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Topics started by Bombadil (87)

General Discussions
Independent game: Breakquest 2004-12-28
Independent game: Zap 2004-12-20
Tiger, Mustang, Dolphin 2004-12-06
Patent war reaches 3d game industry 2004-11-03
OpenGL Redbook 4th edition, texture chapter online 2004-07-14
Magnetic-Scrolls adventure interpreter 2004-04-20
E-Mail notification doesn't work 2004-04-13
Does E-Mail notification work for you? 2004-03-01
Is "view 10 most recent posts" sufficient? 2004-02-28
Do you use Xith3d for a project? (Now with poll) 2004-02-27
Business and Project Management Discussions
Mac market 2004-01-16
"Independent Development" Myths debunked 2004-01-15
Miscellaneous Topics
"Better, faster, stupider Java" 2005-11-23
Sun & Google cooperation how? 2005-10-04
Habemus Papam! 2005-04-19
Happy New Year 2005-01-01
Merry Christmas 2004-12-23
ATI re-develops their not-so-good OpenGL drivers 2004-07-30
EU declares 497 million Euro penalty on MS 2004-03-23
DRM, SUN, TCPA, ... 2004-03-10
Should Sun join Eclipse? 2004-02-04
Newbie & Debugging Questions
Java Generics FAQs 2004-10-09
Copy/Paste/Cut when overwriting TransferHandler 2004-09-20
Video playback with Java 2004-06-16
How to produce XML DOM indents? 2004-05-25
How to use compressed textures with OpenGL 2004-05-11
Collision detection for 2d/planar textured polys 2004-05-10
Doing 2d with 3d (OpenGl/Xith/Java3d) 2004-05-03
How to avoid StackOverflowError ? 2004-04-15
How to use external L&F with another Java app? 2004-03-09
How to make Java Webstart to use JRE 1.4.2 ? 2004-02-24
How to specify lib+path in JAR's Manifest? 2004-02-24
Networking & Multiplayer
Will Java Webstart 1.4 load JRE 1.5 ? 2004-10-19
Performance Tuning
Java's "keepWorkingSetOnMinimize" switch 2005-12-22
Java 1.5 pauses my PC for some seconds regularly 2004-10-28
Loading loads of textures the fastest way... 2004-10-17
Comments on another benchmark? 2004-01-17
Shared Code
Singleton with generics - howto? 2004-10-14
Loaders for Jogl, Lwjgl, Xith3d and Java3d? 2004-03-07
Java 3D
How safe it is to use GL_ARB_texture_rectangle 2005-03-16
Create smooth curve with interpolation (Vecmath) ? 2004-11-10
Most upto date OpenGL bluebook/mangpage? 2004-10-25
When to unbind textures in OpenGL? 2004-10-12
Xith3D Forums
Using Java 1.5 stuff 2004-10-01
Jogl v1.1 beta04 (2004-07-16) anybody? 2004-07-22
Terrain with own texture per tile 2004-06-25
How to render a HUD/texture with no zoom? 2004-05-05
Doing 2d with Xith 2004-04-29
GL_SELECT causes long delay 2004-04-21
The amazing Rotation Matrix: a question (Xith/J3d) 2004-04-08
Lightwave v7.5 importer 2004-04-07
How does Transform3D().setScale(Vector3f) work? 2004-04-03
Material.setDiffuse*Color() : copy or reference? 2004-04-01
Lightwave importer 2004-03-31
GeometryCreator/Info & smooth group 2004-03-27
Node.sharedCopy(..) 2004-03-27
3ds loader: grouping trouble 2004-03-15
Directional light causes blinking trouble 2004-03-10
How to do something like ModelClip did? 2004-03-03
Directional light question with new Xith 2004-03-01
Transparency sorting question 2004-02-28
Problem loading a Jpeg as texture 2004-02-25
Get Translation & Rotation from Transform3D() 2004-02-23
Need for a normal generator class 2004-02-19
Wait for vsync 2004-02-02
1st renderOnce() takes long on Ati only...? 2004-01-26
Importers: Status, features, future 2004-01-20
Tools Discussion
Webstart problem on a WinXP PC 2005-06-21
Regexp and back reference 2005-06-14
"J2SE v1.42"'s Webstart to use v1.50 ? 2004-10-03
Is there a Java wrapper for Ogre? 2004-09-20
Niku opensourced their project management software 2004-07-13
jarsigner and jar bizarreness 2004-02-27
Free 3d-editors and models 2004-02-26
Server or client JVM for your (Java) IDE ? 2004-02-05
Beanshell status 2004-01-28
Which C/Cpp 3D-Engine 2004-01-15
Java 2D
Collision on rotated Shapes 2005-06-29
Compression ratio when writing PNGs with ImageIO 2004-06-21
JOGL Development
JSR 231: Texture trouble when "porting" JOGL project 2005-11-04
GL_CLAMP_TO_EDGE extension 2004-11-04
Updating Swing compos during Jogl's diplay 2004-10-24
Will JOGL use Java 1.5 features like typesafe Enum 2004-10-02
Radeon 9800 XL experiences? 2004-07-02
Include Jogl source in your favourite IDE 2004-05-05
Is merging the Jogl classes into one Jar safe? 2004-04-24
3d Java mobiles (Siemens) on Cebit 2004-03-12

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2D Dynamic Lighting
by ThePixelPony
2015-01-01 20:25:42

How do I start Java Game Development?
by gouessej
2014-12-27 19:41:21

Resources for WIP games
by kpars
2014-12-18 10:26:14

Understanding relations between setOrigin, setScale and setPosition in libGdx
by mbabuskov
2014-10-09 22:35:00

Definite guide to supporting multiple device resolutions on Android (2014)
by mbabuskov
2014-10-02 22:36:02

List of Learning Resources
by Longor1996
2014-08-16 10:40:00

List of Learning Resources
by SilverTiger
2014-08-05 19:33:27

Resources for WIP games
by CogWheelz
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