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1  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: NoClassDefFoundError on: 2008-02-28 00:19:42
Well I looked and they were 2 different versions. So I went ahead and downloaded a new updated version of eclipse and it magically worked.
2  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / NoClassDefFoundError on: 2008-02-27 04:36:09
Hey guys, I'm currently developing a new game using Eclipse as my editor. When I compile the game in Eclipse it runs fine, no problems. However when I try to export the game to a jar file it gives me the error NoClassDefFoundError: LifeForce. After searching on the net i have found alot of suggestions to fix it but none of them are a problem. I am exporting it the same way i have done with other games with no difference accept the code and it works with all my other applications. Does anyone have any ideas to fix this?

Thanks in advance,
3  Java Game APIs & Engines / OpenGL Development / Java2D -> LWJGL conversion on: 2006-07-29 01:52:44
Hey guys, ive seen alot of talk about how using something like LWJGL with its OpenGL abilities is blisteringly (word?) faster than using Java2D. So my question is how easy is it to switch from Java2D to LWJGL, all of my gfx are just gif files that are being drawn. Like are we looking at a few commands to display it or a whole lot of extra fluff ill need to learn?
4  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Convertion rate for the Xbox Live Arcade on: 2006-07-25 03:47:17
A friend of mine used it the other day. Its very simple you put in your credit card number and select the number of  "Points / Gold" you want. I think it was like $6 for 600 gold on the live service. Then you pay with that to get the arcade games or extra content for games. One game for example "Joust" was 400 gold. So different things vary in price but its a solid idea and works within seconds of purchasing the gold.
5  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Super Mario Programming Contest on: 2006-07-16 19:41:17
Alright guys well time to show off what ive been working on so far. Now this is not polished off or complete but its on its way. Anways heres some screen shots and im wondering if my join screen is legit to the extent of allowed or will i need to rework it into real mario gfx. Anways Gunbound/Worms style mario game complete with multiplayer.

Click to Play

Click to Play

Click to Play
6  Game Development / Game Play & Game Design / Re: Gamesystem yet to be named on: 2006-06-21 05:08:02
Its a good idea however alot of work. When you create such a game style the developers must create all of these interfaces. Not only is that a daunting task but they have to realize EVERY outcome of the game. I'll take the Pirate game: your a merchant and want to see your crewmen status, the developer has to program a way to do this. This brings me to my point what if the player is a merchant and wants to go on vacation across the world and leave the business in an auto manage state? Thats probably not one of the first things a developer will think of implementing. Thus there are always the what-if's that make this idea very hard to accomplish. Yes its possible but if your creating such a game I believe it will be in a constant Beta state. Always adding new things that players want to do. Love the idea but i think its impractical in a sence of actually completeing such a game.
7  Game Development / Game Play & Game Design / Re: How does it work in a MMORPG? on: 2006-06-21 04:59:23
\On the other side of the coin, let's say someone has been playing for a couple hours and needed to log off.  They were no where near a "safe zone" so they found a nice, quiet spot in the wilderness well off he travelled routes.  When they log back on the next day, they discover that a group of hungry trolls has set up camp at that spot to feast on a group of dwarves they captured.
To answer your question what happens is when you log off after it has taken you out of the world your just non existant. your in a list of people not online thus there is no need for a "save zone". When you log back on the game then will persue you the way it does any other player. This is why i can be outside the exit of a boss dungeon with a WoW penalty of being on too long, then log off wait a few hours come back get the xp bonus then kill the boss (assuming he is still there). Hope this makes any sence to you.
8  Game Development / Networking & Multiplayer / Re: Java Streams on: 2006-05-24 12:39:10
thanks for the input guys. Now if i plan on keeping my objectoutputstreams and objectinputstreams as is should i create 2 threads one that brings data in and one that sends data out? example right now the server in its sending loop does this             

wait for client change -> send updated world(thats only visible on client screen btw)


should i set it up like this

thread -> always recieve
thread -> always send
both on the client and server (only problem is this is turning into a mmo and so more threads on the server would screw the server in the long run)?
9  Game Development / Networking & Multiplayer / Re: Java Streams on: 2006-05-23 16:37:12
basically im gonna have the server create a small txt file on the fly that has all of my enemy information (location etc) then send it to a bytearrayoutputstream (im guessing) and then just have a bytearrayinputstream waiting on the other end to take the bytes, decode and then exec.

thanks for the help

My pleasure, but there's no need to make text files & send them back & forth.  Use DataIn/OutputStream to send the relevant info.  Eg on server:

on client:
enemyXCoord =;

thats the way im currently doing it. but (correct me if im wrong) doesnt that connect, get, tell server it got, then get the next? to me it makes more sence just to send 1 txt file with ALL the information that is a max of like 1k than sending and recieveing multiple connections. thats why i think it would be faster to send 1 file rather than 20ish objects.
10  Game Development / Networking & Multiplayer / Re: Java Streams on: 2006-05-23 02:48:50
The ByteArrayInputStream might be my best approach. (im just really really new with bytes havnt covered them in much detail) so to me changing bytes is kinda sketchy) but thanks for the idea, ill look into using it.

basically im gonna have the server create a small txt file on the fly that has all of my enemy information (location etc) then send it to a bytearrayoutputstream (im guessing) and then just have a bytearrayinputstream waiting on the other end to take the bytes, decode and then exec.

thanks for the help
11  Game Development / Networking & Multiplayer / Java Streams on: 2006-05-18 02:17:49
Hey guys, well im currently developing an online game and im wondering. I can use an Object output stream to send objects from the server to the client. But is there a way to send an entire file through the stream and be able to read it? Kinda like an ftp accept the server will make a txt file with all the info of the server in on the fly and send it to the client who will then send a txt file back to convert it on the fly. Is this possible without using a ftp method?

BTW im using sockets for connections.

sorry if this doesnt make that much sence, but any help would be very much appreciated.
12  Game Development / Networking & Multiplayer / Re: Problem: server recognizing only one client on: 2006-04-23 05:19:57
The way im doing it for a game of mine is. . . when you start your server, have a new thread of your protocol made BEFORE you go into your listening loop. When your client connects create a new server thread which updates static variables in your protocol class. (Not sure if its the best way but its workin well for me so far) This server looks like this

Server (Main) -> ServerProtocol(world)
Client ->Server-new thread->Thread-updates
13  Game Development / Networking & Multiplayer / Re: detecting ip adress on: 2006-04-23 05:08:57

public class URLTest{
   public static void main (String args[]) {
       URL u;
       String ip = null;      
       try {
           u = new URL("");
           try {
              DataInputStream theHTML = new DataInputStream(u.openStream());    
              ip = theHTML.readLine();
           catch (Exception e) {
         catch (MalformedURLException e) {

easiest way to get your ip.

The .org page shows ONLY your ip, thus a simple read line gives you the first line on page (your ip).
14  Java Game APIs & Engines / Java 2D / Re: Java 2D Paint Components on: 2006-03-23 02:44:32
Thank you very much woogley, very helpful so far. Trying to decode atm, its a lil confusing because we havnt reached into buffered images. . . only thing with graphics we actually hit on was graphics2d so ive been trying to learn bit by bit. Would you mind if i used some of your code in my program im trying?

ok, heres a question, sence ill be adding enemies as i go, wouldnt it be better to just use an arraylist? or is using the Sprite class you have made better? i just figured arraylist would be good because it can hold the corrdinates and it can always change. . . or am i just way off?

ooooo, i think i just got it, ok ill stop updating this post. Thanks very much for the info; def tried the arraylist and got that working (this way i can add enemies as i please and dont have to worry about knowing which space it was in.

Many thanks.
15  Java Game APIs & Engines / Java 2D / Java 2D Paint Components on: 2006-03-22 21:43:59
Hey guys, been lookin around this site for a while, but never posted. Have a question. Currently im in my first year of java at my highschool, so im still a beginner at programming. Question is, is it possible to have 2 paint components on the same frame? what im trying to do is a side scroller type game and i want a static backround picture that doesnt have to repaint. I only need to repaint my player movement.  currently, when i currently run the game it slows down alot due to the fact every time i call the repaint method it repaints this backround image that never changes. so im wondering how would i do this in java2d.
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