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1  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: Treasure Tomb Development Diary on: 2007-10-21 10:14:54
Dies after the web start install.  I'd attach the log file but it's 1040KB!  Is it worth emailing it?  Is it just gonna be my rubbish graphics card/drivers...?

Sys: JRE 1.6.0_03, Win2K, AMD2400XP, GeForce4MX
2  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: Paradroidz webpage on: 2005-02-19 09:32:28

I was already thinking about this myself...we'll see...

Oh go know it makes sense Wink ...just in terms of gameplay balance.  You've given those that play the game as a straight shmup a way of scoring extra points so you surely have to give us transfer freaks a bit of extra reward?

No, did the classic game do this? I thought about adding it, but i think that adding armour is basically  equal to increasing hitpoints, isn't it?

I think you've got a point there...maybe it's the laser strength then?  It could be my hazy memory too.  I might fire up CCS64 later and have a go!

Whilst we're on the subject of lasers though; the odd little cylinders that you fire don't look very impressive I'm afraid.  Any chance of making them look a little fiercer?  Particularly for the 821 (one of my favourites!) and 999 which had savage looking double lasers in the original.  In the spirit of improvement on the original how's about different looking lasers for all the droids?  And flamethrowers!  Flamethrowers are always a good idea! Grin

I already thought about changing (darkening) the colors of the clouds the droids are leaving on the ground if they are damaged. What do you think?

That would be a start I guess.  Kind of like they're leaking oil or fuel?  I'm not convinced that it's quite the same though - it may be too subtle.  I do think that the fact that you could look at a droid and immediately know what condition it was an excellent feature of the original.

Can't quite knock you off the top yet!  I'm sure the level with the 700s and 800s (about the 4th level from the bottom on the rhs) is much less forgiving in this version...and that's not a bad thing either.
3  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: Paradroidz webpage on: 2005-02-19 08:02:02
This really is very good.  You've definitely captured the 'just one more go' feeling of the original.  That it plays quicker is actually a massive bonus.

Whilst you're tweeking the scoring is there any chance of making the scoring for winning the transfer game more flexible?  More points for having nodes remaining, score based on how many you won by and what sort of 'jump' you made (ie going from 302 to 821 scores more than 329 to 476).  Of course, I'm only asking because I used to do a LOT of transferring in the original...

Are there different armour levels implemented?  My 821 seemed a bit pansy when taking hits from a lowly 476.

And on your site you say that:

  • Your current energy level is displayed (you had to guess that in the classic game)

Whilst I agree that your energy bar is more acurate, you didn't have to guess in the original.  The spinning ring that circled your droid would move slower until eventually you'd return to (a thoroughly battered) 001 droid.

This spinning ring also appeared on enemy droids which allowed you to see the state of your opponents.  This is important when picking a transfer target (no-one wants to transfer to a half dead droid) - and could also add a more tactical element to your alert status scoring, allowing you to deplete a room of droids and then pick them off in quick succesion.

I'm off to have another go! Cheesy
4  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: Puppytron! on: 2005-01-01 06:35:46
It's looking good.  The red square warping in effect is very, erm, effective.  The thud sound reminds me of one in Iridis Alpha too.

Any chance of displaying the last score on the title screen?  It disappears a bit quick after I've been deaded.  And how's about being able to swap the key sets (Cursors to move, letters to fire)?

Just tried to go back to it to have another go but the Applet wouldn't display.  I had to close all open IE windows to reload it.  Here's the log:

Java Plug-in 1.5.0
Using JRE version 1.5.0 Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM


Created Game
Java version 1.5.0
Puppygames Applet Version $Revision: 1.6 $
1.5 NanoTimer selected.
Puppytron $Revision: 1.4 $
Loading bullet-up-left.png...loaded
Loading bullet-up-right.png...loaded
Loading bullet-up.png...loaded
Loading bullet-left.png...loaded
Loading bullet-right.png...loaded
Loading bullet-down-left.png...loaded
Loading bullet-down-right.png...loaded
Loading bullet-down.png...loaded
Loading enemybullet.png...loaded
Loading powerup-gun.png...loaded
Loading font.png...loaded
Loading gidrah1-left-1.png...loaded
Loading gidrah1-left-2.png...loaded
Loading gidrah2-left-1.png...loaded
Loading gidrah2-left-2.png...loaded
Loading gidrah3-left-1.png...loaded
Loading gidrah3-left-2.png...loaded
Loading gidrah4-left-1.png...loaded
Loading gidrah4-left-2.png...loaded
Loading gidrah5-left-1.png...loaded
Loading gidrah5-left-2.png...loaded
Loading gidrah6-left-1.png...loaded
Loading gidrah6-left-2.png...loaded
Loading gidrah1-right-1.png...loaded
Loading gidrah1-right-2.png...loaded
Loading gidrah2-right-1.png...loaded
Loading gidrah2-right-2.png...loaded
Loading gidrah3-right-1.png...loaded
Loading gidrah3-right-2.png...loaded
Loading gidrah4-right-1.png...loaded
Loading gidrah4-right-2.png...loaded
Loading gidrah5-right-1.png...loaded
Loading gidrah5-right-2.png...loaded
Loading gidrah6-right-1.png...loaded
Loading gidrah6-right-2.png...loaded
Loading player-left-1.png...loaded
Loading player-left-2.png...loaded
Loading player-right-1.png...loaded
Loading player-right-2.png...loaded
Loading titlescreen.png...loaded
Created Game
Java version 1.5.0
Puppygames Applet Version $Revision: 1.6 $
Created Game
Java version 1.5.0
Puppygames Applet Version $Revision: 1.6 $

5  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: BabyBash on: 2004-12-24 19:01:28
I just tried it with my 13 month old son and he enjoyed the noises and letter shapes - he kept wanting another go Smiley

I'd thought about doing something similar to this as Connor (my son) is very interested in my keyboard and mouse!  Here's a few sugestions:

The key repeat can make it a bit confusing (well, for me anyway Grin) and the screen can quickly fill this way.

Add some sort of mouse pointer.  Connor likes moving the mouse and has associated the mouse wheel with moving windows up and down.  Perhaps the mouse buttons could be used too.

If it's for kids then a nice, jolly setting would be fun and it would be good if the letters did something rather than just disappear.  How's about a nice bright blue sky with a sun and scudding clouds.  In this scenario the letters could be baloons that burst with the mouse pointer as a bird.  Or if the background were to stay dark the letters could explode like fireworks.

The voice is excellent!  Is it yours?
6  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: BreadPong on: 2004-11-23 17:44:03
Works with similar problems to those described above; jerky ball when on the high quality setting.  I also experienced a couple of little jumps where the ball disappeared.

Also when I lost a ball the paddles disappear to display the get ready message, reappear in the position they were last at when I lost the ball and then jump to the position of the mouse when it's moved.  Which looks a bit messy.

Have to admit I found it all a bit slow going and, well, dull...sorry...

Sys: JRE1.5.0-b64, Win2K, AMD2400XP, GeForce4MX
7  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: SUPER ELVIS beta testers required on: 2004-11-23 07:51:45
I've been playing Super Elvis for quite sometime now and it's bloomin great!

Graphically and sonically excellent, entertaining, compulsive and the effects are marvellous. All the tweeks you've made recently have made it even more playable and I genuinely think you're onto a winner with this one.

I know none of the above's really constructive in anyway but I'm figuring that sometimes it's good to hear some encouragement Grin

PS I've noticed you're taking quite a lot of flak over the mouse control; personally I've found it totally intuitive from the start.  I like the fact that I can sit back in my comfy chair and control everything with the mouse - please don't do anything silly like using the cursor keys to control the direction of fire!
8  Discussions / General Discussions / Re:  :-/prgrmamming small games.. on: 2004-09-23 08:27:51
J2ME Game Programming by Martin Wells is very good:
9  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: My New Daughter on: 2004-08-17 10:46:22
Smiley Congratulations Smiley
10  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: Quix - Early build on: 2004-08-16 19:56:44
Do it!  Qix is a wicked game  Grin

And just to keep this on topic the 8-bit game this Quix game reminded me of was the Mastertronic 'classic' One Man And His Droid.  Nice.  Smiley
11  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: Quix - Early build on: 2004-08-16 19:07:07
@weston: you're thinking of Qix the addictive area filling game.

I really like this! Can't wait for more levels and some decent graphics.

Sys: JRE1.4.2_05, Win2K, AMD2400XP, GeForce4MX.
12  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: Don't kill me... on: 2004-08-16 18:57:47
Ran between 18 and 40 fps on JRE1.4.2_05, Win2k, AMD 2400XP, GeForce4MX.

Looks cool and plays OK but I'd go along with there being too much waiting around for menus to load and FX to finish.

The only other problem was that some of the pieces won't rotate at the edge of the playing field.
13  Discussions / Business and Project Management Discussions / Re: Trying to publish J2ME Games on: 2004-08-14 09:53:09
Hi Malohkan,

I'm not sure I can give you any good news but I thought I'd detail my experiences for you.  I've produced a game called Electroid for Nokia 6310i and Series 40 phones that I have been atempting to sell without a publisher for just over a month now.

Here is what I've tried so far:

I've set up a sole trader company, Pixel Machine, and a website,  , to promote the game.  I've set up a page with an Applet demo of the game which I've 'virally marketted' (voluntary spamming?) to friends and colleagues. This has resulted in hundreds of hits to the site.

Sending the app to Nokia Software Market. You can do this by first registering at . There's no charge for registering your apps with them but it does take an age to process them as yet only the 6310i version is available here. I've had one sale. I believe other manufacturers/operators have similar schemes - I'll be looking into this in more detail for my next projects.

There is a list of Sales Channels at Forum Nokia some of which have a charge for 'certification' or 'verification' others that don't. Personally I don't have the cash up front for any of these verification schemes so I've applied to the free ones.

Registering the app at Handango . This doesn't take long and the app is available within a few hours.  Again, I've had one sale.

As yet, I've had no reply from Buongiorno Vitaminic, the email address supplied for Arvato bounced and I've had some contact from Wizcom.

I've also sent my game for review to a selection of UK magazines (What Mobile, What Cellphone and Mobile Choice). Electroid is due for review in the October issue of What Cellphone. I've also contacted and (Electroid is listed in their game directory this is free and has resulted in a handful of hits to the  Pixel Machine site) with regard to reviews.

I've recently read Martin J. Wells excellent J2ME Game Programming in which he devotes a couple of chapters to marketing and sales.  These are worth a read and he also has a bunch of other links and suggestions. Sorry but I don't have the time to list them all here.

I'm planning my next game(s) now and am targetting many different phones this time as one of the mistakes I made with Electroid was heavily using the proprietary Nokia APIs. I'm certain I would have had more sales so far had the game been available on more handsets

I have to admit though that I'm seeing my next projects as CV boosters with a view to getting a job within the industry rather than as a way to make cold, hard currency.

Sorry for the long ramble - and good luck!
14  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: Electroid on: 2004-07-31 05:47:18
Thanks Chman! What phone do you have?

I'm toying with the idea of converting Electroid to other manufacturers phones. Though I have a feeling I might be better off starting from scratch with my next project for a cross-platform development. I currently have dev kits for Sony-Ericsson, Motorola and Siemens.

Sounds interesting Cas! I've sent you an email...

And thanks vredungmand too, glad you like it!
15  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: JMTetris 2.0 - Webstart, JInput, Force Feedbac on: 2004-07-28 19:55:08
I really enjoy the 'shadow piece', it would be nice though if you were able to shut it off if you like though.

If you press ESC you get an options menu.  F9 turns toggles the ghost piece on/off.
16  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: Firecracker on: 2004-07-28 18:04:58
Nice game.  It's a good twist on the theme though I have to admit I didn't finish my game as I found the going a bit slow.
17  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: WormGame on: 2004-07-28 17:52:04
Working excellently in both full screen and windowed mode. Very enjoyable - and compulsive!

The control and slightly generous collision detection is good - when you die you always feel like it's your fault.  Makes me wanna have just one more go...
18  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: Electroid on: 2004-07-24 05:57:51
Grin Marvellous!

Thanks for your patience Cas!  Also thanks to JuddMan for pointing me in the right direction and blahblahblahh who solved the problem 4 days ago but I didn't listen!  Roll Eyes

I can't argue with 1.5 tightening it's application of the rules (even though it did work on the version of the 1.5 beta I'd got) but I'm a bit vexed that the APPLET tag was created by a Sun IDE.  I know it's an older version (Sun ONE Studio 4 ME) but...oh well, whatever, nevermind...I should have known exactly what the tag was instead of relying on the wizard - never trust a wizard!

Thanks again for everybody's help Smiley
19  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: Electroid on: 2004-07-23 19:13:24
I followed-up on the JInput bug and it turns out that the in jdk1.5 the implementation of ClassLoader has been modified and the parameter checking has been improved.

I've uploaded a new <applet> tag in which the CODE attribute uses '.' instead of '/' and doesn't have the trailing '.class'.

Could this be the answer...?   I'm sorry to ask Cas but you're the only one that's been able to re-produce the error...would you mind testing it again please?   Embarrassed
20  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: Electroid on: 2004-07-22 19:38:46
Thanks AnalogKid  Smiley

It's possible that it could be a case problem though I have already tried a lower case only version.  I don't have access to a Unix box so would anyone with a Unix system like to comment...?

I'm still fairly convinced it's a 1.5 beta issue though...

* Replaces head firmly in the sand * Wink
21  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: Please test and give feeback on: 2004-07-22 19:20:54
I had the same problem with the game freezing when trying to start a second game.  The only piece that I couldn't rotate at the edge was the long one (4 bricks in a line). This happens when it's flat against the side on the left or right and one block in from the left.

Other than that it's a good implementation and runs smoothly. I like the 'classic' controls.

Sys: JRE1.4.2_05, W2k
22  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: Mighty Bubbles on: 2004-07-22 19:09:53
Really good!  I think the graphics are really individual and suit the game well.

The bubbles only capturing an enemy when they've got some horizontal momentum makes more sense to me. It's also how the bubbles work in Bubble Bobble so it can't be bad!

The only bug I found was that I got captured by a bubble fairly high up on the left hand side of the play area and taken back down to the bottom. When I started to climb back up the platforms their position no longer matched the graphics - there were 'invisible' platforms slightly to the right of their graphical position. The bubble was moving down and to the left when it hit me and hit the edge of the play area before it reached the ground.

Sys: JRE 1.4.2_05, W2k, AMD2400XP, GeForce4MX
23  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: Electroid on: 2004-07-22 08:52:11
When I looked on Google for the error message "java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: IllegalName" the only link that came up was back to this Forum's JInput board.

I haven't been able to reproduce the error using the 1.5 beta (or any other version for that matter) which really does make me think that it's a beta 'feature' and should be fixed come the final release.
24  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: Electroid on: 2004-07-20 12:58:01
I'm using the 1.1.8 compiler to retain compatibility with the lowest (and most prolific) common denominator IE.  I've had trouble with using more recent compiler versions and the "-target 1.1" tag.

I think the CODE attribute represents a package/class combo (it doesn't need the '.class' extension to work) rather than an actual file path - that might be splitting hairs tho, cuz they're pretty much one and the same here. The HTML page was generated by Sun Studio.

Funnily enough if I edit this value to read:
codebase="." code="electroidgame.class"

It causes this familiar looking error:
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: electroidgame (wrong name: electroid/electroidgame)
at java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClass0(Native Method)
at java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClass(Unknown Source)
at Source)
at sun.applet.AppletClassLoader.findClass(Unknown Source)
at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)
at sun.applet.AppletClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)
at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)
at sun.applet.AppletClassLoader.loadCode(Unknown Source)
at sun.applet.AppletPanel.createApplet(Unknown Source)
at sun.plugin.AppletViewer.createApplet(Unknown Source)
at sun.applet.AppletPanel.runLoader(Unknown Source)
at Source)
at Source)

I'll have another look when I get home tonight...
25  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: Electroid on: 2004-07-20 07:38:06
Huh This is all very strange indeed.

I've now done a version with lower case package and class names.  Again this works fine with 1.1.8, 1.4.2 and 1.5 beta 2 with Appletviewer, IE and Opera.  It can be found here:

I've checked the class declaration for electroidgame (which extends Applet) and everything is public that should be...if this doesn't work for you then I'm genuinely flumoxed...
26  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: JSnipes on: 2004-07-19 19:07:59
Hi Christian,

The game ran smoothly and didn't cause any errors on level completion but I had similar problems to ribot with switching to full screen mode:

1) the title text started scrolling though I could still move the player
2) on pressing ctrl-n the menu was drawn but could only be seen flickering behind the title text and play area

I then had to use task manager to close the game.

I was using 1.4.2_01 on Win 2k.
27  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: Electroid on: 2004-07-19 18:48:24
On 1.5 I got a (intermitent) null pointer exception - and this occurred regardless of the case of the package and class names.

It looks as though I had an errant Thread.  When converting from the MIDlet I'd left two lines of code in that started a new Thread when a new game begins.  This is redundant for the Applet version as the game Thread starts when the Applet does.

However, I cannot reproduce the exact error that you suffered Cas. I'd be grateful, if you have the time, if you could test my newer version of the Applet here:

And let me know if the same error occurs. I'm sorry for the 'fingers-crossed' approach on this...if it doesn't, well, I may have to take the "it's only a beta" route and be ready with a hotfix come full 1.5 release time.

Thanks JuddMan; I always use the 1.1.8 compiler because of the age old IE problem - though having had a good read of the forum now I'm sure admitting to this makes me something of a heretic round here!  Smiley
28  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: Electroid on: 2004-07-19 09:24:10
Thanks for the prompt reply Cas!

I'll download 1.5 when I get home tonight and try your suggestion.

I have tried several flavours of browser (IE, Netscape, Mozilla, Opera and Firefox) combined with several versions of Java (1.1.8, 1.3.1, 1.4.2_04) so was a little surprised (and horrified) to see that nasty exception string!

However, I have to admit I'd only used the 1.1.8 Appletviewer during dev since I knew it was headed for a website and, ironically, I wanted to keep it as compatible as possible...I guess that's a lesson learned too...

Thanks for the help - forewarned is indeed forearmed!  Cheesy
29  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: Electroid on: 2004-07-19 08:52:39

Same old same old. Getting tired of this Angry

Cas Smiley

Hi Cas,

I'm sorry about the error - I hope you're not too tired to point me in the direction of how to fix it?  Smiley Please could you elaborate as to what causes this since you have seen it before?

Many thanks,


PS thanks darkprophet I'm glad you like it  Grin
30  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: Electroid on: 2004-07-19 07:22:03
Damn I wish I'd found this forum earlier - this is quite marvellous feedback and has renewed my (slightly flagging) enthusiasm for the project.

I do understand what you mean about the simple and accessible controls for snake JuddMan but I'm just not convinced they would work for Electroid.  On later levels when you're being chased by a whole bunch of mean, green Huntoids it's imperative that you be able to turn back on yourself.  However, it's not exactly difficult to implement so I may well give it a go anyway... incidentally I haven't mentioned that all the Nokia Series 40 phones have a small directional pad which can also be used for movement so the player does have options available.

I think that the different sized cells for different levels idea is excellent.  The game engine is set up with constants for the cell sizes already due to porting it from the 6310i so it's easy to turn those into level dependent variables.

Cut away grid lines (and thus different grid shapes) was an idea I played with but dropped in an initial attempt to keep the game really simple (this was afterall only supposed to be an experiment to familiarise myself with J2ME). I very much like the idea though. Other options I considered were one-way grid lines and invertable ones (where if you travel over them once they're filled they get rubbed out again). This could add a neat puzzle element to the game as well as different mazes.

I have to admit that many ideas got dropped early on because: I always try to make sure that a project is 'complete-able' (I hate having half completed stuff lying around plus I've got a family and a job!); it's ported from a 6310i version which was necessarily simplistic; and I wasn't aware of all the optimisation options available to me.

Dropped ideas include: various different bad guys including 'homing bollards' (pencilled in as Bolloids!) that would provide the obstacles you're talking about digitprop; wrappable grids; destructable and re-spawning enemies; different weapons for the player.

Maybe a sequel is in order!
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