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davedes's Private Hall of Fame

1x Re: Libgdx shaders not working. 2014-02-04
1x Re: Libgdx - What Graphic Settings can i expose? 2014-01-21
1x Re: How to make sprites in Java possibly using Arrays? 2014-01-10
1x Re: Tiling a texture in LibGDX 2013-12-30
1x Re: Texture grief 2013-12-28
3x Re: Fast particles system using VBO 2013-12-26
1x Re: blurry image - java slick2d 2013-12-21
1x Re: OpenGL Questions 2013-12-05
1x Re: Rendering and game loop method for optimal framerate 2013-10-11
1x Re: LWJGL Antialiased lines 2013-10-04
2x Re: Diving into Scripting.... 2013-10-01
1x Re: 3D sphere texturing and manipulation. -Using LWJGL and Slick Util 2013-10-01
1x Re: Where to start with 3D? 2013-09-25
1x Re: Libgdx Request -> Expose OpenAL sourceIDs 2013-09-23
1x Re: Having issues getting started with scene2d.ui 2013-09-15
1x Re: this. - code consistency and readability 2013-09-15
1x Re: LWJGL tex.getTextureData() Is this a copy? 2013-09-04
1x Re: Drawing only one quad (what to use?) 2013-09-02
3x Re: How to render a huge planet? 2013-08-27
1x Re: LWJGL: how to use procedurally generated BufferedImages 2013-08-24
1x Re: LibGDX + Android = soo much 10fps(SOLVED) 2013-08-21
1x Re: LWJGL Textureloader not working? 2013-08-19
1x Re: Black Lines in My Game. Tiled? 2013-08-17
1x Re: Rotating Slick-Util Textures 2013-08-16
1x Re: Interpolating 2D tile lighting 2013-08-15
2x Re: [LibGDX] Calling LWJGL/OpenGL glBegin 2013-08-14
1x Re: LWJGL SpriteSheet class 2013-08-11
1x Re: How to release splash-screen image memory? 2013-08-08
1x gdx-fontpack - Yet Another Font Packer 2013-07-27
2x Re: cant get a 2D Camera in LWJGL working (beginner) 2013-07-18
1x Re: LibGDX image constraints 2013-07-12
1x Re: Pixel / Scaling Error 2013-07-04
1x Re: How to use Tiled with Libgdx 2013-06-30
1x Re: libGDX rendering performance 2013-06-28
1x Re: Active rendering and GUI components 2013-06-20
1x Re: LibGDX ShapeRenderer doesn't seem to draw the top-left-most pixel of rectangle? 2013-06-18
1x Re: Scene2D UI Adding 3 elements 2013-06-16
3x Re: Circular Health Bar 2013-06-04
1x Re: Atlas Bug. When i Draw my Image, it draw all the images 2013-05-26
1x Re: [Request] "full" lwjgl example 2013-05-21
1x Re: libgdx, Android crash when using Stencil? 2013-05-20
2x Re: Multiple shader passes LWJGL 2013-05-14
1x Re: Faster tile drawing. 2013-05-11
1x Re: Fast/Efficient method to filter a numeric Value 2013-05-08
1x Re: Why don't many of you use JMonkey Engine? 2013-05-06
1x Re: [Final Decision] LWJGL or LIBGDX 2013-05-03
1x Re: Need advice mapping out a plan/roadmap to follow for building a 2D platform game 2013-04-29
1x Re: Game starting help ! 2013-04-28
1x Re: Mixing light-weight (Swing) and heavy-weight (AWT) components? 2013-04-27
1x Re: Easy way to click an image 2013-04-25
1x Re: glReadPixels Issue 2013-04-24
1x Re: Centering Health Bar on Mob 2013-04-23
1x Re: Fix "my" method to make an object A move toward X,Y coordinates 2013-04-22
1x Re: Post-Processing Effects 2013-04-19
1x Re: why are people trying to use Java2D to make games? 2013-04-06
1x Re: Audio Not Playing 2013-04-03
3x Per-Pixel 2D Shadows on the GPU [LibGDX] 2013-04-01
1x Re: Having trouble getting started..(Noob libGDX question) 2013-03-31
1x Re: Texture coordinate problem with GLSL 2013-03-21
1x Re: Is Slick2D still recommended or is libgdx the way to go? 2013-03-16
2x Re: Slick2D Most efficient way to draw a pixel array 2013-03-02
1x Re: Ways around using lots of booleans....? 2013-03-02
1x Re: Kind of shadow casting. 2013-02-24
2x Re: 2D Drawing 2013-02-19
2x Re: 2D Drawing 2013-02-19
1x Re: Skybox Rendering 2013-02-17
1x Re: Moving from OpenGL 1.x to shaders and modern OpenGL - any tutorials? 2013-02-08
1x Re: [libgdx] Shaders, Light system. 2013-02-08
3x Re: GLSL and Shader-based Tutorials for LWJGL / LibGDX 2013-01-28
1x Re: [LWJGL] EzRender - Easier Rendering 2013-01-23
2x Re: LibGDX ShapeRenderer.filledRect() Transparency 2013-01-17
1x Re: Particle generator for LWJGL 2013-01-09
1x Visualizing Maths and Fractals 2013-01-08
1x Re: Altering an already bound texture 2013-01-04
1x Re: why are people trying to use Java2D to make games? 2013-01-03
2x J4K Tools 2013-01-02
1x Re: why are people trying to use Java2D to make games? 2013-01-02
1x Re: why are people trying to use Java2D to make games? 2013-01-01
2x Re: why are people trying to use Java2D to make games? 2012-12-29
1x Re: Libgdx - BitmapFont 2012-12-28
1x Re: Newbie Polygon Texturing Question 2012-12-28
1x Re: why are people trying to use Java2D to make games? 2012-12-25
1x Re: using a spritesheet vs using separate sprite images? 2012-12-20
1x Re: Code request for a 3-D unsterstanding of LWJGL 2012-12-17
1x Re: Shaders and LWJGL: where to start? 2012-12-15
1x Re: A Quick Question (2D Maps) 2012-12-12
4x GLSL and Shader-based Tutorials for LWJGL / LibGDX 2012-12-11
1x Re: New Project (So early in development I have no name for it) 2012-12-10
1x Re: lwjgl, where to start? 2012-12-10
1x Re: New Project (So early in development I have no name for it) 2012-12-10
1x Re: New Project (So early in development I have no name for it) 2012-12-10
1x Re: Slick util OpenAL get song length 2012-12-09
1x Re: [GLSL] 2D Illumination issues. 2012-12-08
1x Re: Blending Alpha Pixels? 2012-12-08
1x Re: LWJGL 2D performance questions... 2012-12-08
1x Re: Simplex noise, experiments towards procedural generation 2012-12-05
1x Re: Shot in the Lighting 2012-12-04
1x Re: OpenGL Context 2012-12-02
1x Re: [libGDX] Highlighting sprites when hovered 2012-12-01
1x Re: Scanner for 2D art 2012-11-24
1x Complex soundscapes from a single line of code 2012-11-21
1x Re: LWJGL + Slick2D + OpenGL version 2012-11-16
1x Re: Slick2D Latest distribution 2012-11-12
1x Re: Detect when key is depressed? 2012-11-04
1x Re: (Slick2D) TiledMap scaling quality 2012-11-02
1x Re: Texture is flickering, help? 2012-10-31
2x Re: Hiding mouse cursor 2012-10-24
1x Re: asking permission 2012-10-22
3x Re: LWJGL,Slick,AWT,J3D Which is the best??? 2012-10-20
4x [GLSL] Using Normal Maps to Illuminate a 2D Texture (LibGDX) 2012-10-11
1x Re: Frame Buffer Object is Misbehaving When Rendering to Texture 2012-10-06
1x Re: [Slick2D] Bit Background 2012-09-30
1x Re: LWJGL pixel manipulation ? 2012-09-15
1x Re: Image Rotator 2012-08-22
1x Re: (Slick2D) not enough sound channels 2012-08-22
1x Re: Storing / Adding / Drawing particles 2012-08-18
1x Re: bufferedimage brightness/contrast 2012-08-13
1x Re: Confused: why is libgdx 12x faster than slick2d? 2012-08-09
1x Re: Drawing many images / Getting started with Muliplayer 2012-08-08
1x Re: More items renamed in inventory. 2012-07-30
1x Re: Loading stuff...when should it be done? 2012-07-19
1x Re: Java Generic problems. 2012-07-13
1x Re: Bleeding 2012-07-11
1x Re: Slick2D, Why Is Initialize Being Called Twice? 2012-07-10
2x Re: Bleeding 2012-07-10
1x Re: Getting started with LWJGL 2012-06-29
1x Re: Slick2D Game Loop 2012-06-19
1x Re: [States] [Networking] [slick2d] Game state is being initialized when not wanted 2012-06-13
1x Re: [Slick2d] [input] Keys and mouse firing too fast 2012-06-13
1x Re: rendering tiles w/ static render method 2012-06-07
1x Re: Choosing a Library 2012-05-23
1x Re: drawing 2D image 2012-05-17
1x Re: Game Internal Organization? 2012-05-11
1x Re: Slick2D - How to create a rain and snow? 2012-05-10
1x Re: Screenshot in fullscreen 2012-05-09
1x Re: Rendering Performance Issues 2012-05-06
1x Re: Question On Sprite Animation 2012-05-05
1x Re: FBO for drawing / modify an image 2012-05-02
7x Re: Starbound Lighting techneques... 2012-05-02
1x Re: The base of an entity system 2012-04-23
1x Re: LWJGL - Made my first 3D world! Running into texture problems! 2012-04-18
1x Re: LWJGL - Made my first 3D world! Running into texture problems! 2012-04-18
1x Re: glOrtho and window size 2012-04-17
1x Re: 2D tile render 2012-04-14
1x Re: Tilemap question 2012-04-14
1x Re: An array filled with 2D arrays? 2012-04-10
1x Re: Full screen troubles. 2012-04-03
2x Re: What does this code in a textureloader do? 2012-03-26
1x Re: Would this be too many images? 2012-03-18
2x Re: Need a really simple library for playing sounds and music? Try TinySound. 2012-03-12
1x Re: Need a really simple library for playing sounds and music? Try TinySound. 2012-03-12
1x Re: Global Texture 2012-02-29
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