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Topics started by GabrielBailey74 (70)

[Frogger2D] *closed* 2012-04-04
[Colliding Kingdoms] *closed* 2012-03-18
WIP games, tools & toy projects
[Project Shooter 2013 (Source included)] 2013-01-24
[2D Manipulated Into 3D : FrameRate test?] 2012-11-04
[2D PacMan Game Project] *closed* 2012-02-16
[Java 2D RPG Platformer (First coding spree)] *closed* 2012-01-16
Archived Projects
Simple .JAR Updater 2013-06-08
General Discussions
Forum Link Errors 2012-03-18
[Platformer Game Engine Series of releases?] 2012-02-01
Some php errors on the forums? 2012-01-21
Website was just down for a few minutes ::) 2012-01-09
Miscellaneous Topics
[Possible virus / tracker?] What is this? 2013-10-20
Weird laptop glitch this morning 2013-05-28
[RIVEN WHAT DID YOU DO XD] *answered* 2013-01-28
The Java Life Music Video 2012-09-13
The personal attacks thread. (everything goes) 2012-09-01
Java Strings and StringBuffers looked at 2012-03-20
Discovered a Excellent Sprite Resource: charas-project. 2012-03-19
[College: Art Institute of Seattle: Project?/Career Path?] 2012-01-25
Have you ever been Jumped/Beaten up? 2012-01-18
[Question]: What are the two addresses everyone knows? 2012-01-11
Newbie & Debugging Questions
Custom resource caching? 2013-10-17
3D Networking trials. 2013-10-06
[SOLVED!] Real-time Strategy Unit Highlighting 2013-07-11
[SOLVED] Updating Block Textures (Joined Boxes?) [3D] 2013-06-24
[S.O.L.V.E.D] MultiThreaded Server Freezes GUI upon bind() 2013-06-03
[Networking] (Client) Unique User Identification Number 2013-06-03
Resource Loading Percentage Formula [SOLVED] 2013-06-02
[SOLVED] Dynamic Loading Process (Keeping up with percentages) 2013-06-01
Collision Help 2D Tiles 2013-05-28
[SOLVED] Simple Tilemap from Image file noob question :D 2013-05-24
Text based combat system trial (Java) 2013-05-15
Converting ugly method to a for loop *solved* 2013-02-02
[FPS Camera: Robot.mouseMove() persistency] *closed* 2013-01-27
[Movement problem Java2D If and Else statements] 2013-01-21
[Loading A 'small movie' in .PNG frames (Memory DEBO)] *closed*... (._.) 2013-01-17
[Java 2D FINAL Projectile Angle?] *solved* 2013-01-17
['while(!destroyed)' loop behaving abnormal?] *solved* 2013-01-13
[Game Thread, when to update FPS?] *solved* 2013-01-12
[Image Encryption + Decryption = Smaller Image?] 2013-01-06
[JFrame with TextFields error] [SOLVED] 2012-12-30
[Networking] Reading a String[] [SOLVED] 2012-12-03
[synchronized(this) { } ?] 2012-11-04
[KryoNet failure, client connects, than disconnects] 2012-08-28
Kryonet TCP [Need Help] :) (SOLVED) 2012-07-17
FIXED 2012-05-31
Java ActionListener unresponsive? 2012-05-26
Client & Server (first time need help) [FIXED] 2012-04-20
Java3D adding movement to a model, where to start/fix? 2012-04-05
2D Tiled Map [Quicker way of detecting mouse inside of a tile?] *FIXED* 2012-03-15
[Java: (Socket/ServerSocket) Question] 2012-02-14
Engine Offload/System Cycle Rate? 2012-02-06
[2 JFrames, one only repaints when being resized..!?] [FIXED] 2012-02-02
[JFrame listen for JMenuItem label changes?] [FIXED] 2012-02-02
[Process: javaw.exe STACKING up! (fix?)] 2012-02-02
[2D Sprite Flickers] [FIXED] 2012-01-12
[2D Jumping Sprite Animation [FIXED]] 2012-01-11
[FPS counter saying 980+?] 2012-01-10
[Java 2D Character Animation] 2012-01-08
Networking & Multiplayer Vs. IP Address (Networking Base) 2013-02-06
Performance Tuning
Java Brute Forcing Algorithm Optimization. 2013-03-05
Shared Code
[Manipulating Pure Java2D into 3D (Software)] 2013-01-25
[Forcefully clean allocated memory] 2013-01-25
[LWJGL] Easily render text. 2012-12-12
Simple (threaded) Abstract GameEngine 2012-08-26
[Helpful list of Graphics2D RenderingHints I use] 2012-08-10
OpenGL Development
[LWJGL Texture render order?] *solved* 2013-01-28
[LWJGL Texture fail] 2013-01-27
[LWJGL GLU not found?] 2013-01-27
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Java Gaming Resources
by philfrei
2017-12-05 19:38:37

Java Gaming Resources
by philfrei
2017-12-05 19:37:39

Java Gaming Resources
by philfrei
2017-12-05 19:36:10

Java Gaming Resources
by philfrei
2017-12-05 19:33:10

List of Learning Resources
by elect
2017-03-13 14:05:44

List of Learning Resources
by elect
2017-03-13 14:04:45

SF/X Libraries
by philfrei
2017-03-02 08:45:19

SF/X Libraries
by philfrei
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