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sproingie's Private Hall of Fame

2x Re: New feature: appreciation results in post medals 2013-10-29
1x Re: this. - code consistency and readability 2013-09-15
1x Re: Sequential and multiple method calls? (function pointer alternatives-ish) 2013-08-22
1x Re: Lwjgl Tearing with fullscreen and VSync 2013-08-21
1x Re: What would you modify in Swing if you had to rewrite it? 2013-08-15
3x Re: Is it bad practice to use the super class as a parameter. 2013-08-15
1x Re: LEAP Motion Controller 2013-08-14
1x Re: I want to use Inheritance in a static way 2013-08-13
1x Re: Power of 2 Converter 2013-08-10
1x Re: GC causing massive delay 2013-08-07
1x Re: Netbeans 7.4 still bugs with Libgdx ( video ) 2013-07-30
1x Re: Tracks, Turrets, Armor, & Attitude 2013-07-15
1x Re: if you are not a programmer, what would you be ? 2013-07-10
1x Re: Multiplayer Games 2013-07-07
1x Re: An evolution-esque Idea 2013-06-27
1x Re: What's your favorite game. 2013-06-18
1x Re: Java on PS4! 2013-06-11
2x Re: Composition with an RPG 2013-06-11
1x Re: Your View on GameMaker? 2013-06-09
1x Re: How did you start the career as a Game Dev? 2013-06-06
5x Re: Migration to more modern forum? 2013-06-02
1x Re: Arrrgg... sequence diagrams ... so hard to get motivated.. 2013-05-24
1x Re: SF Citybuilder- Buildings/Concept Art 2013-05-13
2x Re: Game art for developers who have no artistic sense whatsoever? 2013-05-03
1x Re: LWJGL BlockWorld 2013-04-03
2x Re: Loading LWJGL natives 2013-04-02
1x Re: Singleton vs. class with only static methods 2013-03-27
1x Re: What have been/are your learning techniques? 2013-03-27
1x Re: Simple Auto-Updater/Patcher Library 2013-03-23
1x Re: Copyright for games 2013-03-19
3x Re: Quick Question about Imports... 2013-02-23
1x Re: Netbeans - Problems Changing Code Colors 2013-02-21
1x Re: Widescreen Display without skewing (LWJGL) 2013-02-20
1x Re: Why java over other languages? 2013-02-06
1x Re: Why java over other languages? 2013-02-04
1x Re: Eclipse not detecting if(apples = true) problem 2013-02-03
1x Re: Brickdoh, a breakout clone with a twist 2013-01-31
1x Re: Not-so-delicious spaghetti code 2013-01-29
1x Re: Eclipse project file layout 2013-01-27
1x Re: JCOD - Java port of roguelike library libTCOD 2013-01-25
1x Re: Not-so-delicious spaghetti code 2013-01-25
1x Re: [Forcefully clean allocated memory] 2013-01-25
5x Re: Your major past/future accomplishments 2013-01-23
5x JCOD - Java port of roguelike library libTCOD 2013-01-22
1x Re: Legend of Waffles! 2013-01-21
1x Re: Can someone please explain this to me :) 2013-01-19
1x Re: √únembra 2013-01-14
1x Re: Assignment operator likes and dislikes 2013-01-14
2x Re: Files between Java and C# 2013-01-14
1x Re: √únembra 2013-01-08
1x Re: Appreciate confirmation? 2013-01-08
1x Re: How to write a University Entrance Portfolio? 2013-01-07
1x Re: Looking for books 2013-01-04
1x Re: libdgx - Mesh Shader Blending Errors 2013-01-03
1x Re: Droid Assault with christmas bonus pack! 2012-12-20
1x Re: Unnamed SRPG 2012-12-19
1x Re: Looking for Code Criticism 2012-12-14
1x Re: How hard (or easy) is a foe? 2012-12-14
2x Re: Looking for Code Criticism 2012-12-14
1x Re: Slick + Multi-threading... 2012-12-13
1x Re: Code is getting convoluted 2012-12-11
1x Re: Unembra: 2DSSMMORPG 2012-12-04
3x Re: Unembra: 2DSSMMORPG 2012-11-28
1x Re: Trapezoid! 2012-11-22
1x Re: LWJGL + Slick2D + OpenGL version 2012-11-16
5x Re: Questions on Network Implementation 2012-11-15
1x Re: Email forwarding virus on my father's email? 2012-11-14
1x Re: Proguard include library warnings 2012-11-12
4x Re: Age is just a number.... 2012-11-10
1x Re: Planet resources prospecting minigame for a space game 2012-11-05
1x Re: No Mr. GameObject, I expect you to die. 2012-11-05
1x Re: "Dead Objects"? 2012-11-01
1x Re: Java is pretty cool 2012-10-31
1x Re: Yet another [insert description here]... 2012-10-22
1x Re: Quick question regarding the GridBagLayout manager 2012-10-16
4x Re: Game Threading 2012-10-08
1x Re: Texturing a cube with multiple textures (slick) 2012-10-08
2x Re: The hidden cost of C++ 2012-09-19
1x Re: Recommended Physics and Graphics Libraries? 2012-09-14
1x Re: Things you disagree with in the java language 2012-09-10
1x Re: why does my memory usage spike up and down 2012-09-10
1x Re: Things you disagree with in the java language 2012-09-09
1x Re: Are we able to achieve this? Felt demotivating... 2012-08-29
1x Re: (Slick2D) order of transformations 2012-08-29
1x Re: How to set up slick2d and lwjgl 2012-08-28
1x Re: Riven? :D 2012-08-27
2x Re: Dennis Ritchie is dead. 2012-08-23
1x Re: While loop help 2012-08-14
1x Re: Blasted Crates 2012-08-03
1x Re: How can I make this unique? 2012-07-26
1x Re: Texturing OpenGL Faces 2012-07-26
1x Re: MappedObject library 2012-07-23
1x Re: Java Game Edition 2012-07-21
1x Re: Kick Visual Studio in the face 2012-07-17
1x Re: Question about coloring pixels 2012-07-12
1x Re: JavaGL : old-school, 100% software, 3D engine 2012-07-09
1x Re: JavaGL : old-school, 100% software, 3D engine 2012-07-09
1x Re: Deployment with Maven 2012-07-08
1x Re: The Unit Testing Advocacy & Derision Thread 2012-07-06
1x Re: Java run method 2012-06-28
1x Re: Made my own basic library 2012-06-19
1x Re: What's your dev rig? 2012-06-12
1x Re: Bridge Crossing Minigame - Looking for Feedback 2012-06-07
1x Re: Research For New Project 2012-06-05
4x Re: [LWJGL] glTranslatef is really needed? 2012-06-04
1x Re: Level Reader 2012-05-30
1x Re: cannot make my sprite walk and stop 2012-05-21
1x Re: Generalized Rant Thread 2012-05-14
1x Re: Ugly code and rainbows 2012-05-12
1x Re: Menu demo. 2012-05-09
1x Re: New feature: serverside syntax highlighting 2012-05-03
1x Re: Server security: how to avoid attacks and hacks ? 2012-04-26
1x Re: LD23 - Searching for Heaven 2012-04-25
3x JGO Frequently Asked Questions 2012-04-25
1x Re: The base of an entity system 2012-04-20
2x Re: Are short Clips safe to use now? 2012-04-16
1x Re: Liberated Pixel Contest - Anyone taking part? 2012-04-12
1x Re: "What you need to do is not confuse logic and rendering." 2012-04-03
1x Re: Connecting tiles to make a smooth transition 2012-03-27
1x Re: glTexCoord for images with many tiles? 2012-03-26
1x Re: Weird site error O.o 2012-03-23
1x Re: Java Strings and StringBuffers looked at 2012-03-20
1x Re: Does really game development on Java suck? Why are we still here? 2012-03-18
1x Re: Ideas for Online High Score System 2012-03-16
1x Re: game balance, costs & benefits 2012-03-15
1x Re: Entity Component System VS OOP 2012-03-12
1x Re: Ubuntu 11.10 hates fullscreen! 2012-03-12
1x Re: Precomputed tile paths for pathfinding? 2012-03-06
1x Re: TUER: Truly Unusual Experience of Revolution, FPS using JOGL 2012-03-05
1x Re: Reign of Rebels : Online Hack and Slash 2012-02-29
1x Re: What is glBindTexture for? 2012-02-26
1x Re: Math Problem with Rotation 2012-02-24
1x Re: Java Text RPG 2012-02-24
1x Re: I'm a noob to Java, can you point me in the right direction? 2012-02-21
1x Re: Recommend me a route... 2012-02-16
1x Re: List of commercial games using Java? 2012-02-11
1x Re: Loading wav, MP3 and MIDI from INSIDE a .jar file 2012-02-10
1x Re: Entity/Component System - Getting Entities to interact with eachother 2012-02-09
1x Re: Avoiding main class to be static. Opinions about this lousy hack 2012-02-08
1x Re: Problems with loading images 2012-02-06
1x Re: RPG Style Weapons + Upgrades + Player Stat Upgrades 2012-02-06
1x Re: Costum gui elements 2012-02-01
1x Re: Help understanding the significance of using Java 2012-01-26
1x Re: Unnamed SideScroller; Have a look. ;) 2012-01-24
1x Re: Smart thread safe implementation of the singleton pattern 2012-01-16
1x Re: Autoupdater 2012-01-01
1x Re: Canonical to remove Oracle's Sun Java from User's Systems 2011-12-23
1x Re: Ant Colony Simulator (not really a game) 2011-12-14
1x Re: Doodle Jump for PC 2011-12-13
1x Re: Changing values during runtime? 2011-12-09
1x Re: The "Invincible Mutant Scorpion" solution to pirating 2011-12-08
1x Re: How do you multiply a vector3f in lwjgl again? 2011-12-08
1x Re: List directories inside applet 2011-12-07
1x Re: Username change? 2011-11-30
1x Re: Randomly Generated Terrain 2011-11-24
1x Re: Notch making Prelude of the Chambered - IDE question 2011-11-16
1x Re: Solving Stuttering With Fixed Timesteps, Once and For All 2011-11-11
1x Re: Fastest Scripting Engine 2011-11-03
1x Re: Fastest Scripting Engine 2011-11-02
1x Re: [Solved] Slick 2D Game Scaling and Rotating Problems 2011-09-19
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A NON-ideal modular configuration for Eclipse with JavaFX
by philfrei
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Java Gaming Resources
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Deployment and Packaging
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Deployment and Packaging
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Deployment and Packaging
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Deployment and Packaging
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Deployment and Packaging
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