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1  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Optimal Linux Version for Java on: 2006-04-14 18:47:39
So this is strange. If I do :

$ apt-get install irssi-text

It installs :

irssi-text libperl5.8

Removing irssi-text :

$ apt-get --purge remove irssi-text

Removes :


And libperl5.8 is still installed... Or maybe there's a command I don't know... I had to use deborphan to remove those useless libs.
2  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Optimal Linux Version for Java on: 2006-04-14 04:40:40
I have seen NO Linux distro that installs Sun Java as smoothly as Windows or Mac.
Java works great with Archlinux. Just type

$ pacman -S j2sdk
$ pacman -S j2re

And there you are... It's all I did and I can play cas' games through javawebstart without any problem.

Last time I checked Ubuntu, Java worked almost out-of-the-box, just need to replace gcc... Aptitude should be able to do it manually. Oh, wait, aptitude is not so great Tongue

When you later uninstall mysql, it will automatically *un-install* precisely those of the libraries that were only in use by MySQL
I use Debian on my server (and used it before on my main desktop computer), I don't remember aptitude being capable of this. Aptitude can't recursively remove unused dependencies. Correct me if I'm wrong.
3  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Developer Diaries on: 2005-08-30 19:28:32
4  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Developer Diaries on: 2005-08-30 11:11:27
What about a comment system ?
5  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: More reasons webstart sucks on: 2005-08-06 21:30:01
So what ?

Everytime you start a topic you're making complaints about Java and Sun. You're never happy. Why the hell are you using Java ? Use C++, Python, or anything else, but please STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT JAVA.

1.5 is crapped out, generics are crap, nio is as shit as a shitty stick, webstart is foobared beyond help, sun is bad... what more?

Blah, your a stuck up freak who doesn't give the community any help at all besides moan moan moan...
6  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: Tribal Trouble (finally) released! on: 2005-04-05 14:23:56
Not sure what that X800 problem is though. Anybody else got that problem?

It's not related to the X800 card. A friend of mine has this card and he plays the demo without problem.

Here it runs great with a 9800.

Nice game, already bought it, and play it about 2 hours a day Tongue

I'm becoming addicted...

7  Java Game APIs & Engines / jMonkeyEngine / Re: j2ME is supported by jME? on: 2005-04-01 01:53:09
Absolutly not supported.
8  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Hacked! on: 2005-03-16 21:58:16
You might want to switch to IPB... Not free, but very secured and professional.

9  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: GDC 2005 Java Game Demo Reel! on: 2005-03-08 09:11:50
I must admit that FG was a very good game, even if it was very hard to play Grin It was nicely done and well animated... A little video shoot of the game would have been cool. But there are a lot of game that don't get this chance too (Alien Flux for example, there are just some screenies, no gameplay movie).

Well, I think Chris was time limited and couldn't put all the great java games all guys here have made Wink At least there's a Java video at GDC !

Anyway, that's a cool video !

10  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: I guess Sun was right about Java being good fo on: 2005-02-20 11:55:09
I don't drink coffee.
Coke + cigarettes should be more toxic...

11  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: earning money with games... on: 2005-02-20 09:20:40
When you buy a Puppygame's game on windows or linux, you can download the game for OSX and enter the same key. It might work... I'm right ?

If so, I'm sure some people are playing your games on Mac. And me included (in some months, when I'll get my Powerbook Cheesy).

12  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: Death of my Laptop on: 2005-02-19 09:22:03
my next computer is probably going to be the smallest powerbook (those things are tiny!) so i can carry it easy.

Same here... I'll buy the Powerbook 15" (SuperDrive) in some monthes (no enough money atm). I'm tired of PC Wink

13  Java Game APIs & Engines / OpenGL Development / Re: Just starting with opengl and lwjgl on: 2005-02-18 09:51:55
As Orangy Tang suggest, you should use glBegin(GL_QUADS) instead of glRect(). It's more common and might be faster (and it gives the same result).

You should read some specifics OpenGL tutorials. Take a look at Nehe's website. Surely the best place to start OpenGL and learn all you need !

Hope this helps.

14  Games Center / 4K Game Competition - 2005 / Re: Puzzle Balls 4K on: 2005-02-17 08:16:52

It exits with the "Escape".

** Chman can be stupid sometimes... **

I was thinking in a two players versus mode, but don't know if it will fit in 4K.

3880kb, with some more optimisations you could be able to make this versus mode. One way you be to create 2 instances of the game (in the same window, should use some bytes, no more) with separated controls... Maybe there's a better way to save some bytes ?

15  Games Center / 4K Game Competition - 2005 / Re: Puzzle Balls 4K on: 2005-02-17 07:01:49
Really nice game and interesting concept !
I can't exit the game (the windows cross don't work), I must kill the game... Is this a small bug ? Or my computer ?

16  Games Center / 4K Game Competition - 2005 / Re: BubbleRacer 2005 on: 2005-02-17 05:50:00
160x120 25 fps
320x240 7 fps
640x480 2.3 fps

Windowed mode - terrain ON.
No server vm used.

Running an AMD 3000+.
Looks really good in 640x480 Smiley

About the shader use, it could be done, but would restrain your game to high-end graphic cards. A lot of people have powerfull CPUs but medium-ranged video card... But well, it could be fun to do !
You could even use the cpu AND the graphics card, giving something to render to the graphic card while the cpu do some works on rendering too...

17  Java Game APIs & Engines / OpenGL Development / Re: org.lwjgl.opengl.AWTGLCanvas on: 2005-02-16 17:54:11
although I'm waiting for some ATI user to come along and spoil the party...

Here I am Grin
So, where is the class ? On lwjgl website ? Or cvs ?

18  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: Pics of yerselves!  Put faces to the name on: 2005-02-13 20:25:14
So here I am, reading this topic (webcam shot, bad quality)...

19  Games Center / 4K Game Competition - 2005 / Re: Kartrisk 4k on: 2005-02-12 14:58:11
Very nice game Smiley
I get 13,000 with a speed of 2, and 24,500 playing at 9 without moving Grin

20  Games Center / 4K Game Competition - 2005 / Re: BubbleRacer4k - real time raytracing on: 2005-02-10 17:35:38
7 fps for the normal game...

21  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: not a game ... yet ... on: 2005-02-02 19:13:23
The webstart link doesn't work for me, I get a JoGL error.

I've finally downloaded jogl, I've ran the game and... A lot of exceptions occured during the game (AWT related exceptions, input bases from what I've seen). The game freeze regularly (loading time ? bad timer configuration ?)...

The game seems very interesting but I can play it Cry

AMD 3000+
ATI 9800Pro@XT
1 Go ram

Do you want me to list all exceptions ? (might take some pages Tongue)

22  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: not a game ... yet ... on: 2005-02-02 13:33:08
Looks very promising, but I can't download JoGL... Connection refused to :-/

23  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: Rimscape now uses LWJGL on: 2005-01-31 19:35:55
Works like a charm here !
Very nice game, good gameplay although it's not my favourite kind of game.
And very fast !

AMD 3000+
1 Go ram
ATI 9800Pro@XT

24  Java Game APIs & Engines / jMonkeyEngine / Re: Don't Worry :) on: 2005-01-31 19:30:58
Ok, I was anxious about the down website Tongue
Good to ear that everything is normal.

25  Java Game APIs & Engines / OpenGL Development / Re: LWJGL and coredumps on: 2005-01-29 13:46:25
Hum I could make the javadoc part of the GL1* classes... I think I would just copy the official GL doc for each method and change some typo to convert it to java...

Don't kown what you would like to see in the doc... Any ideas ?

26  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: Defection To Mono on: 2005-01-23 14:00:34
Just a question, maybe I'm dumb, but what do you call "Mono" ?

27  Java Game APIs & Engines / OpenGL Development / Re: NIO Buffers in JOGL and LWJGL on: 2005-01-22 22:18:29
Ati... Update your drivers ! OpenGL is broken on ATI cards with old drivers. I know what I mean, I'm running an ATI Tongue

Download and install the last beta drivers (don't worry about the "beta" word, the driver is very stable) asap !

It runs great here.

28  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Preventing feature creep on: 2005-01-22 13:53:25
Limit in time ?
Like 20/40 hours projects...

29  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: Software development in todays world on: 2005-01-21 13:15:43
About JC's coding style, I have no idea. I just looked at the SDK and said, "Hmmm, Carmack's done a lot of work.". :lol:

I haven't seen any doom 3 sources, but I remember the Quake 2's and quake 3's ones... It was so ugly... Totally unreadable. A lot of functions that only call another function which calls another function and so on...

Dunno about you, but I hate this coding style...

Anyway JC is surely one of the (or the ?) best game programmer out there. He is a "team" himself...

30  Java Game APIs & Engines / jMonkeyEngine / Re: Shadow Volumes on: 2005-01-20 07:37:45
I'm impressed...
I would be curious to see how you've implemented that in jME !

Have you made a ShadowNode or something like this ?
Are the shadow volumes culled ?
How are you handling objects that are culled from which we can see the shadow ?

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