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1  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: [LibGDX][Box2D] Body active for only one world step on: 2014-09-16 12:12:53
I am not fully sure what the problem may be, but your approach to using two bodies for one actor and toggling between them seems risky: I have no idea if Box2D is capable of handling that.

Anyway, perhaps you could try replacing the shape instead of the whole body? That seems to be possible at least according to this link.
2  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: [LibGDX][Android] Random files not loading on: 2014-09-16 12:08:58
Maybe it has something to do with the way the asset folder is refreshed in Eclipse? I mean, the asset folder on disk and the folder used when run from Eclipse are not always in sync, so just maybe these files may be removed on the disk folder but still present in the Eclipse assets folder?
3  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Microsoft to buy Mojang for $2 billion? on: 2014-09-15 18:53:23
I do expect a Minecraft II Xbox-exclusive or something like that. And I could not care less, plenty of cubeworld games to choose from.
4  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: LibGDX Problems Loading Skins on: 2014-09-15 18:51:37
Exactly. This line shows your problem which is unrelated to the file location but is about its contents:

Caused by: com.badlogic.gdx.utils.GdxRuntimeException: Invalid line: <html lang="en" class="   ">

You should always look down the stack trace to find the first "caused by" line, which is usually the most informative. JSON is a way of structuring data that is different from XML, and as UprightPath says, you need the JSON version for LibGDX. This one, I expect.
5  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: What other programming languages do you use & why? on: 2014-09-15 18:45:30
... C# because my friend doesn;t want to install java to run my games, so I port them to C# to run on windows natively ...
Wat. That's the laziest friend that I've ever heard of. Tongue

Or the best friend that I've ever heard of  Grin
6  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Microsoft to buy Mojang for $2 billion? on: 2014-09-15 18:44:10
his core ethics

Yeah you start making a game you think is fun and before you know it the whole internet and then some has opinions on how your core ethics are bullshit or something. Can't blame him for making a choice that might bring him happiness instead of endless rivers of hate that flow towards the internet-famous.
7  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Microsoft to buy Mojang for $2 billion? on: 2014-09-15 14:06:43
Kinda reassuring that some people out there rather want to stay close to who they are, make ludlum dare games and silly blog posts rather than play at being all-important CEO bossy guy.

Good for him, sounds like a pretty wise decision.

Also, whoa, that's a boatload of money! On the other hand: what's the practical difference between 1M dollars and 1B dollars? Both are more than you will ever need to live a happy life. The larger amount is probably more of an obstacle than a help.
8  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: How to port a java game to android on: 2014-09-08 12:03:37
To "port" a game to android using LibGDX you probably will be better off developing your desktop version in LibGDX as well. What are you currently using as a framework? Just plain Java2D? Porting will probably involve quite a bit of work.
9  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: Saving Game Data on: 2014-09-08 12:01:07
Alternatively, you could consider using Java's built-in serialization.

Here's a nice to-the-point example:

10  Games Center / Featured Games / Re: [Slick2d] Retro-Pixel Castles > Status Icons! < on: 2014-09-03 12:11:08
It's nice to follow on this game's development, and the love you put into it really shows. The range mechanics sound interesting. What will happen when a building is cut off from the village center? (e.g. a light source got cut down by enemies).

Any idea on what kind of interesting choices your game will offer to the player? I can see a few already:
- where to put the village center of course (assuming you have a level of choice in that). This may be more interesting when the choice is somewhat limited, e.g. by putting the player under time pressure and by limiting the available locations, e.g. by requiring the player to walk to the location (possibly even risking encounters with enemies along the way)
- how to arrange defenses by combining the strengths of different buildings, walls, villagers
- building an efficient economy by strategically placing gathering buildings

With regards to combat I cannot see many choices yet (likely because that's still work to be done). Will the player be able to choose where to send soldiers, arrange them in formations, or other choices? There's somewhat of a risk in this kind of game that is may become a pure "numbers" game: build your economy faster than the enemy strength grows and you "win" (or lose later). Having some tactical choices during combat may help keep things interesting.

Keep up the good work!  Grin
11  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: What other programming languages do you use & why? on: 2014-08-31 18:23:41
- C64 basic for fun, first attempts at game dev
- assembly, pascal for school
- C/C++, Java for higher education, some game dev
- Python for work
- Some functional languages developed at the university I studied at, can't remember its name

Using now:
- Javascript, Oracle Pl/SQL for work
- Java and a bit of OpenGL for game dev

I find that the more background and more different languages I learn, the easier it is to learn new languages.
12  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: Killers/Murderers - Are they really wrong? on: 2014-08-27 15:53:27
Being that we are all either plant or animal, isn't fighting for dominance the correct way to do things?

Why would nature or evolution be the Correct Way to do things? I never understood that - often seen - line of reasoning: we are animals, so it is proper and right for us to behave as animals. Being of the human species (a very special kind of animal) we can choose whether we find killing wrong. Who cares what the Holy Bible or Evolution or whatever says about killing. If we, as society and as individuals, decide killing is wrong, it is wrong.

Personally, yeah, there's probably some contrived imaginary situations where killing would be "right". But somehow, in practice, killing never appears to have resulted in anything good...
13  Games Center / Featured Games / Re: [Slick2d] Retro-Pixel Castles > Building Mechanics and AI < on: 2014-08-26 12:04:30
Good continuing work, I'm impressed by how you keep things going. Do you have any ideas on how combat will work yet? Will there be special combat buildings, will there be archer, footman etc. villagers, or do you have other ideas?
14  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: Do you ever actually just despise someone ? on: 2014-08-22 14:12:15

Nobody caught my infinite comment-on-uselessness-of-useless-post loop escape joke.

This Grunnt is a sad Grunnt.  Cry
15  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: Do you ever actually just despise someone ? on: 2014-08-21 12:05:37
I fail to see how posts discussing the usefulness of other posts are useful.

16  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: Lost my CODE! on: 2014-08-19 14:50:24
If you use an online repo like e.g. bitbucket, which is free for public and private repos by the way, you will have little chance of this ever happening again. Using a SVN or other version control plugin in Eclipse makes this not too difficult. Using an online repo means that your code is both on your computer and on an online location. Losing both is extremely unlikely.

Also, hurray for local history in Eclipse!
17  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: Do you ever actually just despise someone ? on: 2014-08-19 10:43:42
Yes I do. Despising people is easy, especially if you don't understand them.

It becomes harder, though, as I grow older. Once I understand more of someone, it becomes harder to despise him or her. Becoming a father multiplies this effect. So over time there is less and less despising people in my life. Which is a very good thing.

Despising people is easy. Too easy. It feeds on the same stuff as trolling. For me, despising and trolling is not much different, I try to avoid doing both.
18  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: New Java Developers on: 2014-07-21 11:18:40
Begone foul spammer!
19  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: What? Your game isn't a pixelated retro masterpiece? on: 2014-07-21 11:08:19
Thank you for your nuanced contribution Tongue
20  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: What? Your game isn't a pixelated retro masterpiece? on: 2014-07-21 07:36:53
The nice thing about pixel art for me (as in intentionally low-pixel-count graphics) is that it helps a lot in the suspension of disbelief. Higher pixel counts or higher poly counts do not correlate positively with more immersion.

With regards to immersion, there's two approaches that I see that work really well:
- go all-out with a 100M+ budget on ultra-realistic 3D graphics and animation a la Call of Duty series (immersion because you are fooled into thinking it is real)
- make it completely unrealistic using a consistent cartoonish style, pixel art or similar approach (immersion because its easy to suspend disbelief)

Using pixel counts or poly counts as a means to determine how well a game looks graphically is such a "technical" way of looking at things... Realism is boring, immersion is what counts for games.

Edit: using pixel art or other unrealistic graphics also means you stimulate the player's creativity. The human mind is such a wonderful thing, why not understand how it works and use this in game development?
21  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: [Girls] How to completely block them from our lives? on: 2014-07-15 14:51:56
I'm just surprised this isn't considered garbage.

Yeah ok, I also kind of expected the mentioned posts to be moderated. Anyways, let me conclude my participation in this thread by yelling: Yay to more women in tech!
22  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: [Girls] How to completely block them from our lives? on: 2014-07-15 14:18:21
How are new readers, who will now find their way here by googling "java game development for girls", supposed to know that this thread, which shows up on the very first page of results, isn't what the rest of the forum is like? (Especially after looking at how many medals these types of comments received.)

Maybe your google is different from my google, but I cant seem to find the thread by googling for it. Definitely not on the first pages when using your search terms.

Neither am I really shocked  by the thread's content (apart from m77's post which is troubling - edit: also gibbo's). A 13 year old boy wonders about how not to be distracted by girls. Kind of cute, really. Some silly replies, some replies about how sad it is there's so few women in (game)development and how nice it is to have a good relationship or friendship. Oh yes, and lots of people yelling that their eyes hurt and plz censor this Wink No girl that I know would be scared off by that. And I'd rather have her see what the JGO community is like than pretend it is anything else than it is (which in my opinion, is not that unfriendly to women at all).

Anyways, I guess we both feel strongly and similarly about the same thing, and just have a minor difference of opinion on how to approach things.
23  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: [Girls] How to completely block them from our lives? on: 2014-07-15 10:56:24
It's not going to be deleted, so it stays, just to be discouraging to any girls here reading "jokes" about shutting girls behind doors despite their screams, how it should be okay to hit girls, how girls are at best a "distraction" to be avoided, much less respected... none of which have anything to do with Java game development. So the best we can do is reply to let people know that this isn't representative of everybody here, or of everybody in the game development community.

There's more than one way to look at this. One way is just to hide/lock/delete any and all posts / threads which show any kind of immature/bigoted ideas about girls/women and ICT. This is an approach of active censorship. Another way is to leave these posts/threads as they are and provide them with some feedback and insights which put them in a different light. This is free speech done right.

Any girl interested in (game) development will learn soon enough that many kids / men have strange ideas about girls in technology. I like to think a thread like this may offer them some support in knowing that, yes, while there are people with strange ideas, there are also others that do not think like that at all and stand up to that. I personally know a number of very capable women developers, so I know for a fact that the perceived differences in capability between men and women in technology is culturally defined and not something inherent being a man or woman.

Bigotry will not magically disappear if we all pretend it does not exist (i.e. censorship).

24  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: [Girls] How to completely block them from our lives? on: 2014-07-14 06:53:36
What's even stranger to me than the low number of girls in ICT is the complete panic and weirdness thats breaks out when someone brings up the topic. Can't even have a decent discussion without half the internet yelling to please close off the topic. Huh

@Jacob Pickens, you should try to avoid premature optimization, and do some thorough problem analysis before thinking of solutions. From your description I suspect your problem is not so much "girls" but "hormones". They make you act strange. Unfortunately these little buggers are also here to stay. So just try to live with that.. It's just like boys: some girls are very nice, others not so much.

Based on recent experience I'd advice to build a good and loving relationship and get a kid (best thing that happened to me, period), but perhaps that's a bit premature for you, hahaha.  Grin

25  Games Center / Featured Games / Re: [Slick2d] Retro-Pixel Castles > NEW EDITOR RELEASE: 7-10-2014!! < on: 2014-07-14 06:36:03
Also don't forget about PAINT.NET, which is quite good as well (with the new version being out and all).
26  Games Center / Featured Games / Re: [Slick2d] Retro-Pixel Castles > NEW EDITOR RELEASE: 7-10-2014!! < on: 2014-07-13 06:51:04
I toyed around with the editor for a while and it works smoothly for me. No glitches or anything strange. Impressive technical & artistic work! Really looking forward to do some in-game things with this Wink
27  Games Center / Featured Games / Re: [Slick2d] Retro-Pixel Castles > NEW EDITOR RELEASE: 7-10-2014!! < on: 2014-07-11 07:32:27
I find the lack of wasteland / hot burning desert on that map disturbing. But only slightly Wink Good work, I'll make sure to try it out in the weekend.
28  Games Center / Featured Games / Re: [Slick2d] Retro-Pixel Castles >>NEW MAP EDITOR BUILD: 6-22-2014!!<< on: 2014-07-07 10:04:35
Great work!

One idea I got while reading this is: maybe keep ruins etcetera of earlier playthroughs on the map? I believe Dwarf Fortress does something like that. E.g. you play and get overrun at some point, then next playthrough maybe you run into the ruins of your earlier castle, now overrun with goblins.
29  Discussions / Suggestions / Re: Pre-WIP section on: 2014-07-02 09:54:48
WIP rules:
Quote long as it is executable...
So a demo is needed.

I read that as " long as it is (eventually) executable..." -> and not e.g. a painting or a balloon. But that interpretation may be wrong Wink
30  Discussions / Suggestions / Re: Pre-WIP section on: 2014-07-01 17:18:56
Isn't what you describe precisely what the WIP-section is for? I dont think you need a playable demo to document your progress there, just some screenshot to give an idea of what you are doing.
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