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Topics started by Eli Delventhal (183)

Darwin's Apple - LD48 "evolution" 2012-08-30
Dread Maze (LD48) 2011-12-21
Death Boulder Jones - LD #21 2011-08-23
Zombie Grinder 2010-04-26
LD13 - Exproad, Improad, Reroad! 2008-12-08
A Lasting Impression - JGO Comp 2008 2008-08-26
Sinuosity - A Simple Maze-Solving Dungeon Crawler 2008-06-08
Planetary Simulator 2008-05-18
WIP games, tools & toy projects
Net Dash (WIP) 2010-09-23
Cube World Projects
Issues Drawing a Cube 2005-09-27
Archived Projects
Skyfall 2012-03-07
Moderation or no moderation? 2009-07-22
Lab Rinth (Superhero RPG/Hack n' Slash) 2009-05-17
T By 3 - Tic Tac Toe on a mild stimulant 2008-07-01
Ah, Maze! 2008-05-04
Agent: 00PK 2008-04-14
The Best Game Evar 2: F**kwad's Revenge 2005-08-10
Ludum Dare #17 2010-04-22
MOVED: 40x30 EGA Contest 2010-04-13
Global Game Jam 2009-01-25
JGO Comp 2008 2008-08-22
JGO Comp Petite
Next JGO Petite? 2010-04-11
JGO Petite - Sunday, April 11, 6:00PM GMT 2010-04-02
LET'S GET PETITE 2010-03-30
4K Game Competition - 2011
How to fix crap applet frame rate on Mac 2011-03-01
P4ndemiK 2010-12-26
Java 4k Resources Thread 2009-12-01
4K Game Competition - 2009
Optimization Questions 2009-01-04
Spoo4k 2009-01-04
Tiny Game 2010
[Journal] Maze Crawler game 2010-04-14
JGO Comp 2009
The Winners! 2009-08-10
That's a wrap! Now what about next time? 2009-08-04
The contest is OVER! 2009-08-03
Do you guys want another 24 hours? 2009-08-02
12 More Hours 2009-08-02
JGO Comp 2009 Has Begun! 2009-07-31
JGO Comp 2009 2009-07-07
General Discussions
Apple keeps killing the Applet 2012-06-22
Ludum Dare 2012-04-20
The nD 2012-03-02
Steering pathfinding demo 2011-08-15
Programming, motherf**ker 2011-07-19
I still think the anti-spam measure is an issue.. 2011-07-11
mobage game service - write once, run anywhere mobile framework + social API 2011-05-16
Any JGOers around for GDC? 2011-03-02
Happy Holidays 2010-12-25
Humble Indie Bundle 2010-12-17
Installing Java on Ubuntu? 2010-12-08
Bash script to put your workspace on Dropbox 2010-12-02
Meet the Future of Java 2010-09-20
Re: aloha!! 2010-08-29
My name is my name 2010-08-29
New post erasure abilities? 2010-07-14
Recent bout of spam 2009-09-15
MOVED: GREMEDY support in jogl 2009-06-22
New member groups 2009-06-16
MOVED: RSS on JGO 2009-06-16
LD13 Results 2008-12-22
Life is too demanding! 2008-12-13
JGO Comp 2008 2008-08-13
JGO Game Competition? 2008-08-11
JGO down? 2008-02-17
Problem with Safari (Mac) ? 2006-09-14
[fulfilled] Turn suggestions forum into a ticket system 2010-12-17
Jobs and Resumes
Looking For Work 2008-08-13
Community & Volunteer Projects
Community Sandbox Game Spec 2009-01-16
Level Designers, Artists, SFX People, Musicians for RPG wanted! 2005-08-12
Miscellaneous Topics
Death Boulder Bones is up on Kickstarter 2013-02-20
The Next Game Boss 2012-12-04
Obama won 2012-11-07
Playing "The Walls" in Minecraft right now 2012-09-01
Diplomacy 2012-07-02
If you want a laugh... 2012-06-11
A Puzzle. 2012-05-26
LD23 - Searching for Heaven 2012-04-24
Javascript World-to-String script 2010-07-21
Godfinger 2010-06-30
I'm Married 2010-06-25
Nifty star field 2010-03-09
Valet Hustle is on the App Store! 2010-02-19
MOVED: Help understanding the code 2009-12-12
Published iPhone game I worked on... 2009-12-05
Stack Overflow 2009-08-28
Twitter 2009-04-21
I got engaged! 2008-12-29
Little brother 2008-09-10
Downgraded! 2008-08-07
Ninja! 2008-06-27
Newbie & Debugging Questions
Broken applet - assist please 2012-08-30
Flickering applet 2011-12-20
java.awt.Polygon.contains() is broken? 2010-12-24
When do Sockets block? 2010-09-04
Applets - using javac on class files 2010-07-08
Get foreign characters to appear in a JTextArea or other Swing component? 2010-06-09
MOVED: JOURNAL: 2D Game Engine 2010-05-17
Java2D Optimization 2008-11-06
Integrating dynamic classpath with Webstart? 2008-05-18
Have JNLP make an application? 2008-05-11
Stream closed Exception 2008-04-15
Help with JAR and JNLP 2008-04-14
Can I scan the screen or get a screenshot of my screen within Java? 2006-10-18
Getting keyboard/input while in other programs? 2006-10-18
Fire the OS's Keyboard? 2006-10-04
Working with a custom General Tree... advice needed. 2006-04-18
JTextPane - get the percent loaded from HTML? 2006-04-15
Get HTML from a website 2006-04-04
Including .jar files in a classpath (Eclipse) 2006-01-11
Putting java commands into a .jar file 2005-11-10
Articles & tutorials
Game loops! 2011-05-13
Game Play & Game Design
Thoughts on 2D isometric perspective? 2009-05-06
2.5d Isometric view? 2009-02-17
Any evolutionary traits you can think of... 2006-10-21
What do you think is the best way to organize a level? 2006-10-18
Design help for dynamic destructable landscapes please... 2006-07-12
Action script that is compiled... better way? 2005-08-18
A good way to make save games that doesn't have version portability probs 2005-08-16
Cool Things for "Jobs" in an RPG? 2005-08-12
Game Mechanics
Braid-like time reversal 2012-03-02
Help with my sweep collision test 2010-07-31
Moving rects - find the moment of intersection 2010-07-19
Grid buckets in 2D collision 2010-01-13
Phys2D Constructive Solid Geometry 2008-05-12
Fun Phys2D Hack 2008-04-16
Phys2D: Catching large velocity changes 2008-03-31
Phys2D: Detecting juxtaposition of collided objects? 2008-02-16
Resize a Body in Phys2D? 2008-02-07
Networking & Multiplayer
Managing outside programs within Java 2007-08-07
Using Spaces when executing UNIX commands? 2007-04-29
Create an InetAddress from a string? 2005-12-15
Run a Server App Always on an http? 2005-12-08
Sending full files through a stream 2005-11-11
Performance Tuning
Fastest way of using FloatBuffers 2010-12-14
Cramming the most into a Sprite Atlas - (Bin Packing Problem) 2009-12-08
Better ways to classify than a bunch of lists? 2009-10-30
Interesting A* Pathfinding Heuristic 2009-07-01
Shared Code
FileList 2008-05-18
ReplaceDocument for Swing 2006-02-22
Static Error/Debug Outputter 2006-01-24
PictureBorder – A nice Border with images! 2006-01-24
Mouse Not Returning Proper X/Y changes? 2006-12-15
DO NOT POST HERE- GO TO 2010-09-01
Can I get source for the demos? 2006-03-23
Tools Discussion
EXE Creation (with LWJGL) 2010-08-15
Different ways of bundling JARs 2010-08-12
Eclipse asking for strange libraries... 2008-05-03
Java 2D
MOVED: How do online pool/billard games have 3D balls? 2010-02-08
MOVED: How to Create .JNLP files ? 2009-06-05
ImageIO Heap 'Splosions 2009-05-15
New JFrame appears blank until resize 2009-04-27
Swing / JScrollPane / setPrefferedSize question... 2009-04-22
Using less Java heap with BufferedImage 2008-02-07
Finding the slope of an edge in a BufferedImage 2006-12-06
Raster – Using getPixels and setPixels 2006-11-29
Dealing With Loading of Large Images 2005-11-03
OpenGL Development
Making a pixely game, what's the fastest way to do it? 2012-06-04
Convert transformation matrix to position, size, and rotation? 2011-07-19
Anyone know how to set up LWJGL with Jar Bundler for Mac OS X? 2010-08-04
OpenGL call to see if something is within the viewport? 2010-07-30
Interesting error in applet 2010-07-13
FloatBuffers are slow... 2010-07-09
Error when trying to adapt Gears applet... 2010-07-09
Very simple sample applet? 2010-07-06
Focus? 2008-12-09
Pixel information from a Texture? 2008-11-18
FMOD and OpenAL.... Where to Start? 2008-05-12
OBJ or 3DS loader? 2006-03-20
Cube Rotation Issues 2006-03-07
Using GCJ with LWJGL? 2005-11-30
Rotate a cube around its axis? 2005-11-11
Problems with a multi-textured cube 2005-11-06
Can't get OpenGL text drawing to work 2005-09-21
Made a simple image drawer that is choppy and ugly... 2005-09-21
When will DevIL work for Mac OS X? 2005-08-17
Absolutely new to 3D and LWJGL... errors with SpaceInvaders 2005-08-09
JOGL Development
Problem with buffers (OpenGL ES) 2010-01-04
Drawing texture loading progress paradox 2009-08-12
OpenGL tiled images with glScalef creating black lines 2009-05-04
General 3D Question - Matching 2D coordinates with a 3D space 2009-05-04
Nearest neighbor texture resizing 2008-11-20
Java Sound & OpenAL
MIDI Synthesizer being nuts when trying to do a crossfade 2009-01-04
"50 Android Games" article on Gizmodo 2010-01-28
Android 2009-07-28
Different way to make saves from ObjectOutputStream? (version unreadability) 2005-08-15
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Deployment and Packaging
by mudlee
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Java Gaming Resources
by gouessej
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Deployment and Packaging
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Deployment and Packaging
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Deployment and Packaging
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Deployment and Packaging
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