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Danny02's Private Hall of Fame

1x Re: [engine] 3D model types, and overview 2014-10-09
1x Re: Random syntax tweaks! 2014-06-01
1x Re: Uniform locations return -1 2014-05-24
2x Re: MERCury - 2d Game Library 2014-05-05
2x Re: ConcurrentModificationException when removing an item from an arraylist 2014-04-26
1x Re: Swing JComboBox problem. 2014-04-09
1x Re: My most inefficient way of implementing running texts. How to optimize? 2014-04-05
1x Re: LWJGL and glslDevil 2014-03-26
1x Re: VBO Model Framework 2014-03-23
1x Re: MorePong 2014-02-25
1x Re: MorePong 2014-02-23
1x Re: Vector3f or three floats variables 2014-02-17
1x Scala based type safe BLAS 2014-02-12
1x Re: clearing or make new array? 2014-02-10
1x Re: What is this OpenCL sorcery? 2014-01-31
1x Re: MERCury - 2d Game Engine 2014-01-28
1x Re: Best Way to Register Blocks/Entities 2014-01-18
2x Re: Mouse clicking in 3D space? 2014-01-14
2x Re: Get all text from System.out 2014-01-08
1x Re: State of Fortune 2014-01-06
1x Re: LWJGL: Loading a texture, the imperative way. 2013-12-31
1x Re: Wierd Compiler Error 2013-12-29
1x Re: OpenGL Questions 2013-12-29
1x Re: OpenGL Questions 2013-12-23
1x Re: Proper Way To Handle Gravity? 2013-12-04
2x Re: Back half of cube is being clipped (using geometry shader). 2013-11-25
1x Re: Inconsistent IndexOutOfBounds Exceptions 2013-11-16
1x Re: Removing An Event Broadcaster From Within A Listener 2013-11-13
1x Re: Play mp3 files? 2013-11-11
3x Re: Does this cause lack of Performance? 2013-10-12
1x Re: What would you like to see in Java? 2013-10-05
2x Re: LWJGL Antialiased lines 2013-10-04
1x Re: Fast way of rendering Tiles. 2013-09-26
1x Re: Complete Newbie 2013-09-17
1x Re: Can you spot the error? 2013-08-21
1x Re: [LibGDX]How to create gradient color 2013-07-31
1x Re: Netbeans 7.4 still bugs with Libgdx ( video ) 2013-07-25
1x Re: Class that creates another new superclass at runtime 2013-06-19
1x Re: Regarding pointers in Java 2013-05-30
1x Re: Dynamically load class 2013-05-26
1x Re: XBox One 2013-05-24
1x Re: Tween functions? 2013-05-16
1x Re: The nightmare of taxes, and what can I do about it 2013-05-10
1x Re: OpenGL states at start 2013-04-02
2x Re: Need help testing a graphics engine 2013-03-25
1x Re: I Switched to IDEA! 2013-03-11
1x Re: Quick Question about Imports... 2013-02-23
1x Re: Silly questions and confusion by transformation matrices in OpenGL 2013-02-01
1x Re: GLSL and Shader-based Tutorials for LWJGL / LibGDX 2013-01-28
1x Re: ms3d animated model loader for LWJGL! 2013-01-20
1x Re: Spine: 2D skeletal animation 2012-11-27
2x Re: LWJGL/JavaFX Integration 2012-11-14
1x Re: Bare-Bones Intro to Textures & Programmable Pipeline 2012-11-07
1x Re: Storing Highscore... where ? 2012-11-06
1x Re: Perlin noise questions 2012-11-03
1x Re: Achieving such effect 2012-10-21
1x Re: Code request. static Path Object and iterator on it for 2D 2012-10-19
1x Re: What to do about "contact"? 2012-10-17
1x Re: GLSL 'dirty' blur effect 2012-08-17
1x Re: Condensing of Levels 2012-08-06
1x Re: Background for different resolutions how to do it? 2012-08-04
1x Re: Need help on calculating the reflection of a point hitting a circle from inside. 2012-07-24
6x Re: Getting myself to program.. 2012-05-16
1x Re: Dedicated Server - Disable imports 2012-04-11
1x Re: Using code generation in your game. 2012-03-31
1x Re: Math Problem with Rotation 2012-02-24
1x Re: Array 2012-02-10
1x Re: Some help with item usage. 2012-02-01
2x Re: OpenCL being slower than OpenGL 2012-01-27
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2019-09-04 15:33:17

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2018-11-16 13:46:03

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2018-11-16 13:41:33

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2018-11-16 13:35:35

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2018-11-16 13:32:03

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A NON-ideal modular configuration for Eclipse with JavaFX
by philfrei
2019-12-19 19:35:12

Java Gaming Resources
by philfrei
2019-05-14 16:15:13

Deployment and Packaging
by philfrei
2019-05-08 15:15:36

Deployment and Packaging
by philfrei
2019-05-08 15:13:34

Deployment and Packaging
by philfrei
2019-02-17 20:25:53

Deployment and Packaging
by mudlee
2018-08-22 18:09:50

Java Gaming Resources
by gouessej
2018-08-22 08:19:41

Deployment and Packaging
by gouessej
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