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1  Games Center / Contests / Re: Private FPS challenge on: 2012-02-07 16:02:27
Why no Java? :p At any rate, looking very nice enjoyLuke!!  Cool

I know I know.. I'm the black sheep in this thread.. :|
And thanks! Smiley

You should try variance shadow mapping. It's really easy to implement, good quality and faster than PCF with same quality. This also usually give you change to use smaller shadow map textures.

I implemented it for open gl es and performance is great even with android. I use (256x256)^2 shadow map(128 look ok too) with 9x9 kernel gaussian blur pass.

I will definitely take a look at that, thanks. It's not my priority for the moment, so I'll have to endure my shadows a bit longer.

Can definitely see the influence from CS on your score screen Luke Wink Are you planning on showing the fps for each player, or is it just for debugging?

You are very much correct sir! Grin
CS is my influence all over. And yes, I am actually planning on showing the fps for each player. Smiley
2  Games Center / Contests / Re: Private FPS challenge on: 2012-02-02 19:44:05
Well, here's the promised pictures update!

I've implemented dynamic shadows with an early version of shadow mapping. It only uses 2x2 PCF (percentage-closer filtering) and nothing more.
This can be seen by the rough edges on the shadows.

I've also made a very easy user interface. Just using sprites and text. No fancy window boxes etc.
I did plan on using Awesomium.. but since I code in VS2010 I had to use the C API instead of the C++ API.
I could have handled it, but the only example/sample/tutorial was a ported C++ example. Nothing more provided.

I did make the example work, by having a box in 3D which presented a website live. But I didn't get the interaction part to work. And for a menu, that is quite essential.
So I stopped pursuing that and instead just made it work with sprites and text.

(Right click and open image in new tab or view image, if the details are too small.)

This is the main menu.

This is the in-game menu.

And lastly the scoreboard. It sorts the players on score and team.

The networking is also up and running using RakNet. But still in a very early phase. The green box is a network player.
(Luke is the listen server and running on a 60 hz screen, hence the 60 fps. Anakin is the client and running on a 120 hz screen.)

I also mentioned in an earlier post that the bullet KinematicCharacterController used the look vector in the jump algorithm. I've also noticed that it seems to be using the walk direction as well in the algorithm.
So I have to see if I can find a fix for that. Or just make my own implementation.
3  Games Center / Contests / Re: Private FPS challenge on: 2012-02-01 21:22:17
Deadline update!

Everything is up and running, tho the networking is a bit over optimistic and naive for the moment (Read: It's letting the client decide a couple of things..).

I will post an update, with pictures, tomorrow.

Lately I have been working on my own scene graph
hehe, just what the world needs. Yet another scenegraph  Tongue
One more for tensei to validate for his master thesis. Cheesy

Btw, gotta love those normal maps! Looking good tom.

Also, looking forward to feel the freedom of jetpacks tensei!  Grin
4  Games Center / Contests / Re: Private FPS challenge on: 2012-01-27 06:58:31
To start by replying to tom: I did position each box by hand. Cheesy
BUT, there are not so many boxes as you might think. I use texture repeating.
So e.g., the floor, is just one box.

So to the updates.

I've implemented a sky, using a sphere and cube mapping. (The sky on the screenshot is a star night, squint your eyes, it's there, I promise!)

On this next screenshot you can see a spotlight in effect. One. Not a hundred. Smiley

I've also implemented bullet physics, so that's working great, except for the jump function in the KinematicCharacterController (which c++ bullet has apparently).
I think it uses the look vector in its algorithm to determine the force of the jump, cause if I look down, I almost don't jump at all. But if I look up, I can suddenly jump higher than if I was looking straight forward. So have to _look_ into that, perhaps make my own jump method or something. We'll see. It's not prioritized.
On the screenshot you can also see the debug drawer. (The boxes hits the floor after falling from 100 meters).

On the "eye candy" part, I now got some basic bullet impact decals. For the moment only for static objects, since dynamic objects change the rotation on the u/v texture coordinates, and I don't take that into consideration in my implementation for the time being. I also wanted the bullet impact decals to be shown on the other side of the object being shot at, to present the bullet exit position. I also make a decal on the next wall being hit by the bullet. This can easily be turned on/off.

And lastly a screenshot function, which I've used on all these screenshots (which are in 1680x1050 resolution, let me know if it's too big).
5  Games Center / Contests / Re: Private FPS challenge on: 2012-01-08 09:55:45
Newest updates!

(It's all very basic, so nothing exciting here :\)

I've made a box method, so I can easily make different size of boxes with different textures and so on.
I made this method first with vertex and index buffer arrays, but changed it recently to make meshes directly.
This since I will use the mesh for easy checking against AABB for frustum culling and for picking.

I've also made a simple HUD with no fancy graphics whatsoever (the way I like it).
With the HUD there is also a countdown clock.

And last for the HUD I have made a crosshair. This is at the moment just simple rectangles drawn on top of the screen, no sprites.
I also locked the mouse to the center of the screen and hid the mouse cursor.

On the screenshot you can see a very simple "arena" map made with the box method.
You can also see the HUD.

About the networking part.. I'll look at that when almost everything else is done I guess.. (probably not smart, but hey).
6  Games Center / Contests / Re: Private FPS challenge on: 2012-01-04 09:15:45
Ok, first update.

Got some of the 3D rendering up and running. Just some basic geometry, a crate.
And as you obviously _don't_ see on the screenshots; very basic, and not, finetuned fps controller and movement.

The crate is textured and illuminated with some shader code with a directional light.

Two screenshots; since pictures are much better than my words! (Usually).

(I have no clue if you have any rules about screenshots. Size, upload places, and so on. If something is wrong, just mention it in the replies.)
7  Games Center / Contests / Re: Private FPS challenge on: 2011-12-20 21:20:22
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