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Topics started by TheAnalogKid (127)

Featured Games
Incredibuilder 2008-04-15
Archived Projects
New Greedy Snakes Graphics - Work in Progress 2010-09-13
Ideas for betters backgrounds in Incredibuilder? 2009-04-14
A call to all game developers of any genre 2009-04-03
Will we be able to manage our games ourselves on JavaGameTome soon? 2009-04-02
Great Incredibuilder rating (4.5) on JavaGameTome reset by error 2009-02-01
Incredibuilder! Videos 2009-01-27
Lost Drops build 2 2006-04-11
Feedback Requested: Lost Drops 2006-03-15
Mighty Bubbles - GDC 2005 2005-03-16
Mighty Bubbles release 2005/01/28 2005-01-28
New release of MightyBubbles 2004-12-26
Mighty Bubbles 2004-07-22
4K Game Competition - 2010
Greedy Snakes 4k 2010-02-24 down time 2010-02-19
4K Game Competition - 2009
contest deadline and info? 2009-01-08
General Discussions
Got this error in web page after having removed myself from a topic notification 2010-12-23
In Venice now 2010-10-13
Do you find twitter useful? 2010-09-16
My Bookworm iPhone Review 2010-08-31
Blog: Nintendo 3DS design not final? 2010-08-24
My game collection. 2010-08-10
Just bought a DSi 2010-03-12 is down 2010-02-22
anti-virus spam in my personal messages here 2010-02-15
Java4k contest blog 2010-01-22
The great things about iPhone/iPod Touch, and the issue 2009-11-11
Meaning of JGO stars? 2009-10-22
Games and Tech. Blog 2009-10-21
Incredibuilder dev blog 2009-10-19
JGO is dog slooooooooow 2009-09-21
DSi, to be or not to be. 2009-03-11
Ideas or hints to get more players for my game? 2008-09-14
An interresting blog on java gaming at JavaOne 2008 2008-05-09
Slick forums are down 2008-05-02
Really interesting article on Nintendo 2007-04-13
A bit of Mario history 2007-03-01
Game reviews 2007-01-22
Do Wii want it? 2006-04-27
JGO interests 2006-04-05
TT in Gamespy IGF article 2006-03-28
Casual Game Evolution Challenge? 2006-02-15
PortalPlayer Announces Java Licensing Agreement 2005-12-09
Puzzle Pirates news 2005-10-25
Dynamic versus ahead of time compiler 2005-07-18
JGF still alive? 2005-06-21
Royality free music for games? 2005-04-27
J2SE Embedded: a leaner VM for gaming? 2005-04-19
RuneScape is #1 on 2005-03-01
Feb. 15 - JGO/GTG changes 2005-02-15
OpenGL: What's the minimum video card requirements 2005-02-04
Is PSP worth the price? 2005-02-03
Do you know good game portals? 2005-01-27
Are you still alive? 2005-01-26
URGENT: Free web hosting needed for my game 2004-12-23
What's happening with the Java Games releases? 2004-02-17
Kinds of video games. 2003-11-21
Java Game Programming Tutorial at GDC 2003-02-28
Site Layout 2002-10-17
Business and Project Management Discussions
Good news for Java mobile devs? 2010-09-14 needs help 2010-09-02
games4j, game jolt, java game tome, that's all? 2009-10-21
Java Game Tome still useful? 2009-08-25
Java 6u12 from, when? 2009-02-09
JavaGameTome support via email is really bad. 2009-01-30
List of websites to post user videos please? 2009-01-29
Jobs and Resumes
Re: J2EE / EJB Developer wanted for Switzerland 2005-04-04
Miscellaneous Topics
5 free JavaOne pass for funny video of you.. 2009-04-20
new Zelda coming on DS this year, wheeeee! :-) 2009-03-25
Biggest gamepad in the world? 2008-05-23
Is there a way to export a Mii image outside my Wii and another one? 2007-11-23
R2D2 projector is cool but the price... 2007-01-15
Just bought a DS Lite! :-) 2006-10-13
First full Java cell phone! :-) 2005-11-09
Thinking about buying a Nintendo DS 2005-07-14
JET really much more performing than Hotspot? 2004-11-01
Disabling the garbage collector 2003-05-23
Newbie & Debugging Questions
FSOUND_Sample_Load 2004-12-01
Game Play & Game Design
Proposition - Game Testing Exchange System 2009-10-09
Free/Low cost and Royalty free game resources links I use 2009-04-20
In an impasse with graphics/fonts/sound 2009-04-16
Ideas for betters backgrounds in Incredibuilder? 2009-04-15
Commercial game: how many levels? 2005-01-21
Networking & Multiplayer
Applet - Access to persistent storage denied 2009-08-31
Performance Tuning
JeffFAQ : Doesn't this VM stuff take up a lot of memory? 2006-04-13
Concrete benefits of SSE and SSE2 instructions in Java 2005-08-30
Shared Code
JWS extension doc 2008-08-13
Image and sound encryption 2005-04-07
JInput Doc 2003-08-05
JME versus JOGL 2006-09-21
Tools Discussion
Unable to launch JWS app via shortcut. 2008-11-14
Java 2D
Problem with GeneralPath intersects() 2007-04-23
Polygon rotation 2007-03-22
Native libs in Applets 2006-02-16
Java2D Game UI? 2006-01-12
Java2D hardware acceleration with JWS and Java 5? 2006-01-04
16 bits image with alpha channel? 2005-09-07
New Java2D features Mustang build 39+ 2005-06-16
Performance improvements in Mustang build 33 2005-04-22
Bad font looking 2004-09-02
Number of images in Java2D 2004-06-07
GAGE timer 2003-12-11
GC problem in 2D platform game? 2003-12-11
J2DA speed versus Java2D 2003-10-02
DX 9 question 2003-01-02
fps expected for platform game 2002-12-17
Where to find the list of -Dsun.java2d flags? 2002-11-07
Side Scrolling Problem 2002-10-21
*** PLEASE HELP *** Java SE 6u11 - JWS starts my game twice in parallel 2009-01-20
Mac support? 2008-11-11
OpenGL Development
Sys class issue? 2005-11-14
Sys's timing operations versus Timer? 2005-09-08
Joystick support: when? 2005-06-28
2D OpenGL performance 2005-02-26
OpenGL rotations and scaling 2005-02-24
Texture Loader? 2005-02-22
Do you recommend OpenGL SuperBible 3rd edition? 2005-02-21
Migrating from Java2D to LWJGL 2005-01-06
How does LWJGL compare to native C in performance? 2004-12-10
FSOUND_Sample_Load 2004-12-02
JOGL Development
Game UI with JOGL 2006-11-27
Crash with DebugGL 2006-09-20
Java Sound & OpenAL
OGL 1.1 question: vertex array vs. display list 2006-09-25
Pop at the end of playback 2004-10-19
Optimized direct audio access in JDK 5.0 2004-10-01
Is Jorbis performing? 2004-09-17
Which Java sound API is the best? 2004-09-17
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List of Learning Resources
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List of Learning Resources
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List of Learning Resources
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List of Learning Resources
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List of Learning Resources
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List of Learning Resources
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List of Learning Resources
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Rendering resources
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