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Jimmt's Private Hall of Fame

2x Re: Grapple - Android 2D platformer (finally released to Google Play) 2015-12-10
2x Re: Battlestation Thread 2015-10-30
1x Re: myWorld 2015-07-23
2x Puck Slide 2015-05-05
2x Re: What I did today 2015-01-10
1x Re: Mouse coordinates all crazy? [Libgdx] 2015-01-07
1x Re: What I did today 2015-01-06
7x Re: The Escapist! 2015-01-05
1x Re: LibGDX Android setup 2015-01-01
1x Re: Airships: Conquer the Skies 2014-12-30
6x Re: Recruitment for Team Technic 2014-12-25
1x Re: LibGDX/Eclipse Exporting Runnable Jar 2014-12-08
1x Re: devlog Project_TB #1 2014-11-27
2x Re: SJGL (Simple Java Game Library) 2014-11-01
2x Shameless Plug (#2?) 2014-10-14
3x Re: Whays the story behind your name 2014-09-21
1x Re: Microsoft to buy Mojang for $2 billion? 2014-09-16
1x Re: Is it Possible to use Java and send sounds through the microphone? 2014-09-12
1x Re: New Skype Group, a Boiling Pot To Share Dev and Ideas - THE GUILD OF JAVA DEV 2014-09-07
2x Re: Interesting Profile pictures 2014-06-17
1x Re: [Girls] How to completely block them from our lives? 2014-06-09
3x Re: Infatuated 2014-06-01
1x Re: [JMonkeyEngine 3.0] Any beginner tutorials? 2014-05-05
1x Re: i need windowed and not fullscreen 2014-05-04
1x Re: need advice before trying libGdx again 2014-04-26
3x Re: libgdx or unity 2014-04-20
2x Re: libgdx or unity 2014-04-20
3x Re: Creating dev team Java 2d!! 2014-04-04
1x Re: JGO Kickstarter 2014-04-01
1x Re: Game is fast in eclipse yet slow on desktop 2014-03-24
1x Re: Ship Building Games? 2014-03-24
6x [1HGJ] Piano Drop 2014-03-11
1x Re: Why so much undeleted posts? 2014-03-03
1x Re: Nearing end... need couple of volunteers 2014-02-18
1x Re: Exhibit game at PaxPrime? worth it? 2014-02-12
1x Re: What methods of reading Java codes makes you read codes more productive? 2014-02-10
1x Re: BrickBroken - Break brick game by SLDT 2014-02-08
1x Re: First ever 3D Game 2014-02-02
1x Re: Top Down Shooter Multiplayer and Box2D questions 2013-12-19
1x Re: Damage Types in RPGs and Roguelikes 2013-12-17
1x Re: BrickBroken - Break brick game by SLDT 2013-12-15
1x Re: Simple Regristration Pradiciment 2013-12-10
2x Re: BrickBroken - Break brick game by SLDT 2013-12-08
1x Re: Bad Habits 2013-12-02
2x Re: Horde 8-Bit Waves Of Death! - [WIP UPDATED JUNE 26 2013] 2013-11-06
8x Re: Minecraft 2013-10-25
1x Re: Iron Man Jarvis using Evi/Wolfram|Alpha/Cleverbot. Talk to your computer! 2013-10-25
1x Re: LibGDX can't load Textures I get? 2013-10-24
1x Re: Craftia - The Game of Crafting 2013-10-21
1x Re: Where to start with 3D? 2013-09-24
3x Business and Project Management Discussions board rules 2013-09-14
1x Re: Defuse (LD27) 2013-08-27
1x Re: jME: What's the Catch? 2013-08-26
1x Re: Should I buy the ouya, if I want to play my own games on it? 2013-08-18
1x Re: Rotating Slick-Util Textures 2013-08-16
4x Re: JevaEngine - Underground 2013-08-02
1x Re: libgdx and eclipse problem (newbie) 2013-08-01
1x Re: Looking for people to team up, i am a new java programmer. 2013-07-23
1x Re: [libGDX] [box2D] Body with no bounce 2013-07-18
1x Re: [libGDX] [Box2D] Character Controller 2013-07-13
2x I'm a Duke! 2013-07-04
1x Re: Green!!! 2013-06-29
1x Re: Programming "partner", if you will 2013-06-28
1x Re: the sunset - LD26 game 2013-06-25
1x Re: How is this graphic that I made? 2013-06-17
2x Re: My game is almost half a Gigabyte in size 2013-06-17
2x Re: How did you start the career as a Game Dev? 2013-06-16
1x Re: How did you start the career as a Game Dev? 2013-06-16
1x Re: Java on PS4! 2013-06-11
1x Re: [KindaSolved]Is box2D really neccessary ? 2013-06-05
1x Re: Making a console for game (Typing into game actually) 2013-05-28
1x Re: Atlas Bug. When i Draw my Image, it draw all the images 2013-05-19
1x Re: Sprite Animation to create effect using Atlas 2013-05-12
1x Re: Rectangle Intersection - LIBGDX -- Collision 2013-05-12
1x Re: Registration Activation Quiz 2013-05-09
1x Re: Trouble with Transparent Backgrounds 2013-05-06
1x Re: First Time with Libgdx ( NetBeans user ) 2013-05-02
1x Re: Realistic ball movement 2013-04-24
1x Re: [UNSOLVED]Collision Detection Types and which is the best 2013-04-16
1x Re: File Not Found Exception 2013-04-16
1x Re: Collision Detection Types and which is the best 2013-04-15
1x Re: Collision Detection Problems 2013-03-16
1x Re: Problem with Eclispe colors 2013-03-06
1x Re: Ways around using lots of booleans....? 2013-03-02
2x Re: Block Collision 2013-03-01
3x Re: Lookign for members to make a team 2013-02-25
1x Re: Quick Question about Imports... 2013-02-23
1x Re: Warp Zone (Working Title) 2013-02-10
1x Re: Gaming Resources 2013-01-28
1x Re: √únembra 2013-01-26
1x Re: ArrayOutOfBoundsException help. 2013-01-18
1x Re: √únembra 2013-01-14
1x Re: Munch 2013-01-04
2x Re: Realistic Lighting in a 2D game 2013-01-04
1x Re: Torquing! 2012-12-31
1x Re: Unnamed SRPG 2012-12-23
1x Re: Drop-down spoilers 2012-12-22
1x Re: Unnamed SRPG 2012-12-20
1x Re: Unembra: 2DSSMMORPG 2012-12-19
1x Re: Hey There, I'm New Need A Couple Answers 2012-12-11
1x Re: New Project (So early in development I have no name for it) 2012-12-09
1x Re: Unembra: 2DSSMMORPG 2012-12-06
1x Re: Open Source Metroid Fusion based Java game 2012-12-01
1x Re: My Current Project 2012-12-01
1x Re: What music do you listen to while you code? 2012-11-20
1x Re: Add multiple maps 2012-11-10
1x Re: New FPS/RPG, A Work in Progress: Dysis 2012-11-07
1x Re: Recommended Physics and Graphics Libraries? 2012-09-14
1x Re: 4x design question 2012-08-30
1x Re: Ghost Forest - Alpha 2012-08-19
1x Re: I'm having problems with Rebirth... 2012-06-28
1x Re: Flash, Java, or both 2012-06-25
1x Re: Preferred OS? 2012-06-15
1x Re: Am i doing it right?(super mario) 2012-04-16
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A NON-ideal modular configuration for Eclipse with JavaFX
by philfrei
2019-12-19 19:35:12

Java Gaming Resources
by philfrei
2019-05-14 16:15:13

Deployment and Packaging
by philfrei
2019-05-08 15:15:36

Deployment and Packaging
by philfrei
2019-05-08 15:13:34

Deployment and Packaging
by philfrei
2019-02-17 20:25:53

Deployment and Packaging
by mudlee
2018-08-22 18:09:50

Java Gaming Resources
by gouessej
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Deployment and Packaging
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