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1  Discussions / Community & Volunteer Projects / Glory of Gods Developer Request on: 2006-11-25 17:37:58
Brief Description
The project is basically a 3D Java based real time strategy game. I would hope the game would be similar to games like Settlers 4 / StarCraft / Warcraft 3 but with a unique layout and maybe an improved control system. The project is still in a pre-alpha stage where only basic elements have been investigated. The structure of the game is still in a planning stage so any new recruits would have a big say in the design and implementation of the project.

Target Aim
At the moment this is a freeware endeavor as we are hosting the project on SourceForge as open source. My opinion is that this project is for fun and should give a good learning curve for future projects. I would hope with a strong team to produce something professional.

J2SE, Xith3D and XML. That’s probably a good start for now until the requirements are finalized but I’m sure the list of required libraries will increase. There has also been interest in including mobile device technology to allow some sort of plugin into the RTS using a mobile device. There maybe a possibility of this depending on the skill set of the developers.

Help Required
Programmers - I think for a project this size we need about 5 programmers in total. We currently have 2 including myself so an additional 3. Programmers should have a good knowledge of the Java language (some 1.5 knowledge would also be beneficial). Knowledge of 3D game programming would be great but isn’t required as this is meant to be an education project to build understand of how to write a 3D RTS game.

Artists - A lot of work needs to be done on 3D and 2D graphics both for menu systems and for in game. We are looking for anyone available to design menus / characters / buildings / scenery or even just art work for the project. We currently have a 3D designer interested in the project who is modeling a few ideas as well as a 2D designer who currently designing the games logo.

Concept Writers - We currently have a basic plan for the game and a small story to link together a single player but I’m quite happy for new members to have their say and change elements in the game as long as the overall group agrees.

Current Game Story

Current Game Basics

Team Structure
Currently there isn’t really a team structure. I started this project last year and one of my course-mates joined the project a week after I pitched the idea to him. If any, I would say I was leading developer so all questions should come to me.

The project is currently hosted on SourceForge. The code held is a test frame for some ideas I have had on how to develop the game. It is currently only 2D stuff but I was trying to develop a working back-end structure without worrying too much on how the front-end will display it.
I’m on MSN messenger (Email: choco_anzak AT hotmail DOT com). Please contact me (William) on this address.

I'm always happy to hear feedback or questions. I'm not interested in questions about why I want to use Java or why an RTS style game.
2  Java Game APIs & Engines / Xith3D Forums / Re: Problem with HUD code on: 2006-11-18 21:19:41

I am using the following code to set the theme

 try {
            FileInputStream fis = new FileInputStream("net/worship/GTK.xwt");
            System.out.println("is null::" + (fis == null));
            HUD.setTheme(new WidgetTheme(fis));
 } catch(Exception e){

where I have put the file in "" and set the classpath to my
src directory.

I get the same error if I set the theme or not.
3  Java Game APIs & Engines / Xith3D Forums / Re: Problem with HUD code on: 2006-11-12 14:00:38
Thanks for everyones help with the HUD code. I got it working a while ago but have been bogged
down with work so haven't managed to post recently.

I found that the code in XIN may need adjusting as I had to change
       RenderPass scenePass = new RenderPass(RenderPass.PERSPECTIVE_PROJECTION);
        env.addChild(create3DScene(), scenePass);
        RenderPass hudPass = new RenderPass(RenderPass.PARALLEL_PROJECTION);
        env.addChild(createHUD(canvas), hudPass);


        BranchGroup b = new BranchGroup();

As a side point everytime I run my code I get an exception from the getTheme method in
HUD. I thought this might be because I hadn't set a Theme but even if I set one I still get
the same error.

6 mark/reset not supported
        at org.xith3d.loaders.texture.TextureStreamLocatorZip.cacheNames(
        at org.xith3d.loaders.texture.TextureStreamLocatorZip.<init>(
        at org.xith3d.ui.hud.utils.WidgetTheme.<init>(
        at net.worship.ui.MyHUD.createHUD(

It doesn't seem to effect the actual running of the code but I'm guessing when I want to
theme components I may run into problems. Does anyone know the cause of this problem?

4  Java Game APIs & Engines / Xith3D Forums / Re: Problem with HUD code on: 2006-10-31 09:41:05
I'm still having a few issues with xith-tk. I took your advise Marvin and checked out the latest build of
xith-tk using subversion from sourceforge but when I imported the project into eclipse it gave me
over 8000 errors. I double checked I had all the libraries and everything was referenced correctly
and couldn't find any problem with them. I investigated the source of the problems and it seems
they originate from the import statements in most files. I found that a lot com.xith3d.... had been
changed to org.xith3d and in the majority of cases the required classes weren't in org (toolkit)
so couldn't be referenced.

Could you please tell me where I can download a copy of xith-tk with the HUD code in it as I
seem to be quite unlucky with the code at the moment.

5  Java Game APIs & Engines / Xith3D Forums / Problem with HUD code on: 2006-10-30 19:30:53

I've been having a look at the HUD guide in the Xith in a Nutshell documentation and have been trying to
get some of the example code working. However I don't seem to be able to find any compatible code /
libraries to get it working.

My code...
// Xith3D
import com.xith3d.scenegraph.Geometry;
import com.xith3d.scenegraph.Shape3D;
import com.xith3d.scenegraph.Appearance;
import com.xith3d.scenegraph.BranchGroup;
import org.xith3d.test.*;
import org.xith3d.ui.hud.*;
import org.xith3d.ui.swingui.*;
// use Jogl
import com.xith3d.render.*;
import com.xith3d.render.jsr231.*;
import org.xith3d.render.loop.*;
import org.xith3d.render.base.*;
import org.xith3d.render.canvas.*;

 * @author William

public class MyHUD extends ExtRenderLoop implements WidgetActionListener {
    public void actionPerformed(String actionCommand) {
        if (actionCommand.equals("EXIT")) {
    private HUD createHUD(Canvas3D canvas) {
        HUD hud = new HUD(canvas, 1000, 1000,this);
        Button button = new Button(300, 100, "Exit this app");
        hud.addWidget(button, 400, 400);
    public MyHUD() {
        ExtXith3DEnvironment env = new ExtXith3DEnvironment();
        Canvas3DWrapper canvas = Canvas3DWrapper.createStandalone(Canvas3DWrapper.Resolution.RES_800X600,"My HUD");
        RenderPassConfigProvider persConfigProvider = new RenderPassConfig(RenderPassConfig.PERSPECTIVE_PROJECTION);
        Geometry geo = Cube.createCubeViaTriangles(0, 0, 0, 1, true);
   Shape3D sh = new Shape3D(geo, new Appearance());
        BranchGroup bg = new BranchGroup();
        RenderPass scenePass = new RenderPass(bg,persConfigProvider);
        RenderPassConfigProvider  paraConfigProvider = new RenderPassConfig(RenderPassConfig.PARALLEL_PROJECTION);
        BranchGroup parallelBranchGroup = new BranchGroup();

        RenderPass hudPass = new RenderPass(parallelBranchGroup,paraConfigProvider);

I had a lot of problems to begin with and have changed the code to try and update it. I checked out
a new copy of xith3d and xith-tk from CVS, built new jars and added them to my project but then I
got a missing class error from net.jtank.input.InputListener. I managed to fix this by finding the class
in an earlier release of xith. My project now compiles but when I try to run it I get the following error

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: javax.vecmath.Matrix4f.setTranslation(Ljavax/vecmath/Tuple3f;)V
        at com.xith3d.scenegraph.Transform3D.lookAt(
        at com.xith3d.scenegraph.View.lookAt(
        at com.xith3d.scenegraph.View.<init>(
        at org.xith3d.render.base.Xith3DEnvironment.<init>(

Is there a different version of vecmaths I need to download?

Also is there an easier way to try the examples from the "Xith in a nutshell" as I have found
it really difficult.

6  Java Game APIs & Engines / Xith3D Forums / Re: Xith WEB Site - Joomla! powered on: 2006-03-23 12:03:53
Looks good, I like it Cheesy

7  Java Game APIs & Engines / Xith3D Forums / Re: Texturing By Z-Value on: 2006-03-17 12:31:03
Thanks for the advice.

I've been thinking about this a bit more and the way I described above may not be the best solution for what I am trying
to achieve. I thought I would explain what I'm doing and see if anyone can suggest a good way to do it.

Well I am creating terrain for my game. The terrain is a single shape3d object with a single geometry. I want to be able
to texture it to look some what realistic (doesn't have to be brilliant) but coupled with this I want to create active areas on
the terrain. The active areas will define land resources from which the player can mine / harvest and should be textured
accordingly. Now I've read a few articles posted recently about texturing and tried out some of the tutorials however this
seems slightly more advanced than applying a texture to an object.

I picked up from an article that there are ways to sub-divide a shape3d object for texturing but couldn't find any examples
to learn more about it. Does anyone know of a good tutorial / guide?

Any advice on the above would be great.

8  Java Game APIs & Engines / Xith3D Forums / Re: Some free time to spare.. on: 2006-03-17 09:50:56
I would find some work on the Javadocs useful. As someone quite new to Xith it would give me
some good pointers for a few aspects of the project I am currently working on.

9  Java Game APIs & Engines / Xith3D Forums / Texturing By Z-Value on: 2006-03-05 09:53:22
I am working on texturing landscape held within a single Shape3D object. One of the ideas
I thought of and quite liked was assigning textures based on the z-value(height) in the
Shape3D object. This for example would make any part below zero on the z axis a water type
texture and anything high up on a mountain a snow texture.

I have looked through the texturing tutorials and I still think I am missing a bit of understanding
of how this can be achieved. Could anyone direct me to an example of  something similar or
give me some pointers of where to start?

10  Java Game APIs & Engines / Xith3D Forums / Re: The oft asked shadow example question on: 2006-02-12 19:23:28
I found this link to Java Cool Dude's source. Dunno if it helps

Maybe somewhere to start from?


11  Java Game APIs & Engines / Xith3D Forums / Coordinate System on: 2006-02-07 13:36:58

I have been wondering about the coordinate system used in xith and what the default setup is when you create a blank canvas. It
seems to me (from some small programs I have written) the default for the axis is objects appear on the x / z plane and the height
is the y axis. Is this the standard? From most of the things I have read about mathmatics it is general practise for objects to be on
the x / y plane and the height on the z axis. Is it just my examples or is this the default setup? if so why is it not implemented the
other way round?

12  Java Game APIs & Engines / Xith3D Forums / Re: Loading Terragen OBJ on: 2006-01-24 09:25:42
I know this is a noobie question but what is the advantage of generating normals and material files?

I am currently just loading an Obj file exported from Terragen and am wondering about the benifits
of changing my setup to something similar to angon2006's. Could anyone tell me the pros / cons
to altering my setup?

13  Java Game APIs & Engines / Xith3D Forums / Re: ObjLoader on: 2006-01-19 22:03:23
Sorry it's taken me so long to reply. Been so busy at work.

I am trying to load a terrain map and as this is a cuboid type shape I thought the best bounding object would be
a BoundingBox. I'm trying to use the BoundingBox to get the landlength (length of the x side) and the max and min
height along the z axis.

There must be a way to get these values from the geometry but it escapes me  Huh Sorry for being such a noobie,
I'm trying to get better. Could anyone enlighten me on either how I could get these values from a BoundingSphere
or the Geometry.
14  Java Game APIs & Engines / Xith3D Forums / Re: ObjLoader on: 2006-01-11 22:43:31
Thanks everyone for your advice. I think I am starting to understand how it all fits together.
It turned out to be the child node after the one above that was the Shape3D object so if any
one else is ever trying to load an OBJ file created by Terragen try
        Node grandParentNode = objBranchGroup.getChild(0);
        Node parentNode = ((com.xith3d.scenegraph.Group) grandParentNode).getChild(0);
        Node node = ((com.xith3d.scenegraph.Group) parentNode).getChild(0);

and the 'node' object is the Shape3D

I have another query if anyone has any ideas.  I was wondering about the objloader and
the boundaries created in the Shape3D object. For instance when you load an OBJ file
using the loader how does it define what type of bounds are used within the Shape3D.

My question relates to what I am working on at present as after I have the Shape3D object
from the branchgroup I want to get the boundary values from it (hopefully by using a
BoundingBox) however the boundary object returned by the Shape3d is a BoundingSphere.
I'd like to change where this is set if possible and if not try to convert it.
15  Java Game APIs & Engines / Xith3D Forums / Re: ObjLoader on: 2006-01-09 21:19:31
Thanks for the reply.

I was wondering if you could expand on the BranchGroup returned by the OBJ Loader.

I've had a look at the source code but am still a bit unsure about what it contains.
When I ran a portion of my code intergrated with the ObjLoader, the BranchGroup
had one child node  (a Group object) could you explain how this relates to a
Shape3D object?

16  Java Game APIs & Engines / Xith3D Forums / ObjLoader on: 2006-01-09 13:58:20

I am working on loading an OBJ file in Xith created by the Terragen application. I know a lot about how this is
achieved using Java3D and am trying to apply my knowledge to Xith.

In my Java3D layout the loader extracts the Shape3D object from the BranchGroup (created from the OBJ file)
I was wondering if this is possible from the xith loader. I realise I don't fully understand how the loader works
in either Java3D or Xith so I feel quite limited in what I am trying to achieve. Undecided

Could anyone please either explain how I can create a Shape3D object from an OBJ file or suggest a better way of
loading a Terragen OBJ file into Xith.

17  Java Game APIs & Engines / Xith3D Forums / Re: Query about Terrain Generation on: 2005-10-18 20:52:37
Thanks for the link, am just reading up about. Hoping once I understand the theory I can start applying this to the terrain template in Xith.
18  Java Game APIs & Engines / Xith3D Forums / Re: Query about Terrain Generation on: 2005-10-12 20:35:14
Well from our current design the game will be similar to Age of the Empires / Settlers (3/4) So a god like game where you build your empire up from the resources on the map. My question is relating more to how I go about making the basic map. I plan to import buildings and character from 3D modelling tools but its the terrain which is causing me the problems.
19  Java Game APIs & Engines / Xith3D Forums / Query about Terrain Generation on: 2005-10-12 19:08:59
A few friends and I are planning to make a RTS game in Java using Xith3D.  I am quite an experienced Java programmer but am relatively new to Xith3D. I am trying to gauge what is feasible in Xith3D and am trying to find information about Terrain Generation (something like a tutorial) but all I can find is the terrain example on the demos page of the website.

Could anyone please point me in the right direction or give me any information about how I generate terrain for this style of game.
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