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1  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: Beyond the Core (Work in progress) on: 2011-12-16 11:28:18
Hey, and thanks for the feedback! Smiley

It's all done with slick since i have little (to no) prior experience with OpenGL. As for the lighting, my map holds a float for lighting for each tile which then colors (yeap, fades from: darkblue->bright yellow->white) the tile when rendered. Each light source is updated when they move over a tile and does a search for the minimum distance to the tiles within the light radius, maby inneficient, but i don't have to make this update unless the light is on the screen and has moved.

Edit: Yes the maps are procedurally generated. Love it or hate it, i'm addicted to such games :p
2  Games Center / Archived Projects / Beyond the Core (Work in progress) on: 2011-12-06 19:14:27
Hi hi,

I'm Nicke and I'm working on a game I titled Beyond the Core (for now). I started a little over a month ago, coding whenever i get time left over from uni. I am using LWJGL and Slick. It's gonna be a sandboxy top down rpg shooter - originally planned to be multiplay, but that's pretty low priority atmo.

-You can try it out here!

2011-12-31 - Update!
Say Hello to "Splash." and "cavern.ogg".
Added splash and menu gamestates with transitions even though it's content is a bit lacking at the moment.
Added cavern ambience (just to give it a try - i know theres a clip in the sound, I'll fix that "later").

Edit: Right, and because someone had project planning/lacking knowledge (points at past self through spacetime): Currently, if you start the game then exit to menu and press start again alot of variables gets horribly missplaced and you end up with multiple entities (player etc) and no light, awesome - TODO: clean up this mess! Smiley

Continued: removed all the static-mess from GameState, should suffice for now and i'm late for the New Years party (wait, this isn't twitter). Happy New Years!

Goal: Journey to the core of earth and fight mythical and mystical monsters to finally proceed through the core and Huh..  Wink

Here is a Youtube-clip of the game's latest stage: (Updating this soon when abilities and userinterface is fully functional). Theres now a link to try the game in its current state at the top.

(Planned) Gameplay:

- The player will start in a dark cave, possibly a tutorial snowlevel with the cave as entry point where the player starts with minimal equipment.
- Each level will be completed by simply finding the entry to the next lower cave level - it'll be up to the player to decide if you're prepared for it or not (possibly unlocked by killing a boss monster but preferably not).
- You gain stats when you level by killing monsters, monsters drop useful stuff and you're not limited by character level to use them.
- Gear: there'll only be equipable headgear and chest - these will contribute to stats. The player should be encouraged to pick stats that suits playstyle.
- Weapons will be of magical nature bound to items, and the player will be able to use 3 abilities at the time, gameplay will encourage (by cooldown) the use of 1 spammy ability and 2 more situational. In addition i plan on making items that you can "chain" to each ability that will modify them, e.g. fire 2 missiles instead of 1 but at 50% effect, good items will not punish use as much or not at all.

That's all i can think of for now and I'm writing this as much for you as for myself (maby more for myself  Grin).

Thoughts and Ideas much appreciated!

2011-12-29: Long-time-no-update. BUT! You can now see what it's currently like here!. There is currently no real gameplay, but feel free to move around and explore for now. There are tons of things to add and improve on this project, I just wanted to upload what i have for now over Christmas holidays Smiley I havent tried it out on any platform but windows so far.

Other than that, since last i believe i started on the UI added items with abilities and icons. I also added the ledge around the Map to restrict movement rather than having some kind of indestructable wall around it - the current version is compiled with a specific map-seed because of the nice starting area, next up todo is add some kind of starting platform that will make it so you don't spawn in stone or mid-air by accident and additionally add map-features to make it more interesting.

2011-12-08: Added items tied to abilities and an interface to select abilities.

3  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: [solved] Strange reference behaviour. on: 2011-12-03 20:11:45
Thanks, and well, now that you point it out...  Wink Not sure why i wanted it to be that way, and since all lightsources will be "attached" to entities, i guess it doesnt make sense for them not to be another component.
4  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: Strange reference behaviour. on: 2011-12-03 17:31:30
Thanks it works now! For future reference, if anyone have a similar problem, all I did was change Light.update to:
    public void update(long delta) {
        if(parent.isFlagged()) {
            //Start adjusting the light to fade out and flag for destruction when its done.
        //Do the normal lighting stuff

And I didn't have to change the order of the entities update and lights update.

Heres what it looks like atmo: (edit: it actually runs at ~1000 before i started fraps >_<)
5  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: Strange reference behaviour. on: 2011-12-03 16:23:20
Oh, thank you for the quick reply. It sounds promicing i'll try it right away!

Thing is i wanted Entity to be oblivious to its lighting >_< ...As it is now, the Entity has no reference at all to it's lighting. Entity itself is component based [as in i'm adding components that make up the entitys type of movement and logic etc] but i decided not to add light as a component because making a fadeout effect would require the object to be hidden or simlilar for till the light has faded, and i dont like that idea ;p

To sum it up: I'm not sure how to call on setNull() then when an Entity is destroyed in an efficient manner.

Edit: I could simply put the update of lights before i update the entities, this would missplace the lights slightly but it would solve the problem if i did something like if(parent.isFlagged) and then flag the light for fadeout. I'll get back to you when i tried it. Smiley
6  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / [solved] Strange reference behaviour. on: 2011-12-03 14:09:15
Hi everyone [let's try this again since i forgot to put in the subject line the first time] first time poster here! Wink

I am currently working on a 2d top down shooter game! Now, i have a light engine, just a Light class that deals with lighting tbh. The Light class gives light pretty much the same way Terraria does i.e. sort of floods areas with light. Now, what i want to add is for the lights to fade in *done* when created and fade out when its parent (an Entity) is destroyed. The problem is that my the parent in my Light class never is read as null after beeing set to null in my GameState class. It's structured a little bit like this:

public class Light {
    private Entity parent;

    public void Light(Entity parent) {
        this.parent = parent;

    public void update(long delta) {
        if(parent==null) {
            //Start adjusting the light to fade out and flag for destruction when its done.
        //Do the normal lighting stuff

    public boolean isFlagged() {
        //Return true when it's done fading out.

public class GameState {
    private ArrayList<Entity> entities = new ArrayList<Entity>();
    private ArrayList<Light> lights = new ArrayList<Light>();

   public void update(long delta) {
       for(int i=0;i<entities.size();i++) {
           Entitiy e = entities.get(i);
           if(e.isFlagged()) {
               e = null;

       for(int i=0;i<lights.size();i++) {
           Light l = lights.get(i);
           if(l.isFlagged()) {
               l = null;

(I guess Light.parent isnt really a parent since it doesnt extend Entity, but no matter that for now.) So again, my problem is that if(parent==null) is never true even tho im positive i set the object that is the parent in ArrayList<Entity> entities to null. This appears as strange behaviour to me since i run the game with moving entities and the light follows the properly by reference to Light.parent.  Huh  Is there a better way to see if the Entity light is following is destroyed or not?

I hope this makes sense to you and someone can explain why this behaviour is nothing strange at all  Tongue  If not I'll be happy to provide more details about the project and classes. Thanks!
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