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Topics started by emzic (114)

General Discussions
creating swing look&feel 2008-10-21
sun is porting java to the iphone 2008-03-08
enums: static or not? 2007-12-08
jar in a jar 2007-10-13
getting cpu speed and physical ram 2007-10-10
Austin GDC anyone? 2007-09-05
getting file from inside jar 2007-08-10
java6 for mac? 2007-08-06
official java logos from sun 2007-07-28
triangulate a shape 2006-12-22
what datastructure to use for scenegraph implementation 2006-06-29
Newbie & Debugging Questions
loading textures on 64bit VM 2010-02-13
how to read an image from a zipfile 2008-12-10
swing/jdialog dragable in specific area only. 2008-10-22
64bit jdk applications can be run on 32bit jres? 2008-04-19
does an import statement really load the class? 2008-02-28
parsing a url from a string 2008-02-25
getting screen resolution 2007-11-02
integrating an applet onto a swing panel 2007-05-21
where goes my accuracy? 2007-05-17
catch displayable chars from keyboard 2007-04-12
flash in java 2007-02-03
getting pixel-width of a java.awt.Font String 2006-11-03
getting animated models from maya into java 2006-09-15
finishing up the game for delivery (like puppygames) 2006-08-31
implementing window dragging 2006-08-10
setting the inner size of a frame/window 2006-08-08
status management in software architecture 2006-07-20
how to handle actions 2006-07-18
how to monitor loading of ressources 2006-05-30
Game Mechanics
exact ray box intersection 2007-02-06
Networking & Multiplayer
multiple clients listening on one port 2006-08-01
getting the swordworld demo to run 2006-04-24
Performance Tuning
implementation of "instanceof" 2008-06-05
how to detect occasional stuttering 2008-01-06
improving java's Timer and TimerTask 2007-12-19
performance of many method calls 2007-05-04
minimizing garbage collection 2007-04-20
how much memory does an instance of a class really take? 2006-11-21
how large is your heap? 2006-10-08
multithreading on "normal" CPUs 2006-07-27
can anyone recommend a good profiler? 2006-06-21
avoiding FULL GCs 2006-06-20
Tools Discussion
webstart with nativelibs 2009-11-08
proguard: library doesnt work after optimization 2009-11-08
update keystore 2009-11-08
eclipse: runtime compilation 2006-10-03
Java 2D
multiply an image with a color 2008-11-14
nimbus on the mac 2008-10-05
making graphics2d.setClip(Shape) anti-aliased 2007-11-14
OpenGL Development
provide size to glDrawElements 2010-08-27
JOGL Development
JPopUpMenu above GLCanvas under MacOS when using a LookAndFeel 2008-11-07
saving all GL Objects when a GLJPanel calls init() again 2008-10-17
jogl as the background of a JDesktopPane 2008-10-15
resizing a JSplitpane causes GLEventListener's "init" to be called 2008-08-30
getting a bufferedimage from glGetTexImage 2008-08-01
Swing Component above JOGL 2008-07-07
arrayoutofboundsexception in textrenderer 2008-06-20
applet not always working 2008-04-27
JSplitPane to resize a GLCanvas 2008-04-07
Animator with nanoTime precision 2008-03-06
textrenderer suggestion 2008-01-22
jogl TextRenderer slow because of glDrawArrays 2008-01-11
FPSAnimator with nanoSeconds and variable framerate 2008-01-06
using Screenshot class with PBuffer 2008-01-02
textrenderer fails on RADEON XPRESS 200M Series x86/MMX/3DNow!/SSE2 2007-12-12
swings JPopupMenu over GLCanvas not working since java6u2 2007-11-05
texture-id problem with intel integrated graphic cards 2007-09-12
BlendInspect 2007-08-11
feature suggestions: utility class for shaders 2007-08-08
FPSAnimator producing irregular frametimes 2007-06-18
FPS camera implementation 2007-06-10
mipmapping in textrenderer very slow on NVIDIA hardware. 2007-04-30
TextRenderer getSpaceWidth function public 2007-04-05
TextureRenderer usage question 2007-03-30
drag'n'drop on glcanvas 2007-03-23
shadow mapping 2007-03-23
TextRenderer questions 2007-03-12
Surface already locked exception 2007-02-27
how to stop the display()-thread 2007-02-26
how to do premultiplied alpha 2007-02-21
Error swapping buffers 2007-02-13
how to build jogl 2007-02-04
blend modes behaving weird on ATIs 2007-02-01
my game is almost done, but it really really lags when uploading textures. :-( 2007-01-19
jogl webstart - need to provide natives and jogl.jar 2007-01-18
java 6: cannot exit my game 2006-12-18
getting the name of OpenGL errors 2006-12-01
Swing components above OpenGL window dont update. 2006-11-21
Java implementation of FreeType 2006-10-26
generating textures.. the opengl way 2006-10-06
procedural textures 2006-09-28
crashing kernel32.dll on older computer 2006-09-11
textures with alpha are blended towards black 2006-09-05
first-person-shooter mouselook 2006-08-31
Rendering a Texture's Alpha Channel only. 2006-08-18
GLCapabilities always reports 8Bit per ColorChannel 2006-08-16
how to get a pixels exact color? (no floats) 2006-08-16
glTexImage2D complains about empty buffer 2006-08-11
something is "still" blocking my render loop 2006-07-25
swing components blocking renderloop under linux 2006-07-11
JVM crashing with nvidia drivers. 2006-07-06
rendermanagement library 2006-06-30
texture compression 2006-06-29
GL extension library for jogl? 2006-06-28
is texture data resident in VRAM and system RAM? 2006-06-21
activating anisotropic filtering 2006-06-21
something is blocking my render loop 2006-06-20
number of threads decreases rendering performance. 2006-06-06
loading textures in another thread 2006-06-01
when does jogl call its init() function? 2006-05-31
updating window content while resizing 2006-04-26
rendering text in OpenGL 2006-04-25
setting up eclipse to develop a midlet 2007-07-08
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buddyBro (93 views)
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Java Gaming Resources
by philfrei
2017-12-05 19:38:37

Java Gaming Resources
by philfrei
2017-12-05 19:37:39

Java Gaming Resources
by philfrei
2017-12-05 19:36:10

Java Gaming Resources
by philfrei
2017-12-05 19:33:10

List of Learning Resources
by elect
2017-03-13 14:05:44

List of Learning Resources
by elect
2017-03-13 14:04:45

SF/X Libraries
by philfrei
2017-03-02 08:45:19

SF/X Libraries
by philfrei
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