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Topics started by zingbat (109)

Archived Projects
Would you like to join a team rebuilding a game ? 2002-12-16
General Discussions
Looking for some tools to generate and call dlls from java 2009-11-01
Java VM alternatives 2009-10-14
XNA ? 2007-08-20
2-in-1 for a native graphics api binding 2007-03-19
How do we calculate the angle between two vectors? 2007-03-05
Do we really need templates to work with primitives? 2007-03-05
RTSJ or JSR-000001 2006-10-05
Anyone interested in doing a Panda3D java binding ? 2006-09-03 2006-08-18
Why don't we have more Java games 2006-08-14
This year java games 2006-08-13
Java 6 improvements for gaming 2006-04-16
Missing some C++ features in Java 2006-03-18
New version of Jirr 2006-02-06
Creating a new byte-code compatible java vm 2005-11-01
newSomething() instead of new Something 2005-10-23
Does your graphics card drivers parse glsl correctly ? 2005-09-29
Java Infrequently Answered Questions 2005-06-24
Using xml for games 2005-03-13
Open Scene Graph 2004-12-27
Half-Life 2 comming next week 2004-11-10
Terrain and background objects 2004-10-31
Oblivion pictures 2004-10-23
Where to post management related topics ? 2004-09-05
Flexible rpg character/world representation idea 2004-09-05
Open world game strategy 2004-09-05
Motion sickness in games 2004-07-23
Fallout 3 2004-07-15
vtk 2004-06-26
Blender 3.33 is out 2004-05-01
Community & Volunteer Projects
Java proof of concept game 2005-04-02
The java GameBox class 2005-03-03
Miscellaneous Topics
Dungeon set inspired in Oblivion art pipeline 2006-12-24
Useful resources about .md5 2006-07-28
The future of OpenGL in windows 2006-07-26
A good game for benchmarks 2006-07-11
Free dungeon and textures 2006-03-24
Some f&% good games that should have been made in Java 2006-03-05
COLLADA 2005-09-24
Other vms 2005-07-01
jScheme 2005-06-24
Learning the old pixel art stuff 2005-03-23
C++ game engine programming advice needed 2005-02-02
Creating java classes with Eiffel 2005-01-26
mpeg4 player 2004-12-27
Intriguing comment on a Lisp book 2004-12-14
Query About Modeling Tools 2004-11-18
Javagaming united 2004-06-27
Newbie & Debugging Questions
A tricky question 2005-12-21
Game Play & Game Design
Scripting for games using Java 2009-09-01
YAVMA - Yet Another Vector Math API 2009-07-03
Event-Driven Scripted Game Engine 2006-11-12
The Golden Age of CRPGS 2006-03-03
x3d for games 2005-06-11
Idea for a character roleplaying system 2004-10-10
Performance Tuning
Switches and fake indexing 2006-10-10
What is the best way to store and geometry data ? 2006-06-10
Fast math api (including vectors) 2005-10-28
Vector3f class style 2004-12-14
The fastest way to draw a pixel 2004-09-24
How accurate is this ? 2004-06-08
Java 3D
Help needed creating a background cube 2004-04-04
Critical features to boost java3d 2004-03-15
What is the best method for a background ? 2004-01-10
LOD tactics 2003-11-17
Problems viewing vast landscapes 2003-11-01
How hard can it be to make java3d into ... 2003-09-26
Cinema4D free 2003-09-25
Java OpenGL bindings the illusion 2003-07-21
Questions about a scene going live 2003-07-18
Interesting info about optimization 2003-07-15
How to limit the number of frames ? 2003-06-04
Need help finding a good UML schematics for ... 2003-02-09
No offense but isn't this forum about Java3D ? 2003-02-09
Turning Java3D into a X3D server 2002-12-21
Software rendering for JME? 2009-04-01
Xith3D Forums
Vecmath usability improvements 2006-06-13
Tools Discussion
Using tuProlog for games 2009-11-04
Preprocessing Java source with Eclipse 2007-03-06
Educational JVM simulator 2006-12-16
Java collections good for gaming? 2006-09-22
A good scripting language for java games 2006-04-14
Automatic logs 2005-10-28
XML editor 2005-03-13
Blender X3D Exporter 2004-05-14
Java 2D
Scaling fonts with an AffineTransform 2009-03-08
Java2d too slow for 2d games ? 2006-05-02
An animation study 2005-06-16
::Pixel art resources thread:: 2005-03-24
How to limit frames in Java3D ? 2003-06-04
Geting out of full screen ? 2003-05-01
Whats the best startup code for a java2d game ? 2003-05-01
JOGL Development
How useful is OpenCL? 2009-11-14
Some questions related to gl contexts and threads 2009-09-20
The smallest Hello World program you can make 2007-02-26
How much garbage collection does JOGL generates just by itself? 2006-10-10
Colaborative JOGL Howto 2006-05-28
Converting TextureLoader to JSR231 2006-04-07
JPot and JOGL 2006-01-26
Basic Game Loop in JOGL 2005-12-20
JOGL and GC 2005-02-09
Sugestion 2004-08-28
Independent Window Toolkit 2004-08-16
Question about jogl performance 2004-07-15
CodeWarrior 6 Pro 2003-07-03
Java Sound & OpenAL
A demo ? 2003-06-23
JSyn a treasure for sound synthesis 2003-05-10
Procedural Instruments 2003-05-01

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2015-01-29 04:26:08

theagentd (25 views)
2015-01-28 15:33:52

GamerIDGoesHere (36 views)
2015-01-27 01:23:23

GamerIDGoesHere (37 views)
2015-01-27 01:22:15

CopyableCougar4 (47 views)
2015-01-27 00:34:41

CopyableCougar4 (30 views)
2015-01-26 04:47:56

Olo (23 views)
2015-01-25 21:26:00

Olo (28 views)
2015-01-25 18:44:22

Robo11 (46 views)
2015-01-25 06:14:26

basil_ (38 views)
2015-01-17 22:29:32
2D Dynamic Lighting
by ThePixelPony
2015-01-01 20:25:42

How do I start Java Game Development?
by gouessej
2014-12-27 19:41:21

Resources for WIP games
by kpars
2014-12-18 10:26:14

Understanding relations between setOrigin, setScale and setPosition in libGdx
by mbabuskov
2014-10-09 22:35:00

Definite guide to supporting multiple device resolutions on Android (2014)
by mbabuskov
2014-10-02 22:36:02

List of Learning Resources
by Longor1996
2014-08-16 10:40:00

List of Learning Resources
by SilverTiger
2014-08-05 19:33:27

Resources for WIP games
by CogWheelz
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