25 16:53:44
Thank you very much for your reply! I indeed found what i need. Following the thread and found another one under;action=display;num=1080057321;start=2#2

that exactly had what i need. Without your hint, i'd shurely had not found that!

Thanks again,
best regards,
9  Java Game APIs & Engines / JOGL Development / Creating image/imageicon from canvas on: 2004-04-24 13:50:03
Hello everyone,

I am in desparate need of help here. I suppose my question my sound simple, but i did not find any way to solve this problem.

I simply want to create an Image form my canvas, a screenshot. I want to take this image and save it to a file or display it in another window. I tried to use glreadPixels and pass the bytearray to ImageIcon(bytebuf) to create an imgage from that. I did not specify any header, but apart from that, something should have been created even if it looks messy.

I hope someone can help.
Thanks in advance,

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